Time Freedom System Review – Scam or Legit?

Time Freedom (TimeFreedom.Me) is a new website claiming it can help you make 5-figures per month but is it the real deal and what’s it actually all about? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing the details with you. Keep reading as I share everything you need to know about the Time Freedom website & system.

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Time Freedom System Review - Scam or Legit? 7

Time Freedom System – Overview

So I got an email in my inbox about this new website and wondered what it was all about. After taking a closer look it become clear to me that this is a website that promotes a business opportunity known as Digital Altitude. Time Freedom is the new website and the person appearing in the video is known as Alex Z one of the top affiliates in the company. Similar websites that promote this opportunity are the Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire Today which I have reviewed a few weeks back.

Time Freedom System Review - Scam or Legit? 8

So here is a screenshot I just took of the Time Freedom System website. That’s the main man on the website right there Mr Alex Z. I don’t personally know Alex but I’ve watched him have success in a few different companies online, mainly Empower Network and Digital Altitude (the current company he’s involved with). He’s made over $500k in the last 12 months with the company and is clearly doing very well for himself as one of the top earners.

The question really is what is this company all about? Can you really get Time Freedom and are the results realistic? Let’s look into the real details and I’ll share my honest opinion with you regarding this company.

Time Freedom System – My Experience

So first off I feel I should mention that I have first hand experience with the company I am reviewing here. I was an affiliate for Digital Altitude from around April 2016 to December 2016. And during that time I made around $55,000 in commissions with the company. They are not an old company either, I actually jumped on board at the same time many people did just after they launched. Michael Force is actually the owner of the company and he invited a friend of mine to join who then invited me. I was one of the top earners in Empower Network a couple of years ago so I was invited early into Digital Altitude (aka Time Freedom System).

Like I mentioned I made $55,000 over the course of a few months. It was an okay amount of money but based on the number of sales I brought in I probably should have made more. Also as an experienced marketer who already has a website and an email list I was able to promote this business opportunity and make money relatively quickly whereas other people who are just getting started are not going to have the results that I had.

Also this is similar for Alex Z who appears in the Time Freedom System website. Whilst he has been successful and started from nothing, it is important to realise that he was already successful before he joined Digital Altitude. So he could basically come into Digital Altitude (Time Freedom) and make a lot of money quickly. This kind of success won’t happen for someone who is a newbie and brand new to the opportunity. Although it is technically possible for sure with the right guidance.

Digital Altitude – The Company / Products

So as I mentioned the real company behind this website is Digital Altitude. This is the business opportunity you would be joining. It will cost you just $1 to get started on a trial however this literally just lets you look inside the system and access a few training videos. You will also be assigned a coach who is basically a sales person who will try and up-sell you to the higher priced products. This is how the money is made, if you were to join via my affiliate link for example and buy the higher priced products such as the $10,000 Ascend package I would earn a commission on that. I’m not going to beat around the bush here like some reviews do, this is a high ticket opportunity and if you are going to join you better be prepared to spend money because $1 is not going to make you a success here or in any business for that matter.

You can actually spend around $50k if you want to be ALL IN which essentially means you can resell the products and earn the full commissions rates on the products. So what exactly are the products on offer here? They are live events teaching digital marketing. The packages range from a few $1,000 to over $10,000 and they are an event. So basically you will pay for the package, and that will include all the training and your hotel etc for the event. At the event you’ll learn from a number of experts and top earners in the company how to do marketing, and basically how to be a success with this company.

Is Time Freedom / Digital Altitude A Scam?

In my opinion it’s not a scam, however some people might argue differently based on it being an expensive opportunity (e.g high ticket). Personally I believe that it takes money to make money and you should be prepared to invest into your training and future if you want to make real money online. That being said, this is probably the most high ticket opportunity I have seen, and I know for sure that some people will lose a lot of money because they won’t put into action what they learn.

Time Freedom Conclusion

Unfortunately I won’t be recommending this opportunity to you. I decided at the end of 2016 to stop promoting Digital Altitude because I felt that there were better programs out there that I could offer to my subscribers that would be more beneficial and helpful for making money online. If you are interested to learn more go ahead and check out my no.1 recommendation below and access a 100% free training for making 5-figures per month.

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Time Freedom System Review - Scam or Legit? 7

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