9 Reasons You Need A Side Hustle

In today’s fast-paced world, achieving financial security and personal fulfillment can be challenging. That’s where a side hustle comes in – an additional source of income that lets you pursue your passions while boosting your bank account.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why having a side hustle is more important now than ever before and how it can improve not only your financial situation but also enrich your everyday life.

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9 Reasons You Need A Side Hustle 7

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9 Reasons Why You Need a Side Hustle

A side hustle is something you do to make money outside of your regular 9 to 5 job. Most people cannot pay the bills with just their regular income, especially if you’re just starting your career.

You can start a side hustle with the motivation of earning an extra $1,000 or $2,000 a month but there are other reasons you need a side hustle and in this piece, we will explore them.

Here are 9 reasons you need a side hustle:

Diversify Your Income and Increase Financial Security

Diversifying your income through a side hustle is an effective way to increase financial security and stability.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market, relying solely on one source of income from your full-time job to cater for your living expenses can leave you vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances such as layoffs or reduced hours. Thousands of workers at tech companies, for example, have been laid off as companies move to streamline operations or explore new directions, a trend that is expected to continue.

Diversify Your Income and Increase Financial Security

It is no surprise that when the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on some industries, such as travel and entertainment, many people who lost their jobs realized that they needed alternative sources of income. A 2022 survey revealed that 44% of Americans have a side hustle, up 13% from 2020.

The rising cost of living due to inflation (and a failure of wages to rise at the same rate) could have to do with this because it is undeniable that some people realized just how insecure having one source of income can be.

Therefore, having a side hustle is not as simple as giving you extra money because it also puts you in control of your own financial future.

Let’s consider two friends, Alex and Kelly. While both have stable day jobs, Alex decides to start offering their graphic design skills for freelance work in her spare time. As a result, Alex accumulates additional income and gains new experiences while maintaining job security from her primary career. On the other hand, Kelly relies solely on her full-time salary without exploring any side hustles or passive income opportunities. When they get laid off, Alex is able to land on her feet but Kelly struggles.

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Pay Off Debts and Achieve Financial Goals

One significant advantage of having a side hustle is that it enables you to pay off debts and achieve financial goals more quickly.

If you are like most people, you are in some form of personal debt. Whether it’s student loans, credit card debt, or a mortgage, these obligations may be weighing heavily on your mind and could be impacting your overall well-being.

reasons you need a side hustle

If you earn money through a side hustle, you can allocate these additional funds toward chipping away and eventually eliminating debt.

Aside from addressing existing financial commitments, side hustles offer a valuable opportunity for setting new financial milestones.

Using the earnings from a part-time gig or passion project enables you to build an emergency fund more rapidly or save up for major expenses such as home renovations or even vacations without solely relying on your primary job’s salary.

You may also choose to invest this extra money into retirement accounts, stock portfolios, or other wealth-building endeavors that will further improve your long-term financial security and stability.

You Get to Pursue Personal Interests and Hobbies

One significant advantage of having a side hustle is the opportunity to pursue personal interests and hobbies that might not align with your day job.

When you engage in a passion project or creative outlet, it allows you to cultivate skills and explore areas outside of your primary income source.

side hustle enables you to pursue personal interests and hobbies that might not align with your day job

Not only does this kind of side hustle provide personal satisfaction, but it can also contribute positively to your everyday life by reducing stress and offering a much-needed break from regular job responsibilities.

Many successful entrepreneurs have even transformed their once-small-time passion projects into thriving businesses that ultimately replace their full-time careers.

You Get To Build Professional Skills and Experience

A side hustle can be an excellent opportunity to build professional skills and gain valuable experience outside your primary job. For example, if you are an IT professional and you pursue side hustle opportunities where you get to do more IT-related stuff, you will increase your knowledge and that will inevitably make you better at your job.

Whether you’re freelancing or starting a small business, having a side hustle offers endless possibilities for growth and learning. If you’re freelancing, you’ll develop a portfolio of work that you can use to showcase your skills to potential employers. This can help you land higher-paying jobs or advance in your current job.

Moreover, running a successful side hustle requires discipline, time management, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities; all are crucial qualities that employers look out for when hiring.

Many entrepreneurs started their businesses as side hustles and learned practical lessons about how to manage finances, market products, and services effectively, network efficiently with potential clients or partners, and improve customer service delivery and communication skills among others that set them up for success in their full-time careers later on.

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It Offers Flexibility

When you have a side hustle, you have the ability to shape your own schedule and working arrangements. Starting a side hustle can give you the flexibility and control that you may not have in your current job. With a side hustle, you can work on your own schedule, have complete control over your work, and be your own boss.

Whether it’s freelancing or running an online business, having a side gig means having complete control over when and where you work.

This kind of flexibility can be particularly helpful if you have other commitments like childcare or caring for a loved one.

With more control over how much time and effort you put into your side hustle, you’ll be able to balance work and life better than ever before. Having this extra source of income allows for more financial peace of mind as well as being able to take on new opportunities such as travel or furthering education which can significantly enrich everyday life.

You are Your Own Boss

When you start a side hustle, you become your own boss. This means you are responsible for finding clients, managing your workload, and delivering quality work.

Being your own boss can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. You have the freedom to make your own decisions and the satisfaction of knowing you are building something of your own.

When you start a side hustle, you become your own boss

You have complete control over your work. You can choose the type of work you want to do, set your own rates, and decide which clients to work with. This level of control means that you can work on projects that you enjoy and that align with your values.

You can work as much or as little as you want during your free time, depending on your financial goals. If you need to earn more money, you can take on more work. If you want to focus on other areas of your personal life, you can scale back your work.

It Gives You a Sense of Fulfillment and Purpose

Aside from financial benefits, having a side hustle builds on your own sense of fulfillment and purpose. Pursuing something you’re passionate about or working on projects that align with your values can give meaning to your life beyond just earning money.

Whether you are starting an online business promoting sustainable products, teaching a skill through tutoring or coaching, or building furniture as a hobby and selling them for extra income, having a side hustle can provide personal satisfaction and contribute to your overall happiness.

It’s also an opportunity for personal growth and development when you expand your network, learn new skills, take on creative challenges, and strengthen your work ethic.

It Reduces Stress and Improves Mental Health

One of the most important benefits of having a side hustle is that it can help reduce stress and improve mental health. For many people, their day job may not be fulfilling or challenging enough, leading to feelings of boredom and anxiety.

Networking and Community Building

Another valuable benefit of having a side hustle is the opportunity for networking and community building. Your side gig can connect you with like-minded individuals, potential customers or clients, and other industry professionals.

running side hustle is an opportunity for networking and community building

Networking also provides the chance to learn from other’s experiences and gain insights into industry trends. Whether you’re starting a freelance writing business or launching an e-commerce store, connecting with people who have been there before can help you avoid common pitfalls and make more informed decisions about your venture.

Being part of a supportive community is great for your mental health because other people can provide you with motivation and encouragement when the going gets tough.

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Types of Side Hustles

There are several types of side hustles to consider, including:

  • Freelancing and consulting
  • Online businesses and e-commerce
  • Part-time jobs and the gig economy
  • Entrepreneurship and small business ventures
  • Pursuing passion projects and creative outlets.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Freelancing and Consulting

One of the most common types of side hustles is freelancing and consulting. This involves offering your skills and expertise to clients on a project basis. Freelancers can work in various fields such as writing, design, marketing, software development, or accounting.

Freelancing and Consulting

To find work, you typically have to go to sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

One benefit of freelancing is that you have complete control over your workload and schedule. You can choose which projects to take on based on availability and interest.

Additionally, freelancing allows you to develop new skills and build relationships with clients that may become long-term partners.

Online Businesses and E-commerce

One type of side hustle that has exploded in popularity in recent years is online businesses and e-commerce. With the rise of technology and internet access, it has become easier than ever to start your own business and sell products or services online.

This can range from selling handmade crafts and digital products on Etsy to starting your own dropshipping store on Shopify. Online Businesses and E-commerce

Dropshipping is quickly becoming a popular business idea because you don’t need to manage inventory. Your supplier handles storage and shipping for you while you focus on branding and marketing your products.

One major advantage of having an online business or e-commerce side hustle is the ability to reach a global audience without geographical restrictions. You can also work from home or anywhere with internet access, giving you more flexibility and control over your schedule.

Plus, there are many resources available online to help you get started, including tutorials, webinars, and social media platforms for marketing your business.

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Part-Time Jobs and The Gig Economy

Part-time jobs and the gig economy are great options for those who want to earn extra money without committing to a full-time schedule. These types of side hustles often provide flexible hours, making it easier to balance work with other responsibilities.

Common part-time jobs include retail, food service, and customer service roles.

One advantage of doing something like a part-time job is the accessibility – you require relatively little money and time investment upfront compared to starting a business from scratch. They can also be an excellent way to gain new skills or test out potential career paths without leaving your day job entirely.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Starting your own business or entrepreneurship is another type of side hustle that can be both fulfilling and profitable. This option allows you to create something from scratch, turn a passion project into a revenue stream, or offer services that you’re skilled at.

Some examples of successful small businesses include opening a store, selling handmade crafts at garage sales, selling products at a farmers market, and other similar business ideas. The possibilities are endless depending on your interests and skill sets.

Passion Projects And Creative Outlets

You can pursue a passion project or tap into your creativity for a side job. This includes things like creating websites or apps for clients as a developer or designer, creating artwork that you then sell to people in a print-on-demand business, and other similar ideas.

As we saw earlier, having a side hustle that aligns with your passion can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Pursuing a creative outlet or hobby outside of your day job can bring balance to your life and allow you to explore new talents and interests.

The added bonus of having a passion project as a side hustle is that it doesn’t always feel like work. You’re able to tap into your creative muscles without feeling the pressure of meeting strict deadlines or following specific guidelines set by an employer.

Additionally, the personal fulfillment received from pursuing something you enjoy can boost mental health and overall well-being.


If you’re like most people, you probably have a full-time job that pays the bills. But as we have seen, you could earn extra income on the side. A side hustle is a great way to do just that.

There are plenty of other reasons why you need a side hustle in your life beyond making extra money, including having more control over your financial situation, pursuing personal interests and passions, gaining new skills and experiences, being your own boss, and improving your mental health, just to mention a few.

Perhaps you have a passion project you’d like to pursue, but you can’t afford to quit your day job. Or maybe you’re looking to pay off debt or save up for a big purchase. Whatever your reason, a side hustle can help you achieve your goals.

With so many side hustle options available, from freelancing to entrepreneurship to creative passion projects, it’s easier than ever to start a side hustle that fits into your lifestyle and goals.

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9 Reasons You Need A Side Hustle 7

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