Is Eric Fry’s AI Wars Summit 2024 Legit?

Is Eric Fry's AI Wars Summit 2024 Legit? 1

In a recent strategic call, Eric Fry, renowned for his accurate market predictions, has ignited a conversation around the impending “A.I. Wars of 2024.”  Fry emphasizes the significance of a February 1st deadline tied to Federal Law 117-167, suggesting that this will be a crucial turning point for the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. In this …

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What is Eric Fry’s AI Code Red Warning?

AI Code Red Eric Fry

Eric Fry, an editor at InvestorPlace, recently did a presentation called “AI Code Red.” Inside, he says that he has an urgent announcement concerning the market boom being caused by AI. He believes he is uniquely qualified because he has successfully predicted 4 major market crashes over the past 23 years. Let us take a …

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What is James Altucher’s AI 2.0 Wealth Window Stock?

Altucher AI 2.0 Wealth Window

James Altucher’s new pitch is about what he calls “AI 2.0”, which he says will open a brief “wealth window” that will allow American investors to make money amid a $15,700,000,000,000 AI Boom. He claims that AI 2.0 will be a 10X bigger boon than the crypto boom and he has three wealth-building strategies to …

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What are Colin Tedards 3 Amazons of AI Stocks? [AI 2.0]

Colin Tedards The Great AI Lie

Wondering what Colin Tedards 3 Amazon of AI Stocks could be? Colin Tedards (chief analyst at Brownstone Research) released his latest presentation talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). You may have seen it titled “Welcome to AI 2.0” or “The Great AI Lie.” Colin figures as AIs grow more advanced and new models become more widely …

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What is Teeka Tiwari Freedom 2024? [Top 6 Income Coins]

Teeka Tiwari Freedom 2024

Teeka Tiwari Freedom 2024 is his latest iteration of the “Freedom” event where he makes a prediction for the year and shares investment opportunities. In Freedom 2024, his pitch is centered on six income coins that he claims will enable investors to realize their financial aspirations or what he calls “Freedom Number.” Let’s dissect Teeka Tiwari’s …

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AI Earnings Predictor Summit – Legit?

AI Earnings Predictor Summit

Welcome to my review of the AI Earnings Predictor Summit. The AI Earnings Predictor Summit features Landon Swan (hosted by Louis Navellier) and in it, they focus on Artificial Intelligence’s utility as a predictive tool. Landon has developed an AI-based program that he claims enables him to make better trade moves and he reveals all …

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Phil Anderson Predictions & Stock Picks Legit? [2024 Forecast]

Phil Anderson prediction

Phil Anderson recently did a presentation dubbed “The Market’s Whisperer 2024 Forecast” for the publishing firm, Rogue Economics, talking about his predictions going into 2024. We sat through the pitch the whole way through and did more research into his past and we put together our findings in this piece. With that out of the …

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What is Nomi Prins Number One AI Investment Pick?

What is Nomi Prins Number One AI Investment Pick

Nomi Prins recently unveiled a compelling presentation termed ‘Unfair AI Advantage Exposed,’ where she unveils her number one AI investment. She also sheds light on the intricate web of advantage and insight enjoyed by Washington and Wall Street insiders in the realm of AI-driven investments. In this article, we delve deeper into the revelations brought …

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What is the Secret AI Tollbooth Stock? [Jason Williams]

Secret AI Tollbooth

Jason Williams recently did a presentation talking about a “Secret AI Tollbooth” that has a stake in the AI trend because major AI platforms including ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Bing have no choice but to pay it a monthly “toll” to ensure their dominance. Jason says that he has found a way to make money by …

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What is Elon Musk’s Final Move? [The No.1 AI Stock]

Elon's Final Move

In a recent presentation that has sent ripples through the financial newsletter community, Colin Tedards unveiled what he deems “The Incredible AI Story No One’s Telling: Elon’s Final Move.” With Elon Musk’s groundbreaking ventures consistently capturing global attention, Tedards claims that Musk’s latest foray into artificial intelligence has the potential to create ten times the …

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