Tom Wang: FBA Masterclass Legit? [2023 Review]

Due to the rise in the cost of living, a lot of people have turned to side hustles to augment their 9-5 jobs. Currently, one of the common side hustles people seem to be getting into is selling on amazon. Internet marketers have partnered with Amazon through the Amazon FBA service, which has a growing community, to sell their products.

And that’s where the FBA masterclass by Tom Wang comes in, it a course that promises to teach you everything you need to know about the amazon FBA business.

In this FBA masterclass review, we will be looking at what the program is all about, what it has to offer and whether joining this Tom Wang program is worth it.

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Tom Wang: FBA Masterclass Legit? [2023 Review] 7

Tom Wang Review

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What is FBA masterclass?

The FBA masterclass is an all-inclusive private online program that guides you step by step on how you can start a business using the Amazon FBA model. The course has been designed for beginners and with Tom Wang’s guidance, you will get to learn how to do everything from finding suppliers, launching products, to scaling your business.

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Tom Wang

The program basically focuses on how PPC (pay per click) works and how to utilize it in order to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings. Furthermore, you will learn how to utilise the single product profit system and how to provide good service in order to boost your store ratings and establish your brand.

Becoming part of this program will give you access to:

  • More than 200 modules of easy-to-follow Amazon training
  • Live expert coaching and mentorship calls from Monday to Wednesday with Tom & his team
  • New modules with with regularly updated strategies & advanced tactics
  • Direct access to Tom Wang through the FBA Masterclass Private Facebook Community
  • Exclusive invitation to Level 2 which is a secret super-seller group
  • Private coaching from other experienced 7-8 figure Amazon Sellers
  • Direct access to VIP guests such as 8-figure sellers and private equity investors through the program
  • Immediate access to partnership invitations and funding opportunities
  • Templates done for you and al-inclusive systems worth thousands

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfilment by Amazon is a shipping and storage service provided by Amazon to help business owners in selling their items. Usually, companies ship their products to Amazon fulfillment centers, which are intended for FBA services. The products are received, picked and packed by Amazon before being shipped to the consumer. All returns, refunds and the customer support are handled after the sale.

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Who is Tom Wang?

Tom Wang is a serial entrepreneur, a well-known amazon FBA seller and founder of FBA masterclass and Sdara skincare.

Who is Tom Wang

Tom was born in China before he moved to Canada in 2001. He joined college only to drop out 3 times and fail at 7 different businesses on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. He tried doing some side hustles such as working at a Yellow Pages call center in 2015, which involved buying 15 hoverboards from China to sell on Craigslist only to find 10 of them were defective. He even tried selling watches at local night markets.

In 2017, Tom discovered the Amazon FBA business model through a friend and decided to partner with him. They had little success and Wang decided to hire Amazon coaches to teach him his way around the platform. By the end of the year, Amazon FBA was the only venture that proved successful as he was receiving reasonable returns and decided to quit his day job.

In 2019, Tom achieved $3 million in sales on Amazon and has done $5 million in sales total. He even began speaking in local entrepreneurship conferences in Vancouver, CA. Currently, Tom is famous in the FBA world with his his FBA Masterclass coaching program, runs a YouTube channel with around 30K subscribers and has a podcast known as the Tom Wang Show, where he shares free Amazon FBA tips, business insights & personal development topics.

Tom Wang's The Simple Path to Amazon Wealth

Tom Wang’s net worth has been estimated to be $2 million and he is married to Barbara Drane Roberson. He is also the author of ‘The Simple Path to Amazon Wealth’.

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What services does FBA masterclass have to offer?

What is included in FBA MasterclassThe FBA masterclass program consists of 13 modules each with a different number of training videos. In total, there are more than 300 videos, with bonus videos from other successful FBA sellers.

Chapter one: Welcome and set up

This module includes the introduction part of FBA Masterclass. There is a 12-minute welcome video included which will help you navigate through the lessons you want to start with and a video that will teach you how to setup your amazon account.

Chapter two: Finding your winning product

This second chapter consists of 13 videos each of which explains the journey of finding a great product that will bring success to your business. You will be introduced to a handful of useful software programs that help you find your winning item and learn about the products you shouldn’t bet on.

Furthermore, you will learn how to make lucrative offers with more confidence to attract the attention of potential clients. Once you are done, you can submit feedback about the educational materials and provide your opinion about things you want to learn regarding this module.

Chapter three: Sourcing, negotiation and logistics

This third chapter includes 39 videos which will teach you where to get bulk products from a giant provider while Tom recommends negotiating with Alibaba and other prominent Chinese suppliers. The team will provide you with templates to address them via email.

This part also contains tips on how to get pricing quotes and negotiation skills with chosen suppliers. To add to that, it simplifies the details regarding shipping and logistics from China to Amazon’s warehouses.

Chapter four: Building foundations for launch

The fourth chapter teaches you all about how to deal with the physical products and how to properly list your products on Amazon. You will be shown how to make beautiful and high-quality pictures of products plus how to do some SEO for your products. The module consists of 16 videos.

Chapter five: Getting reviews on AMAZON

This chapter consists of nine videos and is all about getting great reviews for your products and how to incentivize customers that leave good reviews.

Chapter six: Ranking

For this module, you will be taught advanced techniques for ranking on Amazon’s first page and how to use the right keywords for your product names and descriptions. It consists of eight videos.

Chapter seven: Using manychat

Manychat is a chatbot tool that you can use to message and reply to your clients. It is automated thus facilitates contact with customers without having to send custom messages separately. It is available with a free trial but purchasing it is recommended for long term use as you will have access to more features.

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Chapter eight: Selling tools

Tom introduces you to more tools that can boost your knowledge of the FBA world in this module. This platform is made by 1% of the top Amazon sellers and you can use this to gain valuable data and insights about how those top sellers make their sales.

Chapter nine: Facebook ads

The chapter includes six videos that guide you into the world of Facebook ads. Here, Tom will teach you the secrets to running an ad campaign that could redirect users to your FBA page.

Chapter ten: Rank and bank strategies

The chapter consists of nine videos about attracting clients from the large social media platforms to your FBA business and further techniques for advertising on Facebook.

Chapter eleven: Amazon ppc

The guest speaker in this module is Mina Elias and he explains proper strategies to benefit from PPC on Amazon in 38 videos. Mina is a hit FBA seller and an expert in PPC campaigns on Amazon. There are 3 extra Q&A recordings by Mina where he answers some frequently asked questions.

Chapter twelve: Maintain and scale

This chapter consists of four text documents instead of videos that will teach you methods for bringing more clients through ads on Amazon.

Chapter thirteen: Finance

With this module, you will learn how to properly track all your expenses and how to do some simple bookkeeping including analyzing and understanding your payout report.


This module deals with some of the issues you will encounter such as dealing with out of stock items, how to to have your own trademark on your products, how to properly reach out to the Amazon support team and how to provide quality customer care to buyers.

Level 2 program

The level 2 program is for sellers who have managed to reach the $5k per month rank and teaches you how to scale your business.

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How much does FBA masterclass cost?

The FBA masterclass program will cost you $6,997. You are required to pay the whole sum upfront if you want to join. This is quite costly though with the many modules and extensive knowledge provided, it makes sense that they charge as much.

How to join FBA masterclass

To become part of the course, all you need to do is visit their website to create a new account. You will be required to give your name, email address and to set a password. Once you have an account, you will choose what program to join after which details will be discussed with a member of the team.

Sign up page

Free training is also available if you subscribe for it.

FBA masterclass Reviews

FBA masterclass has received a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot and has generally received a lot of positive reviews. Here is what some people have to say:

My experience from when I first took the FBA Masterclass to now has been great. The resources and the information in the portal was enough for me to get my fba business off the ground and I am currently in my 3rd year and I’d never thought I would be owning and operating a 6 figure business. Its a lifetime membership to the portal. I would highly recommend if your looking for an amazon fba program and this is based on my own experience. Thanks again Tom!

-David Nguyen

Tom’s program was my very first big win at an online business. I’ve tried lots of others on my own and thought it was finally time to invest in a proven system. It was the most I had ever spent on any one thing, and most of my savings at the time. I’m glad I took the plunge, because just a month ago I was able to sell my FBA business to a brand aggregator. Got about a 40x return on my original investment only 1.5 years later, so I’d say it was a good deal 🙂


FBA Masterclass was one of the best investments I’ve made. I was trying to learn how to do it myself for 6 months learning on youtube and then when I took the course it only took me 4 months before I made my first sale! And the first month of selling I did $10k in revenue. Not saying everyone will reach that milestone so quickly but to show that it is possible! And also the team is so supportive and you can tell Tom really wants his students to suceed! Definitely recommend it!

-Jenny C

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Pros of FBA masterclass

  • The founder, Tom Wang, is a successful FBA seller
  • The training provided by the course is extensive
  • There is free training available once you subscribe
  • There is good customer support from the team
  • The program has received a lot of positive reviews

Cons of FBA masterclass

  • The course is costly
  • Amazon FBA is a saturated market
  • Selling low-ticket products takes a while to generate good profits.
  • The course fee is non refundable. This becomes a problem if you find that it is not what you anticipated down the line.

Final thoughts

FBA masterclass by Tom Wang is a legitimate online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to navigate the FBA world. The course is very extensive and Tom Wang himself is a very experienced and successful FBA seller.

However, the course is a bit costly and adding that to the costs of starting up your own FBA business, the costs you will encounter may not be worth it especially if your product does not sell as fast as they claim. If you are not ready to take the risk in this competitive market, I would not recommend joining the program. But if you are aware of the risks and are willing to part with the high subscription fee, you may go for it.

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Tom Wang: FBA Masterclass Legit? [2023 Review] 7

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