WriteAppReviews.com – Legit or Scam?

Are you curious about a platform that claims to offer an opportunity to make money by reviewing mobile apps? WriteAppReviews may have caught your attention with its promise of earning potential and simplicity.

In this review, we’ll take a look at WriteAppReviews, examining its features and offerings. We’ll explore whether it lives up to its claims and provide you with an unbiased perspective on whether it’s worth considering as a potential source of income through app reviews.

So, let’s dive into the details and see what WriteAppReviews has to offer.

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Understanding WriteAppReviews.com

WriteAppReviews is an online platform that allows users to earn money by providing reviews for various apps.

What is WriteAppReviews?

Write App Reviews presents itself as a platform where users can supposedly make $25 to $35 per hour by writing reviews for newly launched apps. Interestingly, another platform- Social Sale Rep shares similarities and may be connected to the same founder.


Upon initial observation, WriteAppReviews may appear to be a platform for testing mobile apps and earning money in the process. However, the reality behind its purpose is rather perplexing and only becomes apparent after becoming a member.

In actuality, WriteAppReviews functions as an affiliate marketing platform, offering the potential to earn income by directing traffic to the app reviews written for the site. While it does present an opportunity for potential earnings, there are crucial aspects that you need to understand before fully engaging with the platform (if you are looking for legitimate opportunities, here are the top paying affiliate programs).

Not only will you not receive compensation for writing reviews on WriteAppReviews, but there’s also no assurance of earning from the opportunity it presents. The reason is, that if you’re in affiliate marketing, the sole way to earn is if someone purchases the product through your affiliate link.

The website takes pride in its purported verification system that ensures real feedback from authentic people. However, concerns about its legitimacy circulate as accusations of anonymous ownership and misleading marketing strategies surface on the internet.

Despite this controversy, many are drawn in by its promise of quick earnings simply by downloading and testing apps.

How does it work?

If it were to work as they market it, Write App Reviews offers a program that enables users to earn money by reviewing mobile apps. This process involves two main components: a training module and a free app review website provided by the platform. The overall procedure can be broken down into three simple steps:

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 37

Step 1: Building Your App Review Website

To get started, you’ll need to sign up as a member on the Write App Reviews website. Write App Reviews offers a “done-for-you” website where you can publish your app reviews and generate income through ad revenue, email sign-ups, and downloads.

The website creation process is user-friendly, eliminating the need for coding knowledge or complex domain and hosting setup. To monetize your site, you’ll need to join affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank and JVZoo for access to various products to recommend and earn affiliate commissions.

Step 2: Testing and Writing App Reviews

Once your app review website is set up, you can log into your member’s area and select apps from the Write App Review database for testing. Additionally, you have the freedom to review apps outside the database that interest you or are popular in app stores.

During testing, consider specific criteria, such as user interface usability, functionality, and adherence to promotional claims. Based on your findings, you’ll craft your review on the website, applying tips and SEO strategies outlined in the Write App Review training to enhance searchability.

Step 3: Generating Traffic and Earning Income

Generating traffic to your review website is an essential but sometimes challenging aspect, which can affect your earnings. While the training provides valuable insights and techniques to improve visibility, the competition and other external factors can influence website traffic.

Nevertheless, with perseverance, your website will eventually attract visitors, and you’ll start earning income primarily through affiliate marketing. Your Clickbank ID or JVZoo ID is embedded in banner ads, email lists, and app download buttons on your site. Each time a user makes a purchase or downloads from your website, you receive affiliate commissions. Furthermore, you can earn additional income through ads displayed on your site.

Write App Review’s training further explains how these elements come together to facilitate the process effectively.

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Write App Reviews Features

Upon logging in to Write App Reviews, you’ll encounter two primary options presented to you.

The first button leads you to your personalized review site. The second button directs you to the Get Paid to Review Database.

App Review Website

Now that we’ve explored the training aspect, let’s revisit the member’s area, which consists of two primary sections: your website and the review database.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 38

Write App Reviews offers a free app review website hosted on a freshappreviews.com subdomain, utilizing WordPress and offering some customization options. However, the pre-loaded reviews on these websites are not recommended as they can harm your site’s search engine rankings due to duplicate content issues. Search engines penalize sites with duplicate content, and it’s essential to have unique reviews and articles to avoid these problems.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 39

To build a successful website, you should create original and unique content on your own domain, focusing on a specific niche. While the provided website by Write App Reviews is a good starting point, building a valuable site with quality reviews and content will help you to attract and retain visitors.

Although it may be tempting to look for quick and easy money-making schemes, real success requires effort and dedication. Building a profitable online business or earning through original reviews requires hard work, just like working out at the gym.

While survey sites like surveyjunkie.com and inboxdollars.com offer a simpler option to earn money, they may not provide as much income as creating original reviews or starting an ecom side hustle.

Review Database

The Write App Reviews platform includes a review database that offers a collection of popular apps where you can potentially get paid for your reviews.

While the database is a valuable resource, there seems to be some confusion about its purpose. In some parts of the program, it is referred to as a curated list of apps for reviewing, while in reality, it presents apps and companies that pay for surveys and app testing rather than app reviewing.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 40

The database primarily features well-known apps and companies, making it challenging to rank reviews for them unless you have an established social media following or a high-authority website.

To increase your chances of getting paid for reviews, it is advisable to target apps that are less known and easier to rank in search engines. This is where effective keyword research becomes crucial to finding apps with less competition.

It’s worth noting that while the review database is a useful resource, you don’t necessarily need Write App Reviews to join the sites listed in the database. These sites are accessible to the public, and you can explore them independently if you’re interested in getting paid for surveys and app testing.

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Write app reviews Training program

The Write App Reviews training program is affordably priced. It aims to introduce you to various online marketing strategies, such as conducting keyword research, optimizing content for search engines, and utilizing social media.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 41

While the program offers valuable insights, understand that it doesn’t serve as a comprehensive guide covering every aspect of these topics. Instead, it presents a bird’s eye view of the process, similar to reading a blog post.

Though the training provides a good starting point, it may not be enough to fully grasp app reviewing and effectively monetize it. Mastering these skills requires dedication and practice, and there are other programs available that offer more in-depth knowledge.

Upon logging into the platform, you’ll be presented with several options to explore, including:

  1. Beginner Training
  2. Intermediate Training
  3. Advanced Training
  4. Make Money With Your Website
  5. Bonus Training
  6. Getting Help (not shown in the screenshot above)

Each main category offers a variety of modules, courses, and classes to choose from, catering to your specific learning needs and interests.

Beginner Training Course

The Beginner Training offered by Write App Reviews is specifically tailored for newcomers and focuses on the fundamentals of app reviewing. It is a concise and user-friendly article that offers step-by-step guidance and valuable tips from experienced reviewers across different countries.

In addition to the reviewing basics, the training provides resources to assist you in accessing Virtual Private Network (VPN) services from various global locations. This feature is especially beneficial for international reviewers who are evaluating individual VPNs.

If you are an international reviewer, reading this guide should only require a few minutes of your time. For reviewers based in the United States, it will likely take even less time to read and grasp the essential information presented.

Intermediate Training component

The Intermediate Training offered by Write App Reviews is designed to equip you with the skills to write effective reviews and monetize your efforts. It consists of four modules that cover various aspects of the reviewing process:

  1. Making Money with Write App Reviews
  2. Selecting and Evaluating Products
  3. How to Create Reviews
  4. Making Your Reviews Awesome

Throughout the course, you will receive comprehensive instruction on accessing the system and delving into advanced concepts. The product selection module will explore topics such as different app types, testing procedures, evaluation guidelines, and more.

Regarding review creation, the training will teach you how to understand your audience, provide relevant examples, avoid giving away too much information, and conclude with a compelling recommendation. Moreover, you will be guided on utilizing WordPress to enhance your reviews, including modifying existing posts, incorporating media, and integrating user reviews.

Please take note that all lessons are provided in text format, with no video options available. Upon completing the advanced module, you will possess the skills to craft standout reviews, with an emphasis on clarity, conciseness, and attention-grabbing headlines. The training will also cover the essential review format and the strategic use of keywords for optimization.

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Advanced Training Course

The Advanced Training in Write App Reviews introduces you to important topics like SEO and social media marketing, though it doesn’t delve into them extensively.

Considering the program’s affordable price of $27, it’s understandable that it doesn’t offer in-depth tutorials on these subjects. However, it does provide a solid foundation and basic understanding of these concepts.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 42

In the advanced courses, Write App Reviews covers various topics, including strategies to increase your income, social media marketing techniques, search engine optimization, and additional online and offline promotion opportunities.

The “make money advanced” section teaches you how to generate income through advertising and email marketing.

Moreover, the program includes a section dedicated to social media marketing, focusing on the most popular networks.

It includes helpful screenshots to guide learners through the process of posting reviews on their profiles or in groups. Additionally, the program touches on automation software to streamline certain tasks.

Overall, the Advanced Training equips learners with essential knowledge and skills related to SEO and social media marketing, making it a valuable addition to the Write App Reviews program. While it may not provide an extensive exploration of these subjects, it offers practical insights and guidance to enhance your abilities in in-app reviewing and online marketing.

SEO Training

The SEO module provides insights into the significance of keywords, which are the words we use to search for specific topics or content.

Let’s say you’re a movie enthusiast excited to watch the latest superhero blockbuster on a streaming platform. To find the movie, you might enter the keyword “superhero movie streaming” in the search bar. By using this specific keyword phrase, you are more likely to find the epic superhero film you want thus underlining the importance of appropriate keywords.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 43

But from our experience, WriteAppReviews falls short in explaining how to ensure that users obtain relevant results when utilizing specific keywords. For instance, if people search for “Squid Game Netflix,” they expect to access the show on the Netflix platform, not read about it.

Regrettably, Write App Reviews offers misguided advice that proves unhelpful and time-consuming. For accurate guidance, it’s essential to seek training that provides reliable information.

Moreover, the platform provides incorrect guidance regarding backlinks, which are links from external websites that enhance a website’s visibility in search results. Utilizing backlinks from disreputable websites can severely damage your rankings, potentially requiring a fresh start.

Write App Reviews promotes the idea of purchasing low-cost links from Fiverr, a practice that violates Google’s rules. This approach can have disastrous consequences for your website, not to mention that some individuals use it maliciously to undermine their competitors’ rankings in search results.

For proper SEO training and sustainable growth, prioritize accurate information and follow ethical practices that align with search engine guidelines.

Bonus Content

The Bonus Training is an additional module that becomes accessible after you complete the Advanced course.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 44

In this module, you will receive specialized instruction on various forms of content creation, including articles, resumes, and search engine audits. Moreover, the training encompasses a diverse array of other topics.

However, if you want to be an expert, complement this education with additional materials such as books and online courses.

Expanding your knowledge through supplementary resources will enhance your skills and understanding of app review writing.

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The Earning Opportunity with WriteAppReviews

WriteAppReviews offers users the opportunity to earn extra income by promoting affiliate links and writing app reviews itself.

Promoting affiliate links

Based on our observations, WriteAppReviews places a high emphasis on promoting affiliate links. This allows you to generate income whenever someone clicks your unique link and completes an action like downloading an app or making a purchase.

Essentially, you transform your review into a potential profit machine by integrating these links. Remember that success is largely dependent on your ability to attract traffic and persuade readers to engage with your post.

Don’t just thik about the money without considering the effort you need to exert to standout in a crowded niche.

Potential income

You may earn a decent income by writing app reviews. As a member of this platform, you have the opportunity to promote affiliate links and receive commissions for every app download or purchase made through your referral.

The more apps you review and recommend, the higher your earning potential becomes. While the exact payment amount is not specified on their website, your earnings will depend on factors such as the popularity of the apps you review and your ability to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

So if you enjoy testing out new mobile apps and sharing your honest opinions about them, WriteAppReviews can be a great way for you to make some extra money while doing something you love.

Red Flags to Consider

Our analysis of this writeappreviews revealed that it has a few things that you should be concerned about concerning the program. Here are some of the red flags to keep in mind:

Lack of transparency in the earning process

One major red flag to consider regarding WriteAppReviews is the lack of transparency in their earning process. While they claim to offer an opportunity to make money by writing app reviews, they do not provide clear information about how much you can earn or how the payment process works.

Additionally, WriteAppReviews does not specify the payment amount for writing app reviews on their platform, leaving you unsure of how much you can expect to earn. Without this crucial information, it becomes difficult for potential reviewers to assess whether it’s worth their time and effort.

Unrealistic earning claims

One red flag to consider when it comes to WriteAppReviews is the issue of unrealistic earning claims. While the website promises an easy way to make money by downloading and testing apps, things will undoubtedly be different in practice; it will be a bit more challenging to make money.

This lack of transparency raises concerns about whether users can realistically expect a substantial income from this platform.

Furthermore, some people have questioned the legitimacy of WriteAppReviews, suggesting that it may be a scam because the promises it makes are not realistic.

Unclear payment methods

Payment methods on WriteAppReviews are often cited as one of the red flags to consider. The website lacks transparency when it comes to explaining how exactly users will be paid for writing app reviews.

There is no clear information about payment rates or whether users will be compensated in cash, gift cards, or any other form of payment. This ambiguity raises concerns about the legitimacy and reliability of WriteAppReviews as a platform for earning money through app reviews.

Without a clear understanding of how payments are made, you are unsure if you will truly be compensated for your time and efforts.

No information about the Creator

When dealing with platforms like Write App Reviews or any other websites that claim to teach you how to make money, it is crucial to try and identify the individuals or entities behind the platform. Legitimate platforms typically provide an ‘About Me’ page or ‘Who We Are’ information, offering transparency to their users.

If there is no clear information about the people running the platform, it should raise a cautious flag. Something seems suspicious, and you should think twice before sharing your credit card details.

Despite conducting extensive research on their website and other sources, we couldn’t find any information about the founder of Write App Reviews. This lack of transparency is concerning to say the least.

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How much do Write app reviews Cost?

At first, glance, Write App Reviews doesn’t have a clear upfront price. To gain access to the cost, you’ll need to provide your email address and name.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 45

Once you click the link, you’ll be directed to a sales page where they ask for a payment of $27 to grant you access.

Additionally, you’ll encounter several upsells:

Upsell #1: Express Pass VIP Area – $97

This upsell offers access to a VIP area, promising the potential to earn 10 times more money using the platform. They claim that VIP club members can make money faster than regular members, but this information is not verified.

Upsell #2: Make 3x More Money – $57

The second upsell is for Paid Social Media Jobs, a platform that allows you to manage other people’s social media accounts for a living. It’s a similar offer to Paid Social Media Jobs.

Upsell #3: 50 DFY App Reviews – $37

The last upsell in the funnel is for 50 DFY (Done For You) app reviews. If you choose to purchase it, you’ll receive 50 ready-made reviews for your site instantly.

Refund Policy

If you decide to purchase through Clickbank for Write App Reviews, you are eligible for a refund within 60 days should you feel unsatisfied with the product. To request a refund, simply visit Clickbank’s support page and engage in a live chat. Make sure to provide your order number, which can be found on the email receipt you received.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 46

Please be aware that the refund may not be immediately processed, as Write App Reviews might offer additional incentives to encourage you to remain a customer. You have the choice to either accept the offer and proceed with the refund, or decline the offer and continue with the refund process.

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Is Write App Reviews legit?

The million-dollar question is: Is this program a scam?

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 47

Write App Reviews is legitimate in the sense that it provides training and introduces you to the world of app reviews but we would not recommend it.

It is not a scam that will take your money and leave you empty-handed.

As per our expertise, you should always approach any platform promising heaven with a realistic understanding of the challenges involved in making money through it. This applies here because success requires effort, persistence, and the ability to create compelling reviews that stand out in a competitive landscape.

If you’re looking for a more straightforward way to earn extra income, participating in online surveys on sites like OneOpinion and Survey Voices can be a viable option. Though they won’t make you rich, they can be a good starting point for newcomers to the online earning space.

If you want to build a more substantial income online, starting an online business is the right path. While it demands effort and dedication, knowing how and where to begin can be the key to achieving your financial goals.

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User Reviews and Experiences

Users have shared their feedback on WriteAppReviews, with some expressing satisfaction with the opportunity to earn extra cash by reviewing apps.

WriteAppReviews.com - Legit or Scam? 48

Others, however, have raised concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and lack of transparency in the earning process.

Let’s highlight some of the customer reviews;

It’s a SCAM. I just paid money because they promised an app tester job and nothing. I spent the money, and then this other offer appeared, trying to talk me into paying even more for membership. It’s absolute trash and people shouldn’t pay a coin to it!!!

I saw an add on instagram and i was interested. i came to the page ad thought it could not be a spam. first they will a ask to start by paying 17-27 $, after you will be asked to be a VIP member, if you click not interested, you will be led to the billing page anyway… Could not go far with that still waiting for reimbursement. Be careful

Nathalie Inamahoro

Scam!!! I’m a single mom of 2 so I’m always looking for side jobs and other ways to make extra cash and so I clicked on the arcamax email where it said I could get paid to write reviews up to 850 dollars a week. You know the saying “IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS!!!!” I typed in my name and email address got approved for the position and then was taken to the page to pay 27 dollars for training. So im paying you for a job? 27 dollars is not a lot of money but it’s still too much to just throw away I could buy my daughter a beautiful new barbie for 27 dollars if I’m just gonna throw money at something that is not going to throw any back at me. Il be honest they almost had my 27 bucks though until I read a review from someone who was very thorough and he tested the app paid the 27 dollars and kept it for a week so that he could write a very informative review. According to what he said the only way to really make mo ey from that site is to pay for all the upsells which add up to about 300 bucks. Even then there is no guarantee you will make money it just helps your chances.

Jessica Benson

Overall, WriteAppReviews has a 3.2/5 star rating on Trustpilot which is an average score.

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Other Ways To Make Money Online

Write App Reviews offers a method to earn money by writing app reviews through affiliate marketing. Instead of being paid by the companies whose products you review, you receive a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link.

It’s important to distinguish this from app or website testing, where you’re compensated for identifying issues and usability. While beta testing can be lucrative, it may not offer a consistent income.

For instance, beta testing might pay around $30 for testing a single app, but as an affiliate, you could potentially earn $25 daily by driving a considerable number of visitors to your affiliate link and generating five sales a day. Over time, this could amount to significant earnings, although these figures are not guaranteed and are only illustrative of the potential.

One significant advantage of affiliate marketing is the potential for passive income. Unlike one-time beta testing payments, a well-written review with an affiliate link can continue to generate income for an extended period.

The key to success lies in ensuring that your reviews reach a wide audience. People must search for and read your reviews for you to earn from affiliate sales. Alternatively, you can explore freelance writing opportunities that pay for product testing and reviewing. Such positions are commonly available online.

How to Increase earning potential with writeappreviews

An effective way to promote your app reviews is by incorporating an app download button within your reviews. This button encourages readers to download the app you’ve reviewed, driving more traffic and boosting your income. Don’t forget to embed your affiliate link in the button to earn commissions on every download.

Collecting email addresses from your readers can be another fruitful promotional tactic. You can use these addresses to send newsletters or promotional emails, attracting more traffic and increasing your earnings. Offer something valuable in return, such as a free app download or exclusive content, to entice readers to share their email addresses.

Explore offline avenues for promotion as well. Distributing flyers or business cards at local events and networking opportunities can attract attention to your app reviews. Hosting meetups or workshops to educate others about app reviews and earning potential can also be beneficial.

Leverage the power of social media to promote your app reviews. Share your reviews on your social media profiles and encourage your followers to share them with their networks. For a wider reach, consider running paid social media ads.

Beyond social media, there are numerous other online promotion opportunities. Guest posting on relevant blogs or websites, actively participating in online forums, and running your own paid ads can drive more traffic to your reviews.

Monetize your website or blog by displaying ads. Utilize ad networks like Google AdSense to present relevant ads to your readers. Be mindful not to overuse ads, as they may deter readers and affect your credibility.

In conclusion, a plethora of promotion and marketing opportunities exist for app reviews. By leveraging these strategies effectively, you can boost traffic, increase earnings, and become a successful app reviewer.

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Benefits of Write App Reviews

  • Get a ready-to-use app review website: When you buy Write App Reviews, you’ll receive a full set-up website that is ready to go for publishing your app reviews and attracting traffic. This feature is especially beneficial for those who lack technical skills or want to start using the platform immediately without the hassle of building a website from scratch.
  • Clear, step-by-step guidance: Write App Reviews provides straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions, guiding you through the process of building your review site. The platform’s user-friendly approach ensures that even beginners can navigate and implement the steps with confidence.
  • Affordable price: Write App Reviews is reasonably priced at just $27. This affordable cost makes it accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking to explore the opportunity of earning money through app reviews. While there are optional upsells available, they are not mandatory for using the core product.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: With Write App Reviews being sold through Clickbank, you get the added benefit of a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the product or its performance, you have the option to request a refund within 60 days of purchase. Clickbank’s reputation as a trusted intermediary ensures that your money is protected during the transaction process.

Drawbacks of Write App Reviews

  • Many upsells: Write App Reviews includes numerous upsells in its sales funnel. While some users may find these additional offers beneficial for accelerating their success, others might feel overwhelmed or prefer a more straightforward pricing structure.
  • Little information about the creator: The lack of transparency regarding the creator’s identity raises concerns for some users. While not necessarily a scam indicator, it leaves potential customers wondering about the reasons behind the anonymity and whether it impacts the credibility of the product.
  • Hard to drive traffic to the DFY site: The platform’s done-for-you (DFY) site provides access to various apps and review instructions. However, without guidance on search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking strategies, users may struggle to drive traffic to their review site, affecting the effectiveness of their reviews.
  • A rehashed version of App Coiner: The similarities between Write App Reviews and App Coiner raise suspicions about the originality and uniqueness of Write App Reviews. Users may question whether the platform is offering something truly distinct or if it’s simply a rebranded version of another product.


In this Write app reviews review, we have explored all its facets so you can make an informed decision before investing in this platform.

We understand the desire to make money from the comfort of your home, especially with the financial challenges many of us face. While Write App Reviews offers a way to write reviews and earn affiliate commissions, it may not be the answer you’re seeking. The program provides useful information, but similar resources can be found online for free.

Still, Write App Reviews has its merits, presenting the information in a structured and easy-to-learn format. It could serve as a valuable roadmap to kickstart your journey.

If you decide to try Write App Reviews and find it doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t worry. There are other legitimate ways to earn money online. Whether you’re a student, a single parent, facing health challenges, or simply seeking a career change, starting an online business might be the solution.

Amidst all the scams and schemes out there, finding the right guidance and resources is crucial to achieving your goals. Take the time to research and explore various opportunities before settling on the path that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Writeappreviews pay?

Writeappreviews pays its members to review apps. According to their website, you can earn up to $225 per week, $975 per month, and $11,700 per year. However, the amount you earn will depend on how many apps you review, how much you earn for each review, and how many days a week you test and review apps.

Can you create your own app review website with WriteAppReviews training?

WriteAppReviews does not provide training on how to create your own app review website. However, the platform can be a good way to gain experience in writing app reviews and learning about the app development industry. If you are interested in creating your own app review website, you will need to do your own research and learn about website development and marketing.

How do you write an app review?

To write an app review, you need to download and use the app, and then write your honest opinion about it. You should include information about the app’s features, usability, and any bugs or glitches you encountered. Be sure to follow the guidelines provided by Writeappreviews and write your review clearly and concisely.

What is Review Stream?

Review Stream is another website that pays users to write reviews. It is similar to Writeappreviews, but it also allows users to write reviews for other products like electronics, books, and movies. Review Stream pays users based on the quality of their reviews, and the amount you earn per review will depend on how useful your review is.

What is ApperWall?

ApperWall is a website that pays users to review apps. It is similar to Writeappreviews and other app review websites. ApperWall pays users based on the quality of their reviews, and the amount you earn per review will depend on how useful your review is.

How can I get paid to review apps on my phone?

Several websites pay users to review apps on their phones, including Writeappreviews, AppCoiner, Review Stream, and ApperWall. To get started, you will need to sign up for an account and follow the guidelines provided by the website. You will need to download and use the app, and then write your honest opinion about it. Be sure to read reviews and do your own research before signing up for any website that promises to pay you for your work.

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