Commission Hero: Is Robby Blanchard Legit? [2022 Review]

Welcome to my review of Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero!

Today I’m sharing my honest Commission Hero review.

Commission Hero is a product from Robby Blanchard who is the number 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

If you want to read an HONEST review of Commission Hero keep reading as I’m a real member.

I recently purchased his course and I’ve been going through the training so I thought now was the perfect time to share my review.

So let’s get into all the details.

Before I start…

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Commission Hero: Is Robby Blanchard Legit? [2022 Review] 3

Commission Hero Review

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My Honest Commission Hero Review

So the difference with this particular review of mine is that I bought into Commission Hero because I wanted to genuinely learn what Robby Blanchard was doing to be the number 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

I’ve made my fair share of money already on Clickbank but nothing close to what Robby is doing.

Commission Hero Review

I’ve seen the videos and images of him doing as much as $40,000 per day.

Yes you read that correct, 40k per day, not per month!

That’s why I decided to jump on Commission Hero and find out what it’s all about.

So… what is Commission Hero all about?

The course is about running Facebook ads to affiliate offers on Clickbank (and a few other networks).

Robby focuses on the health and wellness niche and promotes fitness offers, although the course isn’t limited to that.

He has also promoted other niches too but from what I have found inside the course it’s the health and wellness niche that is focused on at least for the training and the bonuses too.

I can see why Robby would use this niche though as it is incredibly profitable. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to lose weight? Even people who don’t need to lose weight often want to lose weight, women especially!

Here is what the members area looks like:

commission hero members area

The getting started video is useful and Robby has a whole section covering the basics of how his system works.

Robby covers things like what affiliate marketing is, how Facebook ads work, what tools you need such as ClickFunnels and lays out some expectations for your results.

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Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard claims to be the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the World.

Robby Blanchard

If you are new to internet marketing and have no idea what ClickBank is, it’s a massive platform for affiliate marketers and merchants to connect with each other. Most courses that teach affiliate marketing usually focus Clickbank as the leading marketplace.

The most successful product promoters on ClickBank routinely earn 6 and 7 figure incomes.  Therefore, what Robby is implying is that he makes that kind of money.

Now, Robby Blanchard is quite influential in the world of internet marketing.

He is the CEO of Blanchard Media, a company that has clients like Fit Body Bootcamp, Paleo Secret and Jason Capital International. Most of what Blanchard Media does is offer services like ad campaign management, speaking engagements, private consulting and coaching.

Two to three years ago, Robby was the #1 ClickBank Affiliate as he was the one in the top spot on ClickBank’s Leaderboard…

ClickBank Affiliate Leaderboard Robby Blanchard

The unique thing about Robby is that unlike a lot of super-affiliates, he did not get into the “make-money-online” industry outright. He was in the fitness industry whereby he run his own gym. This was after he had earned an MBA from Fitchburg State College.

One day, he decided to use Facebook Ads to promote his gym and through diligent effort, he managed to make it out into a big success. That’s where he honed his online skills and became the Clickbank top affiliate and the eventual creator of Commission Hero.

However, even with all that working for him, that doesn’t guarantee that Commission Hero is going to work for you where you start earning $1000 a day. It’s only comforting that Robby knows what he’s doing, which is always a good sign.

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What You Get When You Buy Commission Hero

If you purchase Commission Hero, here’s what you get as part of your package:

The Complete Commission Hero™ System

According to Robby, what he includes in Commission Hero will give you all you need to start making thousands of dollars in commission.

He gives you full access to his entire 3-step system to start making money online. The material includes a series of videos and done-for-you landing pages and ads where you’ll make money.

The Complete Facebook Super Profits Training System

Robby Blanchard shares his “Golden Goose” when you buy the course. He provides you with his scaling tactics on how to get more ad accounts. He also divulges credit card tricks he uses as well as ways in which you can command higher commissions or increase sales by 25%.

Complete Done-For-You Landing Pages

Robby has also made accessible all of his landing pages that he has personally used to generate millions of dollars on Facebook.

He says that with his help, you won’t waste time and you will just plug and play. He says that it will get you on the fast track to success.

Complete Access To The Commission Hero™ Private Coaching Group

There is a Commission Hero Group where as a student, you are encouraged to ask questions to get help as soon as possible.

On the group, you can also share your wins and get encouragement when you feel frustrated. The group is what keeps the system going because all the people in Commission Hero™ are supportive of each other.

Million Dollar Ad Images

Robby has also provided you with over 20 images that he has used to make millions of dollars. He says that those images have proven to work and he wants to give them away for free to the people who buy this course.

He claims that you can use these images as inspiration for creating more images and fast track to success.

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How is the Commission Hero training Structured?

Inside the members area as you can see in my screenshot all the sections of the course are on the left hand side.

Each section also has sub-sections that cover different topics within the main section.

As an example the “Getting Started” section contains:

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Ad Accounts
  • ClickFunnels
  • ClickBank
  • Max Web

When you click on any of the training sections there will always be a video from Robby walking you through the steps.

The training modules are as follows.

I’ll briefly explain what each section means although it will be self explanatory a lot of the time.

Module 1: Getting Started 

Robby covers the fundamentals of affiliate marketing to prepare you for the rest of the course.

Robby discusses the basics of affiliate marketing for the benefit of new marketers who may be starting their online marketing career and have no idea how it works.

Since he is a big proponent of Facebook advertising, this module also introduces you to Facebook ad accounts.

He also talks about ClickFunnels, ClickBank, and MaxWeb. These are tools and platforms that you will be using for your ad campaigns.

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Module 2: Choosing The Right Offers

Robby Blanchard strongly believes that you need to learn how to choose the best offers to promote because they will determine whether or not you succeed as an affiliate marketer.


In this module, he walks you through the process of finding the right offers on Clickbank, A4D, and MaxWeb. And then spotlights two products in the weight loss niche namely “Flat Belly Fix” and “Lean Belly Breakthrough” to give you the feel of how his process works.

It is also on-brand for him since he started his career in the fitness niche.

Module 3: Finding Your Ad Image

This teaches you the importance of having a good image for your Facebook Ads. Fortunately Robby provides a bunch of high converting images inside the course you can use.

He also talks about the importance of finding the right designer on Fiverr, a platform that will connect you to an expert image designer.

Module 4: Setting Up Landing Page

In a nutshell, this teaches you about landing pages and gives you templates to use.


The goal of this module is to show you how to create professional-looking landing pages using ClickFunnels.

To achieve that Robby shows you how to register For ClickFunnels, set up your affiliate links, set up your domain, and set up your PHP landing page.

Module 5: Setting Up Facebook

This is the part of the course where he teaches you how to set up Facebook, including your own Facebook Page and a Facebook Ads Account.

Facebook Business Manager

To be precise, he shows you how to use Facebook Business Manager.

You also learn how to set up your ads, create an audience, and set up your Facebook Campaign and Adset.

Module 6: Setting Up Facebook Pixel (Now Rebranded to Meta Pixel)

This teaches you how to set up the Facebook Pixel, now called Meta Pixel, which is a key part of being successful with this strategy

Meta Pixel

You get to learn how to install Facebook Pixel and how to integrate it in your ClickBank account in order to analyze the Pixel analytics. You learn how to evaluate the analytics to make the necessary improvements to your campaign.

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Module 7: Track Your Campaign

When you are running a paid ad campaign, tracking it is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

Tracking is important because you should strive to refine your Facebook campaigns. In this module, you learn how to use a tracking spreadsheet and how to install tracking links.

Module 8: Scaling

In this part of the course, you find out how you can scale your campaigns to earn more than $1000 a day.

Robby shares 5 advanced scaling tactics

Module 9: Ninja Tactics

Under this module, Robbie covers business strategies like reaching out to influencers, improving the SEO of your Facebook page, and how to deal with account shutdowns.

Ninja tactics

You learn how to reach out to other affiliates, spy on Facebook Ads, and deal with account shutdowns (which are quite prevalent on Facebook).

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There are some cool bonuses such as templates you can use and even an inside look at a successful campaign.

Live Weekly QnA’s & Coaching

Every week, you will have access to a a private coaching group run by Robby Blanchard and his team of coaches who will take live questions and give answers to allow you to get the help you need and to fast track your success. You get access to this level of coaching as soon as you sign up for Commission Hero.

Million Dollar Rolodex Of Contacts 

Robby Blanchard insists that you can get higher commissions from every offer you promote if you are working with the right people.

As part of the package, he will give you access to the same commission levels that he gets with the product owners that could be the difference between getting paid 75% and getting 100% for a huge payout increase.

SnapChat Training

Although Snapchat is not as popular as it once was, it appears Robby still believes in its utility to a digital marketer.

In this section, he walks you through how to run profitable campaigns using Snapchat. He insists that this platform is growing fast and believes in the importance of learning how to use it to earn even MORE money online each day.

$10k Month Email Marketing Module

Email marketing is not the focus with Commission Hero but it can still be a way to improve your marketing strategy to generate more revenue.

Under this module, Robby has partnered with a Mr. X who he says has consistently been earning $20-30k per month with email marketing. Under this training, you find out how he does it to get massive success.

Access To My Facebook Insider

According to Robby, you won’t find any other course or system that will give you direct access to a Facebook connection.

When you join his course, it will be like having access to a Facebook Insider who loves what they do at Commission Hero. As a member, he will teach you what Facebook likes and how you can play by their rules and still make money. The bonus is available as soon as you join Commission Hero.

Access to the Commission Hero Facebook Community

As soon as you join the Commission Hero community, you will qualify to join the Commission Hero Facebook Group.

Commission Hero Facebook Coaching Group

This group is meant strictly for those who are enrolled in the Commission Hero course. When you join, you are expected to abide by the rules that are spelled out to govern members’ behaviour.

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How Does Commission Hero Work?

So you might be thinking this all sounds great but how does Robby’s system actually work?

How will you really make money with Commission Hero?

The system is actually very simple although there are a few moving parts to get you going.

Honestly though if you just follow the steps in the course it’s not that hard.

If you jump steps and skip ahead you will only end up with a failing campaign which is obviously not what you want.

The overall strategy is as follows:

  • Find an affiliate offer to promote (They give examples of high converting offers in the members area)
  • Build your landing page (They give you templates to use)
  • Drive traffic through Facebook Ads (Yes they show you exactly what to do)
  • Kill losing ads, scale winning ads
  • Repeat process

To do this successfully you will need to create multiple ads and spend money on the Facebook Ads platform.

If you are broke or won’t have any money to spend after buying Commission Hero then this is not the course for you.

Of course, you can get credit cards which would help, but ultimately you need to be willing to spend money on ads.

Like the old saying goes, “you need to spend money to make money”. Whilst that saying isn’t always true in the case of Commission Hero it is most definitely true since we are dealing with paid advertising here.

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How You Make Money With Commission Hero

The ultimate goal when you sign up for Commission Hero is to eventually set things up so that you earn commissions of up to $1,000 every day via affiliate marketing.

The course is built on three pillars that help you achieve this lofty goal:

  1. You need to find the best deals that pay the highest commissions on ClickBank.
  2. You should set up your landing pages for your offers.
  3. You need to learn how to run Facebook ads to sell the ClickBank products you are promoting.

The course creator, Robby Blanchard, knows a thing or two when it comes to this business model because it can’t be by sheer luck that he is the most profitable ClickBank affiliate in the world.

He appears to have understood the system and that has enabled him to make thousands of dollars from ClickBank.

You can boil it down to him being a master of promoting offers on Facebook.

commission hero sales page

If you sign up for the program, you will have to follow the Commission Hero rules and recommendations he has established to mirror his success because affiliate marketing can be tough to understand and time-consuming.

Therefore, having a structure underlying your approach will help you out. It is nice to have someone with a proven track record that shows you how to be successful.

If you are getting into affiliate marketing for the first time, understand that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme; you have to put a lot of work and money into your business to make it profitable.

Does Commission Hero Pay You Directly?

As you sign up for Commission Hero, you should understand that it is a training program and not a business in a box that provides you with everything. Therefore, besides the Facebook ads, you need additional online tools to make it work.

Commission Hero has an affiliate program that you can join when you purchase the course. It pays you a commission if you successfully recommend it to others.

Otherwise, your source of income will not primarily be Commission Hero.

All Commission Hero does is teach you how to promote other people’s products through affiliate networks such as ClickBank, MaxWeb and A4D. It is when you promote those products that you earn commissions.

In that scenario, you are getting paid by those affiliate networks and not Commission Hero.

If you are looking for a system that will pay you directly, you can go for survey sites like Opinion City, Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, Inboxdollars, or Quickthoughts.

The caveat is that you won’t make a lot of money but they are free to join and a nice place to start if you just want to make money online.

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How much does Commission Hero cost?

Commission Hero has two payment options:

  • A one-time payment of $997.
  • Two payments of $597, 30 days apart.

Commission Hero Cost

So, as you can see, it is cheaper to pay for the course once than it is to pay for it in two installments.

Commission Hero Upsells

There is the Inner Circle (club) upsell that goes for $296/month.

You will also get some offers like Private Coaching for $10K, Avenger Mastermind for $20K, or a Lifetime Inner Circle Member for $2997.

These upsells are sold to you as a way to get more out of the main course.

Additional Costs

One of the things most people are ill-prepared for when they are joining a new course is the unmentioned costs that they wind up incurring while implementing the lessons they learn.

And the situation is no different with Commission Hero. Although it teaches you how to do Facebook advertising, the cost to advertise will be from your pocket.

The cost of running Facebook ads to have the expected impact is at least $200/month, and paying a designer from Fiverr to create your images will also cost money.

Other additional costs you will not be told about upfront include:

  • GetResponse at $15/month
  • ClickFunnels at $97/month: You can’t just post affiliate links directly on Facebook because you need to send people to landing pages. The most favorable software out there to create landing pages is called ClickFunnels, and it’s the one Robby recommends.
  • ClickMagick at $27/month

Besides those “obvious” costs, there are other expenses you may incur that are not apparent at first.

You see, the way paid advertising works is you run more than one campaigns simultaneously to find out which one performs better. The one that performs better is the one you keep and drop the losing ones.

Once you find the one that works for you, you still have to make tweaks, create more campaigns, and run more tests. All this will cost money and unfortunately, most campaigns are losers.

This means that you may have to pay for a lot of losers to find your big winner. Then once you find it, you still need to spend more to perfect it and scale it up.

Robby is supposed to show you how to set up a winning campaign but the truth is, you have to get there through trial and error by testing different audiences, products, landing pages, and email follow-ups.

You need a big enough budget to ensure that you don’t run out of money before you find your winner.

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Commission Hero Money Back Guarantee?

To most people, $997 is a lot of money and there is no guarantee that Commission Hero will work?

So, if you change your mind about the course, can you get your money back?

Commission Hero Money Back Policy

You can, but their policy is quite unique because you have to wait before you can demand a refund.

Commission Hero requires you to take the course and test it for 12-months. If you don’t get results in 12-months, they will let you request a refund.

This means that you cannot try it for a couple weeks, put it away for 11 and a half months and then request a refund.

You must work for the entire period. This means that you may have to pay for Facebook advertising for 12 months.

You can see that Robby has chosen this policy to weed out the people who are not serious about his course and that goes to show that it is not for everyone. It also shows that he doesn’t want time wasters.

He is only looking for serious people who are willing to do what it takes to build a serious online business. Not people who will go for it for a few weeks, fail to get results, give up and then start trashing Commission Hero all over social media telling people that it doesn’t work.

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Does Commission Hero Actually Work? (Student Reviews)

If you look for Commission Hero reviews online, you will find a lot of negative ones.

Robby has a few on the landing page that have nothing but great things to say about his course.

Commission Hero Reviews

Of course you can’t go by the reviews he posts on his landing page alone because those are likely going to be the best ones. And who knows, perhaps some of them are actors who were paid to only say great things and not actual students who’ve tried the program and seen success with it.

The truth is that if you look through the internet, you will find many reviews as well as reported student experiences, that will give you the general feeling that Commission Hero does not have a good reputation.

Some of the complaints you get from students are:

  • Despite what Robby says, you will have a hard time getting your refund if you ask for it.
  • The methods they teach you will eventually lead to getting banned from Facebook.
  • To become successful, you have to spend a significant additional amount of money that is not made clear up front.
  • They have poor customer support.

At the same time, you will also find some success stories that are fairly recent. The problem with these reviews is that they do not say how much money or time those students spent to become successful.

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Things I LIKE About Commission Hero…

There are a few things that I like about the Commission Hero program so big props to Robby for covering these.

These things are:

A real and genuine system

This should be a given but I review scam systems all the time and expose them. Commission Hero is a breath of fresh air because it’s a proven strategy that works.

It’s not dumbed down

I see so many courses on Facebook Ads that are dumbed down so much that they would never work and the people selling them don’t even make money. Robby teaches it how it is and clearly makes a lot of money doing it since he shows you the real campaigns in the course.

Ad Accounts Get Shut Down

Nobody else is covering this but it’s a FACT that if you are going to advertise on Facebook your ad accounts are going to get shut down. Robby addresses this up front and tells you what you need to do to protect yourself from this happening but tells you that IT WILL HAPPEN. I like this because it’s honest for a change!

Business Manager

This is something I have not seen anyone else do but Robby shows you how to use the Business Manager in Facebook to set up basically unlimited Ad Accounts to protect you from getting ad accounts shut down. I followed his steps and managed to get 10 ad accounts open within a couple of days.

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What I don’t like about Commission Hero…

There are a few areas I think Commission Hero could be improved.

The layout of the Members’ Area

To be honest I’m sure Robby will probably improve what I am about to mention as the course progresses since it’s still a new members area as it’s only been around a few months.

So what I’m talking about is the members area and layout of the training content.

What I found a little annoying was that when you complete one of the Commission Hero training videos you have to click back onto the menu bar on the left hand side and select the next training video.

There is also no way of knowing that you have already completed the training video.

I think a really simple thing would be for Robby to have a button under each training video that allows you to progress through to the next section and a progress bar or some kind of tick box system.

Ability to skip some lessons

I also think that Robby should lock down the members area content to force you to go through each step and not skip steps. This would no doubt increase success rate with the course as people would have to go through every step.

I found myself skipping steps just to see what Robby was teaching.

This is not such a big deal for me as I am experienced enough online; however. for a newbie they could easily skip steps.

Of course, these are minor things and are not even about the content for Commission Hero itself, more just making the members area a better layout so that it’s easier to consume the content and put it into action!

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The Course is Expensive

For most people, paying that amount of money for such a course is not tenable.

And while it is not uncommon for such courses to charge such high fees, if you’re just getting started with limited resources, the cost of the product plus the tools you need to make it work put it out of reach.

Really hard to get refunds

Some reviewers online straight up say that Robby Blanchard does not offer refunds.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Robby has a 12-month money back guarantee/success policy that most people feel is designed to frustrate you should you want to cancel your subscription.

You can understand why he wants to filter out the people who won’t take his lessons seriously, but you still need to have a plan that allows flexibility.

Insufficient Information Upfront

This is one of the main complaint people have about online courses that teach people to make money online.

For example, reading through the promotional material, you will get the impression that affiliate marketing is relatively easy to pull off. However, when you actually start practicing, you learn that affiliate marketing is not as easy as implied in the promotional material.

Another problem with this course is that additional costs are not explained up front. Robby does not make it clear enough that you will need to invest a lot more money on other tools like ClickFunnels (and the rest) to succeed.

The process taught relies solely on paid traffic.

Paid traffic can enhance your marketing strategy. However it’s risky and if you’re not careful with it, you might lose your money unnecessarily.

The training is too narrow for the amount you pay

Another gripe people have with the course is that it doesn’t go as deep as it should for such a high-level course. For example, there is no email marketing or list-building training, which are essential for the course to work.

There is also a case to be made that the training focuses too much on ClickBank products rather than giving a more holistic take by covering other platforms.

You will also not be taught how to build a brand or develop an audience, important aspects of affiliate marketing.

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Is Commission Hero A Scam?

Commission Hero is a legit product from a legit guru but it is not for everyone.

It should be obvious from my review and comments that Commission Hero is definitely NOT a scam.

I’ve reviewed 100’s of systems and regularly expose scams so I know exactly what to look for.

However, I think there are better programs out there that teach you what Commission Hero does at a lower fee.

Commission Hero is going to be perfect for you if you want to learn how to sell various ClickBank products using funnels and advertising on Facebook and are prepared to invest a significant amount of time and money on it.

To get the most out of it, you have to totally immerse yourself in the training, otherwise, Commission Hero is probably not for you.

Another thing, do not expect to earn thousands of dollars as soon as you join. Like many good things in life, affiliate marketing demands time and effort and advertising on Facebook can be a trial and error business that will eat away at any profits you may earn.

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Commission Hero Verdict

Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard looks like an excellent course if you understand how it works and how to get the most out of it.

If you want to learn real affiliate marketing business strategies that have made Robby millions online you need Commission Hero.

Most of what he teaches there is helpful to beginners because he shows you how to set up your landing pages and place your affiliate links. For the more experienced online marketers, you can still learn from Robby’s experience testing offers and images.

If you have the money to spend on the program and the tools you need, it’s definitely worth considering. However, you need to take care of your budget because you don’t want to be stretching yourself thin just to pay for Commission Hero because if you do, the additional expenses for tools and traffic will prevent you from taking action and getting the most out of it.

It is worth mentioning that by the time you read this, Robby may have released Commission Hero 2.0. From what he’s been saying, this new version of the course will have mostly the same content, with additional tools.

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Commission Hero: Is Robby Blanchard Legit? [2022 Review] 3

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