Is Charles Mizrahi’s SOE Investment Legit?

Charles Mizrahi's SOE Pitch

Welcome to my review of Charles Mizrahi’s SOE Pitch. I recently received an email invitation to check out the presentation and was curious to find out what they meant by “SoE.” So I watched the video and put together this review to give you an insight into what Charles is talking about. He talks about …

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What Is The Greatest Money Revolution of All Time? [Martin Weiss]

The Greatest Money Revolution of All Time

Welcome to my review of a presentation by Martin Weiss titled The Greatest Money Revolution of All Time. The premise of the presentation is that since Bitcoin has successfully grown to almost $1 trillion, investing in cryptocurrencies is the next most sensible investment and Martin has a few suggestions on how to go about it. …

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Is The Socialism Survival Guide Legit? [Ron Paul]

The Socialism Survival Guide

When Stansberry Research released a presentation with the title Dr. Ron Paul’s Stimulus Warning for Every American, they were banking on the former congressman’s appeal. The Socialism Survival Guide, as you may also call the presentation is about the economic impact of the policies put in place by the federal government to deal with the pandemic. …

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What Are Teeka Tiwari Untouchable Stocks? [The Pivot]

Teeka Tiwari Untouchable Stocks

Looking for a review of Teeka Tiwari Untouchable Stocks presentation? In a pitch he did titled “The Pivot,” Tiwari talks about unique investments that high net worth individuals on Wall Street are moving their money into to stave off the effects of a possible recession. In this article, we examine what Tiwari was referring to …

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Is The Four Step Profit Formula Legit?

The Four Step Profit Formula

The Four Step Profit Formula is the title of an event that featured Andrew Keene. Hosted by Gabriel Oropollo, the director of client relations at Money Map Press, the event was about Keene’s new investment strategy that he says has the potential to earn you big returns as it has already recorded an average gain of …

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Is The $33 Trillion Rally by Ted Bauman Legit?

The $33 Trillion Rally

Have you encountered a presentation by Ted Bauman about “The $33 Trillion Rally” and can’t decide what to make of it? I recently received an email invitation to the event and at first glance, it is about an investment that apparently has been on a tear for 100 months straight. It could hit new all-time …

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Is Teeka Tiwari’s The Super Halving Summit Legit?

Teeka Tiwari's The Super Halving

Welcome to my review of Teeka Tiwari’s The Super Halving summit. The Super Halving summit has been getting a lot of attention because Teeka Tiwari will talk about cryptocurrencies and how he expects the market to pan out now that a lot of investors are going all in on digital assets. He also talks about …

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What Is Navellier’s Investment of The Decade Pitch?

Louis Navellier's Investment of The Decade

Welcome to my review of Louis Navellier’s Investment of The Decade. It is a presentation by Navellier about what he considers as the #1 tech investment of the decade. According to him, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are racing to get in on a new tech that has kick-started a $150 trillion investment opportunity. In this …

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Is Angel Investing Unlocked Legit? [Jason Williams Pitch]

Angel Investing Unlocked

Angel Publishing released a pitch with the title Angel Investing Unlocked. Hosted by a former Morgan Stanley banker, it is about how anyone can easily invest in red-hot companies before they hit the stock market (or go public). These tiny investments can potentially earn you outsized returns. If you’d like to find out what this …

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