Shmee150 Net Worth: How Did Shmee Make His Money?

How did Shmee make his money and what his Shmee150 net worth for 2023?

Timothy Burton or Tim Burton, who goes by the name Shmee150, is a British car vlogger and YouTuber with over 2.3 million Instagram and YouTube fans.

He specializes in automotive video content.

Tim is a true car enthusiast and it is no wonder his channel has millions of viewers who like his exciting lifestyle and super cars.

We estimate Shmee150’s net worth to be up to $15 million in 2023. This is based on his income from the various income sources he has. Since it is hard to quantify how much money he makes, that figure could be higher or lower based on how much he actually makes from his different business ventures. Let’s delve into that.

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Shmee150 Net Worth 2023 & Review

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Who is Shmee150?

Shmee 150, formally known as Tim Burton, is a professional British vlogger and Youtuber who’s a car aficionado. We’ve looked into a few YouTubers like KSIDeji, and Blippi to reveal how they became rich and in this piece, we take a look at Shmee.

Shmee150 has forged a career where he travels the globe driving in the best race cars, covering various car events and raced, and getting paid to test drive and review cars. He’s often regarded as one of the most hard working people by those who know him closely.

Shmee150 Net Worth

Shmee has his own car collection that he calls the Shmeemobiles. At any time, he owns ten or more expensive cars. If you’d put a value on them, his collection has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Now, that’s just an estimate because the real value may be much higher or lower. A special order for a 2017 F-350 was approved in 2016. He has owned an Audi R8, V10 Spyder, Renault Clio, and two McLarens, which are some of his favorites. He has a light blue McLaren 675LT.

His car collection needs a home and he’s rented out a massive garage. Keep in mind that his house in Central London doesn’t have a garage so he has to lease or rent keep his cars safe and secure. Owing to the size of his collection, the costs he incurs for this add up to a fairly big number.

Besides storage, he spends a lot of money on maintenance and upkeep of these cars as we saw with Daily Driven Exotics. He has to spend on fuel and regular servicing. He has shared in some videos incidents of his cars getting damaged and as you know, with supercars, the costs of these repairs or replacement of parts can be outrageous. And that’s without mentioning insurance because he has to have his cars insured. For high-end cars like his, insurance prices can be high.

Also don’t forget that he also sells his cars frequently because there is a lot of turnover in his garage. These cars also increase his earnings from because they can be considered a significant asset. You could estimate his earnings from car sales alone to be around $3-$4 million.

Speaking of assets, Tim Burton owns a house in Central London in an area that is known to be particularly pricey. The typical house there is worth anywhere between a million dollars to 5 million dollars.

He is also an investor and he puts his money in things like precious metals, stocks, cryptocurrency. It’s hard to tell how much his portfolio is worth because that information is not on the public domain.

Although makes a lot of money, he also incurs significant expenses that come with his lifestyle and career.

For example, Shmee150 has to take out loans to buy his cars. He even admits in his videos that he has financed some of his cars and that means that he makes monthly payments towards the loans.

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About Shmee150

Tim Burton launched his YouTube channel, “Shmee150”, in 2014. He knew a lot about cars as he was obsessed with them. So he started vlogging as he traveled around the globe.

Many people around the world were big fans of his content on YouTube and that’s how he got famous. Shmee knew he was onto something, and for him, there was no looking back. He gets millions of engagements every month across Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Burton has also worked as a freelancer for a tech firm.

Early Life

Tim Burton was born in 1987. He left school to venture into business. Before he became a car vlogger, he had an electronics web store that he sold to become a ski instructor in New Zealand . He then got a job as part of the technology team at an investment consultancy firm in London.

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YouTube Career

Shmee’s Youtube channel is the main attraction of fans to his work. He joined YouTube and became a vlogger in 2010. He attended a Top Gear event and was drawn to the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s parked outside the venue. He shot a quick video of all the exotic cars that he saw that day and the video got 10,000 views in a few weeks. This showed him that there was an appetite for that kind of content because he hadn’t done it with expensive equipment.


Shmee150’s luxury car channel has over 2 million subscribers as of writing this. His channel has had close to a billion views in total. His first video featured the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini LP 670-4.

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How Shmee150 Makes His Money

Shmee150 has multiple sources of income that feed into his net worth. Here are the sources that we know of publicly:


Shmee150 has more than 2.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 1.5 million Instagram followers, and he provides his followers with exclusive automotive content on both platforms and other online forums (he doesn’t expose his personal life).

Here’s how he earns from his YouTube channel:

Ad Revenue

Shmee has hundreds of videos on his channel, and his main source of income is the ad revenue he gets. The videos get thousands of views per month and Youtube pays per video views through its partnership model with content creators. The exact amounts that Shmee150 gets paid varies depending on the device, location, type of advertisement, type of content, and the number of ads in the video.

YouTube Select and YouTube Premium

YouTube Select is an advertising program that lets advertisers show ads on the videos with high engagement rates. The rates are higher than the average video. Shmee150 also earns extra income from YouTube Premium subscribers who pay a monthly fee to watch videos without ads. The amount of money he gets paid is based on the watch time of his videos.

If you calculate all that, you find that earnings from the Youtube channel alone are in the million dollar range.

Selling Merchandise

Shmee150 is quite popular online and has secured a couple of deals with brands, products, and services that target his audience. He has sponsorship and partnership deals with brands like Global Telemetrics, Keyless Protector, Omaze, Topaz, Lego, Cars & Coffee, Gameloft, and YouTube. These deals generate a lot of income for Shmee.

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Shmee Finance

Shmee Finance is a partnership with Approved Motor Finance and Harrington Finance where Shmee earns a commission for referring people to these companies for car financing. The deal is quite lucrative and a smart way for him to earn a steady stream of income if something ever happens to his YouTube channel.

Affiliate Marketing

Shmee earns an affiliate income through a partnership he has with a company called Minichamps. The company sells model cars based on Shmeemobiles. These models are detailed and expensive. He gets paid a commission for each one that sells.

Besides Minichamps, Shmee has several other products on his website that he gets paid a commission for. They include polos, socks, tire cushions, sunglasses, wall bumpers, and digital drawings.

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Book sales are another source that makes him money without having to do much. Shmee150 published a book called “Living the Supercar Dream” in 2016 and it was sold in print in bookstores across the globe and online.

Shmee150 Living The Supercar Dream

Living The Supercar Dream by Tim Burton is considered by some car enthusiasts as the ultimate supercar book. It comes with a free app with exclusive digital content.


Tim Burton works as a consultant to car brands. These gigs alone earn him a lot of money.

Final Word on Shmee150 net worth

Tim Burton, an avid car vlogger, is worth about $15 million per estimates derived from public records and the going prices of his assets.

This figures are not accurate because it is almost impossible to get a hold of his financial statements.

That being said, it helps that he is open and transparent in his videos, if you watch enough of them, you can get an idea of how much his net worth could be.

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