Is Paul Mampilly’s Next Level Summit Legit?

Looking for a genuine review of Paul Mampilly’s Next Level Summit.

Paul recently released this presentation to talk about an investment opportunity that may potentially earn 300% gains in 12 months or even 1,000% in two to three years. 

After sitting through the Next Level Summit presentation, I put together this review to share all the details concerning Paul’s investment strategy and the newsletter behind it. Keep reading this to learn everything there is to it.

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Is Paul Mampilly's Next Level Summit Legit? 7

Next Level Summit Review

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Introduction to Next Level Summit

The Next Level Summit is a presentation that was released by Paul Mampilly under Banyan Hill Publishing. Like he has done in the past when he has done presentations like Remade in America and The 100X Summit, he promised to help you achieve financial freedom. In this case, he shares exciting details behind a revolutionary company that can climb 300% or more in 12 months. 

Next Level Summit

He acknowledges that you won’t just make that kind of money on mainstream ideas and that you are better served investing in next-level stocks. These are companies in promising sectors like IoT, AI, blockchain, electric vehicles, and green energy. And that’s before you even consider that there’s a promising space sector emerging. 

These next-level stocks, according to Paul Mampilly, will offer you bigger returns, faster. Paul claims to have done a test-drive of these stocks and in doing so, outperformed the market as well as his Profits Unlimited portfolio (and he says that the Profits Unlimited Portfolio has done quite well in its own right).

So, what stock is he backing this time?

Paul Mampilly has identified one company that is associated with the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. It is also linked to autonomous vehicles. He says that while Tesla (TSLA) is the trailblazer in green energy and the undisputed leader in electric cars, solar energy, and battery storage, his stock pick is a company that is working with Tesla. He believes that it may grow faster than Tesla has done over the past few years. 

Mind you, Tesla has grown 100X since it started trading in the stock market and towards the end of last year, it was already being added to the S&P 500 Index.

What do we know about the company he wants us to invest in?

At the Next Level Summit, Paul Mampilly shares a few clues about it and what it does:

  • It is an industry leader in Artificial Intelligence software that facilitates advanced voice recognition (available in more than 50 languages), augmented reality (the ability to imprint digital objects in the material world), and technology that can read eye and hand movements. Paul gives an example of its tech in action saying, “you could point to a coffee shop you see through your windshield, ask ‘Do they have WIFI?’ and it will know exactly what store you’re talking about, and be able to give you an answer.”
  • This company’s technology is already installed in over 300 million cars on the road globally and it has the reputation for being really good at what it does.
  • The company has a moat; its technology is protected by over 1,000 patents.
  • It has nearly $2 billion in business lined up from over 60 global automakers, including legacy car manufacturers like Toyota, GM, Ford, Ferrari and even Tesla.
  • It only has about 40 million shares outstanding.
  • Its main competitors are Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet. Although those are formidable rivals, Paul Mampilly says that his pick has the advantage of being an industry specialist who does one thing very well unlike its comparatively large competitors who are spread thin.

He wrote a special report called The Market’s Sweet Spot: Buy This EV Innovator for 300% Gains in 12 Months in which he has provided all the details you need about the company he is talking about. This includes its name and stock symbol. To get this report for free, you have to subscribe to his newsletter, True Momentum.

However, you don’t have to do that because after doing my research, I found out that the company he is talking about here is Cerence Inc (CRNC). It is technically not an EV company; instead, it provides AI solutions that are meant for all kinds of vehicles. Paul may have associated it with EVs and mentioned Tesla because they are the most trendy things to talk about in the current market.

Cerence Inc. makes virtual assistants that are installed in cars and so far, more than 300 million cars on the road have its software. Its software has been installed in Toyotas, Fords, BMWs, Audis, GMs, and other models. Since it is tailored to cars, it works better than the virtual assistants made by Alphabet, Apple, and Amazon that are multi-purpose.

Paul says that it could grow by 300% in the next 12 months and by up to 1,000% within two to three years.

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Who is behind The Next Level Summit?

Next Level Summit is a presentation that features Paul Mampilly (being interviewed by a guy called Nick). Paul Mampilly has been in the financial services industry for a long time. He started his career in 1991 and as of now, he has more than thirty years of experience. 

Paul Mampilly retired at the age of 42 from Wall Street and started utilizing his skills and experience as a financial analyst who provides investment advice to Main Street investors. 

Paul Mampilly now shares his trading strategies with individual investors so they can have access to good insights. Whether you are a first-time investor who is dealing with low-risk tolerance and a smaller budget or  an experienced investor who is looking for high gains, Paul Mampilly’s portfolios, investment advice, podcasts, and videos can prove to be really invaluable.

He publishes most of his work under Banyan Hill Publishing, an independent financial publisher owned by The Agora.

His most popular newsletter is Profits Unlimited.

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Why did Paul Mampilly feature in Next Level Summit?

Paul Mampilly’s Next Level Summit is a promotion for his True Momentum newsletter. As soon as you subscribe to this newsletter service, you will receive the following benefits…

  • Weekly updates: You will receive weekly stock recommendations. These are the next-level stocks that you should consider adding to your model portfolio. Paul will provide you with further guidance so that you know the next steps to follow.
  • Trade alerts: Whenever there is an opportunity to sell or buy stock, Paul will send you timely trade alerts. He will share you with the name of the stock, the ticker symbol, and the expected buy or sell price.
  • Model Portfolio: In addition to the above-listed benefits, Paul will give you access to his model portfolio. Each recommendation in this model portfolio is handpicked by Paul and they can offer up to 300% gain in 12 months.
  • Special Reports: Paul will send you two special reports. The first one (Buy This EV Innovator for 300% Gains in 12 Months) will reveal the name as well as the ticker symbol of Paul’s favorite electric vehicle (EV) and autonomous vehicle stock. The second one (5 Stocks to Buy Now for Triple-Digit Gains) highlights Paul’s five favorite stocks for strong next level buys.
  • Paul’s guarantee: You will receive 12 recommendations over the next year.
  • A complete guide (True Momentum’s Rules of the Investing Game: Your Guide to Spotting Stock Acceleration) where you will discover Paul’s favorite strategies for new and seasoned investors alike.

True Momentum Pricing

A one-year subscription to True Momentum to those who subscribe through the link provided at the end of the presentation is $1,995. This discount applies to the first 1,000 people to sign up.

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Pros of the Next Level Summit 

  • You receive a range of benefits, starting with having access to the best stock recommendations to access to a dedicated customer team.
  • If you sign up for True Momentum through the link at the end of the presentation, you get a discount on your subscription fee.

Cons of Next Level Summit 

  • Even with a discount, the subscription price for the True Momentum newsletter is quite high at $1,995 per year.
  • The subscription fee is non-refundable.

Is Next Level Summit Legit?

The Next Level Summit is a legitimate presentation.

Paul Mampilly is a veteran in the financial services industry with years of experience in this field. Although he has made some bad calls over the years and courted controversy, he has made good recommendations that have rewarded his followers. True Momentum, published by Banyan Hill, is also a legitimate newsletter because when you pay that subscription fee, you will get everything that’s included in the package.

That being said, not all recommendations you get will yield returns no matter what Paul says in his newsletter. All investments are inherently risky.

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Next Level Summit Verdict

Next Level Summit is an ad for Paul’s advisory service called True Momentum. It is designed in a way that the insights he provides can be implemented by both experienced investors as well as novices.

Paul Mampilly is a renowned financial advisor. He mentions that some of his next-level stock picks can offer you gains of up to 300% thus investments in these stocks can be profitable as they belong to some of the booming and emerging industries. While this can happen, as we witnessed with Tesla, not all stocks are capable of going up by such margins and some will lose value. Always bear this in mind when investing.

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Is Paul Mampilly's Next Level Summit Legit? 7

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