OneOpinion Review: Legit Online Surveys?

Oneopinion is a platform that enables you to make money taking surveys online.

In doing so, One Opinion gives top companies access to the public where they gather opinions on products or services, which allows them to gauge how well their products are perceived.

In this OneOpinion Review, we’ll take a look at how the company works, its pros and cons, and whether it is worthwhile.

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OneOpinion Review: Legit Online Surveys? 7

OneOpinion Review

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What is OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is a website or survey site that awards points to users for taking paid surveys and giving their opinions on products. Users can then redeem these points for cash or reward vouchers.

OneOpinion is owned by the market research company Dynata, formerly known as Critical Mix. Dynata LLC owns other survey sites like Quick Thoughts and Opinion Outpost.

OneOpinion Review

OneOpinion was founded in 2011 to conduct surveys. It is among the world’s leading market research companies.

It is a renowned market research provider, and its clients rely on it for data collection. OneOpinion conducts surveys for different clients. Through the platform, users learn about new products and services and influence development by sharing their opinions via the site.

Surveys conducted through OneOpinion include those relating to government, business, and other institutions looking for the public’s input.

OneOpinion used to operate in countries like Canada, France, Australia, France, Germany Spain and Italy but it no longer does. As of writing this, the site is only available to UK and US users.

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How does OneOpinion work?

Taking a survey as a method of making money online is generally referred to as GetPaidTo. Users take surveys, earn points and cash out or receive gift cards.

How OneOpinion works

The surveys done on the platform provide feedback for businesses which is then used to improve products or services as well as the development of new ones. To qualify, your profile has to match the study’s criteria.

A survey in OneOpinion takes an average of 10-20 minutes with the minimum payout being $25.

The platform also offers partner surveys assisting to give you access to additional studies. To use OneOpinion, you have to verify that you are in US or UK.

When you sign up, you will get an email to confirm that your personal information has been tabulated. All you have to do after that is complete account registration and then you can start doing surveys and earning money from the comfort of your home.

You will be receiving survey opportunities through the email you provide as well as through the website. Although the One Opinion mobile app is available with additional mobile options, email is more convenient for updates.

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How much can you earn using OneOpinion?

The amount you get paid depends on the number of points earned. The more surveys you do, the more you will earn.

OneOpinion operates using a points system, where each point is worth $0.001. Therefore, 1,000 points are valued at $1.

After earning 25,000 points, which is the minimum points total you can redeem, you can either get paid $25 in cash via PayPal or in Amazon and Visa gift cards.

Through the OneOpinion Rewards Program, you can redeem your balance for those items. The number of points you get for surveys is credited to your account instantly.

OneOpinion gives you 500 points each of the first five times you’re disqualified from a survey making it one of the best survey platforms.

Clearly though it’s never going to earn you a full time income, for that we recommend looking at something like Tate’s Real World or Hustlers University. Taking surveys for cash is more of a part time gig for extra income, similar to getting paid to read books.

Members of OneOpinion sometimes get the opportunity to see and try product samples yet to reach the market through which the platform collects data on users’ experiences.

Here is a summary of the OneOpinion points system:

  • 10 points = $0.01
  • 100 points = $0.10
  • 1000 points = $1.00

Points earned from each survey vary with the majority of members earning 1000 points per survey, which translates to 1$ per 20 minutes based on the average survey’s length.

Some earn up to 2500 points ($2.50) for a 15-minute survey. Users need to be aware that it’s worth attempting surveys on OneOpinion even if they feel not qualified.

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How to get your money

Once you have accumulated 25,000 points or more on your account, you can trade those in for rewards. This is the minimum amount you can redeem.

How you get paid

For you to receive virtual rewards, there is extra verification which involves answering a few personal security questions via Experian.

It is a fraud prevention protocol that OneOpinion uses for security. Even the platform doesn’t have access to users’ security question responses.

You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or virtual gift card once you have at least $25 in your account.

How to sign up

OneOpinion has a user-friendly interface which enables users to easily sign up. The platform enables people to register by completing a standard online form that collects basic information.

OneOpinion employs 2-Step Verification to protect its users. At the same time, security codes can be sent through SMS if required. The platform takes data privacy seriously, hence data protection has been enhanced to prevent access to data by third parties.

For members to join they must be 18 years old. If you are underage, parental consent is required to join.

Once registered, the you will get a registration confirmation email with instructions. Alternatively, you can fill out the registration form (or chat with ‘Emily’, the bot, to sign up), and follow the instructions once you receive your confirmation email.

The chatbot will guide you through the process of enrolling to the survey panel if you need help.

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Referral program

OneOpinion, unlike other similar platforms, has NO referral program.

However, it encourages members of the same household to sign-up and complete activities with each user having to sign up for an individual account.

Is OneOpinion legit or a scam?

OneOpinion is a legit avenue for making money taking surveys. It is also quite useful for companies that need to collect valuable data that should assist with decision-making.

OneOpinion is run by a reputable market insights company, Dynata LLC, operating out of Texas, US. The survey site itself has been operational since 2011.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Dynata LLC, the parent company, has an A+ rating. The majority of Reddit users who’ve used OneOpinion or its other survey sites have labeled it as both legit and reliable.

Is OneOpinion safe?

OneOpinion is relatively safe. Platforms handling people’s data have to work on data protection. OneOpinion is no exception.

The site employs 2-Step verification to protect its users with the option of SMS security codes sent to the user’s mobile number to confirm that they own the account.

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Pros of OneOpinion

OneOpinion has several properties that make it stand out from other survey platforms. Its advantages include:

User Friendly Interface

Simple and practical layout with an easy sign-up process. On top of that, you can fully monitor your account conveniently. That includes cash, cards, and bank accounts at a glance.

Good customer service

OneOpinion Customer Service

OneOpinion has excellent customer service, offering 24/7 customer service to users through which potential issues are resolved in a timely fashion. Users also laud the site for its prompt payouts, which you can’t say for many survey sites.


OneOpinion is mobile friendly hence all surveys can be completed online using a smartphone.

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It offers variety

OneOpinion offers a variety of surveys to users which makes it more flexible with online surveys, mobile surveys, business surveys, government surveys, and daily surveys among others. As a member, you will have access to a wide variety of surveys and interesting research studies.

You can beta-test new products

You get to try new products right that are yet to be released to the market and earn points while at it.

Low disqualification rate

Low disqualification rate, making it easy and relatively fun to use. Compared with other sites, OneOpinion sends you off to surveys that you have a better chance at qualifying for, which translates to a higher rate of pay for the time spent.

Timely payment

Timely payment and reward points instantly load into your account once you complete the survey. The payment methods enable the user to get his/her extra cash in no time, leaving members satisfied.

Rewards you even when you are disqualified

OneOpinion gives users 500 points each of the first five times they are disqualified from a survey.

Many ways of claiming your rewards

Diversity in methods of claiming your rewards; amazon gift cards, points, iTunes gifts cards, etc.

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Cons of OneOpinion

Here are some issues with the site:

Limited availability

The site is available in a limited number of countries. As of writing this, it is only accessible to people in the US and the UK.

Low rate of payments

The site’s pay-per-survey is quite low compared to some survey sites such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

Inactivity leads to termination of account

If a member is not active on the platform for 180 consecutive days, the points are forfeited and their account deleted.

Screen out of surveys

Just as with most survey sites, there is a possibility of screening out of a survey although OneOpinion offers 50-point compensation.

Product testing is not available to new members

Product testing is only available to members who have been with One Opinion for a while.

Some users report payment issues

Some users have had difficulties claiming survey points or redeeming earnings. Other OneOpinion review comments discuss account suspension issues. There appears to be some users who have had their accounts suspended for no apparent reason.         

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OneOpinion Verdict

If you are looking for a way to earn extra money online, One Opinion offers you the opportunity as you participate in interesting surveys. For an online survey website, it offers great customer service (based on reviews from its users). The average survey length is 10-20 minutes, which is within reason.

For companies in need of market research, this platform has been providing some of the best qualitative data that often leads to customer satisfaction. Data is as important for companies looking to create products that their target demographics will like as professional financial advice is for an investor.

Methods of data collection have witnessed a significant change, shifting from physical collection of data to utilization of online platforms. Beyond social media, there has been an increase in the number of data collection platforms. For users, taking paid online surveys is now one of the more popular ways to make money online.

Unfortunately, the site is limited to the US and the UK, and that not only denies users in other countries the opportunity to join but it is limiting to clients who may be in need of data from local demographics in other countries besides those two.

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OneOpinion Review: Legit Online Surveys? 7

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