Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews]

Welcome to my Andrew Keene review.

If you are reading this, you may be wondering whether he is a legit investment strategist.

Now, having already reviewed some of the investment strategies he has come up with, I feel I am in a good position to break down whether he is a credible analyst worth following.

In this honest review, I provide you with a summary of his services, his background, and my take on his legitimacy.

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Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 22

Andrew Keene Reviews

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Who Is Andrew Keene?

Andrew Keene is the President & CEO of AlphaShark Trading, which was originally founded as when he established it in 2011.

He was also the co-founder of KATL Group, a brokerage that is no longer operational.

Andrew Keene is known for his “chasing Alpha” philosophy, which he talks about in most of his presentations. The term technically means trying to beat the market because alpha refers to the excess return a portfolio yield relative to that of a benchmark index.

Andrew Keene

Prior to that, Andrew Keene worked as a proprietary trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

He is an experienced trader who has been in the world of finance for many years. One of his biggest accomplishments is building a trading room through which he teaches his personal strategies on trading to tens of thousands of followers.

Keene is well-versed in trading in multiple sectors using a wide range of financial instruments. For example, he actively trades futures, commodities, equity options, currency pairs, and cryptos.

He has been a regular guest market commentator on such networks as Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV. Andrew began appearing as a regular guest on Trading Nation on CNBC in 2015. He was educating viewers on equity options markets and the trading insights they give.

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Early Life and Background

Andrew was fired from his first job as a bank analyst, which forced him to take a job dealing with corporate spreadsheets where he made $45,000 per year. He did not like his job and decided to quit.

Andrew Keene began his career afresh in the Botta Capital ‘clerk-to-trade’ program. As a clerk at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, he made $24,000 a year and had to move back in with his parents.

He went to work aboard a 5:40 AM train every single day. During his time at the CBOE, he learned how to trade future equity options (he later went into currencies and commodities).

It took him nine months to get promoted to floor trader but soon after his promotion, technology advanced fast enough that every last trader was made redundant by computers.

Andrew started trading with his own money and made more money than he could spend. He had left his 9 to 5 job to forge a career at the CBOE and he had succeeded. He had become a multimillionaire before he was 30 years of age.

Then everything went wrong and he almost lost everything. In four months, he lost more money than most people make in their lives.

He nearly gave up on his dream but then decided to leave the country. He found himself in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand where he worked as an English teacher for six months.

It was while he was reading some ancient text that he came up with S.C.A.N. It later formed the basis of his most important trading strategy.

Andrew Keene educates viewers on how various equity options markets work. He also provides them with profitable trading insights from time to time. He has a subscriber count of more than 50,000 investors.

He publishes his work via Paradigm Press and Money Map Press, which both give analysts a platform to publish independent financial advice.

Although Andrew Keene’s focus has always been on trading, he never shies away from other profitable ventures.

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The S.C.A.N Trading System

The S.C.A.N. system is Andrew Keene’s proprietary trading system.

It scours the market looking for stocks that show unusual trends, normally caused by insider trading (legal)

Is "Project 303" Trading by Andrew Keene Legit? [Project 303 Reviews] 32

What Keene is referring to as legal insider trading is what happens when company insiders (CEOs and employees) buy or sell the shares of the company.

How is this relevant to his trading strategy?

When many insiders buy shares, Keene sees it as a sign that they are confident in the company’s future and when they sell, he sees it as a sign that the company does not have as bright a future.

It is important to note that sometimes when company insiders buy or sell, it is not an indictment of the prospects of a company. They may be selling for other reasons.

Since he could not scour the market unaided on account of the trading volume, Andrew spent half a million dollars on a computer program called the S.C.A.N. trading system. Its purpose is to find those insider trades.

How S.C.A.N works

The S.C.A.N system analyzes the stock market to find distinct patterns in stock prices.

S.C.A.N. is an acronym for:

  • ‘S’ stands for “Spotting the tell.” The system sounds the alarm when insiders buy or sell a large number of shares
  • ‘C’ stands for “Confirm the Signal.” The system relies on the Ichimoku cloud to gauge the momentum of the stock and possibly predict future price movements.

Is "Project 303" Trading by Andrew Keene Legit? [Project 303 Reviews] 33

  • ‘A’ stands for “Automate and Execute.” This means automating your trades so that certain conditions are met. An example of this is using a stop-loss order.
  • ‘N’ stands for “Net Worth boosted.” When your investment pays off, you are better for it.

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Trading Options

Instead of investing in stocks directly, Andrew trades options instead. He prefers options because:

  • You can earn money even when the stock is bearish. This comes in handy when the market is plummeting (like during a recession).
  • Options are cheaper hence they don’t require a large upfront investment. It suits investors who are financially limited but still want to participate in the market.
  • Due to leverage, options have the potential to earn more profits than stocks.

A majority of newsletters focus on options for these reasons (someone like Tom Gentile swears by options trading). So, this is not unique to Andrew.

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What Products Does Andrew Keene Offer?

Andrew Keene is the editor of the following investment research services that are published by Money Map Press: The 1450 Club, Super Options, Project 303, Super Squeeze Profits, and Andrew Keene’s Inner Circle.

The 1450 Club

The 1450 Club is one of Andrew’s investment research service. The investment strategy he employs is based on a proprietary algorithm called S.C.A.N.

Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 23S.C.A.N. analyzes millions of data points in search of tiny patterns that can point to profitable trends. The program doesn’t just look for a particular trend. Rather, it looks for trades made by insiders with the intention of shadowing their moves to make profits.

This way, an investor can earn as much as $250,000 simply by copying insiders’ moves. The best part of this investment strategy is that it does not require a large investment beforehand. In fact, you can start with as little as $50.

When Keene was promoting The 1450 Club at the Transform Your Life Summit, he mentioned that the trading strategy is based on shadowing insiders’ moves. To be precise, Andrew Keene focuses on one pattern that takes place between 9:30 to 10: 30 AM every Monday to Thursday.

At Transform Your Life Summit, he also mentions that you do not require a big investment beforehand. With as little as $50, you can earn substantial returns. Along with that, Andrew Keene shares trade recommendations that can ensure triple-digit windfalls.

Super Options

Super Options is one of the investment advisory services published by Andrew Keene. It relies on the S.C.A.N. system we discussed earlier, a powerful money-making tool.

Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 24

Super options are not a special kind of financial instrument. Andrew uses the term to refer to refer to the options that enable you to leverage the fastest moving stocks in the market. This “special group of stocks” belongs to companies that move by a significant margin in days or weeks. For example, they can jump 10% or even 15% in a single day.

He has a tool called the Super Options tracker that scans the market for such stocks. It is a modified version of S.C.A.N.

Andrew Keene’s Project 303

Project 303 is another of Andrew Keene’s advisory services. The goal is to show you how to take home large payoffs every week. It is also based on the S.C.A.N. platform.

Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 25

Here is what you get when you sign up for Project 303:

  • Access to the Live Trading Room. You join Andrew every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9.00 AM at the Live Trading Room. In the Trading Room, you watch S.C.A.N. in action as Keene analyzes the markets.
  • The Weekly Watchlist. Every week, you get to watch all the new trades that are on Andrew’s radar.
  • The Project 303 Weekly Wrap-Up. Every Friday, Keene discusses what he will be working on the following week.
  • 24/7 access to the members-only website. It is filled with videos, forums, cutting edge research, and educational pieces.

You also get the “Fast Track to Financial Freedom Course.” Keene teaches you how trading options works. This includes frequently asked questions as well as a tutorial on how to set up your account.

Super Squeeze Profits

Andrew Keene has a proprietary strategy for Super Squeeze Profits he uses to access the biggest trade recommendations hitting the market. Through this service, you can lock in these opportunities before other investors catch wind of them.

Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 26

When you sign up for this service, you get:

  • Three handpicked Super Squeeze Profit opportunities every week. You get these recommendations each week when the market closes.
  • The Super Squeeze Profits Watchlist. Every Monday in the morning, Andrew emails you a watchlist of the stocks that hit all the right criteria and can become new recommendations.
  • A FREE subscription to Profit Pregame. It is bonus for joining the service. You get daily emails delivered to your inbox every morning. In this summary of the market, Andrew pinpoints the biggest story and answers the most popular questions.
  • 24/7 access to the members-only website. It comes filled with educational pieces, videos, forums, and more.

Andrew Keene’s Inner Circle

When you buy this package, you get lifetime memberships to every single one of Andrew Keene’s research services.

Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 27

This includes:

  • Project 303
  • The 1450 Club
  • Super Options.

In addition to those, you get VIP Access to a bucket list of retreats and day trips. You are always invited whenever a day trip or retreat is organized. you also get 27 extra recommendations.

When you are a member of the Inner Circle, they also send you the Black Card. With the Black Card, you get an extra 156 trade recommendation per year. You also earn reward points for your share in Andrew’s $2 million in rewards and gifts.

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Is Andrew Keene Legit?

Andrew Keene is legit.

Andrew Keene is one of the most trusted names in the investment world. He was a floor trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and he regularly features in reputable business programs on networks like CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

He teaches average investors the important aspects of options trading that can significantly magnify their returns in the short term in ways that traditional stocks can’t.

All this does not mean that his trading strategies will always yield positive returns. Sometimes, Andrew gets it wrong and you will lose money owing to how trading is inherently risky. But that does not mean that he is not legit.

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Verdict for Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene is famous for “chasing alpha.” This process has been proven to deliver a decent amount of profits to his followers.

Andrew Keene’s investment strategies are mostly based on options trading. Note that options are complex and they can be hard to understand for some people.

Andrew Keene’s investment strategies can also be really profitable considering the unique advantage of insider trading. However, there is substantial risk of loss that comes with any form of trading and you have to be prepared for that.

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Is Andrew Keene Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 22


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