CopyAI: Legit Copywriting Generator? [2023 Review]

The latest addition to the growing collection of writing tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is CopyAI. This AI writing tool not only produces ordinary content; the service is also capable of identifying several types of content intent, including slogans, marketing text and even catchy headlines.

While writing content for their companies’ websites or businesses, busy marketers and small company owners can benefit greatly from using CopyAI though you might be wondering how efficiently.

In this Copy AI review, we are going to take a deeper look at CopyAI including how it started, what type of content it generates, and how much it costs in order to determine whether it is the right AI writing software for you.

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CopyAI: Legit Copywriting Generator? [2023 Review] 10

CopyAI Review

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What is CopyAI?

CopyAI is an AI writer tool that is designed to assist in content writing. The software offers a wide range of capabilities to meet all types of copywriting requirements. A long-form blog post, tone rephrasing tools, sales copy generators and more are all included in this.


Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian are the founders of CopyAI and they were living together in San Francisco at the beginning of 2020 when they came up with the idea.

The team raised $2.9 million in a funding round from a variety of investors, including Adam Morley and Sequoia Capital.

Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu

Their main objective was to create software that would become a game changer and allow business owners, marketers, and copywriters to create captivating copy using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Nowadays, CopyAI is used to create content by numerous well-known organizations, including Nestlé, Ogilvy, eBay, and Zoho. Although some claim that AI writing tools like CopyAI could displace writers, their primary purpose is to boost writers’ creativity.

With their GPT-3 program, you can:

  • Create blog introductions using the formula pain-agitate-solution.
  • Better bullet points and wording for digital ads
  • Make enticing subject lines for emails
  • Quickly create product descriptions for Amazon
  • Make ad copy for Google and Facebook.

Additionally, it provides “Growth Ideas” and “Brainstorming and Startup Tools,” among other features that come in handy when one is having a writer’s block.

Copy AI serves a wide range of customers with its more than 90 tools and templates, including but not limited to:

Furthermore, this AI copywriting tool is compatible with multiple languages like Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Portuguese making it available in different regions.

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What features does CopyAI offer?

As mentioned before, CopyAI has more than 90 tools and templates to help a variety of content creators with their content creation process. The tools available vary depending on the type of content you want to generate.

They include;

Blog Posts

For writers with blogs and are a bit stuck with their blog content or need some help improving their blogs, some of the tools include:

  • Blog intro- Create a blog or article introduction by using this tool.
  • Blog outline- Outline or organize the sections of your blog.
  • Blog title- come up with a catchy heading for your website.
  • Bullet point to blog section- Create a blog section based on one bullet point
  • Freestyle tool- Use AI to write anything you want in freestyle mode.

Digital AD copy

Some of the features to assist in digital ad copy include:

  • Ad copy variants- come up with and test different iterations of your ad copy.
  • Facebook link description-Quickly create a link description for Facebook advertising using Facebook.
  • General ad copy- Ad copy that can be used for any advertisement.
  • Google descriptions- Create a decent description for your Google ad using Google descriptions.
  • LinkedIn ad copy- Change up your LinkedIn advertisements’ copy

Email marketing

Although difficult, email marketing is profitable. You need to gather email addresses, draw in subscribers, and provide value. You’ll have to produce a ton of excellent writing during this phase. Here’s where CopyAI can be useful.

There are various tools available to draw in subscribers. Some are:

  • Interesting email subject lines
  • Greeting emails
  • Gratitude letters
  • Follow-up emails
  • Confirmation emails

By doing this, you can avoid having to create numerous different email templates and deal with writer’s block when your campaign first launches. You only need to add your company name and a brief product description to get started.

Web copywriting

With CopyAI, as a web copywriter, you can produce content such as:

  • Calls to action
  • Social proof text
  • Landing page hero text
  • Event copy
  • Meta descriptions
  • Value propositions

It is therefore essential if you create websites for clients. For instance, visit if you’re building an eCommerce website from scratch and are having trouble coming up with a value proposition.

On the dashboard’s left, there are a ton of settings. Choose “Value Proposition” and “Website Copy.”

Simply enter your brand name and a brief description of your product here. You’ll get 10 possibilities after selecting “Make Copy” in the box below. You might need to change some of them because they aren’t all applicable.

Social media posts

If you are a social media manager or influencer on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, then copyAI will definitely come in handy with features such as:

  • Hashtag generator- Get the most relevant hashtags for your content
  • Hook generator- Generate a strong hook using this tool
  • Instagram captions- Write interesting descriptions for your pictures.
  • TikTok Brainstorming subjects- Create original clips that will go viral
  • YouTube video title generator- Create the ideal title for every youtube video

Additional Features of CopyAI

There are also a few additional features that come with this AI tool. They include:

Google Chrome Extension

CopyAI developed an extension that enables you to use Google Documents and Gmail capabilities simultaneously in order to streamline your work operations.

You won’t need to frequently visit the CopyAI website because the add-on has all the functions that are available there. The addon preserves your formatting while creating sales copy so you can simply copy and paste it into your preferred tool.

Plagiarism checker

Often, only AI copywriting tools and software like Grammarly provide plagiarism detectors/checkers. Thankfully, CopyAI provides a reliable plagiarism detection tool. CopyAI will instantly provide you with a score once you have completed creating or editing your marketing text.

By taking care of your basic needs for plagiarism checks, CopyAI eliminates the need for you to register for a separate program.

This feature’s main limitation is that using it requires a premium account. It is not accessible under the free version.

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How does CopyAI work

Using CopyAI is quite simple. All you need to do is visit the CopyAI website and create an account. Using Facebook, Google, or email to sign up is an option. CopyAI will send you a confirmation email when you sign up.

You have access to 100 credits from this point on. Ten ideas are generated for each check by CopyAI, and each check costs one credit. This is more than enough to give you a sense of the platform’s precision.

The dashboard of CopyAI is straightforward and simple to use after you log in. Everything is arranged properly.

To your left, you’ll see examples of every form of text that CopyAI produces. Simply select the one that applies to you, enter your company name and a brief description of your product, then click “Make Copy” to get started.

CopyAI: Legit Copywriting Generator? [2023 Review] 11

Simply select your preferred language in the top right-hand corner to switch languages.

You can also look in the top-left corner to see your prior projects. Managing your content generation is really convenient as a result of this arrangement.

You must upgrade to the paid plan once you’ve used all 100 credits. It only takes a few minutes, and the amount of writing you can generate is limitless.

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How much does CopyAI cost

The pricing plans for CopyAI are subject to change without warning. Therefore, you should confirm the exact rates on the official website first.

However, as of writing this, the free account plan with ten credits is where everything begins. You have full access to all of CopyAI tools, but you won’t get very far with just 10 credits.

Their premium package, called “Pro,” costs $49 per month. If you’re ready to pay in advance for a yearlong subscription, prices decrease to $35/mo. You receive priority support in addition to everything in the free plan. Pro plan subscribers also have first access to all new features.

For bigger businesses, there is also an enterprise package available. That contains all the features of the Pro plan in addition to some cooperation ones. Price isn’t made public, although it probably depends on how many people you have.

Pros of CopyAI

User friendly interface

Due to CopyAI’s user-friendly interface, you can quickly learn how to utilize it. It uses the standard web service design where it has the navigation menu on the left and the workspace on the right.

A “Get Started” tab allows you to select a template and get started right away.

Multilple templates available

Many content formats, such as long-form content, Instagram captions, landing pages, marketing copy, and social media posts, just to mention a few, can be created with CopyAI.

You can concentrate on producing excellent content for your business without stressing about recruiting authors, continuously refining content work, and managing freelancers. It is important to point out that you still have to fact-check the content to ensure that it is accurate.

PAS and AIDA frameworks are available

The PAS framework (Problem, Agitate, Solution) assists in developing landing pages that enhance conversion rates with website optimization techniques such as form positioning, page layout design, and headlines. This means that you can create all your website’s content using CopyAI.

AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, is a tool that marketers use to understand what their target audience wants in their products so they can adjust accordingly. You can use it to write emails, come up with advertisements, or any other type of marketing content. These frameworks are useful in commercial applications.

Various tones available

You can instruct CopyAI to write in a tone of voice that matches your purpose and direct the text toward particular use cases. For example, you can write a knowledge-based piece in a formal style but take on a more informal tone when engaging on social media. The same is the case with other competing AI content generator tools like Jasper AIAgility Writer AI, and ShortlyAI.

There are tutorials

There is a help center is for CopyAI with tutorials on how to use the software. It also has details for new clients such as plans, special deals for new clients, and pricing.

The tutorials are comprehensive and have simple instructions yet they have details on everything from the operation of CopyAI to certain content kinds.

They also demonstrate how CopyAI can be used for things like academic or professional presentations.

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Cons of CopyAI

Can be inaccurate

If you’re writing a business article, or various other content types, be prepared to perform a lot of fact-checking. The AI technology may provide you with inaccurate information even if you give it exact instructions.

Lagging on content generation

CopyAI is not suited to a big project where you will need to generate a lot of results. If you use smaller section generators like “Bullet Point to Blog, ” creating content will take longer.


If you need an AI writing tool for a variety of uses, I recommend that you consider using CopyAI but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into other tools because you may find something that works for you better than it.

You may use the program to assist you with just about any writing project you can imagine, and it is quite simple to use and gives high value.

Regrettably, occasionally the content’s quality falls short. CopyAI-generated content will still require editing by a human writer.

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CopyAI: Legit Copywriting Generator? [2023 Review] 10

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