Fansly Review: Is It A Legit Site For 2023?

If you love making videos, snapping photos and engaging with others online, you can earn money by becoming a Fansly creator. Fansly is a newly-launched social networking platform that has been getting a lot of traction.

Nowadays, people are exploring alternative sites that provide OnlyFans features after they considered banning adult content. However, none of them come as close to the OnlyFans style as Fansly. In this article, we will demonstrate how you may utilize Fansly to monetize your content.

In this review, we cover everything you need to know about the platform, including what it is and how it works, why it is so popular, how to join, and tips for generating income.

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Fansly Review: Is It A Legit Site For 2023? 10

Fansly Review

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What is Fansly platform ?

Fansly is a social media platform designed for creators to monetize their content by providing exclusive content to their fans through subscription-based models.

It is a platform where creators can share their work with fans, who in turn support them by paying for access to their content. Fansly has gained popularity in recent years due to its easy-to-use platform and unique features that make it an ideal choice for creators.

Fansly Logo

The platform was launched in 2019 to cater for the need for a platform that would provide creators with a way to monetize their content without relying on advertising revenue.

For a long time, YouTube held the monopoly as the platform for content creators to make money and we saw the emergence of personalities like Ryan KajiBlippi, and Jeffree Star but now new platforms are emerging to provide alternatives.

Fansly is similar to OnlyFans, another subscription-based social media platform that gained notoriety during the pandemic as a way for creators to make money while being stuck at home.

Fansly gained popularity as a result of its features and the freedom it offers adult content creators after OnlyFans modified its policies barring pornographic content (it later reversed the ban after backlash from its biggest creators).

Fansly allows creators to upload photos, videos, and other types of content to their profile, which can only be accessed by paying subscribers. Fansly offers a range of tools and features that make it easy for creators to monetize their content and grow their fan base.

For example, creators can set their own subscription prices, offer tips and gifts to fans and offer special discounts to subscribers.

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Who is the Founder of Fansly?

Select Media LLC is the owner and operator of the American website Fansly.

SelectMedia - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

They have a Baltimore, Maryland, registration. Fansly asserted that once OnlyFans banned sexually explicit content, it received over 4,000 applications for content creators every hour.

Fansly became well-known during the pandemic. Select Media, its owner, earns more than $253.83 million in revenue through its more than 341 owned businesses.

Fansly was founded in 2020 and, despite its dubious legality, has over 2.1 million subscribers.

How Does Fansly Work?

On the social media site Fansly, users must subscribe to the creators of choice in order to view their original photos and videos.

Twenty percent of revenue goes to the Fansly website, and eighty percent goes to content creators.

Fansly ReviewYou have the choice to automatically watermark any content that you upload to Fansly in addition to those privacy protections. The corner of your photograph or video will have a small, distinctive image as a watermark.

This is a pretty helpful approach to stop individuals from using your content without your consent — a problem that is rampant in the realm of sexually explicit content where creators usually lack any form of recourse.

It provides the creator with ownership documentation by putting a watermark. So even if someone removes the watermark, it would be simple to contact the site owner, present them with the original watermarked copy, and request that it be removed.

Location blocking is an additional, completely separate privacy choice. Many models who publish explicit material do so either fully anonymously, making sure their faces are never seen, or they simply do it covertly, hoping their friends and families won’t find out.

The location blocker allows you to restrict access to your profile to certain cities, though you can also extend it to entire states or nations.

This enables you to ensure that your parents, other family members, or friends will never come across any of your pornographic stuff.

Subscription tiers are a really great feature that Fansly offers that OnlyFans and other alternative sites do not. Fansly allows you to build up numerous tiers at various rates, unlike many other websites that just allow you to charge one flat fee.

Therefore, you can choose to charge $5 per month for access to all of your images while charging $8 per month for video material. On top of that, you may charge $10 per month for select unique videos that are three minutes or longer. If you’re prepared to put in the time to organize your content into several tiers, that is one way you might earn extra money from your audience.

Allowing admirers to follow your profile for free is one more incredibly well-liked feature. This implies that they can view any postings you make public to all of your followers. It’s the perfect technique to subtly tease folks into signing up.

It’s really simple to offer people a hint of what they’re missing and then charge them to remove the emoji and view what’s underneath when used in conjunction with the emoji tool, which allows you to cover portions of photographs for free followers with an emoji of your choice.

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How to join Fansly creators?

To make money online on, you have to register first. You have the option of signing up using your email address or a social media account like Google, Twitter, or Twitch.

At this point, you must select a username. Because this is how your followers will recognize you, be careful not to put your true name here.

how to sign up with Fansly app

Account and Profile Set Up

Information about your bank accounts and credit card details will be required and account verification is also necessary.

Before Fansly authorizes your payment request, you must supply relevant account details and personal data. You would reaffirm your ownership of the profiles and any associated social media profiles by taking this action.

As part of the procedure, you will be requested to show a government-issued form of identity. It might be a driver’s license, passport, or identification card.

When your application is approved, which could take a few days, you can add your payment method so that you can withdraw your money..

Profile Development

Spend a little time entering any details you want your followers and subscribers to know. These ought to contain the following:

  • Username
  • Display Name Section About
  • Links on social media
  • Cover image for a profile or display picture

Try creating accounts on social media platforms; TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter with the same username so that your followers can discover you across all of these sites.

Keep using the identity on your social media platforms if you have a sizable following on other social networking sites. It promotes your brand. Your Fansly username should be the same as your Instagram name.

Then, click the profile icon on the right to get to the profile page and select “edit profile.”

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Selecting a profile price

You can register for a free content account (which does not offer monthly membership subscription services) or a subscription to premium content (whose subscribers often pay a regular monthly price to remain subscribed to your profile).

Users can view your content if you create a free account and opt to reward you or pay only one fee for your exclusive premium content.

create Subscription tiers

How To Establish A Subscription fee For Your Content

On Fansly, this is the main revenue stream. Your fans will pay a monthly subscription fee to access your premium content or to watch lengthier videos, which you will decide on.

It is crucial to carefully analyze the membership tiers you will provide as the subscription model is the greatest way to make sure you receive money in your bank account each month.

Select Creator Dashboard from the site menu to start a membership. A default subscription will be generated when you select Create New Subscription Tier under Plans/Promos.

You should change the fact that you are offering a free subscription by default! You can choose the pricing tier you desire by simply clicking “plans/pricing.”

how to create subscriptions for Fansly

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How to Choose A Monthly Membership Fee

There are no strict guidelines regarding the rates you should charge, but keep in mind that Fansly will take a 20% cut of whatever you make and give you the remaining 80%.

Keep in mind that the minimum and maximum membership fees that can be established are $5 and $499.99 per month, respectively, while deciding on your prices.

The best course of action is to provide your fans with subscription tiers based on their level of access to your material.

For instance, you may provide a few free postings to lure new visitors to follow your page.

Then you can provide different subscription tiers with escalating costs and content.

subscriptions on Fansly

How to earn money online with Fansly ?

You must have your profile verified and approved in order to earn money on Fansly.

You only get a free profile when you initially sign up for Fansly. You can therefore upload material but not create a paid membership.

To earn money and charge for premium material, you must have approval. Let’s take a look at the various ways adult content creators and other creators can earn money on Fansly;

Paid Subscription Tiers

Fansly provides inventive premium subscription tiers in addition to the choice of free material for followers so that creators can optimize their earnings and satisfy the various needs of fans.

Depending on the subscription level they choose, fans can get exclusive photographs, videos, and lives through subscription tiers that creators can put up with various price points. For creators, this gives a wide spectrum of earnings.

Referral Program

Anyone who registers using your link will earn you money. For the recommendation to be successful, the new user must register with Fansly using the same browser that they used to click the referral link.

Users that refer other users to Fansly receive 5% of the referred user’s total earnings, which is handled on the first calendar business day of each month. Instead of the income from the suggested user, this referral revenue is obtained through the Fansly fee.

To be accepted into another user’s referral program, a user must sign up for Fansly using a special referral URL. If a user does not register for a referral account using the proper referral link, Fansly will not be held responsible.

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Pay-Per-View Income On Fansly

Fansly subscriptions are a fantastic way to monetize your account, but you shouldn’t stop there! Offer pay-per-view video and personalized content as another option to make money from your fans.

Normally, private chats are used to facilitate this and tips are used to pay for it (a one off payment rather than a subscription).

Your followers might urge you to make unique movies or pictures for them or they might prefer different kinds of content.

To increase your following and earn money as quickly as possible, you must post regularly online.

Fansly Review: Is It A Legit Site For 2023? 11


What is Fansly’s support like?

In 2021, Fansly experienced a significant increase in popularity, and at times it found it difficult to handle the volume of new fansly creators coming in. They were honest about the enormous popularity, though, and made a concerted effort to make up lost ground with additional support workers. They didn’t try to hide this or make excuses for themselves.

Additionally, their social media team is excellent. Quick responses to queries are provided, and they frequently use Twitter to advertise forthcoming developments.

You can leave a note and they will get back to you on email if you need help, even though perusing the help pages and the FAQs aren’t the easiest when it comes to on-site support.

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Can couples verify using the same account, or do they need separate accounts?

One of two methods allows two adult subscription platforms and to add a person or individuals to your account. The same process is necessary for each additional individual who has already been mentioned in the text. The website intends to simplify this process in the near future.

Create an account and submit a creator application. Once they have been approved, you can post with them if you let the staff know the account name.

Send a model release form, a photo of their official photo ID, a selfie while holding their ID, and a piece of paper with their name, the current date, and the words “for Fansly” written on it to fansly link; (same verification (same verification photos as a creator application). Once they have read your letter, the Fansly staff will reply and give you the go-ahead to post jointly.

Is fansly safe?

Fansly is dedicated to defending content producers from theft and fraud. These are major issues for the adult site industry, as VICE reports. Every content producer deserves a platform that guarantees their work is kept private and is only used for commercial purposes by them. For adult content creators in particular, that guarantee is crucial.

Recently, Fansly made investments in resources to address these problems on its platform. They have features that make it harder to download content compared to other adult content platforms.

As an additional layer of security, Fansly also includes a safe Two step verification process. This technique confirms that everyone attempting to log into an account is who they say they are.

This prevents hackers from accessing user and author accounts to steal content if their credentials are taken.

So, is Fansly safe? It is as secure as any other platform, and efforts are being made to increase the privacy and security of artists.

What Payment Options Are Available to Creators on Fansly?

Three payment methods are available with Fansly: Bank Transfer (ACH/SEPA), Skrill, and Paxum. The maximum reward was initially $100, however it has lately been lowered to $20.

You can cash out as frequently as you desire, unlike many other platforms, and there are no predefined dates per month. The time it takes for creators to earn money and get paid can be up to three business days.

Fansly payout methods

How much can you earn using Fansly?

Well, it depends. According to the platform, the majority of creators make over $10,000 per month. Earning a large amount of money is possible, but it unclear whether creators who are not the top favorites earn that kind of money. A 20% fee is also charged by Fansly, giving creators  80% of subscriptions, selling of products, and referral revenue.

Increasing subscriptions is the key to earning a significant income on Fansly. You earn more money the more subscribers you have. As a result, it’s critical to promote your profile and produce material consistently.

Additionally, you should find your niche. You can advertise on niche-specific platforms, whether it’s cosplay or a particular kink, to drive attention to your profile.

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Pros of Fansly

Free material for fans

Fansly is redefining how adult content creators gain followers and profit on adult subscription platforms. Most adult subscription based platforms do not have the option to follow content creators for free, but the platform does.

Tiers of Paid Subscriptions

Along with providing followers with the choice of free content, Fansly also provides inventive paid subscription tiers that allow authors to optimize their earnings while also catering to the various needs of fans.

Cons of Fansly

Lack of Brand Recognition

Since it is competing with a huge platform like OnlyFans, which has more than 50 million registered members, all adult creator platforms confront this problem. Building a large fan base is therefore more difficult. It can be challenging for creators to persuade viewers to subscribe to platforms they have never heard of.

Limited Payment Options for Fans

The only methods of payment available to fans are credit or debit cards. This is concerning because Visa and Mastercard have stopped using pornographic websites like Pornhub. Additionally, the platform does not take cryptocurrency as payment. Fansly has stated that they are working to accept other payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon, Google Wallet, and Amazon Prime.

Restrictions on Selling  Items

On other websites like OnlyFans, you are permitted to sell specific products like used underwear, but this is not permitted on Fansly. In fact, before selling any kind of goods, Fansly advises producers to verify with support to make sure there are no regulations violations.


In conclusion, Fansly is a subscription-based social media platform that offers creators an opportunity to monetize their content and grow their fan base.

The platform offers a wide range of features and tools that make it easy for creators to create exclusive content and earn a steady income.

While it has faced some controversy, Fansly has shown its commitment to privacy, security, and providing a safe environment for creators of all types. Fansly is an attractive option for any creator looking to monetize their work and connect with fans.

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Fansly Review: Is It A Legit Site For 2023? 10

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