What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch]

Heard about a presentation by James Altucher about Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet and wondering if it’s a legit investment opportunity?

According to James Altucher of Altucher’s Investment Network, Amazon is set to reveal a new global innovation that he says you can leverage for profit. He says that with the right approach, this is one of the best investment opportunities to help you 10x or even 20x in the long haul.

I watched the video to completion and did a bit of research before putting together this review in which I outline the main talking points and give my two cents on whether I think Altucher’s Investment Network predictions and assertions are legitimate. 

Keep reading below as I share all the info and decide whether this is just another hyped up marketing campaign or if it has real profit potential.

Before I start…

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What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 3

Jeff Bezos Big Bet Review

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Introduction to the pitch

It is the title of a presentation that was recently released by Choose Yourself Financial and hosted by James Altucher to promote one of his newsletters, Altucher’s Investment Network. 

At the same time, he spends most it talking about a consequential new project that Amazon (AMZN) is working on that may create a decent investment opportunity if you know where to look.

He paints it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as any good salesman would (since his main goal is to promote the newsletter) however it could certainly prove correct if it’s anything like the Elon Musk pitch SAV that I recently took a look at.

Jeff Bezos Big Bet

So, what project is Amazon Inc. working on that, according to Altucher’s Investment Network will be bigger than Amazon.com, AWS, and Amazon Prime?

It all has to do with satellite internet or as he calls it in the presentation, “StarNet Universal Internet Revolution” (sometimes shortened to just “StarNet”).

He explains that Amazon Inc. intends to launch a constellation of internet satellites (low earth orbiting or “LEO”) that it will use to provide us with fast and reliable internet irrespective of location. This internet will not require fiber optic cables or antennas and will be beamed directly to our internet-enabled devices.

He says that the new form of internet technology will change the way we travel, shop, conduct business, play, and communicate with friends and family.

Before we go any further, I should mention that Bezos’ Amazon is not the only company that has announced plans to provide us with “satellite internet.” It joins companies like Facebook, OneWeb, and SpaceX – the latter two space manufacturing companies have already even started launching the prototype satellites.

Elon Musk certainly knows the potential that space has hence why he operates Space X. Whilst the average person might think that he is simply interested in space exploration the reality is that he knows having a space launch system will create hefty company balance sheets and it’s a business model that not many people are actually in a position to pursue.

There are rumors that Apple may also want in on the action and launch its own satellites into outer space. That much has been even discussed by Ray Blanco in his presentation titled Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet.

Therefore, Altucher expects a project of that size and consequence to boost Amazon’s stock in the long haul. The space industry is one that is certainly in it’s infancy in terms of the technology available however the companies that can be at the forefront of this technology shift will certainly see stock prices rise.

This also could be the death knell for traditional ISPs who fail to adapt and certainly put the old cell tower operations out of business. Silicon Valley is at the forefront of this and

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Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is a man who wears many hats. He is an author, hedge fund manager, podcaster, entrepreneur, web developer, and investment guru. He currently edits Altucher’s Investment Network who is behind this pitch.

He has started about 20 companies of which only three have survived — and taught him invaluable lessons along the way.

James has been involved in the publishing of more than twenty books and has been a regular contributor to renowned publications line The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Huffington Post, and TechCrunch.

He is the founder of Choose Yourself Financial, a publishing firm that he established to deliver investment advice to retail investors via its newsletters and other forms of media.

He also publishes his newsletters via another firm called Three Founders Publishing often pitching technology investments like artificial intelligence and 5g.

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How to invest in StarNet?

In the literal sense his belief that internet be beamed directly from space to our devices is the next frontier for him to conquer.

So, how does James Altucher of Altucher’s Investment Network suggest we allocate our money to benefit from the project?

He is against investing directly in Amazon Inc. — which would be the sensible choice — because he sees it as lacking room to grow. He says that with a market cap of $1.5 trillion, he doesn’t see it getting bigger fast enough.

Therefore, he has a work around: invest in the small companies that will be involved in the project. He talks of two tiny companies that will benefit from the project.

Jeff Brown touted the same approach with SAV, the Elon Musk pitch.

The first one makes “radiation-hardened” electronic components that can withstand the harsh conditions in space. It has worked with Amazon before and this, he believes, makes it more likely for the two to partner for the project.

Besides Amazon, it has also supplied Airbus, Boeing, and the US government with “components and systems.”

It recently went public and its value doubled in less than 100 days after the IPO.

The second company he is teasing is involved in Space debris removal. It is based in Colorado and has been working on a robotic arm that will grab the debris in space. It has an annual revenue of $2 billion.

He has written about the two companies in a report called Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet: Retire Rich on StarNet’s Universal Internet Revolution. It has the names of the two firms as well as important dates and ticker symbols. 

To get your hands on this special report, you have to sign up for Altucher’s Investment NetworkIt’s a newsletter service run by James.

As soon as you join, you will receive two other special reports for free. They are: 

  • Lunar Mining – An Exclusive Guide To Exploiting a Quadrillion-Dollar Opportunity
  • The Advantage of Micro Gravity: A $1 Trillion Investing Strategy That’s Truly Out of This World

James will also send you a free soft copy of his book, The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth

Subscription Price to join Altucher’s Investment Network


Refund Policy

It has a 6-month money-back guarantee.

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Pros of Altucher’s Investment Network

  • Although not to strenuous details, you learn about Amazon’s project (if you were not aware of it).
  • You get to sign up for James’ newsletter at a discount.

Cons of Altucher’s Investment Network

  • James Altucher’s stock picks may underperform or even flop.

Is The Big Bet Legit?

Yes, it is a legit presentation.

First, as I mentioned earlier, satellite internet is a real project that big tech companies have been working on. Morgan Stanley has even predicted that the space economy will generate up to $1 trillion in revenue by the year 2040.

As I write this, OneWeb (one of the companies I mentioned that has been working on a constellation), has already launched 36 satellites into orbit as part of its plan to have 650 satellites in orbit providing a broadband internet system to people across the globe.

Therefore, it is a realistic project and Amazon is working on it and we know that they have even hired Mark Krebs an aerospace engineer who helped develop the first Starlink satellites for Elon Musk company Space X and Rajeev Badyal who also worked on the project. It has been said that they are using whip dynamics to launch the satellite system without using rockets.

Whilst most people know Amazon for e commerce, essentially the place where you can buy just about anything they are ultimately a technology company and have offered cloud services for many years now. It’s clear that Bezos sees this as a big opportunity and wants to make sure that Amazon has a large market share in this new internet system.

Second, James Altucher is a credible investment analyst whom we have encountered before while reviewing his services or pitches. Although that doesn’t mean that he is incapable of unscrupulous practices, it adds to the legitimacy of the presentation.

Jeff Bezos Big Bet Verdict

James Altucher put out Jeff Bezos Big Bet at a time when many experts are fixated on 5G as the next frontier in the internet business. He even went as far as say that 5G is already obsolete on arrival because satellite internet will be cheaper and more convenient.

Granted other analysts have also touted companies like OneWeb and others working with the bigger ones on internet satellites, James is in the minority.

That being said, are we any close to having satellite internet beamed to our phones? And more pertinently, will investors see returns from their investments in companies involved in the same?

It will take time for us to effectively answer those questions but the fact that big tech companies are involved is a positive sign. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and SpaceX (and Apple?) are known to be incredibly forward-thinking. So, there is every chance that this could become a thing in the next few years.

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What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 3