Miracle on Mainstreet Investing Legit? [Charles Mizrahi]

Charles Mizrahi of Banyan Hill Publishing recently did a presentation with former Governor Mike Huckabee called Miracle on Main Street.

The presentation is nothing but an ad for Charles Mizrahi’s newsletter. But in the course of doing it, they talk about the stock market and say that it is the single greatest wealth creator on the planet.

I watched the presentation and after doing so, I put this together where I reveal Charles Mizrahi’s investment philosophy (how you will profit from investing in the stock market by following his recommendations).

Before I start…

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Miracle on Main Street Review

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Introduction to Miracle on Main Street

As I mentioned in the prologue, Miracle on Main Street, was shot to promote Charles Mizrahi’s newsletter, Alpha Investor. The video is basically him and Governor Mike Huckabee talking about how great his service is and how helpful it has been to thousands of Americans that have followed Mizrahi’s recommendations.

Now, you are probably wondering, why is Governor Mike Huckabee on a presentation with Charles Mizrahi pitching a newsletter?

Well, as newsletter gurus promote their advisory services, they stop at nothing to convince people to sign up for them. They even pay well-known individuals like political leaders and popular voices to do a presentation together because when a famous person endorses their service, they are usually likely to win over new followers who take the endorsement seriously.

Miracle on Mainstreet

This isn’t the first time I am seeing this. I once reviewed a presentation by Alexander Green that was called Smartest Investment Strategy where he had Bill O’Reilly on. Bill only had nice things to say about Alexander’s methods.

There was another one by Ron Paul that was titled The Socialism Survival Guide where he was pitching a newsletter by Stansberry Research called Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

Going back to our presentation here, Mizrahi promises to guide you to achieve financial freedom through investing in the stock market. He says that there are innovative American companies (with great financials, innovations, and leadership) that are at the forefront of emerging industries and he wants you to “partner” with them by buying their stock.

According to him, these companies can withstand both bull markets and bear markets and they are solid enough to become the next Amazon or Netflix.

If you buy stock at the right price and with the correct timing, you can make profits off of your investment. Mizrahi says that once you buy a stock, you will become the partner of that company. Now, as the company grows with time, your investment will also grow. 

That’s how the stock market helps you grow your money. The caveat is, not all companies in the stock market are worth your investment. You will need to pick the right ones and this is where Charles and his advisory service comes in. He says that he rates the companies based on three things:

  • Innovation. A good company, in his eyes, needs to have an edge in a major multi-billion industry. As the industry grows, the company is also likely to grow by edging out the competition.
  • Leadership. A good company is that which has good leadership. Good leadership creates the right conditions for growth.
  • Money. He only goes after companies that have a solid balance sheet, cash flow, and revenue.

Going by those requirements, he has identified a series of companies that he wants to recommend to you. He names three of them in the presentation. They are: Arista Networks (ANET), Walt Disney (DIS), and Lumentum Holdings (LITE).

He wants to reveal the others to people who subscribe to his newsletter, the Alpha Investor.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Miracle on Mainstreet was brought to us by Charles Mizrahi. He is one of the most experienced persons in the newsletter publishing business. He has more than 35 years of experience in finance.

He started his career at the age of 20 when he started working on the trading floor of the New York Futures Exchange. He then had his own money management firm where he oversaw assets worth $200 billion. 

He claims that at the age of 35, Barron’s named him as the number one market timer in the country.

Charles Mizrahi left Wall Street in order to help regular investors, also known as Main Street. He would achieve this by publishing newsletters like Alpha Investor to create an inner circle so that people could take advantage of his stock market experience. He currently works for Banyan Hill Publishing.

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How Does Miracle on Main Street Work?

Once you become a member of Alpha Investor, you are entitled to the following:

Complete access to Charles Mizrahi’s model portfolio

The portfolio includes his “buy now” list. Typically, he will recommend at least one new stock each month. He will tell you when you should go for a buy and when you should sell your position.

Weekly Updates

Charles sends you updates on the current positions and what’s happening in the markets. He also provides answers to frequently asked questions to keep you informed.

Trade Alerts

These come in the form of an email along with optional texts letting you know that you should check your inbox so that you don’t miss out on any information.

Monthly Briefings

Each month, Charles will discuss a specific topic targeting new areas of investment. He will also provide you industry insider information on how the new investment will work.

24/7 Website Access

You will have access to all past and current issues of the Alpha Investor newsletter on an encrypted members-only website.

Access to a Dedicated Customer Service Team 

The customer service team resolves any of your queries about your subscription service.

Alpha Investor Subscription Fee

The entire subscription will cost you $47 per year. It will automatically be renewed at the rate of $79 per year.

Alpha Investor Refund Policy

The subscription comes with a one-year money-back guarantee.

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Pros of Miracle on Main Street

  • The presentation enables you to gain access to the best investment ideas from Charles Mizrahi at a discount. 
  • The Alpha Investor newsletter is reasonably priced at just $47.
  • The subscription is backed by Charles Mizrahi’s 100% full satisfaction guarantee whereby you can cancel your membership at any time and ask for a full refund.

Cons of Miracle on Main Street

  • Although for the first year it will cost you $47, for the subsequent year, you will be charged $79 per year (automatically renewed every year unless you cancel).

Is Miracle on Main Street Legit?

Yes, Miracle on Main Street is a legit presentation.

It’s presented by Charles Mizrahi who has an uncanny ability of spotting money-making opportunities in the market. He has a track record of doing that in the stock market and has experience and reputation in the field to boot. 

However, that doesn’t imply that when you sign up for his newsletter and follow his recommendations, you are going to be successful. You can still lose money by following his advice no matter how experienced he is because the market is quite unpredictable.

Miracle on Main Street Verdict

If you are new to investing in the stock market and you are looking for investment recommendations from an experienced veteran like Charles Mizrahi, then his newsletter, Alpha Investor, is not a bad place to start. 

Note that what he presents to you is not personalized advice because you still need to vet the recommendations to determine whether they are good enough to invest in. Therefore, you should not misconstrue what he offers as personalized advice; it is just general advice.

That being said, if you are to follow his advice, do not invest more money than you are ready to lose because the market can move in a way you hadn’t anticipated causing you to lose money.

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