What’s Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral?

Welcome to my review of Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral, a presentation about a tiny company that could earn investors gains of up to 16,335%.

Luke Burgess discusses what he calls a “Miracle Mineral” — a material that is so important to the world that major stakeholders, including governments and big corporations, want to control it. That’s when this tiny company will emerge and win the race.

In this review, we take a closer look at this presentation to learn more about this Miracle Mineral, its profit potential, and the tiny company that will control it. 

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What's Luke Burgess' Miracle Mineral? 10

Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral Review

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Introduction to Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral

In his presentation, Luke Burgess tells us that the “Miracle Mineral” is arguably one of the most important natural resources you’ve never heard about.

I have to admit that this is not the first time we are seeing this kind of approach in the financial newsletter business. We’ve seen investment gurus tell us that they’ve discovered some important mineral or a major deposit of an important element that they believe we should definitely be interested in.

A few that come to mind are Mike Burnick’s presentation about $28 Billion Of Gold Uncovered on a Remote Island, “The Great Gold Shortage” Pitch by Marc Lichtenfeld, and Dr. Kent Moors’ “The Motherlode” that was about a massive oil reserve that was untapped in the Chihuahuan Desert. And just recently Luke shared his Peak Gold prediction.

What's Luke Burgess' Miracle Mineral? 11

Luke Burgess tells us that “the miracle mineral” is more important than oil, lithium, coal, and gas. 

He pretty much introduces it as such:

“Look at these tiny spheres that I’m holding in my hand.

They might not look like much, but inside each of these spheres is a natural resource more important than oil…

More important than lithium…

More important even than coal or gas.

In fact, behind water and air, what’s hiding in these round pellets is the most valuable resource in the entire world.”

Luke Burgess' Miracle MineralHe says that it is an irreplaceable component that virtually every industry needs and that there is a global race going on between countries like The United States, China, Russia, and India that are trying to secure as much of it as they can. 

But with all that going on, there is a little-known tiny firm that has secured a massive supply of the Miracle mineral and it presents us with a unique investment opportunity.

What is The Miracle Mineral?

What Luke is referring to as the Miracle Mineral is a compound/radical called Phosphate. 

Phosphate is made by combining phosphorus with four oxygen molecules.

It is used extensively by plants hence it features a lot in fertilizers. It is present in the adenosine triPHOSPHATE, or ATP energy molecule in your body, it is in the DNA, and it is in bones, teeth, muscles, and organs.

It is one of the three essential nutrients for plant life. The other two are nitrogen and potassium. Therefore, it is very useful.

However, Luke tells us that we don’t have a reliable supply of it because it is rarely found naturally. It is rare because it can only be formed under very specific conditions, in millions of years. The supply lines we have been relying on have also had a few problems.

A massive chunk of the entire global supply of phosphate comes from Western Sahara, a region in Africa that has been experiencing political instability.

And as you’d imagine, this conflict is driven by disagreements over its phosphate reserves.

Luke Burgess notes that whenever conflict comes into the equation, global supply can be threatened, and this has started to happen here. For example, Western Sahara’s Phosphate exports have dropped by 50% because fewer shipments make it out of the region due to political tension.

Now, this is where the tiny company he has been talking about comes to the rescue.

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The Tiny Company With A Giant Reserve

A relatively small company with a $70 million market cap and shares trading for less than $1 may be the solution to the phosphate supply problem.

This company recently discovered a massive phosphate deposit in the Canadian wilderness in an isolated lake, 6 hours and 42 minutes (by car) from Quebec City.

Luke Burgess' Miracle MineralThe area was once at the bottom of an ancient sea where for millions of years, billions of organisms fell to the bottom of the seafloor and decomposed, leaving behind a lot of phosphates. This reserve is so big, it can supply the world for centuries to come if it is harnessed properly.

With all the mining rights for the reserve, this company is preparing to start mining and once it does, it may grow into one of the most geopolitically important companies.

This discovery also means that the world can stop depending on Western Sahara.

And it gets better because the Canadian reserve is bigger. For example, while in Western Sahara, Morocco can only extract 2.6 million tons of phosphate each year, Canada can extract three million tons a year.

To sell us on the company, Luke Burgess tells us that the company has a star-studded leadership team behind it.

“At the Helm Is a Rockstar Leadership Team Which Has a Combined 240 Years of Experience in the Mining and Resource Industry

The president was a founding member of one of the world’s preeminent exploration financing companies.

For over 20 years, he guided, funded, and advised dozens of junior exploration companies, which mined everything from copper, lead, and gold…

To cobalt, molybdenum, and tellurium.

He learned the ins and outs of virtually every mineral under the sun.”

The company’s COO more than 15 years of experience dealing with government bureaucracy. He knows how to navigate the maze of red tape and has been working to secure approval to break ground.

Other members of the team that elevate its stature, as Luke Burgess describes them include:

“A metallurgical engineer previously recruited by Exxon for his expertise

A 30-plus-year veteran of commodity heavyweights Cargill and Mosaic, where he served as Senior VP of Phosphates (but left because he knows this opportunity will be bigger!)

A former CEO of a $9 billion agricultural company

A sought-after expert on mining law and trade (he will be critical when this company starts to export its phosphate to foreign markets)

And the former CEO of one of the world’s largest iron mining companies, who saw so much potential in this company that he came out of retirement!

Speaking of investors and clients, the tiny company has a deal to become one of India’s main phosphate suppliers.

Some of its investors include The government of Quebec with over three million shares, The Global Resources Fund with 1.5 million shares, and PI Financial with over $4 million worth of shares.

Luke Burgess has written comprehensive, special report, revealing all the details about the Miracle Mineral called, The Phosphate Payload: How to Get in on the Biggest Resource Squeeze of the Century.

Luke Burgess' Miracle MineralThis dossier has the stock symbol of the tiny mining company, its financial breakdown report, P&Ls, and everything that you must know to get started. 

Luke Burgess is confident that this will provide you with a great investment opportunity. However, there is a caveat! You will get access to this special report only if you join Luke Burgess’s investment research service, Junior Mining Trader.

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Who is Luke Burgess?

Luke Burgess is the director of the mining research division at Angel Publishing

Luke Burgess is one of the few investors who truly understand the intrinsic fundamental value of natural resources as commodities. Based on this approach, he tries to find great opportunities for investors to make money in the natural resource sector.

He has already been featured on industry-leading websites like 321Gold.com and Kitco.

In this presentation, he focuses on a tiny firm that he thinks is set to become one of the most valuable resource companies in the world. 

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How Does Junior Mining Trader Work?

Luke Burgess’ Junior Mining Trader is a newsletter that focuses on the mining industry. 

In particular, Luke targets junior miners, a term referring to relatively small companies within the natural resources sector.

He presents the Junior Mining Trader newsletter as your ultimate guide to the wild world of resource exploration. Note, this research service will focus solely on the tiny miners that have the potential to offer 10-20x return on your investments.

The subscription includes 52 weekly issues of the Junior Mining Trader newsletter. Every week, you will be receiving a detailed breakdown of the mining stocks along with weekly publications, drill results, analysis of the geology of the mines, and all other technical details.

Each edition will also include a quick, easy-to-understand summary, including the ticker symbol of the company, as well as recommended entry and exit prices.

Other benefits include…

  • Junior Mining Trader Profit Alerts
  • Access to the Online Model Portfolio and Membership Site
  • Assistance from VIP Member Services Team

Plus, there will be two bonus reports…

The Renewable Energy Storage Breakthrough: How to Make a Fortune on the Vanadium Boom

Luke Burgess writes about vanadium, which he considers a natural replacement of Lithium because it outperforms lithium in every single way. This report is from his presentation a “Secret NASA Super Fuel” made using Vanadium.

Luke Burgess' Miracle MineralOf course, he was talking about Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFDs) and he tells us that they are better batteries than Lithium because they don’t lose their ability to recharge over time.

He insists that vanadium is a better electrical conductor than Lithium and that it is safer, less toxic, and more effective for large-scale applications, like power grids than Lithium.

In this report, he highlights five vanadium mining companies.

The One Stock You Must Own for the Rare Earths Revival

Luke Burgess writes about the importance of rare earth metals to the production of electronics – everything from smartphones and electric vehicles to wind turbines and military lasers have rare earth metals in them.

Luke Burgess' Miracle MineralHe says that 90% of the global supply comes from China but that may change because a small company recently opened the largest rare earth mine in the Western Hemisphere in the US.

The mine was opened in 2017 but it has been steadily growing in value. Annual production has also been on the up having grown by 10% a year. Last year, the mine produced 9,337 metric tons and revenue went up 83%.

Junior Mining Trader Subscription Fee

An annual subscription will cost you $1,999/yr.

Junior Mining Trader Refund Policy

There’s a 90-day money back guarantee.

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Is Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral Legit?

Yes, Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral presentation is legit.

Luke Burgess is a legitimate investment guru with years of experience in natural resources and mining. He is renowned for writing about the industry and keeping tabs with the newest investment opportunities out there.

He also writes for a legit publishing company that offers these services to its readers at a fee.

That being said, you should take his predictions with a grain of salt because he is merely speculating and sharing general advice. You have to objectively assess all his recommendations before you commit to them.

Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral Verdict

Luke Burgess’ Miracle Mineral presentation was designed to promote his newsletter, The Junior Mining Trader. I have to say that for an advisory service that offers general advice, it is a bit expensive ($1,999 per year) because you’ll find others going for a fraction of that.

As I’ve said, Luke is speculating in an industry that is known for its unpredictability. Junior miners are particularly susceptible to volatility because they are usually unproven.

Sure, you may stumble upon a nice stock that earns you a lot of money, but it is not easy. Many a times you will invest in a junior mining company and it fails to live up to its potential due to production delays, bureaucracy, or the project stalling. You may have to wait for years to realize those gains too.

Therefore, if you intend to follow Luke’s advice, do so with an open mind and do more research to avoid setting unrealistic expectations.

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What's Luke Burgess' Miracle Mineral? 10


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