Billy Gene is Marketing: Legit Courses?

Billy Gene is a marketing consultant who offers online courses that teach marketing professionals how to create effective social media marketing strategies.

The courses run for a couple of weeks and they have an emphasis on a practical approach to enable you to enact your lessons.

In this Billy Gene is Marketing review, we will take a look at what Billy Gene offers so you can decide whether it’s worth it.

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Billy Gene is Marketing: Legit Courses? 7

Billy Gene is Marketing Review

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What is Billy Gene is Marketing?

Billy Gene is Marketing is a platform by a marketer called Billy Gene that teaches social media advertising to marketers. Billy is a marketing consultant based in San Diego, California (Address: 1133 Columbia St #102, San Diego, CA 92101)

He specializes in teaching marketing just like Payton Welch, Misha Wilson, and Keala Kanae.

Billy Gene is Marketing

Billy Gene is Marketing has multiple courses teaching marketing strategies. Each of these courses focus on getting more followers on social media and creating successful email marketing strategies.

The courses comprise video tutorials of him explaining how his approach works. You also get printable PDF guides that you can download and study at your own time.

Who is Billy Gene?

Billy Gene is the CEO and founder of Billy Gene is marketing. He has been doing digital marketing for over 10 years and hosts the Billy Gene is Marketing Offends the Internet podcast (one of their episodes is Billy Gene offends crab fisherman). He worked as a marketing executive at AT&T and realized how ineffective their marketing strategies were. He became a freelance copywriter and consultant and ran an advertising agency that worked with some of the largest franchises in the world.

He transitioned to educating marketers because he felt that there was a lack of education platforms for entrepreneurs. He created trainings for companies such as LinkedIn Learning, Digital Marketer, and CreativeLive.⁣

His firm has over 20 full-time employees and generates over 8-figures annually although it is not clear whether that’s in terms of earnings or the value his clients get. He has over 150,000 students in 75 countries and his ads have been viewed over 1 billion times.

He has collaborated with well-known entrepreneurs and spoken at hundreds of entrepreneurial events. He has been featured in many well-regarded publications and most of the top business podcasts in the world.

Billy Gene’s company was ranked on “Inc 5000: The Fastest-Growing Companies In America” 3 years in a row, was nominated as San Diego’s Entrepreneur Of The Year by Ernst & Young, and ranked #129 on Entrepreneur 360.⁣

Billy Gene has a Masters Degree in Marketing from Indiana University. He writes The Sales Museum blog where he offers tips on how improving marketing campaigns. He’s been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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What Courses does Billy Gene is Marketing Offer?

Billy Gene is Marketing offers the following courses:

The School Of Geneius

The School Of Geneius is his current flagship program. Note that the word “Genius” is intentionally misspelt to “Geneius” perhaps as a nod to his name “Gene,”

In this course, Billy pushes the idea that you can make money online with the School of Geneius if you follow his advice to the letter.

It is a 5-part series covering all his primary areas of expertise: keywords, writing articles/ebooks, building a mailing list, promoting your offers, and optimizing conversions.

It is your typical affiliate marketing course, sold in a different angle.

I couldn’t find enough information on the program but there are some positive and negative Billy Gene is Marketing Reviews that focus on it.

Clicks Into Customers 2.0

Clicks Into Customers 2.0 is another flagship course. It combines the lessons learnt from Billy Gene is Marketing, Billy Gene is Selling, Billy Gene is Speaking and Billy Gene is Writing combined into one bundle to show you how to turn social media impressions into customers.

The course includes three modules:

  1. Billy Gene is Marketing “Special Forces” package. It has the most powerful strategies that he uses to generate traffic that leads people into customers.
  2. “Auditorium” that teaches his core philosophies on Billy Gene is Marketing and Billy’s very own “Billy Philosophy” of Billy Gene is Selling.
  3. “Billyisms”, which is a collection of thoughts, ideas and insights that Billy has accumulated throughout his career.

The content is in different media types such as videos, audio recordings, and checklists, which means that there’s something for everyone.

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Billy Gene is Marketing Gene Pool

The Gene Pool is a flagship program focused on skill building. Billy Gene teaches how to handle fear and become the best that you can be.

He argues that the skills you learn here aren’t taught in school. For example, he teaches you how to network, write and speak better, tell your story and much more.

In the Gene Pool, there are classes from other leading experts such as Daymond John, John Lee Dumas, and others.

As of writing this, there is a list of 25 skills Billy and the crew will teach you.

An example of such a skill is “the fundamentals of persuasive writing” which provides you examples of his successful email sequences, walks you through some of Billy’s best ad campaigns, and gives you access to his best subject lines.

Gene also shows you practical takeaways from them and teaches you how to write your own converting copy.

Leverage social media to your advantage is also taught as a skill. He claims “the era of hard sell sales pitches are over and done”. He insists on teaching how to create compelling stories and lets you look at his Facebook Ads Manager account to see what works and doesn’t work.

There is a “fundamentals of making money course”, where he actually breaks down exactly how he makes money with Billy Gene is Marketing.

Billy Gene is Marketing has a plethora of free videos that you can go through and learn from.

The Complete Email Course

This is an email marketing course where you learn about creating attractive email templates, write engaging subject lines, and building a list.

By the end of the course, you should learn how to write compelling emails and use them as a tool in your arsenal to grow businesses.

It is an email course made by experts who have been doing it for decades.

The complete Email Course has 12 modules

  1. How To Write Announcement Emails That Get Results
  2. How To Write Autoresponder Emails That Get Results (i.e., triggered emails)
  3. How To Write Link-Building Emails That Get Results
  4. How To Write Welcome Emails That Get Results (i.e., emails to new subscribers)
  5. How To Write Sales-Letters That Get Results
  6. How To Create Attractive Email Templates For Successful Emails
  7. Creating Compelling Subject Lines For Your Messages (Part 1)
  8. Creating Compelling Subject Lines For Your Messages (Part 2)
  9. Email Design Tips That Get Results
  10. Common Mistakes People Make When Writing Emails (And How To Avoid Them)
  11. His Big List Of “Push” Words To Write Copy Like A Pro
  12. His Personal Library of Successful Email Examples

They have a tutorial on writing great ad headlines. He promises that this course will teach you the basics so you can master email marketing and use emails to grow your business.

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The Email List Course

Here, Billy Gene is Marketing teaches you how to create an email list of customers who want to hear from you. A great audience with value will be eager to give you their email address in exchange for great content.

Building an email list is the most requested training.

Billy Gene has built over 100 email lists with tens of thousands of subscribers in industries ranging from blogging to dating to horses. Some of the lessons are:

  • Changing your mindset about marketing
  • Gene’s simple formula for launch day success
  • The process of building your own email list
  • How Gene makes over $20,000 per month from one of his lists
  • How Gene created an email list of over 11,000 subscribers in a month by giving away a free book

This course offers a lot of great practical tips.

Social Media: Get Real Followers & Fans

This course focuses on attracting and engaging with customers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

When running campaigns on social media sites, providing great content is the platform to developing your social media presence and this course shows you how to create valuable content that will get engagement.

The course shows you how to handle negative comments, create content that gets fans, how to retain fans, how to convert fans into customers, how to increase sales, and how to use social media to get your message out there successfully.

The Webinar Course

Learn how to create a webinar that attracts customers. You learn how to attract customers, affiliates and make money with advertising and even sell physical products.

Gene does webinars with you that show you how to create a webinar and what affiliate products he recommends.

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Video Marketing

Learn how to use videos to get more prospects into your sales funnel.

Billy Gene teaches you how he uses videos to generate leads for affiliate marketing or your own products.

You get taken through the process, including where to get content for your videos, writing scripts, and how to shoot and edit your videos to have the best chances to go viral.

They also teach you how to set up a YouTube Channel, an essential component of Video Marketing.

You also get templates for the content you should include in your videos, making it easy for you to follow along and create a video of your own.

The Internet Marketing Course

You get the tools to run effective marketing campaigns that bring traffic to your website and keeps people coming back for more. You get to understand the big picture of digital marketing.

You learn the basics of how to use blogs, videos and social media sites like Twitter to promote your business and reach thousands of people for pennies on the dollar.

The course works for beginners and advanced marketers and teaches them the power of attraction marketing. The attraction marketing process is all about high quality traffic, converting that into email subscribers and how to improve.

The Blogging Course

Learn how to create a thriving blog of customers who will be eager to read your content. You learn how to create content for your blog, and drive traffic to it.

There is a step-by-step, process for growing your blog into a successful business and that’s what’s covered here. In a nutshell, here’s what you get:

  • How to create content that builds credibility.
  • Building an audience of fans who read your blog and share their friends.
  • How to use your blog to build relationships in the market.
  • How to get more traffic to your blog.

Everything is in easy-to-understand terms. There are tons of real-life examples Gene blogging about topics he likes.

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Email Marketing Boost

Billy teaches email marketing techniques that you can use to grow your list and make sales.

This includes learning how to set up autoresponders, follow up emails for your subscribers, and how to get traffic to your site without spending money on advertising.

Local Business Marketing

In local business marketing, you get into proven but simple ways to get more leads for your local business. You learn how to get more customers through the door.

Billy Gene claims to be a local business marketing expert with over 1.2 million dollars in local business marketing through his Billy Gene Business System and Billy Gene Local Directory.

Social Media Training

Gene teaches you how to increase your Facebook page’s fan base using strategies based on his experience designing and implementing the world’s largest Social Media marketing campaigns.

It reminds me of Tai Lopez’s courses on social media marketing such as Digital Social Marketing Consultant and Social Media Marketing Agency.

There are real life examples and a step-by-step plan you can follow.

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How does Billy Gene is Marketing work?

When you want to take a course with Billy Gene is Marketing, you have to follow a process. First, you have to provide your name

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

Then, provide your phone number:

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

And email address:

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

You should reveal how long you’ve been following Billy Gene’s content

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

Then personal questions about your current financial state;

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

You also have to fill in your goals:

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

And your motivation:

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

Billy warns you that the Genius Certification Program is expensive:

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

And then the agreement to the terms of the course:

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

After filling in those details, you can schedule a call with a Student Success coach.

Billy Gene is Marketing registration process

Once you get that call, they will gauge you to determine how they will proceed. They also discuss the core values of the course, give you all the information you need and answer any question you have, and then once you decide to complete the process, discuss your payment options and financing opportunities.

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The Certified Advertising Geneius Academy comprises “The four C’s”:

  1. Campus – You will have the opportunity to go to San Diego or learn from home. You will learn how to use social media to get customers for any businessThe four C'
  2. Curriculum. Each week there are live step-by-step demonstrations question and answer sessions. This takes 16 weeks. They have a student portal where you can link with like-minded people and practice what you learn.
  3. Culture. You will link up with people from diverse backgrounds.

Is Billy Gene is Marketing Legit?

Yes, Billy Gene is Marketing is legit but I would not recommend it. It is legit because Billy Gene is a phenomenal marketer who’s good at marketing, getting people excited, and doing product launches.

However, when it comes to social media marketing, there are better courses you can find for a smaller fee. You can learn for free online if you know what you are doing too.

Billy Gene is Marketing Conclusion

Digital marketing changes rapidly and you could use the help of an expert who knows the landscape well.

While Billy Gene is good at marketing his courses don’t really go all that deep.

There are other courses out there that go into the details of affiliate marketing. You’re going to learn all of the vital skills in digital marketing from them.

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Billy Gene is Marketing: Legit Courses? 7

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