Are Ray Blanco Predictions for 2022 Legit? [4 Revealed!]

Wondering what Ray Blanco predictions for 2022 and beyond are?

Ray Blanco is one of the most vocal investment analysts in the business and he has made some exciting predictions about the stock market that we have shared with you.

Ray has been doing that for many years now and even claims to have been early to trends like 5G and cannabis. So, it is what he does and he has been pretty consistent.

Here, I would like us to revisit some of the predictions he has made in the past as we look ahead at what to expect from him the rest of the year.

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Are Ray Blanco Predictions for 2022 Legit? [4 Revealed!] 10

Ray Blanco Prediction

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Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is the chief technology officer at St Paul Research. That publishing company is an imprint of Agora Financial, the umbrella company that has pretty much dominated the financial newsletter publishing business.

Are Ray Blanco Predictions for 2022 Legit? [4 Revealed!] 11

At St. Paul Research, Ray is the editor of Technology Profits Confidential, Breakthrough Technology Alert, Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader, and Penny Pot Profits.

His research typically focuses on the technology, biotech, and marijuana industries as you’ll notice from the newsletters he edits. He usually targets small companies riding massive trends in each of those sectors, getting in on the ground floor and hoping that they grow into massive companies.

Ray is passionate about technology because he began programming computers at a young age.

At the age of 10, he was the geek that spent hours in his room each night, typing code into his Timex Sinclair 1000.

When he was eighth grade, while his friends were playing baseball, he was busy trying to figure out how to build a “Wilson Cloud Chamber” — a supercooled device for detecting particles of ionizing radiation.

After that, he moved on to advanced robotics and avionics, genomics and biotechnology. Becoming smarter was his idea of having fun and it led him to what he does now where he combines his passion for technology with financial and stock market expertise.

After graduating from university, he worked in IT before transitioning to the financial services industry. He joined Agora Financial in 2010 and started editing newsletters.

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Seven Figure Publishing

Seven Figure Publishing was a Baltimore-based financial analysis firm that offered a range of email newsletters and financial reports. I am writing that in the past tense because the company has since ceased operations.

Seven Figure Publishing

It was the company that published Ray Blanco’s (and other analysts’) newsletters. That included paid subscription services like Technology Profits Confidential, Future Wealth, Penny Pot Profits, and Seven Figure Prime, just to mention a few.

Seven Figure Publishing was started with the goal of finding investment openings in technology and biotechnology. The newsletters it published targeted older investors seeking to grow their retirement nest egg.

Seven Figure Publishing had editors like Ray Blanco, Robert Williams, Greg Guenthner, and Amanda Stiltner.

Technology Profits Daily

Technology Profits Daily is a free e-letter that gives you a sneak peek of the trends of tomorrow that will drive huge wealth potential for investors in the years ahead. It is about earning tech profits by investing in the right companies.

Technology Profits Daily

Ray Blanco writes about trends like virtual reality, medical breakthroughs, private space-travel companies, and everything in between.

Ray does not work alone. He has a supporting cast of industry experts and market analysts, who provide you with a well rounded look at where the market is headed — and how to profit from it — before it happens.

With a free subscription to Technology Profits Daily, you can get incredible profits from trends that are about to drive the markets.

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Technology Profits Confidential

Technological trends have been happening fast. Ray Blanco believes that we are on the brink of what could be the tipping point into a new era of great wealth and discovery that is unlike anything we’ve seen in decades.

Technology Profits Confidential

Ray believes that with new technologies like iPads, cellphones, mobile computing, breakthrough drug development, and new cutting-edge medical tech, you will have a hard time keeping up and still be able to forecast the companies that are set to profit.

Technology Profits Confidential is meant to help you with that because it acts as a personal guide to up-and-coming technologies and companies that may flourish.

Ray does not want you to invest in fly-by-night operations. Technology Profits Confidential focuses on the safest and most well-established companies. He goes for companies that are working on new technology and provide you with a chance to profit in a significant way.

Ray wants you to be at the forefront of an accelerating revolution in technology and science that he thinks will profoundly change the world. Technology Profits Confidential is his way of familiarizing you with this fast-moving world.

Blanco even claims that his Technology Profits Confidential newsletter once outperformed the S&P 500 by 50% based on his closed positions in 2019.

Catalyst Trader

Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader is a newsletter that focuses on tech’s biggest events and turns them into profit opportunities.

Ray Blanco's Catalyst Trader

Whenever there is a press conference about a hot new tech product, or an agency approval for a new drug therapy, or a CEO releasing news on a tech that could not only change our lives, Ray dives in.

Most of what Ray Blanco does for his Catalyst Trader subscribers is find “the next big thing.”

With this newsletter, he adopts a boots-on-the-ground approach to scouring the market for the biggest profit catalysts in tech.

He goes on site visits, interviews CEOs, and does all he can to find the answers you need to take immediate action.

Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader gives you access to the profitable opportunities he unearths. He sends you his new Catalyst Trade recommendation and gives you instructions on exactly what you need to do to act. You can even attend the Catalyst Trader symposium to get a round-up of his best insights in-person.

Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader focuses on opportunities that require you to act fast and make your trade.

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Tesla Million Mile Battery

Ray Blanco’s Tesla Million Mile Battery presentation was done as an ad for his new investment research service, Catalyst Trader. But besides promoting the newsletter, it also gives us an insight into Ray’s approach.

Tesla’s Million Mile Battery

At the event, Blanco was talking about a small $2 company that he thought was going to be involved in the production of next generation batteries. This battery pack was said to be capable of going a million miles before you have to replace it thus creating a sustainable electric vehicle (there is a difference between that and the number of miles it clocks on a single charge).

For context, the best battery energy storage systems available as the presentation went live were capable of doing 500,000 miles, per a private study.

Ray was telling us that Elon Musk would reveal the name of the company that Tesla was partnering with on the million-mile battery project at an investor event and announce the new battery on Tesla’s Battery Day event.

Consequently, the value of the tiny company would double “in a matter of minutes” and then gain 1,000% in the next three months.

He wanted his followers to take advantage of the situation and double their money by investing before Elon Musk made his announcement.

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The Company Behind The Battery

The tiny company was founded by a former senior Tesla battery engineer who would now spearhead the million-mile battery breakthrough.

Blanco was speculating a partnership between Tesla and the company that would be making the “battery material” for its million mile batteries.

“The entire industry is projected to grow 10X in 10 years…

And this $2 company could be an important part of that growth.

Over the next decade…

This tiny company predicts they will be making 100,000 tons of battery material a year.”

Insiders working at the small company had been buying up shares and Ray saw that as a sign of confidence:

“By the way, Aaron, all the insiders are already positioned for a big announcement.

They own 64% of the company’s shares…

And they keep buying more.”

As for the leadership, the main guy was a former Tesla employee, as we’ve mentioned:

“Back In 2015, Tesla hired the pioneering scientist of the original lithium-ion battery and his team of engineers to lead their battery research division…

And the co-founder was part of that team.

For privacy reasons, let’s call this scientist Dr. D for short.”

He was referring to him as Dr. D and said that he is conducting research on battery technology in Canada:

“Dr. D runs Tesla’s battery research at a lab at one of the most prestigious universities up in Canada.

A lab that is responsible for some of the greatest battery advancements in history.

And it’s this very same lab that the $2 company spun out of.”

As for the management and the board:

“This includes the former CEO of the largest chemical company in the world…

A retired admiral from the U.S. Navy…

And even Dr. D’s own son is now the director of engineering at this $2 company.”

It had a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization:

“This is patent application No. 3069168 filed in the World Intellectual Property Organization.

And I believe this patent is the key for the whole process.”

And then…

“And this patent holds the rights to a revolutionary production method for those materials.

It’s a method that can make battery materials of the highest quality…

And it can make them cheaper…

Much more efficiently…

And with ZERO harmful waste.”

He said that it had partnerships with Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, Apple, and Microsoft, just to name a few.

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Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet 

Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet was another pitch centering on a breakout technology that he was saying would dramatically change people’s lives. Ray was telling his listeners that he learned about that tech from a private meeting that was attended by Elon Musk.

He was telling people that a small stake in the technology would deliver life-changing gains.

Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet 

The breakthrough he said Elon Musk was talking about was SpaceX’s Starlink project. It is a SpaceX project to put up thousands of low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites in orbit to provide universal internet access.

But, instead of talking up Starlink, he told us that he was interested in a similar project by Apple.

Ray Blanco told us that satellite internet would usher in a new era of the modern internet by delivering high-speed internet services to everyone.

Ray Blanco claims that a group of Apple engineers would reveal details about the project and that if you would take advantage of the situation, you could have made a lot of money.

But that wouldn’t be by investing in Apple shares. Instead, it would be by investing in the supplier companies that would be part of the Satellite project. Most of them were valued at $500 million or thereabouts.

Ray said that those small companies would sign lucrative deals to supply Apple with parts or services needed to launch those satellites.

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The Metaverse

Ray Blanco’s Metaverse pitch was to alert his followers to a new “trillion dollar trend” in the technology industry: “the metaverse.”

What Is Ray Blanco's #1 Stock For The Metaverse?

At the time, Facebook had just announced that it was changing its name to Meta Platforms (FB).

Ray Blanco said that the metaverse would generate trillions of dollars and disrupt the entire tech market. Ray isn’t the only one making these predictions as guru Jeff Brown predictions also included the Metaverse.

The metaverse is a platform that supports persistent online 3D virtual environments using personal computing and virtual reality and augmented reality headsets.

The concept of the metaverse has been around, even before Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company would be betting its future on it.

Mark Zuckerberg (The Metaverse)

When Mr. Zuckerberg announced the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, he demonstrated various possible future applications of the metaverse.

Ray Blanco felt that a majority of investors would miss out on the opportunity. He wanted his followers to take advantage of the trend to profit off of the trend.

Ray Blanco was recommending Epic Games, an American video game and software developer and publisher in Cary, North Carolina.

He was saying that Epic was developing a platform akin to the Metaverse and they had been working on it behind-the-scenes for years. And, when they finally rolled it out for early access it featured an engine that qualifies as a 3D platform that makes certain visual scenes so realistic.

He pointed out that early versions of this technology was already used to produce popular TV shows and movies like The Mandalorian, Westworld, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He speculated that top tech developers would soon begin using the 3D platform to “build the landscape of the Metaverse.”

The only problem with Epic Games was that it was a privately held company, which meant that you couldn’t just buy its shares. However, Tencent Holdings (TCEHY) held 48.4% of Epic Games and, Ray Blanco saw it as an alternative route to investing in the company.

Ray also saw Tencent as a holding that would give people exposure to its other cutting edge tech companies that it owns.

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Ray Blanco’s ICS Technology

In this presentation, Ray Blanco was talking about an investment opportunity that he felt investors could not afford to miss.

It was in the electric vehicle (EV) market and involved what he was referring to as Project I.C.S.

What Is ICS Technology (Ray Blanco Project I.C.S.)

Ray Blanco was touting Project I.C.S. as an important part of the mass adoption of Electric Vehicles. He said that it presented investors with the best chance of earning big gains as the EV market grows. It echo’s similar views covered in our Nomi Prins prediction post.

Ray Blanco said that one hinderance to the EV evolution was charging. He said that the availability of charging stations was stalling the revolution, preventing EVs from going “mainstream.”

I.C.S. was an acronym for “Interstate Charging System.”

Ray Blanco's ICS Technology (Project I.C.S.)

He was saying that “Project I.C.S.” was meant to solve the charging problem once and for all and make it possible for drivers to travel anywhere in America in electric cars without being concerned about lacking access to charging stations.

He also mentioned the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that had been passed in the Senate to allocate $7.5 billion to charging stations.

A key provision of the infrastructure bill was a large network of fast-charging EV stations

Ray Blanco said that companies that would be involved in such a project would double or triple in value in a few years due to the uptake of electric vehicles.

He described one such company that he kept referring to as a “top player of the game.” Here is how he described it in his pitch:

“… [It has been] the industry leader for nearly 15 years — getting started early and expanding their technology right alongside the fast-growing EV market.

They’ve been there from the beginning, in other words, and they’ve gained a MAJOR foothold in the industry.

Currently, they operate the largest network of charging stations in the world and have delivered over 90 million charging sessions to date.

This little-known company has already partnered with some of the world’s leading automakers — including names like Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo to name a few.

And if that weren’t enough, they’ve also partnered with a major leasing management firm to help power their entire fleet of 1.9 million electric vehicles.

On top of all that, their chargers can also integrate with Tesla models with an adapter.”

He was not talking about a tiny company that was just starting out. He was talking about a company that is already established but that hasn’t got name recognition. He said that it has partnered with some leading automakers and he wanted investors to get in on it.

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What We Should Expect From Ray Blanco in 2022

You can tell that Ray Blanco is big on technology companies. Tech companies have been popular among investors, particularly since they drove a market rally in 2020 and 2021.

2022 has been a challenging year for them as we’ve seen them lose value and it has been interesting to see how many analyst shift to other securities and sectors.

Ray Blanco has not shifted his perspective like other gurus who change their predictions along the way, and it is admirable.

In the past, we have seen him make similar-sounding predictions in presentations like Apple Fi “The 5G Killer”, ICS Technology “Project I.C.S.”, and Tesla’s Million Mile Battery. In each presentation, he typically predicts that a new discovery will rock the tech world and earn investors who act early a massive return.

Although he has made good calls in the past, it does not assure us that he will be right moving forward. Therefore, you should vet every recommendation he makes to ensure that it matches your investment strategy.

If 2022 is as eventful a year as 2020 and 2021 have been, we expect a jam-packed schedule from one of the most prolific investment analysts in the game. A lot of it will be in Technology Profits Daily and Breakthrough Technology Alert, his most popular newsletters.

We will be watching closely as he reveals his predictions and we will cover them as they come.

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Are Ray Blanco Predictions for 2022 Legit? [4 Revealed!] 10

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