Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program: Legit Payouts?

Amazon's Secret Royalty Program

Brad Thomas of Wide Moat Research recently released a presentation where he talks about an opportunity to make money by investing in what he calls “Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program.” He says that Wall Street billionaires have been making money off of the program and an SEC filing revealed they are once again set to get …

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Luke Lango’s Area 52 Stock: Legit Quantum Investment?

Area 52

Luke Lango’s new pitch is all about “the world’s first quadrillion-dollar technology inside of… Area 52.” Now before you make a correlation with the infamous Area 51 and start getting excited about the possibility of alien technology, Luke makes it clear that it has nothing to do with alien civilizations, spaceships, or any of that …

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Enrique Abeyta’s ChatGPT Stock Prediction Exposed?


With ChatGPT getting a lot of attention in the past few months, Enrique Abeyta decided to share his thoughts on its development and talk about what he considers his #1 ChatGPT Stock for 2023. I attended the webinar and in it, Enrique talks about the impact ChatGPT will have not just on the economy and …

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PVAB Stock: Legit Energy Technology?


Wondering what the PVAB Stock is that Michael Robinson has been pitching? Robinson an investment analyst known for his financial predictions within the tech sector, used his most recent pitch to generate hype for a new phenomenon he’s calling PVAB. According to Michael, PVAB technology is going to usher in a $173 trillion global reset, …

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What is Nomi Prins Dollar Endgame?

Dollar endgame Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins’ new presentation titled “Exposed: Dollar Endgame” has been getting a lot of attention in the financial services community because the former Wall Street insider turned investigative journalist has been warning people about a possible Dollar crisis. In the header, she warns, “if you have more than $2,500 in savings or stocks, YOU MUST …

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Mason Sexton Prediction: The Prophecy Legit? [Buck Sexton]

Mason Sexton Prediction The Prophecy Legit

Wondering what Mason Sexton Prediction aka “The Prophecy” is all about? “The Prophecy,” a webinar hosted by Sexton’s dad, Mason Speed Sexton, is an event that has been getting a lot of attention and was even previewed on the popular Clay and Buck show. Mason Sexton intends to use the event to lay out his …

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What Is TriFuel-238 & How To Invest In It?

TriFuel 238

Wondering what Trifuel-238 stock is and how to invest? Keith Kohl, who writes for Angel Publishing, has been promoting his latest moneymaking ideas through a pitch titled TriFuel-238. He claims that it is about America’s next energy revolution centering on a quantum leap technology (nuclear power) and a company that could help early investors make …

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What is Nomi Prins Power Shift 2023? [The Next Exxon]

Nomi Prins Power Shift 2023.

Nomi Prins recently hosted a presentation titled “Power Shift 2023” and its premise was that there are investments that are normally out of reach for ordinary folks that the “elite” investors keep to themselves. We sat through the presentation and put together this review dissecting what Nomi Prins is talking about and the investment opportunities …

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Joel Litman Predictions & Warning 2023 Exposed

Joel Litman Prediction

Today, we will be looking at Joel Litman Predictions and warning about the state of the market as well as his views on how you can take advantage of new wealth opportunities to make a lot of money. To be precise, he talks about a July 25th Gov’t disclosure about natural gas that could make …

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AI Predictive Power Event: Tradesmith An-E Legit?


Today, we will be taking a look at The AI Predictive Power Event aka a pitch for Tradesmith An-E.  I have recently received an email invitation from TradeSmith inviting me to review the event so I decided to look into it. After doing my research into what Keith has been focusing on, I put this …

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