Copyblocks: Legit AI Writer? [2023 Review]

One of the most crucial components of any business or marketing plan nowadays is content development. The only way to reach your target audience, consumers, or clients online is through content, which explains why.

Most globally successful companies and corporations have mastered content management. Copywriting is used while creating websites, emails, videos, podcasts, blogs, social media posts, and product advertisements.

Content constantly reigns supreme as there is a lot of power in words. As a result, the power of your content determines success. All of these factors—traffic, engagement, conversions, revenue, and return on investment—are influenced by the content you create.

As a result, copywriting demands a significant amount of work, time, and resources in addition to knowledge, expertise, and ongoing improvement. The expense of outsourcing copywriting could also be high.

In comes Copyblocks AI. Create high-converting marketing content by the minute with CopyBlocks AI, then sell it to clients in a variety of categories to get paid handsomely at the conclusion of each project. This software is created in such a way that anyone can use it, and the work will be just as good as anyone else’s.

In This Copyblocks review, we are going to take a deeper look into what it’s all about, how it works, what features it has to offer and more in order to determine whether this is the right AI writing tool for you.

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Copyblocks: Legit AI Writer? [2023 Review] 10

CopyBlocks Review

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What is Copyblocks?

CopyBlocks is an AI powered copywriting software that enables you to create 100 percent original, high-quality content in a matter of minutes for any purpose.


With CopyBlocks, you may also launch and manage a successful copywriting business completely hands-free. It makes use of modern marketing technology like:

  • PGC (Pain-Gain-Claim)
  • FAB (Feature-Advantage-Benefits)
  • AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)
  • PAS (Pain-Agitate-Solve) or (Problem-Agitate-Solution)

These copywriting strategies are guaranteed to convert copies within a minute. Among other things, CopyBlocks can be used to create content and sell copy for online sales pages, blogs, social media postings, product descriptions, sales pitches, websites, and company profiles.

It produces top-notch material in any business niche and operates entirely automatically. It comes with a free commercial license, the world’s top copywriter, and an AI assistant.

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Who created Copyblocks?

Ifiok Nkem is the founder of Codeblocks. He is a full-stack digital marketer, a JVZoo high-performance leader, and a SaaSpreneur.

Ifiok Nkem

He transitioned significantly from being a doctor to becoming a digital marketer, and with just $100 and a borrowed laptop, he launched an online firm that is now worth millions of dollars.

He established SnapiLABs, a studio for technological innovation that has produced and launched MANY SaaS Bestsellers. Sales of $5 million and 40,000 content users from 47 nations.

In recognition of his track record of favorably influencing entrepreneurs and small firms, his position as an industry leader, as well as his individual and collective triumphs, Ifiok was assessed by Forbes before being elected to their coveted Business Council.

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What features does Copyblock have to offer?

Copywriting skills with human-like AI

Using artificial intelligence, CopyBlocks creates marketing text that is specific to your company’s needs and market. It is impossible to distinguish between the generated material and the writing of professional copywriters.

High-quality marketing content may be produced with only one click, increasing website views and revenue.

AIDA framework expert marketing

The acronym AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. This approach is applied in marketing to develop a message that motivates consumers to do the desired action.

CopyBlocks is aware of consumer psychology and writes marketing text using their cognitive technique, ensuring that it is always effective. To write marketing copy at the expert level, you no longer need to be an expert.

Persuasive writing using PAS framework

The process of creating content, which is necessary across digital platforms, is made simpler by CopyBlocks. Also, it strengthens the Problem-Agitate-Solution way of communication, boosting the marketing copy’s total persuasiveness. Get your marketing content to convert by letting CopyBlocks AI handle it.

Better content improver copies

You can improve your content to appear higher when searched across engines by using this pre-existing feature. Now benefit from improved SEO ranks, all thanks to their connection with

Using CopyBlocks will help you use the proper keywords, so wave goodbye to SEO gurus.

Brand Voice Courtesy Tone Adjuster

When employing copy blocks for your social media accounts, you may select and maintain a brand voice and tone. In terms of branding, this is highly significant.

You may manage as many clients as you can as a social media management company and still provide each of them a distinct brand voice without hiring any additional staff.

You can employ a very serious tone for advertising, a lighthearted tone for celebrations, and many more possibilities to fit the situation.

Quick transalator

For international acceptance, copy blocks include a quick and simple-to-use translator that will instantly translate the copy it has generated for you into a number of languages.

You may reach out to consumers worldwide by simply pasting text (or insert pre written content), choosing the chosen language within seconds, and creating your marketing copy in a completely different language. There are more than 120 languages available.

Keyword generator

By making use of this pre-existing feature, you may optimize your content so that it appears higher in search results across engines. Thanks to their integration with, you can now benefit from greater SEO ranks. As CopyBlocks enables you to apply the appropriate keywords, wave goodbye to SEO specialists.

Headline expert

Make sure your headline is attention-grabbing to draw readers in. They will be more likely to read the rest of your marketing text if you achieve this by using comparable words or phrases. You no longer need to conduct research or come up with intriguing headlines for your posts. These are easily produced when using this Copyblocks feature.

There is a button that will produce headlines for you, so you no longer need to worry about running out of ideas.

24/7 assistance

You can always reach their team to get all your questions answered. If you have any questions, CopyBlocks AI offers you 24/7 online service.

100% Cloud Based & Auto-Updating System

You can use CopyBlocks at any time and from any location by logging in with any device. Also, they push updates to improve your experience day by day so you as the user can profit from it.

Video Tutorials

Get immediate access to video tutorials to make the most of this amazing artificial intelligence writing tool.

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How to use Copyblocks

Creating excellent content is crucial since it may help you generate business and make you a lot of money in addition to influencing your target audience. A high converting copy can be made in just three steps using the copyblocks AI software.

Once you have downloaded this software, the first step is to fill out the forms with the name and description of your product. This aids the AI in understanding the nature of your product and your intended market.

Copyblocks: Legit AI Writer? [2023 Review] 11

Choose a tone and the type of copy you need. This is the process where you specify and then choose the voice and tone that the artificial intelligence intends to use, whether it be for social media marketing copy or email content.

There are various methods to employ copy for your business, therefore it’s critical to understand which tone will resonate with your target market. Although copywriting is a difficult task, the effort is worthwhile.

Make sure the content you write for your advertisements and website headlines, not only for your items, sounds witty and interesting. There are several possibilities available when you select the right side of your member’s area today.

There are a variety of templates offered for different types of content and they include:


  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Post Intros & Outline
  • Blog Listicles Titles
  • Bullet Points to Blog
  • Blog Post Titles-Articles
  • Bullet Point to Paragraph

Social ads

  • General Ad Copy
  • Google Headlines
  • Facebook Headlines
  • Facebook Primary Text
  • Facebook Link Descriptions
  • Google Ads

Websites and ecommerce

  • Headline
  • Product Pitch
  • Sub Headline
  • Product Description

Sales copy

  • Pain-Agitate- Solution
  • AIDA
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Pain-Gain- Claim
  • Before- After-Bridge
  • QUEST Copywriting
  • Feature- Advantage- Benefit

Company copy

  • Company Motto
  • Value Proposition
  • Company Mission
  • Personal Bio
  • Company Bio

When you’re through, the remainder is generated for you automatically. It takes less than 20 seconds to write the overall ad copy. The information will be used by the AI system to quickly write all the content and copy you require.

You can change the information, including the target audience, language, tone of voice, and degree of creativity, by clicking Edit Answers.

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Who can use Copyblocks?

All kinds of professionals can build their businesses and create profitable marketing copy using this program without having to spend more money. Everyone can utilize this simple, beginner-friendly foundation to its fullest potential for their content creation process.

CopyBlocks is ideal for:

Company owners can easily construct their digital identity from scratch or use pre written content and expand their company.

  • Marketers to develop successful marketing campaigns one after the other.
  • Agencies to create marketing text that converts well. For a premium price, they can provide this service to an unlimited number of clients.
  • Internet marketers
  • Content Producers
  • Freelancers
  • Business Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing Partners
  • Video Makers
  • Web developers
  • Ad Creators
  • Managers of social media
  • Entrepreneurs

How much does Copyblocks AI cost?

Copyblocks offers a variety of pricing plans that are affordable even for self employed clients and small business owners. The plans offered are:

Front- end

The front-end is a one time payment plan goes for $67 and it offers:

  • 10 Projects
  • A.I. Powered Copywriting Software With 50+ Skills
  • Fast Action Bonuses
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorial
  • Easy Translator In 120+ Languages
  • 100% Original Content
  • Headline Expert
  • Marketing Framework Compliant
  • 30,000 credits to write
  • Tone Adjuster
  • FREE Commercial License
  • Copy Rewriter

Bundle deal

If you choose the bundle deal, you will pay $24 and receive all of its front end as well as CopyBlocks AI OTO with a commercial reseller license. It also includes:

  • Upgrade 1: Activate EVERY Pro Feature
  • Upgrade 2: Provide Access to Unlimited Credits for One Year
  • Upgrade 3: Offers a Done-For-You Digital Marketing Agency Kit & 10 Premium Software Tools
  • Upgrade 4: Agency Dashboard & Agency Marketing Kit

Included are all Upgrade Bonuses.


This is an Unlimited Edition that goes for $98. It comes with:

  • Unlimited Copy, Renders, and Projects
  • Make CopyBlocks learn your preferences
  • 30-Day Full Refund Policy
  • 24X7 Dedicated Support
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • No Restrictions
  • Instant Upgrade


This is the Copyblocks AI Pro Upgrade and it goes for just $67. This plan offers:

  • Email Writer (Sales & Cold Emails)
  • Sentence Improver, expander, and simplifier
  • Graphics Design Software
  • Faster Speed Of Copy Generation
  • Pro Membership
  • Special Pro Member Bonuses
  • New Categories Added Every Month For The Next 1 Year
  • Low One-time Payment
  • Priority VIP Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee

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This is the Copyblocks AI digital marketing agency package and it only goes for $67. It includes:

  • DFY Ready-Made Agency Websites, Proposals-PowerPoint & Word, Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Template, Highly Optimized Cold Call Email Sequence, and DFY Legal Contracts
  • Content Marketing & Syndication App
  • 365 Days Content Calendar Software
  • Robust Graphics Design App Suite
  • Messenger Chatbot Software


This is the Copyblocks AI reseller gold and it goes for $497. The gold plan offers:

  • Full Reseller Dashboard
  • Create 50 CopyBlocks Account to 100 Accounts across other apps
  • All included users Get ALL Brand New Feature Updates
  • Reseller Bonuses like Make And Sell Unlimited Socicake Accounts, Make And Sell Unlimited Design bundle Accounts, Make And Sell Unlimited Leadgrow Accounts, Make And Sell Unlimited Uduala Accounts, and Make And Sell Unlimited Agencyblitz Accounts.
  • Marketing Materials – Sales Page, Sales Videos, Email Swipes, Testimonials, Case Studies and more
  • DFY Technical Support And Future Updates
  • A-level Customer Support
  • Bonus 1 – Exclusive Bonus Vault available
  • Bonus 2 – DFY Review Blog
  • Bonus 3 – Exclusive Gmail Ads Report (with a 50+ Million Email List Hack)


This is the Copybocks AI reseller- silver plan and it goes for $397. This package comes with:

  • Full Reseller Dashboard
  • Create 30 CopyBlocks Account & 100 Accounts Across The Other 5 Apps
  • All connected users Get ALL Brand New Feature Updates
  • Reseller Bonuses like Make And Sell Unlimited Socicake Accounts, Design bundle Accounts, Uduala Accounts, Leadgrow Accounts, and Agencyblitz Accounts.
  • Marketing Materials – Sales Page, Sales Videos, Email Swipes, Testimonials, Case Studies and more
  • Dedicated Support For You And All Your Customers
  • DFY Technical Support And Future Updates
  • Bonus 1 – Exclusive Gmail Ads Report (with a 50+ Million Email List Hack)
  • Bonus 2 – Exclusive Bonus Vaults
  • Bonus 3 – DFY Review Blog

The main bonuses offered by Copyblocks aside from the plans are:

Bonus 1: 7 Days Product Creation Blueprint

The turbo technique in this eCourse demonstrates how you can produce your own digital product in just 7 days. No specialized knowledge is needed; everything you need is explained in detail in this course. And when you take action on this page right now, your account will immediately receive your FREE instant access.

Bonus 2: 99000+ PLR Articles

Get immediate access to 99,000+ premium PLR articles. You get complete rights to use them however you choose. You can use or sell them as-is, spin content from them, rebrand and market them as your own product.

Bonus 3: Secrets to Profitable & Effective Outsourcing

This course reveals a smoother method of outsourcing that will help you save time and money while also increasing your productivity.

You’ll discover;

  • How to Decide When to Outsource
  • How to Find Projects for Contracting Out
  • Routine Activities you should start Outsourcing
  • Considerations Before Outsourcing
  • How to Prevent an Outsourcing Disaster

Bonus 4: 100k AdSense Blueprint

You definitely don’t want to be left out since Google AdSense continues to be one of the most well-liked and rewarding ways to earn money online.

This course is an all-inclusive, step-by-step guide that will teach you how to start consistently earning money from Google AdSense.

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Frequently asked questions

Is copyblocks legit?

CopyBlocks was created by a legitimate and well known firm called SnapiLabs.

Ifiok NK is the CEO of the quickly growing software startup SnapiLABs Inc. They create a number of well-known software platforms and remedies that deal with actual issues (just as CopyBlocks does.).

SnapiLABs has a stellar reputation for customer service and software maintenance due to their full-time developers and support team.

According to Forbes, Ifiok’s positive influence on entrepreneurs and small firms, his leadership in the field, as well as his personal accomplishments, led to his evaluation and acceptance into their Business Council.

The platforms that this software developer and serial creator has established include ContentBurger, Socicake, DesignBundle, Uduala, ConvertProof, and VideoTours360, among others.

Does the copy written by CopyBlocks copywriting AI rank on search?

Yes it does. Naturally, Copyblocks creates custom content and is aware of the use of keywords thus applies them in accordance with your selection to produce material for your company or clientele that is optimized for search engines..

Does copyblocks offer a moneyback guarantee?

Yes. Copyblock offers a 30 day monenyback guarantee that allows you to try their software out for 30 days and in the case that you are not satisfied within that period, all you have to do is reach out to their team to get your entire money-back instantly.

Does copyblocks provide 100% unique and plagiarism free content?

Copyblock’s artificial intelligence is undoubtedly designed to provide you with 100% original content that is free of plagiarism so that you do not face legal problems with other businesses who are also utilizing the software.

Does CopyBlocks offer a monthly subscription like other AI software?

No, the copyblocks AI software requires a single payment. In other words, you can acquire it today for a very modest price and use it forever.

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What are the alternatives to CopyBlocks?

You can check out various other Ai copywriting software which work in a similar pattern as CopyBlocks if the software is not suitable for you. These include:

  • CopyAITo create realistic, human-like copy almost instantly, uses the highly sophisticated machine language model GPT-3. Its collection of tools for idea generation is what distinguishes So if you’re stuck on how to create nurture sequences or require a blog post topic, helps you get rolling again.It offers two payment plans; a free one that gives you 2,000 words each month, or the Pro plan for $36 (paid at $432 annually), which gives you 40,000 words per month. You also receive more than 90 copywriting tools, such as discount/sales and nurturing sequences, as part of the Pro subscription. You may produce material in 25 different languages.
  • Wordtune Wordtune collaborates with you in real-time to rewrite and rework your material without compromising its meaning, tone, or flow.It works best for marketers who want to generate copy but need assistance molding it because it’s not a fully-fledged article generator like CopyAI; this cuts down on editing time and improves sentence structure while still allowing you the creative flexibility to write your content.Recently, Wordtune unveiled a brand-new function called “Spices.” It’s an auto-complete program that offers a variety of possibilities, including definitions, explanations, examples and counterarguments.
  • Wordsmith- With Wordsmith, anyone can become a data expert thanks to an AI copywriting tool that turns raw facts into perceptive stories. The company’s clients include the Associated Press, Yahoo! Sports, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and it has the ability to create large quantities of content.Wordsmith also enables you to publish anywhere and delivers simple scaling, lightning-fast performance, and real-time analysis.
  • Writesonic- For marketers who wish to automate their more tedious writing duties, such as welcome emails and SEO meta descriptions, Writesonic is fantastic. Also, the billing structure is quite adaptable, allowing you to grow your package to meet your changing business requirements.Nonetheless, the landing page generator is one of the unique features. You may create an optimized, compelling landing page right away by entering just a few crucial elements.

Pros of Copyblocks

Longer Text with Built-In Sentence Expansion

The text expander describes the summary in a detailed & engaging manner, drawing readers in. Also, it improves SEO ranks and trust considerations.

You can obtain higher rankings

You can now benefit from improved SEO ranks using the keyword generator and thanks to the connection with This function can help you optimize your content so that it shows up higher in search results across all search engines.

Easy to use

CopyBlocks is 100% user-friendly and incredibly simple to use. You can create content with only one click in under 60 seconds without having to become an expert. Use of this tool does not require any technical expertise or writing knowledge. It will produce excellent articles for you automatically using artificial intelligence.

Supports a variety of languages

One of its remarkable benefits is that you can translate your material with only one click and it supports more than 120 different languages! You may quickly connect with your global audience in this way over time.

Produces understandable content

You can make sure that your copy is clear to everyone by rephrasing it. This will enable you to build strong relationships with your clients and increase sales. This function ensures that readers of all ages may readily grasp what you have written.

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Cons of Copyblocks

Created content may need reediting

Though Copyblocks strives to create human-like content, it faces the same problem that most similar ai tools face. The content produced may be vague or slightly inaccurate from what you had intended to write thus you might need to review and make just a couple of edits.


CopyBlocks might be a good fit for you if you’re interested in writing content for companies, for your own use or for an agency.

Without writing a single word, you can create convincing and highly effective text in only a few minutes. It generates text in more than 120 languages and is easy to use as doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

In conclusion, if you use this software to start a business, it helps you save money while earning more money online.

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Copyblocks: Legit AI Writer? [2023 Review] 10

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