Is Vivid Seats Legit? [Ticket & Fees Review]

Think about it, You need last-minute tickets for a local concert that starts in a few hours on a Friday afternoon.

Grab your phone and search for “best concert tickets.”

You quickly become so overwhelmed with search results that you give in and just purchase tickets from the first choice you come across.

Trying to secure concert tickets through Ticketmaster or avoiding being taken advantage of by a scalper is frequently an exercise in frustration. A ticket resale website called Vivid Seats may be familiar to you. But is Vivid Seats legit?

In addition to providing a fair analysis of the website, I’ll compare it to other third-party ticket marketplaces to see which ones are more advantageous and easier to use.

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VividSeats Review

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What is Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats is an online marketplace where users can both buy tickets and sell tickets for live events.

As a connection between buyers and sellers of tickets, Vivid Seats is used. Almost 100 million tickets have been sold, and there is a reward system and a buyer guarantee of 100%.

Privately held Vivid Seats is one of the largest ticket brokers in the US on the internet. These only function within the US.

vivid seats logoIt provides tickets at affordable prices for more than a million live events, including but not limited to sporting events, concerts by artists like Eminem and Drake, comedy performances, Broadway musicals, monster truck rallies, comic cons, and even screenings of “Wrath of Khan” starring William Shatner.

Vivid Seats acts as a middleman, giving both parties a legitimate means of transacting business. Also, it makes it easier for the buyer to receive tickets, whether they are sent physically or digitally.

Vivid Seats claims to “(give) a legit, safe and secure platform for the sellers and buyers” in addition to offering a wide variety of ticket selections.

You can find available tickets on the site by searching for the event you’re interested in at the top of the page. The website updates with any new events and/or tickets.

You can sort your tickets for each event in a variety of ways, including:

  • Price
  • Venue location
  • Price Venue location
  • most affordable tickets

In order to earn reward credits for purchases made through Vivid Seats, clients are also offered a Rewards Program.

Who is the owner of Vivid Seats?

In 2001, Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos created Vivid Seats in Chicago, Illinois.

Jerry Bednyak- Co founder of Vivid seatsStan Chia, the 37-year-old CEO of Vivid Seats, has already enjoyed a successful career working for some of the biggest names in technology, including helping to expand Grubhub’s delivery service and expanding Amazon’s toy business. He is now preparing to lead Vivid Seats to new heights.

Two private equity firms, Vista Equity Partners in 2016 and GTCR in 2017, each invested in Vivid Seats. A majority share was purchased by GTCR for $575 million.

The Internet Association, a group that supports net neutrality, counts Vivid Seats as one of its members.

Following a merger with SPAC Horizon Acquisition Corporation earlier in 2021, the firm went public on October 19, 2021. It trades as SEAT on the NYSE and Nasdaq. The chairman of Horizon Acquisitions Corporation, Todd Boehly, announced that Eldridge Industries, LLC (“Eldridge”), a subsidiary of Horizon Sponsor, LLC, has agreed to make a private placement PIPE investment with DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG).

In place of StubHub, ESPN designated Vivid Seats as their exclusive ticket supplier in February 2017.

Vivid Seats was designated as Sports Illustrated’s official ticket vendor by Time Inc. in April 2017

Furthermore in 2017, Vivid Seats partnered with the Preakness Races, the University of Rhode Island, and the University of Tennessee. It currently collaborates with institutions including Duke University and the University of Notre Dame.

The NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers signed Vivid Seats as its official ticketing partner in August 2018.

With 100 new hires in the previous year, Vivid Seats relocated its corporate office in 2014 to Chicago’s West Loop while also keeping office space close by for its operations team.

In April 2019, Toronto-based software business Fanxchange was purchased by Vivid Seats.

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How does Vivid Seats work?

Is Vivid Seats Legit? homepage screenshot

Vivid Seats is supported by customers like you.

You can sell your tickets on Vivid Seats if you currently can’t make it to the event. If your intentions change, reselling tickets is a terrific way to get your money back and you can frequently earn a profit as well.

Once the tickets are listed, Vivid Seats manages the transaction to make sure the buyer receives the tickets promptly and safely.

One of the most significant advantages of Vivid Seats is its vast inventory of tickets for a wide range of sports events here.

Customers can browse through an extensive selection of tickets and choose the ones that best suit their preferences and budget. The website is user-friendly, with a straightforward layout that makes it easy to search for specific events or venues.

Consider them as the middleman who ensures that everything runs smoothly for all parties.

Purchasing tickets is simple with Vivid Seats – just search for the event you want to attend and explore the available tickets.

Also, the Vivid Seats Rewards program, their loyalty program, gives points for your money back or off future purchases.

is vivid seats legit - vivid seats rewards program screenshot

How Do I Buy a Ticket at Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats will take you to a login page when you initially choose your tickets, where you may sign up using Facebook or enter your email address to create a new account.

The next step on VividSeats is shipping and delivery, while for certain orders, like this one, you may only choose “Electronic Delivery.”

The transfer of a paperless ticket to your mobile device via electronic delivery appears to be secure and safe.

Your mobile device will be required to enter the event (it will be scanned just like if it was a real ticket stub).

Billing offers three methods of payment: credit card, PayPal, and PayPal Credit (which offers a 6-month interest-free period on orders of $99 or more if paid in full).

The purchasing procedure is simple and intuitive. Also, you have a lot of payment alternatives, including PayPal Credit, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

The final step is to enter your own credit card company, or debit card information, failing which you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your transaction before returning to the window you see below.

You can use vivid Seats to search for tickets by date, location, city, price, number, and seat. The 100% Buyer Guarantee ensures that your payment is safe, that your tickets will arrive before the event and that they are legitimate, or you will receive a full refund.

Email promotions and discounts are provided by the business. Vivid Seats will send your tickets in one of the following formats:

  • Email delivery/instant download for mobile e-tickets
  • Standard delivery
  • digital transfer
  • Mobile ID AXS
  • unique delivery (including local pickup, will call or paperless)

Vivid Seats has specified requirements for tickets: they must be for US events, and you cannot sell tickets before you have them. The cost of shipping is not the responsibility of the vendor.

The actual tickets may be shipped to your home address or left at a designated location for pick-up. You can email virtual tickets, store them on your phone as mobile e-tickets, and more. This website is user-friendly because it offers a range of delivery choices.

On the other side, some consumers have reported that they received virtual tickets while they paid physical tickets and vice versa. Some even received the wrong ticket, not tickets or worse – a phony item that barred them admission at the gates.

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How does Vivid Seats make money?

When you purchase tickets, vivid seats service fees and other delivery fees and charges are charged to every order, just like on other third-party ticket exchange services. Before you click the checkout button, all of the delivery fees and taxes for Vivid Seats tickets are estimated, and in some cases, the estimate is even lower than the final price.

This may be puzzling to some people, and some may mistakenly believe that Vivid Seats is a swindle as a result.

Costs Test 1

For example to attend Tyler the Creator performance and purchase 4 tickets in Row A33 on the floor for a total of $348, the quoted price per ticket. This pricing is described as inclusive and has no additional any processing fees, charges or other hidden fees or costs.

When you purchase the four tickets, and visit the checkout page, the final cost is $326.08, or just $81.52 per the listed ticket price. A $60 actual ticket cost, $19.08 in services, or 32% of the total listed ticket price, and a $2.50 electronic transfer fee are listed in the breakdown.

Cost test 2

Next, to purchase some extremely pricey tickets for an upcoming BTS concert in Las Vegas. The cost of the two tickets sold, which were in section 311, was $329 each.

This time, when we paying for tickets, we discovered that the base ticket price was $329 as indicated, plus a service fee cost of $105.37 (32%) for each ticket. In addition to service fees, there was a $2.50 electronic ticket master transfer fee.

Although a service charge on Vivid Seats may at first appear to be excessive, it is actually rather typical compared to other firms like Ticketmaster and StubHub. We discovered that service fees and charges of more over 20% when we carefully examined Ticketmaster’s pricing.

According to the Vivid Seats website, the service fee pays for all of the costs associated with facilitating the transactions. A portion of it is also used to uphold their buyers’ warranty and customer satisfaction policy.

These costs are provided to guarantee the legitimacy of the tickets you purchase since you want to be confident that all transactions are safe and secure when purchasing third-party tickets.

The following are some of the ways Vivid Seats makes money:

  • Service charges. Vivid Seats assesses a service charge to purchasers in addition to the ticket price. Depending on the event, this cost may range from 10% to 20% or more of the ticket price.
  • Seller fees. Vivid Seats charges a commission to vendors for each ticket that is sold via their marketplace. This commission varies depending on the event and other criteria, and it is often a percentage of the ticket price.
  • Premium seating. For some events, Vivid Seats also provides premium seating alternatives like VIP packages or front-row seats. Vivid Seats may charge a greater fee on these sales because the tickets are sold at a higher price point.
  • Advertising. Vivid Seats may also make money by partnering with event planners or other companies to sell advertisements.

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Vivid Seats Rewards Program

vivid seats review 2021 are tickets legit

The rewards program is one of Vivid Seats’ more alluring features. You gain one stamp for each ticket you buy on their website, which is how it works. Once you have accumulated 10 stamps, you will receive a Reward Credit.

You will then pay less for your purchased tickets when you utilize Reward Credits on your subsequent to order tickets. You must make sure that you have the Vivid Seats app downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store since Reward Credits can only be utilized on that app.

You can earn additional points the more tickets you purchase through Vivid Seats!

Depending on how much you spend, Vivid Seats offers three distinct levels of its rewards program.

Rising Star Level

  • Free to enroll with a 2-year stamp and reward credit expiration period
  • included in the birthday gift

Super Fan Level

  • Spend $400 over the course of three years before your stamps and reward credits expire.
  • included in the birthday gift
  • unexpected upgrades

Icon Level

  • Spend $2,000 over the course of 4 years before your Stamps and Rewards Credits expire.
  • included in the birthday gift
  • unexpected upgrades

The various benefits and advantages you receive when using Vivid Seats increase as you purchase more tickets.

Vivid Seats Support Options

To ensure prompt resolution of any concerns, Vivid Seats provides 24/7 customer assistance.

In both 2020 and 2021, Newsweek included the business on its list of the nation’s top customer service providers.

Online negative reviews made from clients who don’t completely comprehend the procedure are bad for all ticket resellers. They mistakenly believe that Vivid Seats is in charge of deciding how much each ticket costs. The costs that are imposed to each ticket purchase at the checkout page are also perceived negatively.

If you have any problems, Vivid Seats’ customer assistance is available in a variety of ways. There is a page of frequently asked questions on their website that lists a variety of issues and how to fix them.

  • Phone. You can chat with an agent immediately on the internet or call toll-free 833-228-5143 if you have an urgent question about an event that happens within 24 hours. Just make sure between phone calls you are prepared with your ticket order number.
  • Email. Vivid Seats will respond to your email within two business days if you use the website’s contact form to send them a message. This would apply to less pressing problems.
  • Live chat: For consumers who would rather interact via instant messaging, Vivid Seats also has a live chat option. By selecting the “Help Center” option, users can access this feature on the website.
  • Help center. Vivid Seats’ website also features a help center with a variety of resources for customers. This includes a section with frequently asked questions, details on how to order and pay for tickets, and a user manual for the website.
  • Social media. Vivid Seats is active on social media, and clients can contact the business for assistance on Facebook or Twitter.

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Pros of Vivid seats

  • Obtaining event tickets is simple
  • Independently run
  • 100% Purchaser Warranty which ensures that tickets will be delivered on time and will be valid.
  • An extensive selection of tickets sold for various types of events, including sports, concerts, and theater performances.
  • Straightforward layout, User-friendly website and app with easy search and filtering options.
  • Competitive pricing and occasional discounts or promo codes available.
  • Vivid Seats Rewards program, which allows users to earn credit towards future purchases.

Cons of Vivid seats

  • Ticket prices may change.
  • Unexpected costs raise the final cost.
  • Late delivery of ticket
  • A few customers have complained about high service fees, that can substantially raise the overall cost of tickets.
  • Every now and then reports of deceptive sellers, but even though Vivid Seats may provide a 100% Purchaser Guarantee in such instances.
  • The mobile application has occasionally crashed and had issues for some users.
  • There are few choices for customer help.
  • Some users have complained that it’s been hard to get refunds or to fix problems with their orders.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every user of Vivid Seats will have the same experiences, and based on their needs and goals, some users may find the advantages or disadvantages to be more or less relevant.

To ensure a great experience, as with any ticket marketplace, it’s crucial to conduct adequate research and use care while making purchases.


The price of Vivid Seats tickets is one of the biggest grievances from customers, with many claiming they paid significantly more than the stated price when they bought tickets. Make sure to check the pricing before you go buy your vividseats tickets, if you’re purchasing tickets on the site.

Purchasers have also voiced concerns in negative reviews about poor customer service and late delivery of tickets. As Vivid Seats doesn’t respond to reviews on Trustpilot, it’s impossible to know how they handle these complaints.

Despite Vivid Seat’s assertion that it offers a buyer guarantee, customers claim they have purchased fake tickets or have only ever gotten electronic tickets when actual paper tickets were required. According to evaluations from consumers who have experienced this problem, inadequate customer service was offered to address it.

A common issue in the vivid seats reviews was the non-arrival of tickets, with a number of reviewers claiming that despite having paid for them, they had never received their tickets.

Is Vivid Seats legit?

There have bThe website offers a buyer’s guarantee that covers award-winning customer service, risk-free transactions, delivery of genuine, valid tickets ahead of events, accurate ordering, and compensation in the case that your event is postponed.

Is Vivid Seats Legit? [Ticket & Fees Review] 7Additionally, it provides “event ticket protection that will reimburse 100% of your ticket cost in the event of an accident,” according to

Also, Vivid Seat makes a point of screening its vendors. This procedure, however it doesn’t always succeed, is intended to weed out con artists and bogus tickets. Given the number of phony ticket websites that come and vanish with equal rapidity, the company’s roughly 20-year history lends it more legitimacy.

Online complaints about ticket pricing that are more expensive than face value resulted in a B grade from the Better Business Bureau.

Having said that, it should be emphasized that only two to three percent of its millions of users provide this input.

Yet, the majority of fans have had favorable encounters.

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What are the Alternatives to Vivid Seats?

I will discuss some of the additional third-party ticket exchange options besides Vivid Seats below.

The official first party ticket website was founded in 1996 and is called Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster began as a straightforward website where customers could purchase confirmed tickets for events, but in more recent years, it has expanded to include a resale marketplace where customers can buy and sell used tickets. The most well-liked third party ticket exchange option as of today is the 2010 merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

StubHub was established in 2000 and has evolved to become one of the biggest online ticket exchanges in the world. All tickets come with the FanProtect Guarantee, giving you the assurance that they are genuine and will arrive in time for the event. Additionally, they are active in over 90 nations.

StubHub has swiftly established itself as one of the top online ticket exchanges for third parties.

On the platform, every ticket purchase is 100% guaranteed.

SeatGeek was established in 2009. It has a search engine where you can look for your desired event and it will look up tickets from various suppliers.

Depending on how good of a deal the tickets are, each choice will give you a score. This guarantees that the resale ticket prices you are paying right tickets are the lowest possible.

You may also get a ton of SeatGeek discount codes online to lower ticket prices.

As you can see, Vivid Seats is a wonderful choice for concert- buying tickets from third parties.

On Vivid Seats, can I resell tickets?

Yes. You simply click the red “Sell Your Tickets” bar after clicking the ticket sales’ link.

Choose the event you want to sell tickets for, select the day it will take place, and complete the additional ticket information. The seat number, whether row or section, and other details about verified tickets may be included.

Provide your Paypal address to pay for the ticket after choosing the delivery method and ticket price.

Provide your credit card number and address.

Accept the terms and conditions of the vendor.

Simply select “Submit Tickets.”

Verify the listing.

Is Vivid Seats Legit? selling page process screenshot

Do Vivid Seats allow ticket cancellations?

No. When you’ve bought tickets, the website considers the transaction to be final, and returns or refunds for invalid purchased tickets are not permitted. This is obviously a negative aspect for this website. After all, there are other online resale tickets that permit returns under specific circumstances. Vivid Seats’ adamant opposition to returns, though, shouldn’t be an issue if you have no interest in returning a ticket.

You will only receive a complete refund of purchased tickets from Vivid Seats if the event is postponed. The corporation promises full compensation since it recognizes that this is something out of your control. Nevertheless, if the event is postponed, Vivid Seats will not reimburse you in any way. This could be a problem if the revised event date conflicts with someone’s work or family obligations.

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How to Accept Tickets on Vivid Seats?

The app will display a location where you can accept them. You might occasionally get an email that directs you to your Ticketmaster account so you can purchase access.

Who Determines Vivid Seat Prices?

The ticket cost for basketball game is decided by the seller.

On the basis of the face value and current market value of each event ticket, Vivid Seats does have a suggested pricing.

This can be useful when determining how much sell tickets.

What are the tips on Purchasing Tickets?

No matter where you purchase your tickets, heed these recommendations to stay trouble-free.

  • Purchase From Reputable Suppliers. Avoid purchasing tickets on the street. Purchases should be made from reputable websites that offer protection, such as a buyer guarantee.
  • Safeguard Your Tickets. Online ticket sharing should be avoided because copies can be made in an instant.
  • Verify credentials. Be sure the website is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers and look for Third Party Confirmation (NATB).
  • Consider Secure Payments. Using cash is dangerous. Choose safe online payment solutions that offer safety and transaction history as an alternative.

What is the Buyer Guarantee Program?

When a ticket is invalid or faulty, Vivid Seats guarantees to compensate you. This assurance makes the website sparkle more, but don’t let it fool you. Many customer evaluations allege that the business will not think twice to take advantage of loopholes in this program’s fine print to make vivid seats tickets fake and escape reimbursement.

Do I Get To Choose My Seat?

No and yes. When there are many tickets available for a certain event on Vivid Seats, you may use the site’s filters to limit your options based on ticket price amount, quantity, and seating. Your options may be restricted to the seats that are available, even if their location is not optimal, if tickets are hard to come by or nearly sold out for a particular event.


The website is easy to use, there are several ways to pay, and Vivid Seats frequently has tickets that are unavailable elsewhere. These, however, are fundamental advantages.

As a buyer, you presumably want to see excellent customer service, a promise 100 buyer guarantee, that a 100 buyer guarantee every ticket will be perfect, and refund possibilities on this list of positives. Sadly, Vivid Seats does not work like this.

Although this website is safe and secure transactions, for transactions and free of viruses, the organization does not appear to cherish the very customers that help them stay in business.

Faulty or non-existent tickets are a significant problem. Customer service is either purposefully or accidentally poorly constructed to give customers a positive experience.

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