What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch]

Have you come across a presentation by James Altucher about Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet and wondered if it’s a legit investment opportunity?

According to James Altucher, editor of a newsletter called Altucher’s Investment Network, Amazon is set to reveal a new global innovation that he says you can leverage for profit. He says that with the right approach, this is an investment opportunity to help you 10x or even 20x your investment in the long haul.

I watched the video and did a bit of research before putting together this review in which I outline the main talking points and give my two cents on whether I think Altucher’s Investment Network predictions and assertions about “Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet” are legitimate.

Keep reading below as I share all the info so you can decide whether this is just another hyped up marketing campaign or if it has real profit potential.

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What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 15

Jeff Bezos Big Bet Review

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Introduction to the “Jeff Bezos Big Bet” pitch

Jeff Bezos Big Bet is a presentation that was recently released by Choose Yourself Financial and hosted by James Altucher to promote one of his newsletters, Altucher’s Investment Network.

At the same time, he spends most it talking about a new project that Amazon (AMZN) is working on that may create a decent investment opportunity if you make the right investment.

He paints it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as any good salesman would (since his main goal is to promote the newsletter).

Jeff Bezos Big Bet

It sounds a bit like two presentations by Ray Blanco titled “Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet” and “Elon Musk’s Hypernet” in which he talks about a project relatively similar, only this time done by Apple and SpaceX.

So, what project is Amazon Inc. working on that, according to Altucher’s Investment Network, will be bigger than Amazon.com, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Prime?

It has to do with satellite internet or as he calls it in the presentation, “StarNet Universal Internet Revolution” (sometimes shortened to just “StarNet”).

He explains that Jeff Bezos intends to launch a constellation of internet satellites (low earth orbiting or “LEO”) that it will use to provide users all over the globe with high-speed internet irrespective of location.

This internet will not require fiber optic cables or large masts and will be beamed directly to our internet-enabled devices through receivers.

He says that the new form of internet technology will change the way we travel, shop, conduct business, play, and communicate with friends and family.

Other Companies working on Similar Projects

Before we go any further, I should mention that Bezos’ company is not the only company that has announced plans to launch internet satellites.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 16It joins companies like Facebook, OneWeb, and SpaceX – the latter two space manufacturing companies have already started launching their satellites.

As of writing this, Elon Musk’s SpaceX appears to be edging its competitors because its internet satellite project, Starlink, already has many satellites in orbit and the fact that it has rockets to shuttle them to space gives it an edge.

Whilst the average person might think that Jeff Bezos is simply interested in space exploration, the reality is that he knows that having a space launch system is a business model that not many people are actually in a position to pursue.

It gives him a competitive advantage only matched by Elon Musk.

There are rumors that Apple may also be working to launch its own satellites into outer space. That much has been even discussed by Ray Blanco in his presentation titled Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet.

Therefore, Altucher expects a project of that size and consequence to boost Amazon’s stock in the long haul.

The space industry is one that is certainly in it’s infancy in terms of the technology available. However, the companies that will be at the forefront of this technology shift will certainly see stock prices rise.

This may sound the death knell for traditional providers who fail to adapt. It could put the old cell tower operations out of business.

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Is Jeff Bezos really launching a universal internet system?

Jeff Bezos’ big bet has been taking shape. However, his company, Blue Origin, has not publicly started talking about launching a universal internet system like Elon Musk’s SpaceX has.

SpaceX, in a project called Starlink, has already started launching satellites to space and is on pace to create a constellation that will provide internet to marginalized regions.

As the space industry heats up, Jeff Bezos has not been left behind as his company, Blue Origin, made headlines when Mr. Bezos himself went to the edge of space for a couple of minutes to demonstrate just how safe his rockets are.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 17Most of the space missions happening are geared towards expanding satellite networks and transporting supplies to space. Tourist flights are also looking set to thrive.

Going back to Amazon’s potential universal internet system called Project Kuiper, the company has yet to start putting satellites in orbit as of writing this.

Although Amazon has remained silent about the dates of launch, it has obligations to have at least 50% of its constellation in space by 2026.

In the presentation, James Altucher says that he has seen enough evidence to suggest that Project Kuiper (which he also calls StarNet’s Universal Internet Revolution) is underway.

Why is he confident that Jeff Bezos is about to launch a universal internet service?

First, James says that Amazon has acquired a building in the middle of Washington and is hiring engineers who work on this kind of project. For example, the company has hired Rajeev Badyal who was formerly in charge of SpaceX’s Starlink.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 18It also hired Mark Krebs, an aerospace engineer who developed prototype satellites for SpaceX.

These are just examples and according to Altucher, the company has listed hundreds of engineering posts since 2019 that have to do with low earth orbit satellites.

Second, James Altucher says that Amazon has filed a patent for the technology it will use for launching satellites.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 19He claims to have found a patent for a system that uses the principles of whip dynamics to launch satellites into space without rockets.

According to him, this will drastically reduce the cost of launching the satellites.

Finally, James Altucher claims that the FCC has approved the company’s request to launch LEO satellites.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 20He states that the FCC issued a ruling that allowed Jeff Bezos’ team to deploy a system to provide internet technology to the masses.

For these reasons, James Altucher argues that it is only a matter of time before Amazon has a satellite-based internet system that will provide internet access to the masses. This is what he considers Jeff Bezos’ big bet.

On this, he says:

“I believe Amazon could fully lift the covers off their plan for an entirely new version of the internet…A worldwide network that will blanket the globe – Without a single cell tower, cable…OR wire. And the implications for business are massive.”

Therefore, he thinks Jeff Bezos may announce launch dates for his system.

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Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is a man who wears many hats. He is an author, hedge fund manager, podcaster, entrepreneur, web developer, and investment guru. He currently edits Altucher’s Investment Network.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 21He has started about 20 companies of which only three have survived — and taught him invaluable lessons along the way.

James has been involved in the publishing of more than twenty books and has been a regular contributor to renowned publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Huffington Post, and TechCrunch.

He is the founder of Choose Yourself Financial, a publishing firm that he established to deliver investment advice to retail investors via its newsletters.

He also publishes his newsletters via another firm called Three Founders Publishing, often pitching technology investments like artificial intelligence and 5G.

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How to invest in the StarNet Universal Internet Revolution?

In the literal sense, James Altucher claims that internet being beamed directly from space to our devices is the next frontier for investors. He believes that backing Amazon’s universal internet is a good way to invest in the trend.

So, how does James Altucher suggest we allocate our money to benefit from the project?

James Altucher is against investing directly in Amazon Inc. — which would be the sensible choice — because he sees it as lacking room to grow. He says that with a market cap of $1.5 trillion, he doesn’t see it getting bigger fast enough.

Therefore, he has a work around: invest in the small companies that will be involved in the Starnet Universal Internet. He talks of two tiny companies that will benefit from the project. Jeff Brown touted the same approach with SAV.

The first one is a tiny company that makes “radiation-hardened” electronic components that can withstand the harsh conditions in space.

Since Amazon has to launch hundreds of satellites to space, it has to equip each of them with space specific infrastructure, particularly electronic components that cannot be damaged by radiation. Very few companies make such components but he claims that he has identified one tiny company that does.

This small company has worked with Amazon before as an advanced technology partner and this, he believes, makes it the most likely to partner with Amazon for the project.

Besides Amazon, this company has also supplied Airbus, Boeing, and the US government with “components and systems.”

It recently went public and its value doubled in less than 100 days after the IPO.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 22The second company James Altucher is teasing is involved in Space debris removal. It is based in Colorado and has been working on a robotic arm that will grab space debris. It also removes dead and abandoned satellites from space. It has an annual revenue of $2 billion.

He has written about the two companies in a report called Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet: Retire Rich on StarNet’s Universal Internet Revolution. It has the names of the two firms as well as important dates and ticker symbols.

To get your hands on this special report, you have to sign up for Altucher’s Investment Network, a newsletter service run by James.

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Altucher’s Investment Network

Altucher’s Investment Network is a newsletter co-published by two firms: Choose Yourself Financial and Three Founders Publishing.

James Altucher is the editor and he has the credentials to back him up; he is an author, podcaster, entrepreneur, and hedge fund manager.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 23When you sign up for the newsletter, you get unique insights into his strategies because James Altucher and his analysts share market analysis and investment recommendations on a regular basis.

His investment philosophy is guided by his mantra “Choose Yourself,” which enabled him to build a large following and help people maximize their opportunities to generate success. He believes that his investment advice will help people achieve financial freedom and independence.

Altucher says that he is connected to the biggest players on Wall Street and Silicon Valley and the newsletter is a platform to share the information he gets from his connections with his readers. Another newsletter he offers called The Top 1% Advisory is also based on this premise.

Altucher says that when you join his newsletter, you receives tips on how Wall Street investors navigate the markets. He also shares personal finance strategies you can use for boosting retirement income.

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What you get from Altucher’s Investment Network

As James Altucher was promoting the newsletter, he included a couple of sweeteners along with what you typically expect from the subscription.

Here is what you receive as a member of the newsletter:

Monthly issues of Altucher’s Investment Network

Every month, he and his team recommend various stocks based on their analysis and whatever is happening in the market.

Since James is a hedge fund manager who claims to have connections to Wall Street and Silicon Valley, he promises that he will provide you with high-level recommendations.

Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet: Retire Rich on the StarNet Universal Internet Revolution

It is a special report on how you can invest in Amazon’s new satellite-based internet system.

Rather than urge you to invest in Amazon directly, he encourages you to invest in a manufacturing company that makes computer parts that can withstand radiation in outer space.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 24

As I have already mentioned, he also highlights another manufacturing company based in Colorado that makes a robotic arm that can clean space debris.

He thinks that Amazon will launch additional satellites for its satellite-based internet system and these two tiny companies will rise in value.

Lunar Mining: A Guide to Exploiting a Quadrillion Dollar Opportunity

Some experts believe that we can mine the moon and other spatial bodies if we have the technology for it.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 25

In this report, Altucher writes about how lucrative mining the moon could be, terming it a quadrillion dollar opportunity.

He believes that the lunar topsoil is rich in magnesium, aluminum, silicon, iron, titanium, and the rare earth materials that are used in the tech industry. He also claims that the topsoil is rich in Platinum.

James Altucher has identified a company in the energy industry that supplies NASA’s space launch system. He claims that NASA is willing to pay up to $25,000 for a pound of lunar topsoil and since this company will launch rockets to carry the topsoil, the small company could rise in value once it starts operating on the moon.

The Advantage of Micro Gravity: A $1 Trillion Investing Opportunity Strategy That’s Truly Out of This World

James says that companies can set up manufacturing plants in space to streamline their manufacturing process because space has an advantage over earth because it has micro gravity.

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 26

He says that the low gravity environment is ideal for manufacturing because it reduces costs drastically.

He wants you to invest in space manufacturing companies to earn a profit as they go mainstream. In the report, he has written about the phenomenon.

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Bonus Gifts that come with the subscription

What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 27

On top of the special reports and the monthly newsletters, you also receive:

  • A free eBook called The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth. In it, James Altucher explains his investment strategy
  • Email alerts. He alerts you to sell if it is time to close a position to maximize profit.
  • A free subscription to a newsletter called One Last Thing. He sends you the newsletter on days when the market is open to analyze market news and trends.

James also gives you access to other free newsletters like Altucher Confidential and The 5 Minute Forecast.

Altucher’s Investment Network subscription fee

When you become a member, you can join through one of the three subscription levels:

  • Premium subscription for $129 per year
  • Basic digital-only subscription for $49 per year.
  • “Very best deal” for $79.

Your subscription will auto-renew every year.

Altucher’s Investment Network Money-Back Guarantee

It has a 6-month money-back guarantee.

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Pros of Altucher’s Investment Network

  • Although not detailed, you learn about Amazon’s project (if you were not aware of it).
  • You get to sign up for James’ newsletter at a discount.

Cons of Altucher’s Investment Network

  • James Altucher’s stock picks may underperform or even flop.

Is The Big Bet Legit?

Yes, it is a legit presentation.

First, as I mentioned earlier, satellite internet is a real project that big tech companies have been working on. Morgan Stanley has even predicted that the space economy will generate up to $1 trillion in revenue by the year 2040.

As I write this, OneWeb (one of the companies I mentioned that has been working on a constellation), has already launched 36 satellites into orbit as part of its plan to have 650 satellites in orbit providing a broadband internet system to people across the globe.

Therefore, it is a realistic project and Amazon is working on it and we know that they have even hired Mark Krebs an aerospace engineer who helped develop the first Starlink satellites for Elon Musk company Space X and Rajeev Badyal who also worked on the project. It has been said that they are using whip dynamics to launch the satellite system without using rockets.

Whilst most people know Amazon for e commerce, essentially the place where you can buy just about anything they are ultimately a technology company and have offered cloud services for many years now. It’s clear that Bezos sees this as a big opportunity and wants to make sure that Amazon has a large market share in this new internet system.

Second, James Altucher is a credible investment analyst whom we have encountered before while reviewing his services or pitches. Although that doesn’t mean that he is incapable of unscrupulous practices, it adds to the legitimacy of the presentation.

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Should you take James Altucher serious on this?

Let’s lay down the facts and you can decide what to make of them:

For starters, the issue of space debris is a huge concern as more satellites are launched into space. These objects move at very high speeds and they can damage satellite components or take out active satellites, which are quite expensive to replace, not to mention the logistical challenges that this brings.

As more LEO satellites go into orbit, debris removal will be even more crucial because no one wants to lose their internet.

Therefore, the space industry is ripe for anyone that can figure out how to clean up debris.

There will be huge demand for companies that deliver debris removal services thus making Altucher’s arguments sensible.

This means that if the tiny company with an annual revenue of less than $2 billion controls even a small sliver of the space debris removal industry, the gains could be huge for investors who make the right moves.

It doesn’t sound far-fetched considering global industry revenues from satellite services are worth hundreds of billions of dollars every year with the biggest companies involved being SpaceX and Blue Origin.

James Altucher believes that the biggest challenges companies are facing in their space ambitions are yet to be tackled. This creates openings for pick and shovel companies as the space satellites industry heats up.

When James Altucher says that he has identified a relatively small company that will participate in Amazon’s big project, it makes sense too. Haven’t we seen small companies that have supplied Apple do so well when iPhones became popular?

However, I am not sure about the lunar mining one because there hasn’t been enough tangible progress to be excited about it.

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Jeff Bezos Big Bet Verdict

James Altucher put out Jeff Bezos Big Bet at a time when many experts are fixated on 5G as the next frontier in the internet business. He even went as far as say that 5G is already obsolete on arrival because satellite internet will be cheaper, provide world-wide immediate access, and more convenient.

Granted other analysts have also touted companies like OneWeb and others working with the bigger ones on internet satellites, James is in the minority.

That being said, are we any close to having satellite internet beamed to our phones? And more pertinently, will investors see returns from their investments in companies involved in the same?

It will take time for us to effectively answer those questions but the fact that big tech companies are involved is a positive sign.

Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and SpaceX (and Apple?) are known to be incredibly forward-thinking. So, there is every chance that this could become a thing in the next few years.

James Altucher believes that if you missed out on the gains that people made on Amazon Web Services, you should take advantage of Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet.

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What Is Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock? [James Altucher Pitch] 15

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