What is GCT Technology? [G.C.T. Technology]

Wondering what GCT Technology is aka G.C.T. Technology as pitched by Luke Lango?

InvestorPlace, an independent financial publishing company known for putting out presentations about new trends in the stock market, has been promoting a new presentation about “GCT Technology.”

Presented by Luke Lango, it concerns a new technology that they say will reach two billion users by 2025 and elevate the stock price of one $3 company that is at the heart of it.

In this piece, we take a closer look at the presentation and reveal the technology in question to help you make sense of what Luke Lango was talking about.

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What is GCT Technology? [G.C.T. Technology] 5

What is GCT Technology? [G.C.T.]

Luke Lango starts the presentation by showing a device that he says has technology inside that will reinvent trillion-dollar industries across the world.

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyHe quotes the New York Times as saying it could be the most important innovation of the 21st century and Forbes saying this tech has the potential to usher in the next industrial revolution.

He refers to the breakthrough technology as G.C.T. or “Genetic Coding Technologies.”

It is technically a DNA sequencer that thing can read your DNA and store, display, and analyze it on a computer.

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyWhat’s unique about this device, according to Luke, is that it is a “third generation sequencer” that does a better job than its predecessors.

Luke Lango is not the first finance guru to talk about genetic sequencing. We’ve in the past few weeks gone through presentations like Omnia Technology (Jeff Brown) and Imperium Stock (Adam O’Dell).

The main reason these analysts have started talking about genetic sequencing is that they say that DNA sequencing has advanced exponentially in the recent past.

Luke notes that the first human genome cost nearly $1 billion to sequence but with better technology, such as the sequencer he has on display, we can do it for as little as $600. He goes further and says that some experts have posited that it can be done for just $100.

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyHe also points out that experts believe that up to two billion people will be using G.C.T. within the next 4 years.

A 6,566% increase from where the user base is today.

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyAs the costs go down and more people use the technology, Luke says that DNA sequencing companies will go up faster than FAANG stocks did.

The McKinsey Global Institute said that G.C.T. will have a direct economic impact of up to $4 trillion per year over the next 20 years.

Here are some of the main uses Luke believes DNA sequencing will have:

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GCT IMPACT #1: The End of Genetic Diseases

He says that of the more than 475 million people that have been diagnosed with “rare diseases,” up to 80% of them are caused by DNA.

He says that with cheap DNA sequencing available, it will be possible to create treatments for them.

G.C.T. IMPACT #2: Safest Food in the World?

Luke says that according to the Center for Disease Control, 48 million Americans get sick from food-borne illnesses every single year with 128,000 hospitalized, and more than 3,000 people dying.

He says that DNA sequencing will make it easier to prevent the spread of disease in the food supply chain.

G.C.T. IMPACT #3: The Bio-Manufacturing Revolution

Luke says, “As much as 60 percent of the physical [resources] in the global economy could be produced biologically.”

He says that we can produce natural materials, plastics, and fuels without extracting them, just by re-creating them from engineered biology.

Investing in GCT Technology

Luke Lango says that major investors are taking DNA sequencing seriously. He points out that some of Wall Street’s biggest funds are already shifting billions to get in front of G.C.T.’s fast-moving growth.

They include Vanguard, which has invested $11.4 billion, J.P. Morgan Chase which has invested $1.3 billion, Morgan Stanley with $2.2 billion, BlackRock with $9.8 billion, Credit Suisse with $1.1 billion, Goldman Sachs with $853 million, and State Street with $4 billion.

He says that there is one little-known company that is sitting at the dead center of this new tech revolution and that experts are saying this company could be the next Microsoft.

It is his #1 GCT company and he believes that it is playing a huge role in this trend.

He says,

“And my research has led me to what could be the software giant of the DNA era.

The company is headed by an MIT scientist who helped build ARPANET, the technology that laid the foundation for the internet.

In 2009, after witnessing the huge potential in DNA and the falling costs of sequencing, he started this incredible company.

It specializes in programming the DNA of microorganisms…

And then licensing out those programs to companies who use them to make physical materials, consumer products, and more.”

He says that Bill Gates has already publicly backed and invested his own money in this company and Cathie Wood is also on board. Cathie is in charge of the $60 billion Ark Investment Funds

The company also has partnerships with Quest Diagnostics, Cronos Group, Bayer, and other companies.

Luke has written a report called “The Next Microsoft: The Software Company Powering the $80 Trillion DNA Revolution.”

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyIn the report, he provides you with everything you need to know about the company, its ticker symbol, his in-depth analysis, and his target buy price.

He’s also written a second report called The Next DNA Sequencing Giant.

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyThis company has patented its technology so that its competitors can’t steal it. Their method allows them to read longer sequences of DNA at incredible speed.

Its sequencer is the first one that can be used outside of a laboratory. It has even already been used to sequence DNA on the International Space Station.

To get the two reports, you should sign up for Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor newsletter.

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Who is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is an investment analyst at InvestorPlace where he edits Innovation Investor, Daily 10X Stock Report, Early Stage Investor, and Crypto Investor Network.

He graduated from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with a degree in Economics.

In college, he played basketball and that’s where his passion for applying math to stocks began – with a passion for applying math to sports. He worked at a fintech startup called Scoutables where he designed cash flow management models for professional sports organizations based on player injury and performance data.

Before joining InvestorPlace, he was the founding manager at L&F Capital Management, LLC, a boutique investment fund based in San Diego. At the firm, they combined quantimental analysis with behavioral economics to identify long-term growth investments at early stages.

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Innovation Investor Review

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Luke believes AI will be the ultimate tool in the future.

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyHe believes that it will create opportunities we cannot afford to miss and in this report, he writes about his three favorite upstart firms at the forefront of the AI revolution.

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The Innovation Investor Refund Policy

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyThe newsletter has a one-year policy.

Closing Remarks on Luke Lango GCT Technology

The CGT technology Luke Lango is talking about in his presentation is actually about DNA sequencing. Luke Lango believes that DNA sequencing is the next big trend we should all sign up for and in his new presentation, he insists we follow the examples of big Wall Street firms and high net worth individuals in hopping on the bandwagon.

It is unclear what the short-term prospects of the technology are but from what Luke has stipulated, it looks like it will be around for a while – long enough to add trillions of dollars in value to the economy.

Before you invest, you should take a closer look at what this trend is all about. After all, Luke is offering general advice.

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What is GCT Technology? [G.C.T. Technology] 5

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