What is The Dollar Deception? [Casey Research The Final Phase]

The Dollar Deception is a webinar published by Casey Research showcasing Dave Forest’s new insights into the world of investments.

When filming the Dollar Deception, Dave Forest sat down with John Voth and he (Dave) was talking about how he believes that over the last two years, America’s elites have used crisis after crisis to transform the financial system. He says that the rich have been using crisis after crisis to distract people so that they don’t realize that the financial system is being changed right in front of them.

I sat through the pitch and put together this piece to delve into what the webinar was about as well as Dave’s advisory service (that he promotes towards the end).

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What is The Dollar Deception? [Casey Research The Final Phase] 7

The Dollar Deception Review

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Introduction to The Dollar Deception

In The Dollar Deception, Dave Forest reveals details of what will happen next in the final phase of a huge shift to the financial system. He claims that this huge shift started in early 2020.

The Dollar Deception

Dave Forest believes that Americans have been distracted by things like health crises, riots, election controversies, shortages, and even inflation over the past two years.

The way he puts it, it sounds like these things were deliberately used by America’s elite to enact what he terms a dangerous scheme to take the cash out of ordinary people’s wallets, literally.

He says that there is a plan by the elites to do away with cash and replace it with a new digital currency; the digital dollar. He says that this could be the biggest change to the dollar since 1971 when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard.

He tells us that Nancy Pelosi, with the support of Bill Gates, the United Nations, the IMF, and the Federal Reserve, has effectively launched this plan. What he talking about here is the introduction of a digital dollar. Lawmakers have already introduced a bill to allow the Treasury to create an electronic dollar, a virtual representation of a US dollar that lets people pay for goods or services using tokens on their phones.

Dave is convinced that this is happening and even claims that during the pandemic in 2020, businesses banning cash was a test run for the new normal and not just them looking out for the health of their customers.

He says that this was ‘phase one of the plan to launch a new currency; a beta test for what would be the biggest change to the financial system since 1971.

Other investment analysts like Jeff Brown (The Last American Dollar) and Nick Giambruno (Reset the US Dollar) have also talked about this.

Dave takes his skepticism further when he claims that patents on new technologies for the new digital dollar have been taken out by Microsoft and Visa. He says that the infrastructure for this new ‘money plan’ were phase two and phase three was an executive order from the White House, which outlined plans for the rollout of the digital dollar as early as September 9th, 2022.

Dave Forest warns that introducing a digital dollar will put retirement savings and investments of millions of Americans at risk.

Therefore, he wants you to prepare for such a change by taking the steps he’ll outline for you when you subscribe to his newsletter, Strategic Investor.

Dave Forest has a step-by-step plan that he says you can use to protect yourself and possibly even emerge wealthier. Dave has written special reports outlining the steps you ought to take to avert disaster:

Bitcoin: Why Every American Should Own at Least $100 of the Hardest Money the World Has Ever Known

This is a special report where he recommends Bitcoin. He believes that it is going to be an asset worth holding on to and insists that the world’s biggest cryptocurrency is still critical to your financial future.

Dave Forest's The Dollar Deception That’s despite what’s happening in the markets where Bitcoin has lost most of the value it had accrued between mid 2020 and the end of the third quarter in 2021.

In the report, Dave tells you where to buy it and how to store it safely and securely. I suppose this is for those who are new to cryptocurrencies.

Inflation, Shortage, War: The Emergency Survival Blueprint

This is the second special report that Dave wants you to have when you sign up for his investment research service.

Dave Forest's The Dollar Deception In it, you learn five ways to hedge your hard-earned nest egg and potentially capture explosive gains in the historic period of inflation that’s just getting started.

The first investment he recommends gives you exposure to one of the world’s largest real estate trusts – a firm in an industry expected to see 120-fold growth, even if the rest of the market falls apart.

The second recommendation is a gold play – a unique one that most folks are not familiar with. It has nothing to do with mining or gold bullion. It is a company that uses a low-risk, high-upside strategy with a proven history of turning $100 into $32,000 that can be executed using any standard brokerage account.

In addition to those two, Dave intends to show you three more ways to insure your financial future – including a surprising asset almost every American has in their own attic or basement — with the potential for tens of thousands of dollars in profit – AND another asset he considers his #1 ‘non-stock’ asset to protect you from runaway inflation.

To get these reports, you have to sign up for Strategic Investor.

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Who Is Behind The Dollar Deception?

The Dollar Deception was done by Dave Forest. He has close to 25 years of experience as a professional geologist, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and financier.

Dave Forest is known for exploring global investment opportunities in the natural resource sector. He also has an interest and incredible track record in the emerging electric vehicle space.

Dave Forest joined the Casey Research firm in 2004 as a senior analyst. He’s mainly involved in finding out the biggest and most profitable investment opportunities for subscribers around the world.

He edits investment services like Strategic Investor, Strategic Trader, and The Super Spike Advisory.

When you sign up for these services, Dave Forest is ready to share his boots-on-the-ground research for the best gains.

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How Does Strategic Investor Work?

The Dollar Deception by Dave Forest was meant to promote Strategic Investor, his main financial advisory service. It is published by Casey Research and through it, he shares his insights into various kinds of investment.

When you sign up for it, you gain access to various special reports:

1) Bitcoin: Why Every American Should Own at Least $100 of the Hardest Money the World Has Ever Known

2) Inflation, Shortage, War: The Emergency Survival Blueprint

3) What’s more, you will also have access to an entire library of back issues and special reports, including:

  • Shortage Profiteers: 4 Shortage Plays set to Soar
  • The Ultimate Safe Haven: 2 Urgent Plays to Crush Inflation
  • 3 Emergency Gold Stocks for RIGHT NOW

Other benefits include…

  • Immediate access to the Strategic Investor model portfolio
  • Access to the next 12 monthly issues, complete with investment recommendations, updates, and analysis in Strategic Investor
  • Regular updates and urgent alerts
  • U.S.-based customer service

Strategic Investor Subscription Fee

The usual one-year subscription fee to Strategic Investor is $199 but if you get the discount, you only pay $49 for the first year and then Casey Research will charge $129 (plus applicable taxes) per year after that.

The Strategic Investor Refund Policy

The Strategic Investor has a 60-day money-back guarantee. This enables you to review the service, and if you decide to cancel, you get to keep the special reports.

Dave Forest's The Dollar Deception

To be safe, ensure that you understand the terms of the refund policy before you sign up for the service. The terms of the money-back guarantee can change without warning.

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Is The Dollar Deception Legit?

Yes, Dave Forest’s “The Dollar Deception” is legit. I think it is legit because Dave is just making an observation and talking about his projections of how he thinks the economy will pan out.

There is nothing illegitimate about that. Besides, Dave Forest is a legit investment analyst with decades of experience having worked in the resource sector for many years.

He may make a few outlandish claims as he promotes his webinar but I feel that he is by and large justified and well within his rights to make his remarks about the stock market.

The Dollar Deception Verdict

A lot is happening in the world currently. There is the war in Ukraine, inflation, and the capital markets are tanking. As all this happens, Dave Forest believes that the “elites” are out to enact a plan to launch a digital dollar that will negatively impact the savings and investments of regular people.

He claims that now is the perfect time to invest in certain assets to protect yourself from the effects of the changes the “elites” want to make to the financial system. Those investments he wants you to go for include Bitcoin and precious metals, among others that are suited to a recession because they are a store of value.

The efficacy of cryptocurrencies as stores of value has been brought to question following the recent decline in the major cryptocurrencies that is somewhat reminiscent of the collapse in 2017 that preceded what is now widely referred to as a “crypto winter” — a period of stagnation of the crypto market.

Precious metals have done okay, which was to be expected since they are the tried and tested stores of value. Therefore, investing in them doesn’t look like a stretch.

All in all, when it comes to investing during a crisis, Dave Forest wants you to go for those kinds of plays and he wants you to sign up for his newsletter, Strategic Investor, so he can walk you through all of them.

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What is The Dollar Deception? [Casey Research The Final Phase] 7

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