Is Dave Forest’s “Bitcoin Key” aka Bitcoin BUG Legit?

You’ve probably come across a presentation titled The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key”, “The Bitcoin Key” or “The Bitcoin Bug” by Dave Forest who works for Casey Research.

The presentation centers on a major flaw in Bitcoin that could be rectified by one company he is touting because it is developing a new technology. Dave believes that this technology could be essential to more than 400,000 Bitcoin transactions per day.

In this review, we learn more about the technology including how important it could prove to cryptos and how Dave wants you to invest in it.

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Is Dave Forest's "Bitcoin Key" aka Bitcoin BUG Legit? 7

The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key” Review

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Introduction to The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key”

In The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key” presentation, Dave Forest talks about a point of weakness in Bitcoin that he thinks could bring its growth to a halt. As you know, Bitcoin has been one of the best-performing investments of the past year even with all the volatility it has had these past few months.

At one point in February 2021, it had a market capitalization of $1 trillion, trading at a little less than $54,000 per coin. So, this goes to show that it is an investment that many serious investors take seriously.

 The $3.1 Trillion "Bitcoin Key"

But Dave Forest claims that there is a weakness that could threaten all that. He calls it The Bitcoin Bug because he believes that it poses a problem to the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. This bug, according to him, could bring all Bitcoin mining to a halt.

So, what is he talking about?

Dave Forest is talking about a shortage of computer chips, globally. And he is not wrong about that because there has been a genuine global shortage in computer chips since the pandemic began in early 2020.

Experts believe that this shortage was caused by the lockdowns that governments enforced to curb the spread of COVID-19 because that led to the closure of chip manufacturing plants. It was the premise behind a presentation by Jeff Brown called “The Tech Shock” where he was calling our attention to the chip shortage and proposing investments that we could make to capitalizing on it.

Going back to Dave Forest’s presentation, he claims that while such a shortage will have an impact on the technology sector, Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) will be among the hardest hit subsets.

Bitcoin will suffer because its mining process is quite energy-intensive and it needs special “power chips.”

How Dave Forest wants you to invest

He claims to have identified one company that makes the power chips used in Bitcoin mining rigs. He says that it will fix the “Bitcoin Bug” and even calls it “The Bitcoin Key.”

Since he sees this as a very impactful technology, he thinks investing in this company could be one of the most lucrative investments in the world, going as far as saying it could surpass Tesla, Apple, and even Bitcoin.

One of the reasons Dave is confident about this company is the fact that it has patents for its technology. This ensures that it protects its market share from competitors.

Dave Forest continues to describe the mysterious company, saying,

“The CEO of this company was voted #1 in all of America in 2019.

The company’s biggest customers include Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Plus, there is some speculation that Microsoft and Qualcomm could soon be this company’s customers.

These two tech giants spent over $25 billion on research and development last year.

So it’s no surprise this company’s annual revenue is estimated to hit over $72 billion”

Therefore, it has a decent leadership team and it has big clients in addition to patenting its technology. This is enough to convince Dave Forest that it could be one of the best investments and he has written a report sharing more details about it called The Bitcoin Bug: Your Chance to Profit From The Tech World’s Unseen Flaw.

The $3.1 Trillion Bitcoin KeyTo get a free copy of this report, you have to sign up for Dave Forest’s Strategic Investor newsletter.

In the special report, he reveals the name of the company, its ticker symbol, and further analysis of the tech trend.

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Who is Dave Forest?

The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key” is the latest presentation by Dave Forest where he talks about an investment in the tech sector. Dave is the senior analyst for Casey Research, a boutique investment research firm founded by legendary investment analyst, Doug Casey.

He is an experienced investment advisor who has more than 55,251 readers and followers. His investing insights have been showcased on platforms like MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider.The $3.1 Trillion Bitcoin Key

He joined Casey Research in 2004 and was editing an advisory service called Casey Energy Speculator Newsletter where he focused on natural gas, uranium, and renewable energy investments.

This made sense because he is a geologist by profession, having worked in mining and petroleum for 20 years. Since he started his career, he has founded mineral exploration and development companies and raised over $80 million in equity from investors.

He now writes the Strategic Investor newsletter that focuses on opportunistic investments as evidenced by presentations he has done promoting it like The American Lithium Boom and Liquid Electricity Cubes.

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A Closer Look at Dave Forest’s Strategic Investor

Dave Forest’s Strategic Investor research service is one of the most popular services offered by Casey Research. 

Dave claims to have already posted an average gain of 38.9% in 2020 from his recommendations and this time, he has come up with a new strategy to pick winning stocks. Note, he uses boots-on-the-ground research to learn more about individual companies before recommending them to his readers.

You have to sign up for the newsletter (and this was the whole point of the presentation to begin with) to get more information on the company he is teasing. The Bitcoin Bug: Your Chance to Profit From The Tech World’s Unseen Flaw is the title of the report.

Additionally, when you sign up for Strategic Investor, you get the following benefits:

  • 12 full issues of Strategic Investor sent to you every month.
  • Access to Dave’s premium model portfolio
  • 24/7 access to Dave’s members-only website. The website gives you access to past issues of special reports from Dave.
  • Full step-by-step customer support. The customer care representatives don’t discuss investments; they only deal with issues related to your membership.

In addition to that, you also get two other free special reports:

Bitcoin’s Underground Supplier

Dave Forest focuses on a company developing a software that will be needed for the “power chips” used in Bitcoin mining rigs to work. It is complementary to the chips developed by the first company he teases.

The $3.1 Trillion Bitcoin KeyIn this report you’ll find out everything about this stock, including the name, ticker symbol, and buy-up-to price.

Dave is excited by this company because it has 18,000 patents and 11 manufacturing sites in 7 different countries. It had $10.2 billion in revenue in 2020 and is already supplying companies like Apple, Samsung, Intel, HP, Huawei, and Tesla.

The $17 Trillion 5G Flaw

This special report focuses on the 5G rollout. Dave Forest claims that this process has been slow because of a major flaw; Accessibility because you can only access the network when you are a few meters away from an antenna.

The $3.1 Trillion Bitcoin KeyBut he has identified a tiny company that he says is developing “a new generation of components” that solves the problem of accessibility. He wants you to invest in this company before it blows up.

Strategic Investor Subscription Fee

You can subscribe to Strategic Investor for $49 in your first year.

After that, the subscription fee renews at $129 per year.

Strategic Investor Refund Policy

Dave Forest offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The $3.1 Trillion Bitcoin KeyThis means that you can call customer care as long as it is within 60 days to cancel your subscription

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Is The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key” a Legit Investment Opportunity?

Yes, The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key” is legit.

What I mean by legit is that it is an investment opportunity that could wind up being lucrative not because Dave says that it could turn out to be the most important and powerful technology behind the bitcoin revolution but because the company could do well.

In this case, he argues that computer chips enable just about every tech company to function. Starting from Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla, all conglomerates as well as small-sized and even mid-sized companies need these chips to operate. 

Chips are the building blocks of every tech company today. That’s why Dave Forest thinks that with the current shortage, backing a company that makes them is a good idea. He could be right and this company winds up being successful, or he could be wrong because the market is inherently unpredictable. 

The $3.1 Trillion “Bitcoin Key” Verdict

Dave Forest’s premise is that a technology that could be needed to sustain the Bitcoin revolution is going to be one of the most profitable investments in the world. He is referring to a power chip that’s required in every single Bitcoin mining computer.

Blockchain technology (the foundation of all cryptos) cannot reach and sustain its full potential without these chips. To him, these chips are the most valuable component in the advancement of crypto and he thinks going for such a company gives you a huge upside potential in future.

If you are interested in the crypto market and are looking for a pick n’ shovel investment opportunity, then Dave Forest’s approach will be apt for you. But here’s the rub; you will have to opt for an annual subscription to Strategic Investor to access the special reports. In case if you are not satisfied with what you get when you sign up, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee applicable for the first 60 days.

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Is Dave Forest's "Bitcoin Key" aka Bitcoin BUG Legit? 7

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