Adin Ross Net Worth: $24 Million For 2023?

Adin Ross is an American Twitch streamer and content developer most known for broadcasting video games like GTA V, Fortnite, and the NBA 2K series.

With 4.1 million followers and counting, Ross has become one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the previous year. Since he started using YouTube in January 2014, he has posted a variety of lifestyle and comedic videos.

In this review, we will take a brief look at Adin Ross’ biography including his personal life, career and net worth.

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Adin Ross Net Worth: $24 Million For 2023? 10

Adin Ross Net Worth

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What is Adin Ross’ Net Worth?

As of 2023, Adin Ross’s net worth is estimated to be about $24 million. His main source of revenue is his streaming.

How much does Adin Ross earn?

Ross’s earnings are anticipated to increase significantly over the next several months because he has achieved most of his success over the past two years. Ross currently has more than 50k Twitch members and 7.3 million followers, which could provide profits of between $150 and $200k from Twitch alone, without counting the donations he frequently receives.

However, he will no longer be on Twitch as he recently announced that he is leaving Twitch to join Kick.

Adin Ross Net Worth

Adin Ross receives about 20–25 million monthly views on his YouTube accounts, translating to earnings of $20–30k per month. Also, it’s anticipated that Adin Ross will make a lot of money from endorsements and sponsorships.

He joins the likes of Shmee150, Ben ArmstrongJeffree Star, and others who also make money as professional YouTubers.

Despite the fact that there is little information available regarding the prior agreements he signed, he recently claimed erroneously that he receives roughly $2 million per month from one of his gambling sponsors.

Aside from his broadcasts and video content, Ross also makes financial investments which contribute to his net worth.

The international social media sensation also invests in real estate, which also adds to his overall net worth.

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Early life

Adin David Ross, born on 11th October 2000 in Boca Raton, Florida, was raised in a Jewish family. He grew up primarily in Fresno, California, with an elder sister by the name of Naomi Ross, a well known social media star who people suspect helped him with his success.

Adin Ross came from an unsteady family because his parents had an on-off relationship, which caused him to move around a lot as a child. He lived in New York for a while before relocating to Three Rivers, California.

Adin Ross

When Ross was 9 years old, he was stabbed by a mentally unstable relative and he apparently got nine stitches on his arm while the relative was admitted in a mental hospital after being arrested. This was a traumatizing experience for him that affected his studies and his mental health.

Adin had an interest for a wide range of hobbies as a child, including travel, reading, photography, and video gaming which all helped him cope with his struggling mental health after the incident. Adin had moved to Fresno and became a Hebrew school student, where he finished high school.

After finishing high school, Adin enrolled in a nearby private university in Boca Raton Florida where he is currently continuing with his education.

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Adin Ross began regularly broadcasting on Twitch in 2019. His initial streams on the current twitch channel were uploaded at the end of October.

Despite not originally drawing in a lot of views, he eventually became well-known for his NBA 2K material and routinely competed against other well-known YouTubers and content producers.


He met NBA legend LeBron James’ kid Bronny James as a result of being a member of the NBA 2K group “Always Excelling.” LeBron himself joined a conversation in June 2020 with his son and ended up chatting with Adin Ross.

Adin Ross didn’t reach the 100k following threshold on Twitch until July 2020. He tried his hand at organizing “e-date” streams, where participants competed over Discord to find dates. Since February 2020, he has been a member of the “SSB,” or “Stacy’s Stepbrothers,” content creation team, which is notable as it also includes Lebron James Jr.

Ross had over 500k Twitch followers by the end of December 2020, and his average viewership during streams was above 20k. Moreover, Adin Ross runs a GTA V server he calls “SSB Wrld.” Among other well-known content providers, xQc, Travis Scott, and Canadian rapper “Nav” have all played on the server in the past.

It was reported that Adin Ross was the first content producer to join the Clout Gang 2.0, which also included FaZe Banks and Mike Majlak.Adin Ross Net Worth: $24 Million For 2023? 11

Corinna Kopf appeared in a number of Adin Ross streams in February 2021. During a live webcast, the two creators ended up kissing, which sparked dating suspicions between them. Both, however, refuted the gossip and insisted that they are simply friends.

In the weeks that followed this incident, Adin Ross’ fame skyrocketed. He finished February 2021 with less than 800k followers but got more than 4.4 million followers by 10th April.

He got into a fight with rapper Charles “Julio Foolio” Jones in April 2021 after being discovered twice during his streams singing the song “Who I Smoke.” After the argument, Adin Ross invited Foolio to participate in a live webcast.

Ross was once again suspended from Twitch on April 10, 2021, for a day after YouTuber Zik “Zias” Asiegbu called him a “fa**ot” while live streaming. Ross was not present when the ban was issued, but he was unbanned on April 12th.

Furthermore, on May 12, he was given a 24-hour ban on his twitch account for streaming explicit material during a “GTA V” stream.

Last but not least, Adin Ross recently got into a fight with Ludwig Ahgren and Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris after the two and Nick “NMPlol” Polom made remarks regarding the size of Adin Ross’ fan base and the fact that he gained notoriety after kissing Corinna Kopf.

Adin Ross objected to Ludwig’s characterization of him as the “king of Normie material” in April. Nevertheless, Ludwig asserted that Adin Ross need not feel offended because he too had referred to himself as a “normie” in the past.

After FaZe Banks arranged a call between Adin Ross, Ludwig, and HasanAbi, the content creators appeared to have reconciled. Ross asserted that he has no “bad blood” and that he respects the creators in question.

He presently has more over 50k subscribers, which makes his channel with the 4th most subscribers today. Adin Ross’s subscriber count fluctuates frequently, despite the fact that he expects to make $1 to $1.5 million from Twitch alone. Donations, ad money, and direct subscription profits are all included in this figure.

Adin Ross Leaves Twitch

In February 2023, Adin Ross announced that he was leaving Twitch. This decision came after Ross claimed to have been threatened by a Twitch representative.

Twitch had grown weary of his antics and his propensity to do controversial stuff that went against community policies. The platform threatened to take his handle down indefinitely.

On the other hand, Ross felt that he should have the freedom to stream whatever he feels like without restrictions and announced that he would begin streaming on Kick.

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Adin Ross started his first YouTube channel in August 2014 while he was 13 years old. However, he rarely posted any content. He started routinely posting on the site in November 2019, and up until the end of 2020, he had no more than 500k subscribers.

Now, Adin Ross has 1.28 million “Adin Live” subscribers, along with about 750k subscribers on the other two channels. Initially, the majority of his YouTube content was gaming-related, but in recent months, he has also posted videos about general lifestyle subjects, other comedic sketches, etc.

Adin Ross is able to generate around 20-30 million views on his three YouTube accounts which results in round $20-40k per month that in turn translates to around $250-300k

Adin Ross is anticipated to draw in more subscribers and more traffic in the future due to his steadily increasing popularity.

Personal Life

The relationship status of Adin Ross is currently unknown. He was initially thought to be seeing a woman by the name of “Stacy,” but after he kissed Corina Kopf during the live stream, there were rumors that she is Adin Ross’ girlfriend. Adin Ross, however, denied the rumors.

Ross has also been known to battle various mental health issues, though he says that gaming has helped him cope.

Adin announced on April 30, 2021, that he will give 10% of his monthly Twitch earnings to any charitable organization of his viewers’ choosing. In addition to all of the above, Adin is also a co-owner of the FCF Glacier Boyz in the Fan Controlled Football League.

He is currently 21 years of age with a height of 5’5

Real estate and Assets

Currently, Adin Ross resides in Los Angeles, California. Together with others, including Sommer Ray, FaZe Banks, and Mike Majlak, he recently purchased a $30 million home.

His 14-room mansion is painted all white and contains a home cinema, game area and swimming pool, among other lavish features.

Adin Ross House

His assets include 4 cars and 3 real estate properties. Adin receives a monthly rental income from the three real estate assets he owns.

Additionally, he owns $3 million in bank deposits and government bonds, which generate dividend and interest payments each year. Ross makes more than $200,000 in rental revenue annually.

Adin recently spent USD 200,000 on an Audi RS Q8 and USD 60,000 on a Volvo XC90. Adin also owns a Range Rover Sport, an Alfa Romeo Giulia and a Jaguar XE.

In addition to this, he also has a $9 million investment portfolio with 11 stocks in it. Adin holds shares of Dupont, Intel, Salesforce, Boeing and Tesla, just to name a few.


Adin Ross, born in Boca Raton has become a successful internet sensation over the years and currently has a net worth of $24 million.

Adin’s twitch channel has gained a lot of popularity and this established his career as a video game streamer specializing in both Grand Theft Auto gameplay videos and NBA 2K videos, in which he gained thousands of videos daily.

The most important lesson we can all take away from this well-known streamer is to learn to remain determined and focused on our route to success instead of getting discouraged when things don’t go our way in life.

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Adin Ross Net Worth: $24 Million For 2023? 10

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