Carbon Web – $11.7 Trillion Carbon Web Legit? [Review]

bold headline of the Carbon Web promotion

Wondering what the $11.7 Trillion Carbon Web is all about? I recently discovered this new presentation from James Altucher which makes bold claims like being the $1 million code and allowing anyone to tap into an $11.7 Trillion Carbon Web. These claims are big but what’s really going on here? Keep reading below as I …

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Is David Fessler 5G “Linchpin Stock” The Next Tech Giant?

$5 tech stock website

Wondering if the Linchpin Device 5G stock is really the next tech giant? Can the small cap stock really hand you 24 times your money? I recently received an email about this small cap Tech Stock (formerly $5 Stock and later a $7 stock) from David Fessler and he was claiming it could 24x my money. …

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100% or More Every Month – Is The Quick Hit Strategy Legit?

100% or more every month quick hit strategy

Looking for a review of the  presentation? The 100% of More Every Month presentation is from Matt Badiali about his Quick Hit Strategy! The claims of making 100% or more every month certainly sound good but are they legit? Keep reading below as I’m sharing all the details in my review! Before I start… If …

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Apex Profit Summit – Is It Legit? [Honest Review]

apex profit summit website

Wondering what the  is and whether it’s legit? I recently got invited to the Apex Profit Summit from Matt Badiali after receiving an email promotion. The Apex Profit Summit certainly sounds interesting but can we trust it? To find out I’ve put together an honest review. Keep reading to get all the details! Before I …

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Jason Stutman’s “Project Greenlight” Investment Legit?

project greenlight website

Looking for reviews of Jason Stutman’s Project Greenlight investment? Project Greenlight is a new presentation about a breakthrough investment that has the power to turn $2,500 into $193,800. That sounds amazing but how do we know if Jason Stutman’s pitch is legit? I’ve reviewed 100’s of programs just like this so I know what works …

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Wealth Supercycle – Is The Convergence Presentation Legit?

wealth supercycle convergence website

Wondering what is all about? As per usual I received a promotional email about Wealth Supercycle which is why I am sharing this review today. Wealth Supercycle is about a global financial crises and how you can profit from it. Keep reading below as I’m sharing all the details in my honest review. Before I …

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$50 Venture Capitalist – Is Kevin Harrington Ad Legit? [Review]

$50 venture capitalist website

What is the  ad all about? I recently received an email promotion that took me to the $50 Venture Capitalist sales pitch. Kevin Harrington appeared on the ad who is a well known entrepreneur from Shark Tank. Keep reading below as I’m sharing all the details on the $50 Venture Capitalist! Before I start… If …

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Penny Contracts – Is Rapid Riches Blueprint Legit? [Review]

penny contracts website

Looking for a review of  from Alan Knuckman? I recently discovered Penny Contracts after receiving an email about them. Penny Contracts claim to be a new way of making money in 2020 from the stock market but without buying stocks in the traditional way. How do they really work though and can you trust Alan …

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Silicon Valley’s Next Money Making Move – Legit Stock? [Review]

silicon valley's next money making move website

Watched the  presentation and wondering what it’s all about? I recently watched this presentation from Paul Mampilly and decided to share the details. If you’re looking for a review, simply wondering what it’s all about and whether it’s legit you’re in the right place. Keep reading below as I share all the details on Paul …

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