Dow Janes Review: Is It Legit? [BBB & Reddit Exposed]

Dow Janes is a financial education company that is empowering women to get in control of their money. It was started to close the financial gender gap.

Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker built “Dow Janes” (also called Million Dollar Year) as a masterclass program to provide financial education to women. The product aims to empower and celebrate feminism by attaining financial confidence and financial freedom.

In this Dow Janes review you’ll learn exactly what Dow Janes is, what million-dollar year is all about, and whether what they offer is legit, plus we’ll even cover the BBB and Reddit reviews!

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Dow Janes Review 2023

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What is Dow Janes?

Dow Janes is a money mindset online course that believes in women’s ability to create a million-dollar wealth with the company’s website tagline being “Great things happen when women+ have money.”

Dow Janes

Dow Janes, also known as Million Dollar Year, wants to make dealing with your money feel like self-care.

Members are expected to have transformed mindsets, habits, and viewpoints on their financial goals in just 12 months.

According to Dow Janes, it only takes a year to improve your current financial condition.

They acknowledge that it won’t be easy to build your wealth but they’ll be there to help with the process.

They’re not going to teach you how to make a million dollars in your first year (though they won’t stop you if you want to); instead, the year you spend with them is meant to change your financial life.

Who are the Dow Janes Founders?

Dow janes was founded by Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker during the covid-19 pandemic when they realized that most women they knew were not taking control of their finances.

According to Britt, starting the program then gave them some momentum because it couldn’t come at a better time with many people losing their jobs and having no income.

Britt Dow Janes

Britt is a Harvard Business School graduate with a strong interest in personal finance. Laurie-Anne is an energy healer and coach who enjoys generating passive income and assisting people in changing their life.

Laurie-Ann Dow Janes

Laurie-Anne is a financial counselor and serial entrepreneur with two seven-figure businesses.

As a self-made businesswoman, Laurie-Anne understands what it takes to ensure that anyone achieves financial success.

Laurie-Anne King and Britt William Baker, along with their staff, run a financial education business that encourages women+ to take control of their finances.

Britt is a seasoned investor as well as a money mindset coach. She is on a mission to help individuals who have historically been excluded from the financial industry.

As of writing this, here are the coaches at the company:

Coach Melinda who teaches debt and credit:

Coach Melinda teaches debt and credit

Coach Kat teaches saving and budgeting

Coach Kat teaches saving and budgeting

Coach Craig teaches retirement and investing

Coach Craig teaches retirement and investing

Members of the Million Dollar Year have access to Craig Wallace, their resident Investment Advisor with a master’s degree in Financial Planning, whenever they have complex financial situations or need extensive investment guidance.

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Million Dollar Year

Million Dollar Year was started with the promise of assisting you on your journey to financial freedom.

This program is meant to help you develop the skills & habits to be debt-free, save systematically, and invest confidently.

Million Dollar year review

It is a transformational step-by-step implementation program to give you the skills and tools you need to rewrite your financial future, get invested, and start building wealth.

Speaking of creating a solid financial future, one way you can get there is to invest in the stock market.

Since it can be daunting, you can always benefit from listening in on investment gurus like Nomi PrinsJeff Brown, and Larry Benedict albeit with a pinch of salt!

Getting back to Dow Janes, the program curriculum comprises step-by-step trainings and resources, which can help you set habits that would help you responsibly manage your money.

This includes budgeting, saving, investing, and growing your money.

Dow Janes Review: Is It Legit? [BBB & Reddit Exposed] 7

It aims to be a one-stop shop for everything that you will need to learn about money.

How The Million Dollar Year by Down Janes Works

The curriculum is broken down to:

First Phase: Build a New Financial Foundation

In this coaching program for the first phase, you are supposed to be taught how you can build a solid financial foundation. Even as a beginner, you will learn as it is taught in a manner designed for rookies.

You learn how to lay the groundwork for a financial system, which will then transform your financial habits, build your confidence in finance, as well as train your financial literacy skills.

The first phase is designed change your money habits, track your monthly expenses, and start building towards a more financially responsible future.

You get the following tools:

  • Money Ritual Workbook so you can create an enjoyable money habit
  • Weekly Money Ritual Checklist to set yourself up for consistent success
  • Uncovering Your Money Past Workbook to start the process of healing your money story
  • Personal Cash Flow Tracker so you can easily track every dollar coming in and going out

Second Phase: Money Management Systems

For the second phase, you will be learning how to draft long-term financial goals, as well as how to achieve them.

You will be taught how to operate automated savings systems, so that you will be able to grow your savings over time. The program aims to help you implement a monthly budget to follow so that you can reach your financial goals more easily.

Third Phase: Your Future and Building Wealth

For the last phase of the curriculum, your aim is to create a financial plan so that you can build your emergency fund, plan for your inevitable retirement, and finally start investing.

You will also be learning what credit scores are, as well as how they are calculated and how you can improve yours. This phase also helps you develop the right mindset that an investor needs to have, as well as how to earn passively through investing.

What is Included in Dow Janes’ The Million Dollar Year?

It is a year-long real-time implementation & coaching program that is designed to give you the skills and tools to shape your financial future

Dow Janes' The Million Dollar Year

When you sign up, here is what you get:

  • Curriculum: It is an action-based program with step-by-step training and resources you need to come up with systems and habits that let you manage your money. The curriculum is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about your money. They say that it is designed in a way that you’ll never have to google “how to make a budget” again.
  • Mindset: They define the action steps you need to take to get your financial freedom. This also involves shaping your financial narrative and helping you become better at it managing your finances.
  • Access to a community of like-minded people: You get to meet with other people who are on the same journey as you. You are encouraged to share your struggles, ask questions, and celebrate your wins. You also get an accountability buddy so you can do a better job of hitting your goals.
  • Coaching: You’ll gain access to dedicated financial and investment coaches who teach you how to make better decisions. You also get LIVE weekly group calls with a Financial Coach to get real-time coaching, feedback, and answers to your financial questions.

You also get bonuses:

  • The $1,000 Month: When you join the Million Dollar Year, you’ll get access to their video course called The $1,000 Month and the goal is to help you increase your income by $1,000 a month “even if you’re short on time, energy or ideas.”
  • Dow Janes Training Vault: You get access to additional training on things like Managing Finances in Partnership, Real Estate Investing, How to be Financially Prepared for Divorce, Paying off Student Loans, Managing Personal and Business Finances as an entrepreneur and so much more!

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How Much Does Million Dollar Year Cost?

Million Dollar Year offers two payment options. You can either pay for everything or buy their one-year installment plan.

The one-year plan costs $3,998:

How Much Does Dow Janes Million Dollar Year Cost?

Alternatively, you can pay $398 each month:

How Much Does Dow Janes Million Dollar Year Cost?

It’s certainly not cheap, given that other programs that arguably offer as much value are less. For example Tate’s Real World may not dive as deep or look as professional as Million Dollar Year however there’s still experts inside who teach on these topics for considerably less money.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you finish the course and don’t believe they’ve fulfilled their claims, you can submit your complaint within 14 days of your completion date, and they will subject it to a refund fee.

They also offer a money guarantee back for the next whole year.

According to their policy, if you haven’t been able to save at least twice the money you invested in the program, you are entitled to a full refund. Here’s an excerpt from the order page:

“We’re so confident in this program and our students that if, one year after completing your Million Dollar Year, you have not doubled your investment in the program (i.e. saved at least twice what you paid for it) – we’ll double it for you.

Our hope is that your life is forever transformed through the skills you develop through this training. We also hope you give it your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for our double your investment back satisfaction guarantee, we want to be sure that you did the course work. If you do the full coursework of the Million Dollar Year and do not save twice what you paid for the program, simply submit your work and we’ll  refund you twice what you paid for it.”

However, you must prove that you did all the lessons and tasks they asked of you.

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Dow Janes Customer Reviews (Reddit & BBB)

On the Dow Janes website, there are reviews by clients. Here are a few:

Dow Janes Customer ReviewsDow Janes Customer ReviewsDow Janes Customer Reviews

You’ll realize that they are overwhelmingly great reviews.

While reading customer reviews on the Dow Janes website can provide some insight into the program, relying solely on these reviews might not always provide an accurate or complete picture for a few reasons:

They have control over the reviews posted on their website and might filter out negative reviews or only display the most positive ones, giving you a skewed perspective.

Some unscrupulous experts even post fake positive reviews to boost their image or suppress negative feedback.

Therefore, while customer reviews on their website can offer some insight, it is always better to explore other reviews to get a more balanced, unbiased, and comprehensive view of the program, and we did exactly that.

For example, Dow Janes has an A rating on BBB:

Dow Janes Review: Is It Legit? [BBB & Reddit Exposed] 8

There are a few complaints about the program on BBB but Dow Janes is active handling all those complaints. A majority of them are about the refund policy where the clients were not aware about the terms of the policy and got frustrated when they asked for their money back only to get turned down.

Dow Janes complaint on BBB

Many people on Reddit complained about the lofty fees for the program for content they believe they can find elsewhere on the web for free. Here’s an example:

“I skimmed over their website and it looks like they don’t offer any information you can’t get for free at places like this sub or the Bogleheads forum/wiki. I think it is very unlikely that what you would get would come anywhere close to justifying the prices they are charging.”

Another user on the Reddit thread said:

“$999 for a self-study program–that’s expensive. You’ll come out better by taking taking $100, buying a few books from this sub’s Wiki reading list and investing the remaining $900 in a total stock market index fund.”

Is there One-On-One Financial Coaching? 

Dow janes offers both private coaching and personal financial guidance. If you have questions and financial concerns, you can post them on Million Dollar Year Online Community Group a week before their “Weekly Momentum Call.”

If you’re not satisfied with the conversation and want personal direction or financial tips, you can proceed to purchase the Coaching Calls series.

Laurie Anne and Britt will decide if you’ll be set up for customized coaching.

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Million Dollar Year Pros and Cons


  • You get access to a comprehensive training program that teaches you about how investing can help you reach your financial goals.
  • The program is designed specifically for women, meaning that it would be more advantageous to join if you are one or identify as one.
  • The community seems welcoming and friendly.
  • Laurie-Anne and Britt are credible enough to be teaching a course about investing.


  • The refund policy does not make sense. 14 days is too little time to gauge whether the program will improve your financial state.
  • The course is a bit overpriced. It costs way too much.
  • You can find what is taught here from online resources for free. You don’t need to pay $4,999 for a course.

Is Million Dollar Year Legit?

Million Dollar Year is a legitimate course and Dow Janes is legit.

However, when it comes to making money and attaining financial freedom, you have plenty of options.

Having said that, I personally think mindset training is a great thing to take because you will learn how to prepare yourself to take the next step in your financial journey.

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