What Is “The Last American Dollar” Pitch? [Jeff Brown & Chris Hurt]

Jeff Brown and Chris Hurt sat down to discuss “The Last American Dollar.|

According to Jeff, The Last American Dollar is about a scheme that’s he thinks is going to enact enormous change to the appearance and value of money. He believes that it could even cause a complete and total overhaul of the American retail banking system.

If you are interested in learning more about this, including how it works, how to navigate it, and how Jeff expects you to handle your investments, you have come to the right page because in this piece, I give you an overview of what Jeff was talking about.

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What Is "The Last American Dollar" Pitch? [Jeff Brown & Chris Hurt] 10

The Last American Dollar Review

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Introduction to The Last American Dollar

The Last American Dollar is a presentation whose whole premise is that the government and “the elites” are working on a scheme that will alter the financial system in a way that ordinary people will lose money. 

Jeff Brown believes that people who have more than $2,500 in the bank should pay attention because they could be among the hardest hit should these changes take effect.

What Is "The Last American Dollar" Pitch? [Jeff Brown & Chris Hurt] 11

Jeff says that the mainstream media is already laying the groundwork for these changes by stoking fear and division.

He claims that it this is meant to distract us as Congress enacts these changes.

“As the mainstream media stokes fear and division…

And the government tells us what we ‘must’ do… who we can see… and even where we can go…

Behind the scenes, a sinister plan is now being rolled out across America. Buried on page 314 of a document from the desk of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi…”

The document he is citing is the Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act, that Nancy Pelosi submitted to the House at the beginning of the pandemic. It was about protecting people’s welfare but inside it were some of the changes Jeff Brown is talking about.

Jeff says that Congress sensed that people wouldn’t take that well and redacted the contentious clauses. However, he believes that a similar clause has already been inserted in another bill that is on the Senate floor and is likely to be passed into law.

So, what is the big change Jeff is warning us about?

He is talking about the creation of a “Digital Dollar” and a “Digital Dollar Wallet.”

Jeff is onto something here because the government has been debating whether to create a Federal Reserve digital dollar.

A digital dollar by the Federal Reserve would technically be electronic cash. While we already have been using digital money (like when swiping a credit card or buying things online), it is actually backed by the banking sector.

What they are proposing would be backed by the Federal Reserve, just like a U.S. dollar bill.

Jeff thinks that such a move would cause a revamp to the existing banking, finance, and money system. According to him, the entire financial system is on the verge of a shock, unlike anything we have seen in decades.

He is also skeptical because this plan is being backed by “global elites.” He says,

“A scheme backed by a handful of global elites including…

The United Nations…

The Gates Foundation…

The Federal Reserve…

And the International Monetary Fund.

A plan so radical, it seems hard to believe.

Already, big financial firms like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo have started to implement it…”

And this is where Jeff goes down the route of claiming that the new ‘dollar’ will permanently change the function of money from a simple medium of exchange and a store of value to a more ‘Orwellian’ technology that will facilitate government overreach.

He says that with a digital dollar, the government will phase out cash and have the capacity to track people’s transactions. With such control, individual liberties and freedoms will likely be eroded because the government will even have the capacity to control what you can and can’t buy.

It will also possibly lock you out of your bank account if you “go out of line.” This kind of talk was pushed a while ago by Jim Rickards in a presentation about SDR Block Chain where he talked about the global elites plotting to launch a new globalist currency that would replace the US dollar.

Jeff himself had also done a presentation called “Four Tech Billionaires Declare War On The US Dollar” about the US dollar facing challenges to its integrity from four billionaires who were working on cryptocurrencies to replace them.

Circling back to the new presentation, Jeff says that the plan is already underway because Congressman Don Beyer has introduced a bill (HR 4741) and in section 11 of the new bill, the Federal Reserve Act will be amended to give the Federal Reserve the power to “issue digital versions of Federal Reserve notes.”

He also says that companies like Microsoft and VISA are working on their versions of digital currencies that will further undermine the US Dollar.

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Jeff Brown’s Solution To “The Last American Dollar”

So, how does he propose you prepare for “the last American dollar”?

By investing in cryptocurrencies.

He says that investing in gold or silver, other precious metals, or even tangible assets won’t be enough; cryptos will be the answer.

“If you hope to emerge from the upheaval with your nest egg intact, you’ll need to consider buying an asset you can use to become your banker, held privately outside the grasp of the legacy banking system.

Many consider it a ‘harder’ asset than gold and silver – and without the headaches and challenges of storage and transport.”

He argues that cryptocurrencies are the ideal investment for any American who believes in the power of gold to preserve wealth and privacy but he warns that the market is quite volatile.

Jeff Brown shares exactly how you will go about investing in them in a report called The Escape Plan: How to Become Your Own Banker with the World’s Hardest Asset.

You have to sign up for Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report to get a free copy of this report.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

The Last American Dollar was presented by Jeff Brown, the founder and lead analyst for Brownstone Research. 

He has previously worked for world-famous tech firms like NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm, and Juniper Networks. Note that Jeff Brown is primarily an angel investor who mainly focuses on the tech sector.

He utilizes his extensive knowledge and experience to find the finest start-up opportunities. He is the editor of renowned newsletters such as The Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor, and the Early Stage Trader.

This time, Jeff Brown has come up with an plan that involves investing in cryptocurrencies so that Americans can protect their wealth against the new money system.

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How Does Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report Work?

We have already talked about how Jeff Brown envisions a new money system that will permanently replace cash. He has already written a special report revealing all the details and it is called The Escape Plan: How to Become Your Own Banker with the World’s Hardest Asset.

To get your hands on the new report, you have to become a member of his newsletter, The Near Future Report.

So, what does signing up for Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report entail?

It is Brown’s main newsletter and through it, he shares his biggest investment ideas.

You can read my in-depth review of this newsletter to which I have linked above to learn more about Jeff Brown’s investment philosophy and how the newsletter works.

In brief, here are some of the benefits you get when you sign up for it:

  • New investment recommendations sent to you regularly.
  • Access to Jeff Brown’s entire model portfolio
  • Instant access to his complete library of hundreds of back issues and special reports

If you sign up for the newsletter through the link provided at the end of the presentation, you will receive two other special reports for free and they each have new investment ideas:

The #1 Tech Play for the Digital Dollar Revolution: How to multiply your nest-egg as cash goes digital

This special report is dedicated to the fintech (financial technology) industry. Jeff believes that technology will revolutionize the banking industry.

He recommends one fintech company that serves 95 of the top 100 financial institutions and says that you should consider investing in it because it will do well as the fintech industry ramps up allowing you to multiply your gains in a “digital money revolution.” 

5 Plays to Strike it Rich in Online America

Jeff writes about the ‘remote work’ trend that was caused by lockdowns. He says that with fewer people working in “in-person” service jobs, the automation trend was sparked and could be on the rise.

He claims that it is a megatrend that will have a lasting impact for the foreseeable future and he wants you to invest in this trend. In the report, he shares five of his favorite picks for the ‘Online America’ megatrend.

The Near Future Report Pricing

One-year subscription to The Near Future Report will cost you $49 in your first year of membership.

Every year after that, it renews at a $129.

“ …your subscription to The Near Future Report will automatically renew on an annual basis until you cancel. Upon renewal of your The Near Future Report subscription, Brownstone Research will charge $129 (plus applicable taxes) to the credit card or other means of payment on file.”

I got that from the fine print on the order page. You should read these terms to avoid getting yourself into a deal that puts you at a disadvantage.

The Near Future Report Guarantee

The subscription is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Is The Last American Dollar Legit?

The Last American Dollar is a legit presentation by Jeff Brown, one of the most experienced investment gurus in the industry. He has years of experience in the technology sector that gives him a unique perspective about the sector.

In this pitch, he tells us that the Federal Reserve may soon start rolling out digital dollars that will allow more flexibility in the financial sector. However, he is apprehensive about it because he thinks that it will allow the government to infringe on people’s liberties and freedoms.

The government has been working on such a plan and although it sounds far-fetched coming out of Jeff’s mouth. It really isn’t.

However, perhaps he leans too much into the conspiracy about big government.

The Last American Dollar Verdict

According to Jeff Brown, with the government working on introducing a digital dollar, the only way to protect your savings is to invest in the cryptocurrency market. In the presentation, he makes his case for the perfect way to protect yourself from the complete overhaul of the American banking system.

He believes that people who will take the critical steps today to protect their wealth will survive and potentially even thrive.

He wants you to sign up for the Near Future Report, his main newsletter, and you can consider this an ad for it.

I should point out that investing in cryptocurrencies is incredibly risky and you should be aware of the possibility of losing your money if things don’t work out.

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What Is "The Last American Dollar" Pitch? [Jeff Brown & Chris Hurt] 10

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