What Is “The SpaceX Killer” Stock? [Jason Simpkins]

The SpaceX Killer

The Outsider Club, an independent financial publishing company, has been promoting a pitch by one of their editors (Jason Simpkins) titled “The SpaceX Killer.” Jason Simpkins believes that since one of SpaceX’s cofounder just left Elon Musk to work for a tiny company, he must have seen something ominous. Jason says that the tiny company …

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Is Jeff Brown’s ‘American Exodus’ Pitch Legit?

Jeff Brown's American Exodus

Jeff Brown’s American Exodus pitch is the latest from the well-known tech analyst. Jeff Brown talks about a shocking new trend that has led to the biggest money migration in US history – worth up to $40 trillion. Jeff is even confident that this new trend can create a completely new class of millionaires. Let’s …

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Is Stealth Trades by Ross Givens Legit?

Stealth Trades

Ross Givens’ Stealth Trades presentation is all about a trading strategy that is based on following the money (volume trading). Ross talks about how you can make money by predicting and taking advantage of the anonymous trading that often precedes every major stock move in the market. He claims to have developed a “Stealth Trades” …

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Is The American Crypto Summit Legit? [John Burke & Teeka Tiwari]

American Crypto Summit

The American Crypto Summit is an event hosted by John Burke featuring Palm Beach Research Group’s Teeka Tiwari. The discussion centers on an investment opportunity in the crypto space that Tiwari believes could become the most profitable in the history of the cryptoverse. He says that this massive opportunity is one month away and calls …

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Is Ian King’s EV Revolution Company Legit? [1150% Revolution]

Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

Welcome to my review of Ian King’s presentation about “The 1,150% EV Revolution” in which he talks about the Electric Vehicle industry. According to him, the EV industry is expected to surge 21x by the next decade. Considering the future potential of this industry, Ian King has found an excellent investment opportunity; one tiny company …

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What is Biotech’s 100 Year Flood? [Keith Kohl]

Biotech's 100 Year Flood

Keith Kohl’s “Biotech’s 100 Year Flood” presentation has been getting a lot of attention, but what is it all about? Keith claims that we are about to see an unprecedented increase in the approval of essential treatments by the FDA and that there will be biotech stocks that could go up by 2,375% or more …

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Is Profit Greenlight Legit? [Keith Kaplan]

Profit Greenlight

Welcome to my review of Profit Greenlight by Keith Kaplan. It is an investment strategy that he claims can help you earn up to an additional 1,000% on stocks that you already own. In this Project Greenlight review, I will walk you through everything we know about the investment strategy including how it works. Towards …

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Is Jeff Brown’s iCar Company Legit? [RIP Tesla Pitch]

Jeff Brown iCar

A presentation Jeff Brown did recently titled “iCar” or “November 19, 2021: R.I.P. Tesla” has been getting a lot of attention. It is about the electric vehicle industry and the fact that Apple could make its entry into the industry with a new car — “the iCar” — and send one tiny company on a …

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What is 10x Tech Angels? [Grant Cardone & Jared Yellin]

10X Tech Angels

Welcome to my review of 10x Tech Angels. 10x Tech Angels is a platform created by Grant Cardone and Jared Yellin help investors find tech startups to invest in.  In this 10X Tech Angels review, you find out how this platform works, what you get when you join, and whether it is any good. Before …

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