What Is ICS Technology (Ray Blanco Project I.C.S.)

Ray Blanco’s presentation about “Project I.C.S.” has been making the rounds over the past few weeks.

This presentation centers on a tiny stock that Ray claims holds the KEY to the next TRILLION-dollar tech breakout. 

If you’d like to learn more about this new trend and the tech stocks Ray is recommending, you should keep reading this. 

In this review, I give you an overview of Ray Blanco’s presentation, highlighting the key talking points as well as the potential profit-making opportunities he teases.

Before I start…

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What Is ICS Technology (Ray Blanco Project I.C.S.) 10

Ray Blanco’s ICS Technology Review

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Introduction to Ray Blanco’s ICS Technology

Ray Blanco is partial to making predictions about the technology sector and in this presentation, he talks about an investment opportunity that he thinks investors can get in on to make serious profits.

It has to do with the electric vehicle (EV) market with a focus on a new trend called Project I.C.S. that is taking shape.

Before we get to the trend Ray is talking about, I should mention that the electric vehicle industry is quite popular with investment analysts. We have seen presentations like Jeff Brown’s iCar (RIP Tesla), Ian King’s 1150% EV Revolution, and Blue Gas Tesla Killer by Jimmy Mengel all give us different takes on how to approach the electric vehicle boom.

What Is ICS Technology (Ray Blanco Project I.C.S.) 11

In his presentation, Ray Blanco says that Project I.C.S. as an important element in the mass adoption of Electric Vehicles.

Ray says that investors should be paying attention to Project ICS because it presents them the best chance at the biggest gains as the EV market grows.

What is Project I.C.S.?

Ray Blanco points out that one problem that will be a hinderance to the EV evolution is charging.

He says that the availability of charging stations (or lack thereof) is going to stall the revolution and prevent electric vehicles from going “mainstream.” Therefore, it is a challenge that will have to be solved before people run out to buy new electric vehicles.

I.C.S. is an acronym for “Interstate Charging System.”

Ray Blanco's ICS Technology (Project I.C.S.)He says that “Project I.C.S.” is going to solve the charging problem once and for all and make it possible for drivers to travel anywhere in America in electric cars without worrying about lacking access to charging stations.

Ray also mentions that the the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that was recently passed in the Senate will ensure that the U.S. Government spends $7.5 billion on charging stations.

One of the key provisions of the deal was for a large network of fast-charging EV stations

If you add that to the fact that EVs are becoming more popular, Ray says that there is an investment opportunity for savvy investors.

Ray Blanco’s Top Picks in Project I.C.S.

Ray Blanco has been doing his research and arrived at a couple of companies worth looking into as Project I.C.S. unfolds. He claims that these are companies that could double or triple in a few short years due to the uptake of electric vehicles.

The first company he talks about is what he calls a “top player of the game.” Here is what he says about it in his pitch:

“… [It has been] the industry leader for nearly 15 years — getting started early and expanding their technology right alongside the fast-growing EV market.

They’ve been there from the beginning, in other words, and they’ve gained a MAJOR foothold in the industry.

Currently, they operate the largest network of charging stations in the world and have delivered over 90 million charging sessions to date.

This little-known company has already partnered with some of the world’s leading automakers — including names like Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo to name a few.

And if that weren’t enough, they’ve also partnered with a major leasing management firm to help power their entire fleet of 1.9 million electric vehicles.

On top of all that, their chargers can also integrate with Tesla models with an adapter.”

He has written a special report about the company and it is titled:

I.C.S. Supercharger #1: Big Profits from the Top Player in the EV Charging Game

This special report has the name and ticker symbol of the company he is talking about.

Ray Blanco's ICS Technology (Project I.C.S.)The report also includes Ray Blanco’s growth expectations of the company (including a complete rundown of the company and the immediate recommended buy price).

To get the report for free, you should sign up for Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential newsletter.

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Who Is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is the chief tech officer of St Paul Research, a boutique financial publishing company that is part of The Agora network.

Ray Blanco's 2022 Tech Time Bomb SummitRay edits Breakthrough Technology Alert, a financial newsletter that focuses on small-cap technology companies as well as biotechnology companies. He also edits Technology Profits Confidential, which is a large-cap technology and biotechnology investment newsletter service.

Ray Blanco has a wealth of experience and expertise in various technology sectors including semiconductors, mobile computing, cancer therapies, software, cloud computing, computational biology, genomics, alternative energy, anti-aging science, and much more.

He is always at the forefront when it comes to finding out the most promising scientific breakthroughs. This time, he is focusing on the electric vehicle revolution.

Ray Blanco has a degree in information technology (Bachelor’s in Information Technology, IT) from Hodges University. 

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How Does Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential Work?

Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential is an investment newsletter through which Ray focuses on new tech trends and the opportunities for investment that those trends present.

Ray Blanco's ICS Technology (Project I.C.S.)When you sign up for Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential through the link provided at the end of the presentation, you get a free copy of the main report: I.C.S. Supercharger #1: Big Profits from the TOP Player in the EV Charging Game.

As I mentioned earlier, it provides you with the name and ticker symbol of his top recommendation. 

The benefits of signing up for Ray’s newsletter include:

  • Weekly Email Alerts
  • Urgent Trading Alerts
  • Access to the Special Members-Only Website
  • Monthly Members-Only Phone Calls
  • Access to Customer Service Team
  • Free Unadvertised Bonuses
  • Quickstart Winners
  • The One Stock To Buy For The Apple Glasses Revolution
  • 10X Your Money on Tesla’s Biggest BESS Competitor
  • Lithium’s Replacement: How To Profit From the 122x Battery Storage Disruption
  • The #1 Stock For the Biggest Infrastructure Bill In U.S. History

In addition to that, you also receive two other special reports:

I.C.S. Profit Supercharger #2: Shocking Gains from the Next I.C.S. Power Player

This report covers a company that’s a player in the future of “Project I.C.S.”

Ray Blanco's ICS Technology (Project I.C.S.)As Ray correctly points out, the EV industry cannot run without a strong charging infrastructure. He says that DC fast-charging stations are crucial to the future of EVs.

In this report, he talks about a company that is, playing a pivotal role in Project ICS. He provides its name, ticker symbol, recommended buy price, and a complete rundown of the company’s growth expectations.

I.C.S. Supercharger #3: Massive Profits from a Fast-Charging Powerhouse

This special report is about a tiny, off-the-radar company that’s vitally important to the future I.C.S.

Ray Blanco's ICS Technology (Project I.C.S.)It has the largest public network of DC fast-chargers in the country and more than 130 million Americans live within just a 10-mile drive of one of its stations.

It also signed an exclusive partnership deal with America’s #1 automaker to put over 2,700 of its DC fast-charging stations all over the country.

Technology Profits Confidential Pricing and Guarantee

You can sign up for Technology Profits Confidential for $49 (Bronze Level), $79 (platinum), or $129 (silver) EVERY YEAR.

Ray Blanco's ICS Technology (Project I.C.S.)The newsletter has a 6-month money-back guarantee.

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Is Ray Blanco’s ICS Technology Legit?

Ray Blanco’s ICS Technology is a legit presentation.

Ray Blanco is a credible investment analyst who has been in the technology industry for many years. Over the years, he has been positioning himself as the person you’d go to for insights on the tech and biotech industries.

He has a track record of picking winning stocks so when he says that charging stations for EVs are the next major trend, you should pay attention. Besides, he is also not the only person saying this and the EV revolution is a good indicator of this.

That being said, his past successes do not guarantee that he will be right about the market. He may be wrong and all his recommendations may flop. Therefore, you should approach his presentation with an open mind, albeit with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Ray Blanco’s ICS Technology Verdict

Ray Blanco’s picks for early investors can surely be profit-making. All you will need to follow is the complete rundown of the company including recommended buying price.

But, please do not forget that stock investments are subjected to market risks. Hence, please be careful about your investments.

Is following Ray Blanco’s advice a guarantee that you will profit as the EV revolution kicks into high gear?

I think that is up for debate.

When Ray Blanco says that this new trend is about to unfold and that you don’t have a lot of time to capitalize on the opportunity, I don’t think you should rush to follow his advice and throw all caution to the wind. Him saying that is expected because he wants you to have a sense of urgency and follow his advice as fast as you can.

Why do I say this? Investment analysts like Ray have a key focus on selling their newsletter and they will say anything to inspire a positive reaction from you. I can bet that in a few weeks or months, he will have another opportunity that he will tell you “you can’t afford to miss.” So, if you want to give his advice a try, take your time and judge his advice on its merits.

Before you leave

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What Is ICS Technology (Ray Blanco Project I.C.S.) 10



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