MLP Checks: Are MLP Payouts Real? [Charles Mizrahi]

Charles Mizrahi has been generating excitement with a new presentation titled MLP Checks.

These opportunities revolve around oil companies that have received what he terms as legal approval to distribute an impressive sum of $17.9 billion dollars through “MLP Checks” this year.

Mizrahi suggests that you have the chance to participate in this lucrative endeavor; therefore, we will explore the concept of MLP Checks as explained by Charles, assessing their feasibility as an investment opportunity.

On top of that, we will reveal the possible identities of the three major companies that have captured his interest.

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MLP Checks Key Takeaways

  • MLP Checks come from Master Limited Partnerships, these are often setup in the energy sector.
  • There are many tax benefits to investing in Master Limited Partnerships.
  • There are risks involved with MLPs such as market changes, commodity price changes and tax complexity.
  • Verdict: MLP Checks are legit for sure. Master Limited Partnerships have many benefits. The “MLP Checks” presentation may arguably be overly hyped up by Charles Mizrahi in order to sell you into his premium newsletter, so bare this in mind before you make the decision to join.

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Introduction to MLP Checks

The MLP Checks presentation by Banyan Hill Publishing is all about Charles Mirzahi’s new investment recommendations. According to Mizrahi, there are 30 Oil companies that have been legally approved to payout $17.9 billion dollars in the form of “MLP Checks” this year.

MLP Checks

According to Charles Mizrahi, these 30 energy companies, sanctioned by the U.S. government, are exclusively permitted to dispense their profits using these MLP Checks.

Unlike traditional companies that extend dividends to shareholders, the companies he is referring to issue units and are legally bound to distribute 100% of their earnings to silent partners.

This distinct framework translates into MLP payouts that can surpass dividends, bonds, and real estate returns by up to eightfold, representing an extraordinary opportunity for those aiming to amplify their passive income by a substantial 800%.

As investments grow, so do the rewards of MLP Checks. Intriguingly, despite their stock-like appearance, these units operate autonomously from the stock market, converting investors into unit holders and silent partners within the MLP structure.

The most enticing facet, however, lies in the assurance that as an MLP silent partner, you receive MLP Checks not only for the present year but perpetually into the future.

What are MLPs exactly?

Charles Mizrahi is discussing Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), a business structure merging partnership tax advantages with the liquidity of publicly traded securities.

Predominantly used in the energy sector, particularly in oil and gas, MLPs manage businesses like pipelines and storage facilities. Key to MLPs is their capacity to distribute profits to investors as regular cash distributions, termed “MLP Checks,” benefiting from tax advantages due to their partnership structure.

Investors in MLPs are known as “unitholders,” owning units that grant them participation in earnings and cash flows, traded on major stock exchanges for increased liquidity.

However, MLPs are regulated by the IRS, necessitating revenue from qualifying activities and focusing on profit distribution. Charles Mizrahi encourages investment in select MLPs due to their ownership terms and earnings potential.

He has identified three top MLP companies and shares their names and ticker symbols in the free special report “MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout,” available upon signing up for Alpha Investor.

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Charles Mizrahi’s Top Three MLP Check Companies Revealed

Here are Charles Mizrahi’s three picks that we arrived at after doing a bit of research given the clues he provided.

First Pick

Charles Mizrahi’s top recommendation is described as being under the leadership of a Texas native called Randy. This company manages an impressive 50,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines, recognized by The Motley Fool as a “golden opportunity for income-seeking investors.”

He could be referring to Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD).

An individual named Randy Fowler holds the position of Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

According to their official website, the partnership boasts an extensive asset portfolio encompassing more than 50,000 miles of pipelines and over 260 million barrels of storage capacity for various resources like NGLs, crude oil, refined products, and petrochemicals.

Second Pick

Charles describes the second choice as a prominent energy giant located in Dallas, employing a workforce exceeding 10,000 individuals and facilitating energy transportation across 38 states. Notably, it recently sealed a significant deal securing 20 years of liquified natural gas sales.

This points toward Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET). With a substantial value of $40 billion, this oil and gas enterprise maintains its extensive employee base and energy provision across 38 states. A significant 20-year LNG supply agreement was inked with Shell during the past summer.

Third Pick

According to Charles, the third MLP is headquartered in Houston and boasts a significant presence in America’s Permian Oil Basin. Its pipeline network holds connections not just with most major U.S. shale basins but also extends to the Canadian Oil Sands. A director named Kevin Michaels demonstrated his confidence in the company by investing $2 million of his own funds to acquire additional units.

It’s likely that Charles Mizrahi is referring to Plains All American Pipeline LP (Nasdaq: PAA). Based in Houston, Plains commands an extensive pipeline network spanning key market hubs across the United States and Canada.

While there’s no evidence of a Kevin Michaels on the board or an insider buyer by that name for any public company, there is a Kevin McCarthy on Plains’ board who purchased $1.96 million worth of shares last June.

Who is Charles Mizrahi?

With more than 35 years of experience in stock recommendations, Charles has weathered various market conditions. From flourishing as a pro trader in the dynamic ’80s to navigating the 1987 crash, he successfully maneuvered through the dynamic landscape of the ’90s, the dot-com bubble and its subsequent burst, the housing bubble, the 2008 financial recession, and the subsequent strong bull market.

During this period, Charles became a sought-after advisor by Wall Street giants. This led to him managing funds for a diverse range of entities, including close family members, business owners, and prominent investment banks like The Goldman Sachs Group, Citigroup, and Credit Suisse. His experience spans roles as a trader, money manager, hedge fund manager, and custodian of his personal wealth.

Charles Mizrahi is renowned for his ability to identify lucrative opportunities in the financial sector. His career took off on the trading floor of the New York Futures Exchange when he was just 20 years old. Subsequently, he transitioned into a highly successful money manager. He gained recognition for being ranked the No. 1-performing market timer, not solely on Wall Street but across the United States, based on the actual performance of client accounts. Barron’s also acknowledged his expertise, ranking him as the No. 1 commodity trading adviser.

He has been featured in reputable publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The New York Times, and MarketWatch. He also made appearances on CNBC.

Charles edits investing services like Alpha Investor, 8-Figure Fortunes, and Microcap Fortunes at Banyan Hill Publishing, in addition to providing insights in his free e-letter Banyan Edge.

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How Does MLP Checks Work?

Charles Mizrahi has composed some detailed special reports where you will know all details of how to earn your MLP Checks.

According to this investment veteran, there are a total of 30 MLPs available on his list. Among them, he has now picked three special MLPs that can offer you the maximum returns.

Charles has composed all his findings in his new special report named MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout.

You will have access to this special report only when you opt for a subscription to the Alpha Investor newsletter service.

Other benefits include – access to three special bonus reports as below.

  • MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout — Given how much income it can help you collect, this report is valued at $1,000.
  • Alpha Investor Made Easy: 5 Minutes to Successful Investing —a $500 value.
  • How to Build a $1 Million Retirement — also a $500 value.

In addition, there are some other benefits covered too including access to Monthly Stock Write-Ups, Model Portfolio Access, Weekly Updates, Access to a Private, Members-Only Website, Regular Market Briefings, and Dedicated Customer Support.

Subscription Offers: There are two subscription plan options available, Premium Subscription costing $79/year, and Standard Subscription costing $49/year.


Charles Mizrahi has meticulously crafted comprehensive special reports that unveil the details of how you can secure your MLP Checks.

As we’ve established, his curated list encompasses a total of 30 MLPs. Among these, he has thoughtfully identified three exceptional MLPs that hold the potential for substantial returns.

All his findings are consolidated within his latest special report titled “MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout.”

Access to this invaluable report is exclusively available to you for free when you choose to subscribe to the Alpha Investor newsletter service.

Moreover, your subscription grants you access to three bonus reports, each offering unique insights:

  • “MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout,” a report deemed worth $1,000 due to its potential income accumulation.
  • “Alpha Investor Made Easy: 5 Minutes to Successful Investing,” a resource valued at $500.
  • “How to Build a $1 Million Retirement,” another $500 value.

In addition to these offerings, your subscription entails a range of other advantages, including Monthly Stock Write-Ups, Model Portfolio Access, Weekly Updates, access to a Private, Members-Only Website, Regular Market Briefings, and Dedicated Customer Support.

Alpha Investor Membership Fee

You have two subscription options to choose from:

  • Premium Subscription at a cost of $79/year.
  • Standard Subscription priced at $49/year.

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Is Charles Mizrahi’s Presentation on MLP Checks Legit?

It is legit because Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) present a legitimate avenue for investment engagement, and Charles Mizrahi stands as a renowned financial expert boasting more than three decades of experience in stock recommendations and investment insights.

His proven track record of pinpointing lucrative investment prospects, underscored by his recognition as a top-performing market timer and commodity trading adviser by his peers and by reputable financial publications, adds to the credibility of his suggestions.

MLPs, in themselves, are established investment vehicles offering distinctive benefits, notably the capacity to allocate a substantial portion of their profits to investors.

Our Verdict on the MLP Checks Pitch by Mizrahi

Capitalizing on the energy sector’s resurgence through energy MLPs (as Mizrahi is suggesting here) is a viable strategy.

However, you need to tread cautiously, given the inherent volatility of financial markets. While energy MLPs have the potential to deliver appealing payouts, the evolving nature of market conditions requires careful consideration as you tame your expectations.

Despite this, the persistent demand for traditional energy sources, driven by ongoing drilling and expansive pipeline networks, reinforces the integral role MLPs play in transporting resources while collecting fees along the way. The legal requirement to distribute generated profits to investors underlines their potential for returns.

While the allure of obtaining MLP Checks with a modest investment starting from $13 is tempting (as Mizrahi points out as an example of how low the barrier to entry is), maintaining realistic expectations and acknowledging the potential market fluctuations that can influence investment outcomes cannot be understated.

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