3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023

Are you looking for an innovative and profitable side hustle in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape?

Look no more, because 3D printing is here to let your creative juices flow while making extra money! With the expanding market and increased affordability of 3D printers, now’s the perfect time to tap into this promising industry.

Whether it’s selling unique jewelry pieces or offering local printing services, there are various ways to turn your passion for 3D printing into a successful side business.

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3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 58

Table of Contents

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What is a 3D Printing Side Hustle?

A 3D printing side hustle is a way to make extra money using a 3D printer by creating and selling products or providing services such as renting out the printer or offering customized designs.

3D printer side hustle

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a rapidly evolving technology that enables users to create three-dimensional physical objects from digital models. By laying down successive layers of material, typically plastic or metal, 3D printers can produce complex shapes and structures with ease.

In a variety of sectors, 3D printing may be employed both for recreational use and for commercial uses. It has uses in a wide range of industries, including engineering, fashion, and the healthcare sector.

Creating prototypes and tools for various industrial projects and processes is increasingly recognized as a viable and affordable option thanks to 3D printing. Traditionally, getting prototypes has been time-consuming and expensive, necessitating reliance on third-party producers. Businesses may swiftly produce individual units of an item, tool, or prototype using 3D printing.

3D printing can be a profitable side hustle which is vast and continually growing. A wide range of industries are embracing this innovation – from automotive to healthcare – creating high demand for diverse products and services related to this technology. 3D printing is so versatile, you can manufacture your own products to sell online.

Here are a few examples of typical uses for 3D printing.

Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping

Businesses now have a low-risk, low-cost, and rapid means to create prototypes that allow them to assess a new product’s efficacy and hasten development without the need for expensive models or specialized instruments thanks to 3D printing.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 59

Further, businesses from a variety of sectors use 3D printing for quick production, which enables them to produce small batches or quick runs of customized manufacturing while saving money.


Even though 3D printing might not be able to completely replace other production processes, it does offer a low-cost way to create models for 3D idea visualization. architectural models, medical models, and instructional tools, in addition to consumer product representations.

Modeling applications are finding new avenues to explore as 3D printing costs decline and accessibility increases.

Functional Components

The usefulness and precision of 3D printing have increased over time, making it possible to create and get exclusive or unavailable parts to speed up the manufacture of a product.

Additionally, equipment and gadgets degrade with time and may require quick repairs, which 3D printing offers an efficient remedy for.

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How to get started with 3D printing

What then do you need to start 3D printing? Your particular requirements will depend on why and what you want to print, but in general, there are three things to take into account before beginning; A 3D printer, Filament and Slicing software.

You will also need the right designing software if you intend to create your own designs. However, there are a ton of free resources available online for downloading designs.

Choosing the Right 3D Printer and Software

Investing in the right 3D printer and software can make a significant difference when starting your 3D printing side hustle. With the market rapidly expanding, there is an array of printers available at various price points to suit different needs and budgets.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 60

When considering which 3D printer to purchase, it’s crucial to factor in aspects such as material compatibility, print size capacity, and resolution quality. If you opt for low-end products, you may be able to set up your 3D printer for a few hundred dollars.

Regarding software, selecting user-friendly Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs will enhance your ability to create custom designs efficiently. Some popular CAD software choices include Tinkercad for beginners or Fusion 360 for experienced designers looking for more powerful tools.

Besides CAD software, you’ll also require slicing software that translates digital models into instructions for your specific 3D printer; luckily many devices come bundled with compatible slicers such as Cura or Simplify3D.

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Ways to Make Money with a 3D Printer

There are multiple ways to make money with a 3D printer, such as renting out your printer, selling customized digital models, launching a 3D printing service business, teaching workshops, and many more.

Rent Out Your 3D Printer

Another way to make money with your 3D printer is by renting it out. This can be a great option for those who don’t use their printer often or want to earn some extra cash on the side.

Websites like 3DHubs allow you to list your printer and location, and people in need of printing services can find you and request your services.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 61

If you’re interested in this option, it’s important to have quality equipment and software so that customers are satisfied with the end product.

For all of the time and resources used, you must receive fair compensation. That includes the expense of your time (as well as the cost of wear and tear on your machine from increased use) spent leveling and maintaining the printer. It’s also crucial to consider the 3D printer’s energy use and other expenses.

You should also think about if you will accommodate requests for specific filament colors, what kinds of filament clients may purchase, and whether you will offer post-processing services for a cost as part of your 3D printing business. The amount of money you can earn with a 3D printer varies based on your business model.

Sell Digital 3D models

If you’re an expert modeler, sculptor, or drafter, you can sell your 3D model files online without having to produce real goods. Using 3D printing software, you can create customized items that are tailored to your target audience’s needs or interests.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 62

For example, you could design jewelry pieces such as statement earrings or necklaces, kitchen tools like measuring cups or spatulas, or phone cases with intricate patterns which you could sell on online stores.

You may earn money on the same product several times by selling digital files like 3D models without having to produce it more than once. It becomes even more effective if the digital data you sell are already-existing, unused assets from a previous project that would otherwise be worthless.

While 3D models can not make huge amounts of money every sale, they might earn a larger lifetime income than a print and sell option of the same model. Digital files simply sell more often than physical goods and incur no additional manufacturing costs with each additional copy sold.

Your own website should be the first location you think about selling your 3D models. The usage of third-party platforms is subject to costs. Your chances of making more money from each sale and from 3D printing rise if you have your own online store.

The drawback to this is that you have to generate all of your own website traffic and audience. The majority of third-party eCommerce sites send you their audience.

Your 3D models can be sold in some of the following places: Etsy, MyMiniFactory, CGTrader and Cults3D. To maximize sales potential, take high-quality photos of each item from different angles to show off its unique features and share them on social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest.

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Launch a 3D Printing Service Business

Another way to make money with a 3D printer is by launching your own 3D printing service business. This involves providing access to your printer for customers who want their designs printed, but do not have the equipment themselves.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 63

You could offer services such as creating custom products, prototypes, or replacement parts for local businesses or individuals in need.

To start this kind of side hustle, it’s important to invest in quality materials and build a strong online presence through targeted marketing strategies. Keeping up with market trends and pricing competitively will also help attract new customers.

Teach 3D Printing Workshops

Teaching 3D printing workshops is another way to make money with your 3D printer. Many people are interested in learning how to use this technology, and there is a demand for instructors who can provide hands-on training.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 64

You can share your knowledge about 3D printing through an online course. You can also offer workshops at community centers, schools, or even in your own home studio.

One example of successful teaching comes from a blogger who makes $36 per hour by teaching a group of high school students how to create objects using CAD (computer-aided design) software and then print them out using a 3D printer.

In addition to charging for these courses, you could also monetize your knowledge by creating online courses or YouTube videos that cover different aspects of the 3D printing process.

Start a YouTube channel

You may utilize your 3D printing expertise to create your own YouTube channel. Increase your audience by uploading fascinating and informative 3D printing YouTube videos to your channel.

You may make money via adverts, contributions, affiliate programs, and brand sponsorships. Companies may offer you free things to evaluate if you have a large enough following.

YouTube is unlikely to provide a full-time income (particularly at the beginning). However, growing it as one of numerous monetization options might be beneficial. It’s an excellent strategy to drive traffic to your website or online store. It can also help you establish yourself as an industry expert.

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Start a Blog

You may start a blog to write about 3D printers and share your knowledge with others. Like YouTube, you may monetize your blog’s content with advertisements, affiliate networks, and paid sponsorships.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 65

A blog allows you to have greater influence over the creative process. advertisements on your website also pay far more than YouTube pre-roll advertisements.

You may also utilize your blog to direct users to your website, where you sell prints, 3D model files, and other items. Your blog content serves as proof that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to 3D printing.

It demonstrates that you may be regarded as a reliable source. This is known as brand authority, and it turns converting an audience member into a buyer a lot simpler because they already trust what you’re saying.

Sell 3D Printed Parts On Etsy Or Other Online Marketplaces

One of the easiest and most popular ways to make money with a 3D printer is by selling your creations on online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon Handmade or eBay.

The demand for unique, customized 3D-printed products is always high in these marketplaces, so you can turn your hobby into a profitable side hustle.

You can sell anything from phone cases to game pieces to personalized crafts that cater to different tastes and interests.

One example of this type of success story comes from an entrepreneur who started out printing cosplay props for herself and her friends before launching her own Etsy store.

She now sells various items using her 3D printer full time and has made it her career.

Offer 3D printing courses

A 3D printing training may be profitable in a few different ways. For instance, your course may concentrate on a certain piece of software or design equipment, or it might concentrate on the projects you enjoy printing the most.

The planning, filming, editing, compilation, and marketing of the course will need a significant initial time investment from you.

However, you won’t need to do much in the way of upkeep to keep selling the course for years to come.

You may host the course using a website for online education like Skillshare, Udemy, Domestika and Teachable. If you have a website, you may also host it there and promote it using your blog.

Repair 3D printers for others

There is no disputing that 3D printers can exhibit some unpredictability. They are made up of a lot of pieces in order to function properly.

When anything goes wrong, someone who is unfamiliar with 3D printing or who has never studied what the majority of those components are supposed to perform may find it difficult to fix.

Use your expertise in 3D printing technology to mend malfunctioning printers for a fee. Most individuals are willing to spend money to have someone more qualified handle it. Someone who was probably never going to utilize your 3D printing services or purchase your items gives you compensated employment in exchange for it.

Flip Broken Printers

If you know how to fix them, you may buy faulty 3D printers online from eBay or Amazon and resell them for a profit.

To finish small adjustments, you’ll probably require a few simple tools, although there are no promises. Flipping 3D printers might be a great business venture to start using your talents for profit.

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3D Printed Product Ideas to Design and/or Sell

The possibilities for 3D printed products to sell are vast, as this rapidly evolving technology enables entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike to create unique items for a variety of markets. Here is a list of examples that could inspire your next side hustle:


Toys made with 3D printing include anything from cars and figures to puzzles and board games. When it comes to producing toys for both children and adults, the options are practically limitless.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 66

Take a look at these flexible dragon sensory toys or this 3D-printed articulated dinosaur for ideas from Fumana Shop on Etsy. Even novices may join owing to online templates, but more experienced 3D printer users can develop unique creations.

You may get low-cost or free STL files to start manufacturing 3D printed toys right now if you search for 3D print models.

Jewelry and accessories

Even though many artisans have probably previously tried their hand at manufacturing jewelry, 3D printers have fundamentally changed the industry.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 67

Because of the distinctive shapes and customization that the technology enables, 3D-printed jewelry is growing in popularity, ranging from complex pendants to bold statement earrings.

The traditional method of making personalized jewelry requires a lot of time and work, but using a 3D printer makes the process much easier.

In a particularly ingenious use of the advantages of 3D printing, Etsy vendor Nervous System produces both nylon jewelry, such as spiral earrings, and silver jewelry cast on wax 3D-printed counterparts.

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Electronics Accessories

3D-printed examples of electronics accessories exist in a wide range of styles. Making basic items like charging wires, wristwatch bands, and power banks is simple with a 3D printer.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 68

Easily get inspiration online: 3D-printed accessories are abundant on Etsy and may inspire ingenuity, such as this Air Tag attachment for an Air pod case or this eye-catching Apple Watch holder by Goldies Vinyl.

These products are popular year-round due to consumers using their gadgets on a regular basis, which makes them excellent foundational items for online sales.

Customized phone cases

If you use the proper design and filament, 3D printed phone covers can be beneficial.

Although 3D modeling can be quite exact, there is a chance that the filament may stretch or shrink as it cools, which would make it difficult for phone covers to fit perfectly. However, if you want something genuinely unique, it’s worth it.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 69

From enthusiasts to medical professionals, 3D printing has gained enormous popularity. With the appropriate design, you can create anything, even phone cases. However, some individuals might wonder if it’s worthwhile given the price of filament and the length of time it takes to print.

Additionally, there is no assurance that the case will be of any quality, even with a decent design.

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Home décor items

With the use of 3D printing, people can express their creativity via their home décor in a variety of ways, from avant-garde sculpture to one-of-a-kind wall art.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 70

Although 3D printing works best for useful objects like lampshades, furniture knobs, and even complicated jewelry holders, it is also a good choice for ornamental decorations.

Try unique things rather than mass-produced, boring ones. Consider drawing design ideas from items like the original poly face planter.

Kitchen Gadgets

It’s now feasible to swiftly design and produce unique kitchen equipment that are both affordable and highly practical with the aid of 3D printers.

Kitchen utensils may be produced with 3D printing in a range of forms, sizes, colors, textures, and finishes that are not possible using conventional production techniques.

We enjoy this bagel slicer guide and this spaghetti measurement gadget by ProlificPrints3D on Etsy.

Office supplies

Businesses are starting to look at methods to use 3D printers for desk accessories and office supplies, which is bringing 3D printing technology into workplaces all around the world.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 71

A broad variety of objects that are both useful and aesthetically beautiful may be made with 3D printing, such as this sticky note holder by Honey and Ivy on Etsy and this succulent pot and desk tray.

These printed materials not only give useful solutions for the office or home office, but they also provide a chance to express one’s creativity and encourage teamwork.

Hobby Materials

Even while 3D printing is a pastime in itself, it’s a great method to make craft and hobby materials.

On Etsy, you may discover a variety of molds for making goods to use or sell, such as soap bar molds or bath bomb molds in the form of baby feet. Consider key chains, handmade crafts, personalized shoes, or other one off items.

The makers of 3D printed objects are also in a good position to produce goods for model enthusiasts, such as tiny versions of popular figures from games, toys, and buildings, automobiles, and planes.

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Tips for Running a Successful 3D Printing Side Hustle

Invest in quality materials, build a strong online presence and brand identity, stay organized and track expenses, and keep up with market trends to ensure the success of your 3D printing side hustle.

Investing in Quality Materials

Investing in high-quality 3D printing materials is crucial to running a successful side hustle. The quality of the materials used can affect not just the appearance, but also the durability and functionality of the final product.

Choosing high-quality filaments, resins, or other materials that are specifically designed for your printer can help you create consistently excellent results.

By using top-notch materials, you’ll be able to offer superior products that command higher prices and set yourself apart from others entering into this rapidly evolving industry where word-of-mouth marketing rapidly spreads about good and bad products.

Building a Strong Online Presence and Brand Identity

Building a strong online presence and brand identity is crucial to running a successful 3D printing side hustle. It’s important to establish your niche and target audience so you can create content that appeals specifically to them.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 72

Creating high-quality images and videos of your products in use can also help build credibility with potential clients. Consider starting a YouTube channel where you can showcase the process of designing and creating 3D printed objects.

Another way to build your online presence is by collaborating with other makers in the industry.

It’s essential to maintain consistency across all channels – from logos and branding elements down to color schemes – so people easily recognize your business wherever they see it online.

Staying Organized And Tracking Expenses

When starting a 3D printing side hustle, it’s important to stay organized and keep track of your expenses. This means keeping detailed records of supplies purchased, printer maintenance costs, and any other expenses related to running your business.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 73

In addition to tracking expenses, you should also create a schedule for when orders need to be fulfilled and shipped out. Staying on top of deadlines will prevent delays in delivery and keep customers happy. It also makes filing taxes easier.

By staying organized and keeping track of your finances, you’ll have a better understanding of the profitability of your side hustle.

Keeping Up With Market Trends

In the rapidly evolving world of 3D printing, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with market trends in order to remain competitive and maximize profits.

This means staying informed about new products and materials, as well as keeping an eye on consumer demand for certain types of 3D printed items.

Keeping up with market trends also involves monitoring industry news and attending conferences or networking events where you can connect with other professionals in the field.

One way to stay on top of the latest trends is by creating content such as YouTube videos that showcase your designs and provide tips for aspiring 3D print entrepreneurs.

Another effective strategy is using social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter to promote your business and engage with potential customers.

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Benefits Of Having A Side Hustle

Having a side hustle offers several benefits, including extra income to supplement your day job, flexibility and independence in choosing your own schedule, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Keep reading to discover the top 10 most profitable side hustles, best side hustles for creative entrepreneurs, and more!

Extra Income

One of the top benefits of starting a side hustle is the ability to earn extra income. With 44% of Americans engaging in side hustles, it’s clear that many people see the value in supplementing their primary income.

And it’s obvious that this trend won’t stop any time soon given that 40% of US homes have a side business. A successful side business might be helpful if you’re trying to pay off debt, put money down for a significant purchase, or simply have some additional money on hand.

Starting a profitable side hustle doesn’t have to take up all your free time either – even just dedicating a few hours per week can add up to significant extra income over time.

The best part is that there are countless options out there when it comes to choosing a side hustle idea, from selling products online through an eCommerce store or dropshipping business to offering services like event planning. With so many choices available and potential customers always on the lookout for something new and interesting, earning extra money has never been easier!

Flexibility And Independence

Having a side hustle offers flexibility and independence that traditional full-time jobs may not provide.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 74

With a side hustle, you can choose your own hours, set your own schedule, and work from anywhere. This means you can work around family commitments or other obligations while still earning extra income on the side.

According to recent studies, 45% of working Americans report having a side hustle. Among millennials, this number rises to 50%. These individuals are seeking greater flexibility and independence in their work lives.

A side hustle provides an opportunity for personal and professional growth outside of traditional employment structures while also providing additional income streams.

Opportunity For Personal And Professional Growth

One of the most significant advantages of having a side hustle is that it offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

By pursuing a passion or developing new skills, individuals can expand their horizons beyond their day jobs. Side hustles offer a chance to explore new areas, take on challenges outside one’s comfort zone, and learn how to balance multiple responsibilities at once.

Additionally, side hustles often provide avenues for networking and collaboration with like-minded individuals. Through these connections, people can enhance their knowledge base, gain valuable mentorship opportunities, and potentially find new career paths.

Furthermore, engaging in activities outside of work can boost creativity and productivity levels. Ultimately, pursuing a profitable side hustle not only supplements income but also enhances personal development and career growth potential.

Grow your confidence

There is proof that transitioning to self-employment from a typical job can enhance your mental health. Long-term mental health may be improved by making decisions that you have a lot of control over and by having a career that is in high demand.

Your self-confidence is closely related to each of these factors.

Your confidence will increase as you work for yourself more and watch how your choices and actions advance your career.

Even if growth is gradual, making even a small amount of progress in the direction of what you’re actively working toward can give you more self-assurance in all facets of your life.

Build your portfolio

Having a side business can be quite beneficial if you’re new to your sector and need more experience to develop. It also holds true if you’re seeking to break into a certain industry but don’t yet have a strong enough portfolio to demonstrate your qualifications.

A strong portfolio makes you a far more appealing candidate for employment. You can’t go wrong with a good portfolio, whether it’s for potential clients in your side business or hiring managers for your next career.

Building a Stronger Work Ethic

Although they can be enjoyable, side jobs are still jobs. Working longer hours can improve your work ethic. After all, you are investing your free time in a project that can improve your financial situation. You should be proud of your commitment and enjoy the boost to your confidence you receive in addition to the extra money.

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Challenges And Solutions For 3D Printer Side Hustlers

Despite the potential for profit, running a 3D printing side hustle can present various challenges such as equipment malfunctions, finding a work-life balance, and effective marketing strategies.

Don’t worry though, we have solutions to help you overcome these obstacles and thrive in your 3D printing business.

Dealing With Equipment Malfunctions

Even the most advanced 3D printers can sometimes suffer from equipment malfunctions, which can be frustrating and costly for side hustlers trying to meet customer demands.

One common issue is clogging of printer nozzles, which can cause prints to fail or come out with poor quality. To avoid this, it’s important to regularly clean the nozzle and use high-quality filaments.

Another common problem is bed adhesion, where prints don’t stick properly to the print bed.

In addition to these technical difficulties, there may also be unexpected hardware failures that require replacement parts or repairs. While this can be a setback for side hustle entrepreneurs on a tight budget, there are ways to mitigate costs such as purchasing warranties or choosing DIY repair options instead of hiring expensive technicians.

Finding a Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial when pursuing a 3D printing side hustle. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating and selling products, but it’s important to take breaks and prioritize self-care to prevent burnout.

One effective way to achieve a work-life balance is by setting specific work hours each day or week and sticking to them. This could mean working on your projects only during certain times while dedicating other times for personal activities or family time.

According to one article on Business Insider, having structure in both your professional and personal life is key when running a successful 3D printing side hustle. Finding ways to streamline processes and being organized with expenses also helps reduce stress levels associated with juggling multiple responsibilities.

Marketing Your Products Effectively

To ensure that your 3D printing side hustle is profitable, it’s essential to have a strong marketing strategy in place. One of the most effective ways to market your products is by creating engaging and visually appealing content on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Another way to reach potential customers is through word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews or share their experiences with others on social media or relevant online forums.

Finally, attending craft fairs, industry events, and conferences can be an excellent opportunity to network with potential clients and gain exposure for your business.

With a well-executed marketing plan, you can effectively target your audience and stand out in a crowded market.

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Resources for Learning and Growing Your 3D Printing Side Hustle

There are many resources available for those looking to learn more and expand their 3D printing side hustle, including online courses and tutorials, industry events and conferences, networking opportunities, and industry associations and groups.

Online Courses And Tutorials

Learning about 3D printing can be overwhelming for beginners, but there is an abundance of online resources available to help you learn and grow your side hustle. Online courses and tutorials are a great way to get started with 3D printing or improve your skills if you already have some experience.

Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera offer various courses on 3D printing at affordable prices, ranging from beginner-level classes to advanced topics like designing for additive manufacturing.

One example of a popular YouTube channel is Thomas Sanladerer’s channel. He provides valuable insights into the world of 3D printing by sharing his experiences with different printers and materials.

Another notable resource is Autodesk’s Tinkercad software where users can practice their design skills in a free web-based application before exporting their creations as STL files for 3D printing.

Industry Events And Conferences

Attending industry events and conferences is a great way to learn more about 3D printing technology, network with other professionals in the field, and discover new opportunities for your side hustle.

These events can range from local meetups to large-scale international trade shows. For example, the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) hosts an annual conference that brings together experts in the additive manufacturing space.

This event provides workshops and training sessions on topics like 3D printing software, materials science, and industrial design.

There are plenty of opportunities for those interested in starting a 3D printing side hustle or expanding their current business at industry events and conferences.

One example is exhibiting at Maker Faire or other similar maker-focused gatherings where you could showcase your printed products alongside others.

Networking Opportunities

Networking can be a powerful tool for anyone looking to grow their 3D printing side hustle. Attending industry events and conferences is an excellent way to connect with other professionals, learn about new technologies, and keep up with market trends.

Many associations and groups dedicated to 3D printing have online forums where members can ask questions, share advice, or advertise services.

Additionally, creating content such as YouTube videos showcasing your work, tutorials using CAD software, or tips on starting a successful business can help build brand awareness and attract new clients.

Word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers can also go a long way in helping you reach more people within your target audience.

Industry Associations And Groups

Joining industry associations and groups can be a great way to learn more about 3D printing, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover new opportunities for your side hustle.

These communities range from local maker spaces and meetups to national organizations like the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) or the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA).

By joining these groups, you can network with potential customers or collaborators, learn about new materials or techniques, and gain access to resources such as workshops or training programs.

Additionally, membership in an industry organization can help you establish yourself as a trusted authority in the field of 3D printing. Some popular online communities include Reddit’s r/3DPrinting subreddit or the Facebook group “3D Printing Enthusiasts”.

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How much money can you make with a 3D printing side hustle?

The amount of money you may generate by launching a 3D printing company or side business is one of its finest features.

3D Printer Side Hustle: Make Money Printing In 2023 75

There is no cap on how much money you can make with this business, unlike many others. You can generate money as long as you have the ability to produce goods or monetize your printer.

Depending on how you choose to monetize your printer or expertise, the majority of side businesses using 3D printing may generate somewhere between 5 and 6 figures.

You might easily increase your income to $50,000 or more a year by selling things that you 3D print online while cutting manufacturing expenses.

Do you need a license to 3D print?

Printing 3D models for non-commercial purposes is possible for anybody with access to a 3D printer. When you want to sell the final item, the regulations are a little bit different. Any models used must have a license for commercial usage.

That requires just selecting pre-made models from websites that have the appropriate license. You may also get in touch with the creator to ask about acquiring commercial rights. In certain circumstances, a lot of designers are ready to charge you a licensing fee, but others will still decline. In any case, respect should be shown.

What is the learning curve for 3D printing?

You can start receiving usable prints within a day if you have a plug-and-play 3D printer that is made to set up and begin 3D printing virtually instantaneously (keep in mind that these are often the most costly machines on the market).

The learning curve is higher and takes longer to master with cheaper, more interactive 3D printer models. On low-cost printers, many of the operations that plug-and-play printers perform automatically are done manually. You probably won’t start creating high-quality components for a few days. To fully comprehend every component of the 3D printer, it will take a few months.

Making your own 3D models requires far more time to learn than creating other types of models. By using instructions, you may construct extremely simple models in a day or so. However, developing the skills necessary to produce unique and beautiful 3D models might take months or even years.

Is 3D printing a worthwhile side job?

Yes, if you are knowledgeable about the field, 3D printing makes an excellent side business. It could be challenging if you are just getting started with 3D printing and are attempting to use it to launch a business right now.

Long-term benefit will come from spending some time getting to know your 3D printer, understanding the settings, and being able to resolve the most frequent problems. Additionally, it will prevent you from promising your 3D printing service to someone before you can really provide it.

3D printing is likewise similar to starting any other side company. Starting a 3D print store or print-on-demand service necessitates specialty market research, marketing, social media skills, and some company management knowledge.

All of these are skills that everyone can and should master in order to enhance the amount of money they make with their side company.


In conclusion, starting a 3D printer side hustle can be a fun and profitable way to earn extra cash. With the right equipment, software, and design skills, you can sell your own products or offer printing services to others.

Whether you choose to start an online store or teach workshops in your local community, there are endless possibilities for making money with this rapidly evolving technology.

By staying organized and keeping up with market trends, you can turn your 3D printing side hustle into a successful business venture.

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