Is the Crypto Cash Summit Legit? [Eric Wade]

Eric Wade from Stansbery Research recently published a presentation called the Crypto Cash Summit.

Eric talks about how 2021 will change the future of money in America forever, how he predicted a dollar collapse 10 years, and how you can make 2X profits by investing in the crypto market.

In this article, I delve deep into what he is referring to when he says that you can earn a fixed income in cryptos (a relatively new concept).

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Is the Crypto Cash Summit Legit? [Eric Wade] 7

Crypto Cash Summit Review

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Introduction to Crypto Cash Summit

Eric Wade sat down with his host, Tom Mustin, at the Crypto Cash Summit and the main topic of discussion was how people are earning an income in crypto.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks have been the subject of presentations by many investment gurus and I have encountered a couple of them here on this blog. Examples of these include Jeff Brown’s Private Money Revolution and Teeka Tiwari’s 1170 Account (where he talks about new bank accounts that allow cryptocurrencies).

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash SummitAt the beginning of the summit, Tom gets the discussion going by saying that most conventional avenues for investing are losing their appeal and the world of cryptocurrencies is now a viable alternative. He says that the stock market is too expensive, yields on bonds are at historic lows, and holding cash is no longer a wise move given the high inflation rates.

Although Bitcoin has done well for months, he is not telling you to invest in it or the other altcoins (like Ethereum and Litecoin) in the usual way. He wants you to invest in cryptos but rather than do it for the capital gains, he proposes that you do it for interest earnings by manipulating something called Decentralized Finance. If you are not familiar with this, allow me to explain his proposal.

Before I do that, if you wish to learn more about cryptos you can read our Crypto Cashflow review.

What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

Decentralized Finance, usually shortened to DeFi, is a financial system that is built on a Blockchain that does not have a centralized authority. It is a financial system that renders financial services like loans but that relies on a blockchain-based architecture.

The Blockchain forms a decentralized infrastructure and rather than use fiat currency to offer the services, it has a stable digital currency whose value is pegged on the value of a real-world asset (like the US Dollar). Such digital currencies are called stablecoins.

In Decentralized Finance, you can invest in crypto assets and earn interest just like a savings account (but the mechanism involved is different). I urge you to seek free resources on the internet to learn more about this if the subject interests you because it is outside the scope of this article and there are sites that do a better job explaining these concepts.

Going back to Eric Wade’s presentation, he acknowledges that although they operate under the same strategy, not all DeFi income opportunities are created equally.

What this means is that investors can put their crypto assets to work in different pools to earn varying returns. The practice of finding the pool that earns you the best yield is called Yield Farming.

Yield farming is a buzzword that has caught on amongst crypto investors and it is mainly attributed to the rise of DeFi.

Eric talks about different ways of maneuvering the market and promises to show you the best places to invest your money.

He wants to show you how to yield farm if only you sign up for his new investment advisory service called Crypto Cashflow.

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Who is Eric Wade?

Eric Wade is an investment analyst who works as an editor at Stansberry Research.

Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is an independent research firm that publishes financial advice targeting individual investors through articles and financial newsletters. It has experts on the editorial team who offer investment advice owing to their experience as either investors or industry experts.

Eric Wade has a special expertise i.e. he uses a unique strategy to find the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. He edits Crypto Capital, an investment advisory service that focuses on cryptos (and now Crypto Cashflow).

Eric is an Internet entrepreneur and investor. He has also dabbled in angel investing, joining the likes of Jeff Brown.

Eric Wade has focused on cryptocurrency since the early years of Bitcoin. Back then, he was mining bitcoin, and later, Ethereum. He later learned to build and program his own miners and between 2016 and 2017, he began mining dozens of other cryptos (apart from bitcoin and Ethereum).

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How Does Crypto Cashflow Work?

Crypto Cashflow is a new financial newsletter being published by Stansberry Research.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash Summit

Eric Wade researches and analyzes crypto income investment opportunities and shares his findings with subscribers (with special instructions on how to take advantage of those opportunities).

He shares an in-depth analysis every month through an issue of the Crypto Cashflow newsletter.

Eric says that each issue of the newsletter shows you how to invest, how long you ought to hold each position, and how you can leverage your stake to earn income. He also provides you with an exit strategy.

In addition to the regular newsletters, when you become a member, you receive the following special reports:

How to Generate Annual Income of 8%+ WITHOUT the Volatility of Cryptos

In this special report, he provides you with details regarding five investment opportunities that can earn you big returns on your savings.

How to Generate Annual Income of 9% AND Earn Capital Gains Of 2,500%

This special report centers on four crypto cashflow investments that may earn you 9% interest if you invest your money. This is more than you typically get from a savings account and you get paid your interest in form of a digital currency that could rise 1,000% in the next one year.

This 35% Income Stream Could Soon Pay You 700% Per Year

Eric Wade talks about an investment opportunity that can earn you yield of up to 700% pure income. To earn these returns, you invest a token that powers the top 5 best crypto income projects and since the income is in form of crypto, you get even more returns if it rises in value.

The Ultimate Crypto Cashflow Guide

If you are new to the concept of yield farming, this special report briefs you on how this world works. Eric shows you how Decentralized Finance works in the best way he can.

How much do you pay to join Crypto Cashflow?

As part of the new marketing campaign, if you sign up through the link provided at the end of the presentation, you get a two-year subscription for $2,500.

Does Crypto Cashflow offer Cash Refunds?

Unfortunately, no. Eric Wade does not offer a money-back guarantee if you sign up for the newsletter.

Eric Wade's Crypto Cash Summit

Instead, they have a performance guarantee whereby you can cancel your subscription within 60 days and they allow you to use that money to sign up for any other newsletter offered by Stansberry Research.

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Pros of Crypto Cash Summit

  • You learn from Eric Wade about a new way to invest in cryptocurrencies that earns you a “steady income” (it is not relatively steady because the market is still nascent).
  • You don’t have to deal with the typical volatility of cryptos, to some extent.
  • Eric Wade is an experienced analyst with 45 winning investment recommendations in the last 18 months for his followers.
  • Since the market is still fledgling, you can make a lot of money before things settle down, which is a constant feature in cryptocurrency investments.

Cons of Crypto Cash Summit

  • Yield farming is a complex subject that not many people understand. You need to educate yourself intensely particularly if you are new to cryptocurrency investing.
  • Since it is a fledgling market, there is a lot of uncertainty and instability relative to the more traditional forms of investment like bonds and the stock market (the stable investment brackets).

Is Crypto Cash Summit Legit?

I think the Crypto Cash Summit is a legit presentation.

Stansberry Research is a well-known firm that has been offering this kind of service for many years. Therefore, if you pay for it, you will get what you pay for. That being said, be sure to read the fine print because there are details people gloss over only to regret later on hundreds or thousands of dollars in.

On top of that, although the whole outfit is legit and you are paying a premium for the newsletter, Eric Wade’s recommendations won’t guarantee that you make money all the time. You will lose money sometimes because the market is inherently unpredictable.

Crypto Cash Summit Verdict

Eric Wade says that although the cryptocurrency market is a bit murky, you can make money if you make smart investments — and he wants to help with that on condition that you join his newsletter.

Earning income in cryptos by investing in Decentralized Finance is still a relatively new phenomenon. It is a steep learning curve and you have to prepare to dig deep to understand what’s happening and how everything is working. I suggest you go down the rabbit hole because you will emerge a better investor and Eric’s work will make more sense.

It is an exciting new way to invest and Eric Wade is offering a service that not many are offering. Therefore, it may be worth checking out what he is on about before you judge him. Will you earn 25X returns on your investment? Not likely.

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Is the Crypto Cash Summit Legit? [Eric Wade] 7

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