What’s Charles Mizrahi’s No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021?

Charles Mizrahi of Banyan Hill Publishing recently revealed his No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021 in a presentation going by the same title.

In the preamble, he says that there is one small company (the number one) that is set to be a market leader in a $12 trillion industry and for those who act fast, it could potentially bag them a nice return.

After going through the presentation and doing some research, I decided to write this review and in it, I take a deeper look at what Charles is talking about here. Keep reading to learn more about the opportunity.

Before I start…

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What's Charles Mizrahi's No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021? 7

No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021 Review

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Introduction to No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021

No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021 is a presentation by Charles Mizrahi about a small, little-known tech company that’s behind the industrial 3D printing revolution. He believes that this small company is set to play a massive role in the $12 trillion industry.

Charles Mizrahi's No. 1 Small-Cap Stock for 2021

Why does he all of a sudden care about the Industrial 3D Printing industry (beside the $12 trillion valuation he has affixed to it)?

Charles says that the industry will play a major role in the global manufacturing industry and could grow more than eightfold in the next three years.

3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is already upending the Aerospace industry where it is being used to manufacture parts and the automotive industry where high-profile companies like Audi already use 3D printers.

Charles is, therefore, so optimistic, he believes that additive manufacturing could even grow faster than the electric vehicle industry. However, I should mention that the size of each of these industries right now could be what makes this statement true; the EV market is already huge and something that big will be expected to grow at a slower rate than something smaller.

That said, additive manufacturing is also going to revolutionize transportation, homebuilding, computers, medical equipment, and clothing industries.

For a guy like Charles Mizrahi, his concern is how you can make money off of the revolution.

Charles Mizrahi’s No. 1 Small-Cap Stock of 2021

Charles claims that at any moment, when he scours the market, he always finds stocks that meet his requirements for a good investment. But, he doesn’t recommend any of them unless they have an extra factor he calls “a catalyst.”

He defines a catalyst as an element about a company that propels it to big gains in a relatively short period.

In the industrial 3D printing industry, he has identified one such company.

It had a market capitalization of $500 million as he was making the presentation and had already gained 100% in the last year.

He expects it to explode this year and says that investing in it today could be like investing in Microsoft in March 1986, Apple in September 1986, or Amazon in May 1997 right before they grew by 170%, 278%, and 300% respectively in a couple of months.

Charles wants you to take action and invest in the small company now before the 3D printing trend catches on.

That being said, what more does he reveal about this small company?

It uses a special kind of 3D printing technology called “binder jetting” that was developed in MIT in the early nineties. Charles says that this technology is faster than every 3D printing technique out there and it can print a wider range of materials than any other technique; anything from sand and ceramic to metal parts that are as strong as parts manufactured in the traditional way. The company acquired an exclusive license to the tech in 1996.

Major manufacturers have been buying the printers and the company has partnered with major manufacturing companies that are trying to use 3D printing.

Charles Mizrahi also reports that insiders at the company have shares and he interprets this as a sign that they are confident in its future. He reveals that the chairman of the board of directors has stock worth $102 million and company employees collectively own stock worth $117 million.

This reminds me of a guru called Andrew Keene of Project 303 where he bases his strategy on how insiders trade with regards to their company stock.

Going back to Charles Mizrahi’s small-cap pick, he says that it recently appointed a new CEO who has helped grow its revenue by 60% and overseen a doubling of cash on the balance sheet in one year. He is a 30-year veteran of big industrial technology companies and his appointment makes it an even more viable candidate for investment, according to Charles.

What about the catalyst that Mizrahi says a company needs to have for him to recommend it?

Concerning the small-cap he is teasing, its catalyst is its large backlog of orders worth $39 million that makes up about two-thirds of its revenue. He implies that the fact that it has guaranteed business worth that much means that its financials will be strong when demand for industrial 3D printing goes up.

He is counting on that to happen because supply chains have been disrupted by the pandemic. As a result, many American manufacturers have been forced to consider 3D printing because they aren’t getting machine parts from their suppliers.

And that’s why Charles Mizrahi thinks that it is going to be the most profitable small cap stock in 2021. 

Charles Mizrahi has written a special report called My No. 1 Stock for 3D Printing’s Industrial Revolution where he has shared the name of the company that’s behind this 3D printing revolution. 

Charles Mizrahi's No. 1 Small-Cap Stock for 2021

In the report, he talks about why he believes it is going to be a market leader. He also analyzes the industrial printing industry.

You can get the report for free if you sign up for his newsletter, Lifetime Profits.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is an investment analyst who publishes newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Banyan Hill Publishing is an independent financial research firm that publishes content geared towards informing investors on how to better navigate the markets.

Charles Mizrahi has over the years cultivated the ability to pick the best money making opportunities in the stock market. He has been at it for more than 40 years of experience.

He began his career on the trading floor of the New York Futures Exchange at the age of 20. He went on to become a successful money manager and was even named the No. 1 trader in the nation by Barron’s.

At Banyan Hill, Charles is the editor of Alpha Investor, a popular investment newsletter service. Over the years, he has written about Wall Street’s best profit opportunities for investors.

This time, he has come up with another investment recommendation which is all about a small tech company behind the industrial 3D printing revolution. 

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What is Lifetime Profits?

Lifetime Profits is the new investment advisory service that Charles Mizrahi is promoting in the teaser.

Charles Mizrahi says that when you sign up for Lifetime Profits, it will allow you to gain access to his 40 years of experience, contacts, and relationships. These will then enable you to learn about promising companies in the stock market before Wall Street investors catch wind of them.

Charles Mizrahi's No. 1 Small-Cap Stock for 2021

His investment strategy when it comes to Lifetime Profits is to invest in companies run by rock-star CEOs when they trade for bargain prices. They must also be in industries with a tailwind (or what he calls “a catalyst”).

Once you become a subscriber to Lifetime Profits, you will get monthly briefings on at least twelve special stock situations. For example, whenever there is an opportunity for a spinoff, merger, or acquisition, investors will be able to take advantage of these special situations.

Other benefits that subscribers are affored are:

  • Trade alerts. Charles and his team send you an email whenever he feels that you should open or close a position. He provides you with instructions on how to go about that. Note that these are general recommendations and not personalized ones.
  • Access to Charles Mizrahi’s model portfolio. On this portfolio is every stock on Charles Mizrahi’s “Buy now” list. He updates the list very month with a new stock or more.
  • Weekly emails
  • Video updates
  • Members-only website access where you find current and past issues of the newsletter.
  • Dedicated customer care

On top of these benefits, you will receive text message notifications of new stock recommendations if you prefer them to emails. You will be notified via text message notifications whenever there is a new investment opportunity.

Charles Mizrahi also sends you the following special reports:

The Beginner’s Guide to Investing

In this report, he educates you on how the stock market works. This is targeted at traders who are new to it or experienced ones who are just looking for new ideas.

The Lifetime Profits Trading Manual

In this report, Mizrahi shows you how to target market situations when you want to earn decent returns. He explains how he arrives at his trades in detail.

The Lifetime Profits Portfolio Guide

This report covers everything about Charles’ model portfolio. He explains how positions are tracked, how you can print snapshots of his portfolio and how you can find more details about the portfolio if you want to understand how he created it.

Subscription Price for Lifetime Profits

The yearly subscription price is $1,495 if you join via the link at the end of the presentation.

The Lifetime Profits Performance Guarantee

Charles Mizrahi does not offer a money-back guarantee. Therefore, there are no cash refunds.

Charles Mizrahi's No. 1 Small-Cap Stock for 2021

What he has instead is a performance guarantee that states that if subscribers to the newsletters don’t see at least five positions rise above 100% as a result of his recommendations, he offers them a second year of access to the newsletter for free.

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Pros of No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021

  • You learn about Charles Mizrahi’s stock pick in 3D Printing’s Industrial Revolution.
  • You get to subscribe to Charles’ newsletter at a discount.

Cons of No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021

  • The Lifetime Profits subscription price is on the higher side. 
  • Lifetime Profits does not have a refund policy

Is No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021 Legit?

Yes, No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021 is a legit presentation.

Charles Mizrahi is a credible investment guru partly because of his experience and the fact that he works for Banyan Hill Publishing. Although this company has been rightly criticized for marketing its services in a manner that some feel is deceptive, its products deliver what they claim because they don’t just take your money and take off.

This means that if you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive recommendations from Charles but there is no guarantee that they will perform well. You may lose some or all of your money on them.

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No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021 Verdict

Charles Mizrahi has determined that the industrial 3D printing revolution is going to be the next big trend and he has written a special report where he reveals a small company that could do well in the growing industry.

In the presentation, he talks it up as a potentially great investment but that is all subjective. Investing in the stock market is rife with risks, particularly when it comes to small-cap stocks.

Those can be especially risky and they are more volatile than the other more stable companies trading in the stock market.

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What's Charles Mizrahi's No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021? 7

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