What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It?

Wondering what Trifuel-238 stock is and how to invest?

Keith Kohl, who writes for Angel Publishing, has been promoting his latest moneymaking ideas through a pitch titled TriFuel-238.

He claims that it is about America’s next energy revolution centering on a quantum leap technology (nuclear power) and a company that could help early investors make as much as 46,018%.

In this review, you learn more about this quantum leap and the energy revolution Keith is talking about as well as the newsletter he edits (that he wants you to sign up for).

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How to invest in TriFuel-238?

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What is TriFuel-238?

“TriFuel-238” is a term Keith Kohl coined to refer to the technology that he expects to revolutionize America’s energy industry. This quantum leap technology is spearheaded by a company that he expects to help early investors to make as much as 46,018% gains.

This will apparently be made possible by a world-changing scientific discovery that is set to ignite a new energy revolution.

TriFuel 238

This breakthrough technology, according to Keith, will create a $1.9 trillion shift, which is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime investing opportunity.

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Keith says that there is a new kind of metal fuel behind all this that he is calling “Trifuel-238.”

“See, what I’ve described to you today can be summed up as… 

The “next generation” of nuclear fuel.

Now, don’t mistake this for the nuclear energy of the past.

“TriFuel-238” couldn’t be further from it.

Yes, it creates abundant energy around the clock…

But as you’ve seen today, it’s 42.9% cheaper than coal… over 40,835 times more powerful than natural gas…

And most importantly — thanks to this breakthrough — it’s now one of the safest forms of energy on the planet.

As safe as solar, hydropower, or wind.

All thanks to the fact that “TriFuel-238” runs an incredible 1,632 °F cooler than old nuclear fuel!

That’s 420 °F cooler than a coal plant and as much as 1,872 °F colder than a natural gas plant.

Plus, thanks to the fact that “TriFuel-238” can cool down to room temperature in only 50 seconds, a complete reactor failure is now nearly impossible.

The truth is with “TriFuel-238” now available… old safety worries could become a thing of the past.

The fears people once associated with nuclear fuel would no longer hold true.

He believes that “TriFuel-238” is better than natural gas, gasoline, coal, and all other conventional energy sources that we currently use.

He says that it is a departure from old nuclear fuel too. In the presentation, he lays out the differences between old nuclear fuel and the new trifuel.

He says that old nuclear fuel used to look like this:What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 9

He describes how this has been working up until now:

Fragile jet-black pellets, no bigger than your fingernail…

Each painstakingly loaded into 13-foot, hollow metal rods…

Which are then assembled into a housing about the size of a huge fire log…

What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 10

A normal nuclear reactor takes 193 of these fuel assemblies, containing millions of fuel pellets…

And since the dawn of nuclear energy, this has been the “de facto standard.”

He says that the reason nuclear energy has fallen behind coal and gas has been because the old way of harnessing nuclear power was exorbitantly expensive.

And this all has to do with one simple equation:

Q = ṁh (Tout – Tin)59

The ultimate goal was to increase the amount of energy, which is represented by Q in the equation.

Keith says that for 79 years since we started using nuclear energy, scientists have been trying to increase Q by making everything hotter. But due to thermodynamics, when things get too hot, the reactors hit their safe limit.

The nuclear reactors would then shut down and there would be zero energy produced.

This is where the tiny company came in and jacked up “h” in the equation. This meant that it altered the fuel on a molecular level.

That little tweak increased Q (the amount of energy) dramatically and that’s why Keith expects trifuel to be in every nuclear power station soon.

Not only is it efficient and powerful, but also it’s cheap. That’s why he says that it could become the world’s go-to energy solution in the coming years and insists that this game-changing technological advancement will totally rewrite the global “energy generation” rules.

Keith Kohl goes on to say that since many high-profile American companies have already started investing in the tiny company behind TriFuel 238, you should also consider becoming an early investor to take advantage of the investment opportunity.

Although he doesn’t say it explicitly, I think he may be talking about a tiny company that has a found a way to efficiently enrich the Uranium-238 used in nuclear reactors.

Naturally, Uranium-238 is more readily available than Uranium-235 but it (Uranium-238) is not directly used for energy production. It has to be enriched and the process in most cases is not particularly efficient.

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Enrichment is a crucial step in turning natural uranium into nuclear power plant fuel. It involves increasing the concentration of U-235 and decreasing the U-238 levels and this is not a cheap process.

Since in most nuclear reactors, the fuel rods need uranium with 4% to 5% of U-235, to produce the useful component, most suppliers enrich the fuel rods in natural uranium hexafluoride to the acceptable level and sell it to the operators who run the nuclear power plants.

Therefore, if some company figured out a way to more efficiently convert U-238 to U-235, it could be a gamechanger; and it seems like that’s what he may be talking about here.

The Undiscovered Tech Company Behind the Coming ‘TriFuel-238’ Revolution

He is backing a small company that he thinks you should consider investing in.

Why is he so excited about it? First, he notes that Rockefeller Capital Management, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and the Vanguard Group own hundreds of thousands of its shares.

On top of that, it has formed partnerships with Exelon, Southern (the coal company), Framatome (French), and two other energy giants.

“Exelon is an energy behemoth in 48 different states and the largest nuclear operator in the U.S.

A switch over to “TriFuel-238” would make its costs plummet by roughly 46%

Banking it as much as $8.58 billion in extra cash every single year.

And that’s exactly why this nuclear behemoth has raced to partner with the company behind “TriFuel-238.”

For “TriFuel-238’s” founders, though…

Exelon’s easy switch here could spell an incredible $1.73 billion per year in business.

An amount of cash that could propel “TriFuel-238’s” tiny company skyward!”

He says that it is also partnering with companies that run coal plants to retrofit their plants with its technology so they can produce nuclear energy instead. He says;

“The Company Behind “TriFuel-238” Has Also Partnered With Southern Company…

A Fortune 500 Energy Titan With

9 Million Customers

And Southern has seven colossal coal plants that are getting older every single day.

But get this…

Aging power plants like these can actually be “retrofitted” for “TriFuel-238″…

Meaning they don’t need to build new plants…

Any old coal plant can generate power from “TriFuel-238″ with a simple upgrade.”

He estimates that it could earn up to $20.66 billion from those deals but even if it only grabs market share of just 1% of that, it could skyrocket its revenue by about 19,518%.

Keith Kohl has put all the details in a special report about it called The Undiscovered Tech Company Behind the Coming ‘TriFuel-238’ Revolution.

What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 11You can receive a free copy of this report if you sign up for his newsletter, Energy Investor.

Thankfully, you don’t have to subscribe to the newsletter to find out the name of the company because after doing some research, I found that he could be referring to a company called Lightbridge Corp. (LTBR).

It is an energy startup based in Virginia that develops advanced nuclear fuel technology. Based in Reston, Virginia, USA. The Company is developing Lightbridge Fuel™, a proprietary next generation nuclear fuel technology that can be used in different kinds of reactors.

It is working on a proprietary nuclear fuel for current and future reactors that is economic, offers improved nuclear power safety (operating at 1000 degrees Celsius lower than standard fuel just as Keith says in the pitch), and with proliferation resistance.

It also had a partnership with Framatone. The partnership, formed in 2018 to work on Lightbridge’s energy-abundant fuel, was dissolved in March 2021 through mutual agreement.

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Who is Keith Kohl?

What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 12Keith Kohl is on the editorial team of Angel Publishing, an independent research firm that publishes financial newsletters offering investment advice to individual investors. Keith is the editor of a popular newsletter called Energy and Capital that has an audience of over 300,000 readers.

Keith Kohl provides his readers with in-depth coverage of the hottest investment trends in the market. Specifically he covers the profit-making investment opportunities in the energy and technology sectors. He claims to be a true insider in the technology and energy markets.

He has been behind presentations like Endless Clean Energy and The 5G Volta.

Keith Kohl is an integral part of the Angel Publishing Research group and for the last two decades, he has been actively trying to help his readers find the hottest stocks involved in the latest tech trends.

He writes about a variety of topics, including the EV revolution, the 5G roll-out, and new developments in robotics, automation, and anti-aging technologies, just to mention a few.

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What is Keith Kohl’s Energy Investor newsletter?

You need to subscribe to Keith Kohl’s Energy Investor to find out more about taking advantage of TriFuel 238 for potential life-changing gains.

As soon as you become a subscriber, you will have access to a special report called The Undiscovered Tech Company Behind the Coming ‘TriFuel-238’ Revolution.

You must subscribe to the Energy Investor to gain access to this special report.

Trifuel 238

Other benefits available to subscribers include:

  • Monthly issues containing AT LEAST one new opportunity to potentially profit from America’s booming energy industry.
  • Investment opportunity updates to help you grow your wealth.
  • 24/7 access to the model portfolio.
  • Special reports detailing the most urgent and potentially lucrative opportunities in those industries.
  • Access to the Energy Investor report archives.
  • A free subscription to the Energy and Capital e-letter.
  • Access to a dedicated customer support team.

You also get four bonus reports, namely?

The Energy Cloud’s Financial Plumbing

In The Energy Cloud’s Financial Plumbing, Keith Kohl talks about something he refers to as “Internet of Energy,” a term that was most likely influenced by “Internet of Things.”

Keith says that it is about to revolutionize the energy technology sector as it will be used by everyone with an electric car, solar power, or battery storage solutions.

What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 13He says that it is about to revolutionize the energy grid and investors like Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, and bill Gates have already invested in it. In the report, he reveals his number one company to back in this trend.

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Bonus Report: The Billionaire’s Battle: How to Invest in the Next Phase of the Lithium Revolution

What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 14According to Keith, billionaires like Warren Buffett, Tim Cook, and Elon Musk are seeking exposure in lithium stocks because they know the demand for it now could force Lithium prices to soar.

He wants his readers to profit from the next big surge by investing in the companies the rich investors are flocking to.

Bonus Report: The Hidden Grid Giant for 10X Gains

What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 15Keith Kohl says that there is one company that is selling end-to-end solutions to electric companies across the world and its services are needed to turn the Energy Cloud into reality.

Many people have never heard its name and with the advent of 5G, its business could increase 10-fold.

Bonus Report: 5G-Volta: Retire Rich on the Power Grid’s Upgrade of the Century

This report is about an investment opportunity that was created when President Trump signed an executive order before he left office to conduct a critical overhaul of the power grid.

What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It? 16He says that there is one company that holds the rights to an essential upgrade technology called “5G Volta” with its 32 patents. He says that you can earn gains of up to 40X if you invest in the biggest infrastructure opportunity in over 100 years.

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How much does it cost to join Energy Investor?

An annual subscription to the Energy Investor goes for $99. You can also sign up for the two-year membership for $179.

The subscription auto-renews every year. At the bottom of the checkout page, it states:

“When you subscribe to Energy Investor with your credit card, you’ll be billed that subscription choice rate. Every 12 months thereafter, we’ll automatically bill your card for the lowest renewal rate we offer. With this auto-renewal feature, you’ll be locking in the lowest available price, guaranteeing that you’ll never miss an issue of or a recommendation from Energy Investor. This auto-renewal feature does not obligate you in any way. You may opt out of auto-renewal at any time after this purchase. And you may still cancel within the first six months to receive a full refund.”

The renewal fee could be more than $99 because they merely say that you will get the “lowest renewal rate.” That could mean anything.

Can you get refunds with the Energy Investor?

Keith Kohl offers you a six-month money-back guarantee.

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Pros of TriFuel 238

  • You learn about a new investment opportunity in the energy sector.
  • The subscription includes many additional benefits, such as the two additional bonus reports.
  • There are two subscription plan options available (two year membership plan and one year auto bill membership).
  • There is a six-month, risk-free, money-back guarantee.

Cons of TriFuel 238

  • It is not clear how much the Energy Investor renewal fee is.

Is TriFuel 238 Legit?

I think the TriFuel 238 presentation by Keith Kohl is legit.

Keith Kohl discusses his investment strategy that he says will help you learn about the best stocks to go for in the energy sector. In this instance, he claims to have identified a tiny company (Lightbridge) that can give you 46000%+ returns. I think he is talking about an actual energy company that you can invest in.

However, you should take his advice with a grain of salt because nothing in the capital markets is ever guaranteed.

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TriFuel-238 Verdict

TriFuel 238 is a presentation about what Keith Kohl believes could be the best investment opportunity in the energy sector now. It’s got to do with a tiny stock called Lightbridge Corp that’s behind a new energy revolution: a renewed interest in nuclear and cheapest form of alternative energy.

Coal plants have been the preferred source of electrical power in most countries for decades but since governments are starting to push for sustainable energy, most of these plants have been shutting down after they’ve gone through their life span.

Solar and wind are not yet reliable energy sources hence necessitating alternatives that can be relied upon to cater for the base load. That’s where nuclear energy comes in.

Keith Kohl says that the country’s energy network is falling apart and the country could be flirting with an energy crisis. However, since the solution is not straightforward (energy companies can’t just build new coal or gas power plants) it encourages innovative solutions. An example is Trifuel-238, which he hopes will make nuclear power cheaper and more efficient.

The mass adoption of nuclear power hasn’t been without challenges though.

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For example, some of the nuclear power plants in operation are old and outdated. Then there is the perception that nuclear power is dangerous because these plants generate nuclear waste that needs to be taken care of and accidents such as Fukushima and Chernobyl can be devastating. It also doesn’t help that most of the existing reactors built in the sixties and seventies are being retired.

However, new technologies that improve on the existing plants are breathing new life into nuclear as a viable sustainable energy source. For example, the “Tri Fuel” Keith is talking about is meant to improve on the current technologies and since it has the support of billionaires like Bill Gates, he expects it to dominate the industry. He also mentions that according to the US. Energy Information Administration, it is cheap.

If you are interested in investing in the sector, you will find his insights helpful. However, remember that the stock market is very unpredictable and you can lose money as you follow his advice because he gets it wrong sometimes.

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