Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews]

Looking for Jeff Lerner reviews in 2023 and wondering whether the Freedom Business Formula is the real deal?

Jeff Lerner is an online entrepreneur behind a training program called Entre Blueprint that focuses on personal and business development.

On the Entre Institute website, how they introduce it gives us an indication of what it is all about:

If you are uncertain about the future, frustrated with your current situation, or simply desire the freedom of Internet Business ownership, you’ve landed in the right place!

In this Jeff Lerner review, I will provide you with an honest and unbiased review of the ENTRE Blueprint program based on our firsthand experience covering what it offers, how it works, its pros and cons, and my thoughts on it.

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Jeff Lerner Review 2023 [Entre Institute]

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Introduction to ENTRE Blueprint by Jeff Lerner

ENTRE Blueprint is a video training program created by Jeff Lerner. On the ENTRE Institute website, they describe it as a “6 Step Video Training For Creating A Wildly Profitable Online Business.”

entre blueprint video training series

It is meant to transform your life with its lessons on how to start an affiliate marketing business. On the ENTRE Institute website, this is how they define it:

The ENTRE Blueprint is the ultimate Internet Business training that combines tactical training on the 3 most lucrative online business models with Jeff’s unique “awesome life” method that combines psychology, economics, life coaching, and personal development.

Inside, you’ll get trained on exactly how to implement the top 3 business models online you can use to pay for a more awesome life, as well as getting the mindset and strategies to ensure your success.

The ENTRE Blueprint also comes with access to a one-on-one Advisor to assist each student.

Therefore, it is designed in such a way that all you have to do is follow Jeff’s guidance in the ENTRE Blueprint video training program in order to start leading an good life.

Based on our observations it reminds me of other online training programs like Profit Point Autonomy and Prime Profits that I have reviewed on this blog.

Entre Blueprint Checkout page

ENTRE Blueprint comes with a training bundle where you will receive guidance from the experts.

They also claim that anyone can follow it irrespective of experience or a lack of marketing skills.

You do not need to have any technical skills or prior business experience to follow this training program.

That’s because the ENTRE Blueprint provides you all the instructions on how to get started from scratch.

It aims to help subscribers kick-start a successful online business.

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Who is Jeff Lerner?

ENTRE Blueprint was created by the ENTRE Institute founder, Jeff Lerner.


Jeff Lerner

Jazz musician turned internet guru

Jeff Lerner was a Jazz musician before he ventured into the world of digital marketing, and a broke one at that. The story of how he changed his fortunes is often cited to inspire people to join his online programs.

His journey began in his 20s when he was working as a pianist. He was decent enough to be hired to play at the homes of successful business people and executives.

However, he wasn’t successful at it and at the age of 29, he had racked up a few failed ventures, including a restaurant business that had plunged him into debt.

Jeff gets into online marketing

When Lerner joined the world of online marketing, he spent a decade learning how to build an online business.


Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 11

He built a few of them over a period of 10 years and was soon generating 8 figure returns. He paid off his debts in 18 months.

Jeff has appeared twice on the INC 5000 in recognition of his entrepreneurial prowess.

Eager to share his secrets with others, he started teaching people the merits of entrepreneurship and in 2018, founded ENTRE Institute to help with that.

Speaking engagements and a book

Since then, up to 50,000 people have developed their entrepreneurship skills under his stewardship. He is regarded as one of the most charismatic personalities in the world of business and personal development.

He is currently on the speaking circuit. He hosts speaking events and media appearances while still working as the CEO of the ENTRE institute.


Millionaire Secrets

He is also working on a book titled Millionaire Secrets: Things Rich People Know But Don’t Tell You.


He runs a podcast and a YouTube channel called Jeff Lerner where he interviews successful people, including entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, scientists, and artists with the goal of helping his audience unlock their potential.


Jeff Lerner YouTube

He claims that his mission is to help people find their happiness by giving them a blueprint that is used by the successful people he interviews.

Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth?

This wouldn’t be a Jeff Lerner review without discussing his net worth.

Lerner’s net worth is not a matter of public knowledge and is in fact really hard to determine. However, he claims on his website that he has earned $50 million in online revenue.


Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 12

That doesn’t mean much because revenue does not equal net worth.

He did, however, talk about the early days of his business in a press conference and revealed that in 2018, he was filing for bankruptcy and lived in his ex-wife’s parent’s guest bedroom.

At the time, our findings show that he was allegedly heavily in debt amounting to $500,000 from failed businesses, including two restaurant franchises. He played the piano but an injury he suffered made it difficult to perform.

Jeff Learner learned about affiliate marketing and took it up seriously, dedicating hours on it. Then six months later, he earned $40,000 in commissions in a single month.

The number rose to $70,000 and by the end of the year, he was the #3 affiliate marketer out of over 40,000 students.

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ENTRE Institute Review

Founded in 2018 by Jeff Lerner, ENTRE Institute is an online business training platform that teaches you how to start and run an online business and how to use it as a springboard to achieve excellence in your life.

ENTRE Institute Review

According to Jeff, three things set it apart from other educational institutions. These three elements are:

They have created “a complete ecosystem” for becoming a successful entrepreneur

ENTRE Institute core elements

On the website, it states that they have created a holistic ‘all in one’ solution for entrepreneurs who want to grow their own successful businesses by providing the community, software, education, coaching, and live events that will help you to hit your goals.

Their education is taught by entrepreneurs with successful businesses

ENTRE Institute core elements

Unlike other courses that hire coaches who have no real-world experience running businesses, they only allow real entrepreneurs who have built a successful business in the modern world to teach their instructors.

They develop Their Students To Become People that get results in every area of their lives

ENTRE Institute core elements

According to Jeff, if you want to have lasting success and true fulfillment in life, you need more than just a successful business. Their training is all about improving all areas of life (Personal, Physical, and Professional). It borders on a motivational course.

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The ENTRE Ecosystem

The ENTRE Ecosystem is said to have everything you need in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. So that comprises three things:

  • Education
  • Community
  • Experiences


According to Jeff, they offer education that is an upgrade on the traditional model and has everything you need to become an entrepreneur.

Entre Institute Education

The goal of this is to cultivate, equip, and empower entrepreneurs to disrupt industries, optimize resource distribution, and impact the world in positive ways.

They believe that the current educational systems cannot keep up with the rapid structural changes in the society during this digital age. They have created centuries-old monolithic paradigms that are intent on taking in impressionable minds and outputting individuals capable of filling roles at corporations.

Learning institutions that are well funded struggle to produce education that is capable of keeping up with changes in technology and consumer behavior.

And when it come to entrepreneurship, most students receive a real education when they drop out of formal education and begin finding things out on their own. ENTRE Institute wants to step in and make the process easier.

They achieve this through the main course called ENTRE BluePrint.

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In addition to ENTRE Blueprint, Jeff and his staff have other offerings:

Business Accelerators

The Business Accelerator Program has 60-day training modules developed for to take you from idea to results.

During the 8 – week accelerator programs, students learn how to set it up for success, how to build a successful business from the ground up, and what to do every day to run it and optimize its operations for results.

ENTRE Institute business accelerators

Excelling in business requires experience and the world is constantly changing and in the information age. Therefore, experienced business owners must continue their education through ongoing learning, which is what the Mastery programs offer.

They teach you the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed in your business. This includes learning new marketing strategies for your lead generation agency, learning more about new cold-calling sales systems, or keeping yourself updated on advertising platform updates. The program has everything you need.

ENTRE Experiences

The ENTRE Experiences are a series of events that are meant to help students “develop their best selves.”

The implication is that being an entrepreneur is more than learning; it’s a way of being, it’s the ultimate version of ourselves that we become over time. ENTRE’s personalized experiences are designed to be quick and effective ways to see that happen.

ENTRE Experiences

ENTRE experiences are meant to accelerate your development in every facet of your life. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur with a thriving business.

They have a trilogy of events called The ENTRE Leadership Experience.

This event series takes attendants and shapes them into leaders. It’s a life-changing experience divided into three main events:

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It is a three day experience where you learn how to improve your relationships – both personal and professional. You gain an objective view on areas in which you are still not taking advantage of your full potential.

ENTRE Insight

In the first segment of the class, you learn new levels of mastery of communication and reach new depths of understanding with other people. At the end, you will be able to exponentially improve the positive influence you have in personal and professional relationships.

The second segment of the class shows you how to let go of past resentments and failures with new tools to build a new sense of resiliency and drive. You also learn never-before-seen strategies in goal setting and removing obstacles.

The third segment is to take all you have learned about yourself and others and apply it to the real world. The ultimate goal is to build a true long – lasting application of self-mastery and ownership of self.


This is about empowering extreme change in our subconscious mind. You will buckle up for a week of total immersion into uncharted territory where you will be challenged in a variety of settings.

Entre Impact

It has elements of both classroom-style experiences and breakthroughs, and outdoor elemental challenges where you tear your old facades down and rebuild the bigger, more authentic you. It is about finding purpose.

This class is designed to help you recreate your relationship with abundance. It uses fear as a primary driver to help you identify what your stages of resistance are, and what it takes to bust through them quickly and consistently. You’ll learn to shed all past stories and failures, and build a clear and concise 1, 3, and even 5-year vision.

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This is a 9-day full submersion in extreme leadership, and its purpose is to create leaders we as a society are screaming out for.

Entre Influence

You will be equipped with the hard and soft skills needed to create new results and operate at higher levels of success. This event gives you the opportunity to now hone your leadership potential.

It is for those who are committed to taking their lives to the next level, going beyond the emphasis on self-discovery and awareness.

You learn how to become a leader who can inspire others to action and accountability without micromanaging or manipulation. You learn to examine and challenge the fundamental principles by which you live, rather than accepting traditional male and female stereotypes – or rebelling against them.

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ENTRE Community

If you struggle to find proper support and guidance, this program provides you with community, just like you’ll find with most online courses that teach people how to make money online.

ENTRE Community

They offer something called the “3 Legs of Successful Action” that defines and guides our students on the path to producing tangible results. The three are Knowledge, Community, and Implementation.

Each is necessary to build a well-rounded business leader. If you get read of one, you will not be successful. Under the element community, you find:

ENTRE Nation

ENTRE Nation is basically a private Facebook group that allows students to form an “Awesome Life” community within which they can exchange ideas and discuss relevant topics.

Entre Nation

To join this community for free, all you have to do is buy the ENTRE Blueprint course.

ENTRE Nation also enables them to interact with ENTRE Institute trainers and course creators.

They also have access to a private collection of courses called “The Marketplace.” New courses are added to the library regularly.

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ENTRE Nation Elite

ENTRE Nation Elite is a level above ENTRE Nation (as the name suggests).

It is a business training group within ENTRE Nation where members have access to Jeff Lerner and his team of advisors.

It gives members access to his Rolodex comprising 1-10 figure business owners who show you how to build a successful business that can afford you freedom, flexibility, and good quality life.

In this community, the governing principle is that “before it can be enjoyed, an awesome life has to be paid for.”

Members also learn how to build asset-based digital or physical businesses with a business model that emphasizes on freedom to the same degree as profits.

Jeff Lerner also takes Elite members through a 4-week program that focuses on one aspect of their business. As an elite online business owner, he considers himself qualified to do so.

Entre Nation Elite has a private Facebook group too where members can network, create joint ventures and partnerships, and partake in Elite trainings.

ENTRE Digital

ENTRE Digital is the flagship training program at ENTRE Institute. It is an online program that focuses on three lucrative areas in the online business world.

Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 13

When you purchase it, you are assigned a business advisor who walks you through three business models that have the potential to earn you substantial returns.

With all the details (mechanics, economics, and marketing strategies) for each model laid out for you, you can then decide which one fits your profile.

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ENTRE Coaching

This is the main coaching program that offers a variety of ‘Fast Track” coaching packages that “accelerate members results in business and life.” They mainly teach affiliate marketing.


Entre Coaching

The coaching team is led by Jared and Amy Polak and includes coaches who are well versed in traditional business coaching, affiliate marketing, and life coaching.

The coaching is tailored to each client (not group coaching) and offered through private, weekly one-on-one sessions. Some of the lessons they teach are:

  • How to prioritize tasks that come with starting a business.
  • How to set short- and long-term goals.
  • How to spot and correct your blind spots
  • How to make tough business decisions.
  • How to make better marketing decisions to increase bottom line.
  • How to stay motivated and accountable to your plans
  • How to clarify your business vision and align it with personal objectives.

ENTRE Inner Circle

ENTRE Inner Circle is the highest membership level at ENTRE. Members are entitled to an annual Mastermind & Coaching program where they level up their professional and personal lives.

It is built on ENTRE’s “5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship.”


5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship

An annual membership comes with:

  • Private coaching sessions by Jeff Lerner and his inner circle.
  • Direct Phone Access to Jeff Lerner and his inner circle.
  • Two “in-person workshops” every year with Jeff and his inner circle.
  • 24 bi-weekly “virtual workshops”
  • Exclusive trainings

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To subscribe to all of Entre Institute’s offerings, it will cost you up to $47,381.

It is also worth noting that not not all fees are one-time fees. For some, you have to pay a recurring subscription fee that renews automatically.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Entre Blueprint: A one-time fee of $39
  • Entre Digital: A fee of $1,997
  • Entre Nation Elite: $348 per year
  • Entre Results: $15,000 per year
  • Entre Inner Circle: $29,997 per year
  • “Millionaire Productivity Secrets” for $67


Money-back guarantee

An ENTRE Blueprint subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The ENTRE Institute Affiliate Program

Besides teaching affiliate marketing, ENTRE has an affiliate program through which members can earn money for marketing the business.

Entre Institute Affiliate Program

can join the affiliate program for free by registering for it or they can join through private invitation. jeff lerner review jeff lerner review jeff lerner review jeff lerner review jeff lerner review jeff lerner review

When you get your affiliate link, you will earn commissions depending on how well you convert. The commissions here range from 30-80% (although these rates can change any time).

Is ENTRE Institute a Scam?

Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Institute is not a scam. The Institute offers genuine courses whereby what you pay is what you get. Whether it works for you is a whole different thing.

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How Does ENTRE Blueprint Work?

The program is divided into six modules or steps:

Step 1: The “3 Ps” Of An Awesome Life

In this first module, you learn how to have an awesome life.

According to Jeff, to live an awesome life, you need to take care of three areas: Personal, professional, physical step. On the Institute’s website, here is how he puts it:

Everyone wants an awesome life. There’s nothing special about wanting… But defining your awesome life and executing on a strategic plan to create it, regardless of personal circumstances, is something most don’t ever do. The ENTRE Blueprint breaks awesome living into 3 areas of excellence – the “3 Ps” – Personal, Professional, and Physical.

To architect our most awesome life we each must develop and maintain high standards for Personal Excellence (relationships and self-mastery), Professional Excellence (finances and world impact), and Physical Excellence (wellness and energy). ENTRE Institute helps you tackle this project in real world terms – before an awesome life can be lived it must be paid for while growth and learning are a lot easier when pressure is relieved.

For most people the best opportunity to pay for their awesome life AND have the freedom to live it is through online business. ENTRE Institute teaches online business and how to use it as a springboard to excellence in the 3 key areas of life.

This is the first step that is meant to get you in the right mindset to take on whatever else Jeff’s programs are about.

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Step 2: 3 Legs Of Successful Action

In the second step, you learn how to take action to bring about change to your life. The three things you need to address to start taking successful action are Community, Strategy, and Belief.

Step 3: The 3 Phases of Building Your Legacy

Here, you learn how to build a legacy. To do that, you need to understand how the three phases work. They are Leverage, Growth, and Wealth.

Step 4: Affiliate Marketing – The Lazy Person’s Online Business Model

Jeff walks you through how affiliate marketing works if you want to start an online business.

Affiliate marketing

He demonstrates how he created a formula that enables you to earn commissions from your affiliate marketing business.

I should point out that although the impression you get is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort, you will definitely need to put in a lot of time and effort to make this work.

Good marketing skills are also essential for success.

Step 5: e-Commerce: High-Profit Stores Without Brick And Mortar Headache

Jeff compares the two business models. He extols the merits of an online businesses (eCommerce) and explains why an online business is better than a physical store.

Step 6: Digital Consulting: Converting Online Skills Into Predictable, Bankable, & Sellable Cash Flow

In this final module, you learn how to set up a Digital Consulting Agency that can generate passive income.

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What You Get When You Pay For ENTRE Blueprint

ENTRE Blueprint is designed to teach you how to run a successful online business as an affiliate marketer.

Entre Blueprint

Some would say that it is an MLM scheme but it’s actually not the case because it teaches you how to get into affiliate marketing.

Apart from the ENTRE Blueprint Training Course, the subscription includes some limited-time bonuses:

1-on-1 Business Advisor

Here, you will meet ENTRE business advisors who will share their real-life experiences with you.


Entre Blueprint

These people have been selected based on the two factors: their success in running an internet business and their experience in helping others.

These 1-on-1 Business Advisors will help you create a business plan and start your business on the right footing.

Awesome Life Challenge


Entre Blueprint

You explore Jeff’s secrets that can transform every aspect of your life; personal, professional, and physical.

Access to the ENTRE Nation Community

With ENTRE Blueprint, you will get support from the ENTRE Nation Community.

This community comprises a network of entrepreneurs and students that help and support each other in forming and growing their businesses.

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Pros of ENTRE Blueprint

  • It reveals the steps and models of forming a successful online business.
  • The subscription fee is low.
  • The program has a money-back or refund policy.

Cons of ENTRE Blueprint

The Training is not Detailed enough

Some people have argued that most of the content that you pay for when you buy the ENTRE Blueprint can be found online for free.

ENTRE Blueprint does not offer in-depth training about building an online business. It does not give you a lot of actionable steps and the breakdowns of the business models is quite brief.

There are Many Upsells

ENTRE Blueprint is a course designed to show you how to do an online business.

However, if you are starting your online business from scratch and would like to succeed, you may have to buy the other courses and those cost more money.

Jeff Learner does a little bit of everything

Although he is a successful marketer, he does not specialize in one of the many facets of online marketing.

He offers many online courses that teach different things. You need to find other sources of learning material to specialize.

Besides the subscription fees, there are Additional Costs

When you sign up for the courses, you will not be relying on organic traffic. You will need to invest in adverts.

Jeff is a big proponent of paid advertising. Therefore, you’ll have to pay more to use the tools he provides. They include

  • Clickfunnels = $97
  • Clickmagic = $27
  • Getresponse = $15

So, in addition to paying for the course, you have to pay those fees for those tools.

Misleading Marketing Tactics

The sales pitch focuses on the fact that people are making money hand over fist, but the majority of that arises from the fact that Jeff focuses on the exceptional performers.

In reality, many students will not make a lot of money.

The courses focuses On Paid Traffic

Jeff Lerner doesn’t show you how to use free, organic traffic acquisition methods.

He is mostly focused on paid advertising.

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What are People Saying About The ENTRE Institute?

We have found through our research, The ENTRE Institute reviews you find online overwhelmingly indicate that people have had positive experiences with the platform.

Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 14Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 15Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 16


Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 17

On, for example, ENTRE Institute has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and it has more than 200 reviews:

Entre Institute trustpilot

So, as you can see, the platform has had a large number of positive reviews. Here are some examples:

Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 18Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 19Jeff Lerner: Freedom Business Formula [2023 Reviews] 20

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Is Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Blueprint Legit?

ENTRE Blueprint is a legit online training program but it is not necessarily the best program you can find.

I should mention that this is really a matter of opinion because some people have gotten value from it, undoubtedly.

Is Jeff Lerner legit? Well, Jeff Lerner appears to be someone who has experience in the industry and has been behind other successful programs.

Jeff is involved in pay to play programs, meaning you need to buy into the product just to be able to promote it and earn commissions.

The negative is that I have seen his programs promoted through very unethical sales pitches and just because a program is legitimate does not mean that we should ignore its flaws.

So, yes, you can make money, but I think many of the claims made in the sales pitch and testimonials are misleading.

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ENTRE Institute Verdict

Starting a successful and profitable online business is not an easy and hassle-free process. You may face challenges when it comes to running an internet business if you do not know how to go about it.

We have found from using this product that The Entre Blueprint training program provides you with tips on how to make the process of starting an online business easier. ENTRE Blueprint Training Course nudges you to follow certain business models and motivates you with real-life testimonials.

The downside is that it has numerous up-sells. I also think that the way the program is marketed is a tad misleading.

Ultimately, in my opinion, ENTRE Blueprint Training Program can be a helpful guide if you are starting a new internet business. However, you are not guaranteed success.

Besides reading this Jeff Lerner review, do more research into the program before you make your move. You will learn a lot about Jeff Lerner online if you take the time to find out all there is to him.

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