Side Hustle For A Veterinarian: 21 Ideas For 2023

Welcome to the world of side hustles, where even veterinarians can benefit from finding creative and lucrative ways to earn extra income.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of having a side hustle in today’s ever-changing veterinary industry and share the top side hustles for veterinarians that are both enjoyable and rewarding.

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Side Hustle For A Veterinarian: 21 Ideas For 2023 13

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Top Side Hustles For Veterinarians

As a veterinarian, you can start a side hustle to make more money to cover your expenses, pay off debt, and enhance your career.

Side hustle for a veterinarian

In this piece, we explore some top side hustles for veterinarians, including pet sitting and dog walking, offering online consultations, starting a pet care blog or writing an e book, teaching animal care courses, and more:

Pet Sitting And Dog Walking

One of the most popular side hustle for a veterinarian is pet sitting and dog walking through platforms like Rover.

(We have a comprehensive guide to starting a dog walking side hustle, for more details)

While you don’t have to be a professional and licensed veterinarian to work as a pet sitter or a dog walker, it might be a wonderful change of pace while still enabling you to be near animals.

As a veterinarian, you already have experience with different animals and can easily offer your services to a pet owner in need. Your clients will be more inclined to suggest you to their friends if they know you’re reliable and trustworthy.

You can earn extra cash by caring for pets while their owners are away or taking them on walks during your free time.

Offering Online Consultations

One great way for veterinarians to earn extra cash is by offering online consultations. With the rise of telemedicine, offering virtual consultations can save pet owners time and money while also providing veterinary professionals with an additional source of income.

Many pet owners prefer the convenience and accessibility of virtual consultations, especially for minor issues or follow-up appointments. Online consultations may involve video calls, messaging, or email correspondence.

Ensure that you have the necessary technology and software to conduct secure and effective consultations virtually. Consider specializing in a particular area or niche within veterinary medicine, such as behavior consultation or nutrition coaching.

Determine your rates based on the length and complexity of each consultation session. Advertise your online consultation services on social media, websites, and other platforms to attract potential clients.

By offering online consultations, veterinarians can expand their client base beyond their local area and provide convenient services for pet owners. This side hustle has significant earning potential and can be a rewarding way to utilize your expertise in veterinary medicine.

Starting A Mobile Vaccination Service

Another excellent side gig opportunity for veterinarians is starting a mobile vaccination service or a vaccine clinic.Side Hustle for a Veterinarian

This type of service can be particularly advantageous in areas where access to veterinary care is limited or during peak seasons when pet owners have trouble finding appointments.

You can travel to the client’s location with all necessary equipment and administer vaccinations, which saves pet owners time and convenience.

In addition, many owners of pets prefer this option because it reduces stress on their pets by eliminating the need to travel to a traditional veterinary clinic.

Writing An Ebook Or Starting A Pet Care Blog

One excellent side hustle for veterinarians is writing an ebook or starting a pet care blog. This provides a creative outlet and allows you to share your knowledge of different animals with the public.

It also creates an opportunity to earn extra money through advertising or selling your ebook online. Many veterinarians have already started successful blogs, YouTube channels, and social media accounts where they offer helpful tips on animal care to millions of followers around the world.

By offering unique insights from your veterinary education and experience, you can help garner enough traffic on your website/blog/platforms as potential customers gravitate towards products being promoted by these prominent figures in the industry (pet stores, vaccine clinics).

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Teaching Or Tutoring Animal Care Courses

Veterinarians can use their knowledge and skills to teach or tutor animal care courses (read our guide on creating an online course). This side hustle opportunity allows you to share your expertise and earn extra money. Here are some ways veterinarians can teach or tutor:

  1. Develop online courses on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.
  2. Offer one-on-one tutoring for high school or college students studying veterinary medicine.
  3. Create workshops for pet owners on topics like pet first aid or nutrition.
  4. Partner with local animal shelters to offer training classes for new pet owners.
  5. Develop and teach continuing education courses for veterinary technicians.

Teaching or tutoring animal care courses not only provides a way to earn extra money but also allows veterinarians to give back to the community by sharing their knowledge and helping others care for their pets properly.

Providing Veterinary Assistant Services

Another excellent side gig for veterinarians is providing veterinary assistant services.

This could involve working part-time at a local veterinary clinic or offering your services to owners of pets who need assistance with their pets.

As a veterinarian, you have unique skills that can be invaluable in the field of animal care.

In addition to earning extra money, providing veterinary assistant services allows you to stay current with the latest techniques and technologies in the field of animal care, which is crucial for any veterinarian looking to advance their career.

You may also discover new opportunities for growth and development by working alongside other professionals in the industry.


Investing in the markets isn’t a pet-related side business, but it’s still a terrific choice. As a veterinarian, your compensation is most likely above average. If you have any spare cash to invest, dividends might provide you with passive income.

Investing in dividend stocks is one of the greatest opportunities. Many large, well-established organizations have a lengthy history of paying dividends to shareholders.

If you own stock in these firms, you can reinvest the dividends or cash them out. It is feasible to develop a dividend stock portfolio that generates dividend income each quarter over time.

Public is a user-friendly website that provides commission-free stock and fund trading. In keeping with their subject of dividend stock investment, they also provide a list of businesses that distribute dividends to shareholders. This might offer you some suggestions for businesses you might want to think about for investment.

Becoming A Social Media Influencer

Growing a social media following can be an excellent way for veterinarians to build their reputation and earn extra money. Here are some tips to become a successful social media influencer:

Choose the right platform

You should choose the platform that best suits your personality, interests, and target audience. Instagram and Tiktok are great platforms for sharing pet-related content.

Create engaging content

Share interesting and informative posts about animal care, highlight success stories, and give tips on pet health issues. Use high-quality images or videos that capture the attention of your audience.

Engage with your followers

Respond to comments, answer questions, and create polls or surveys to get feedback from your followers.

Collaborate with brands

Reach out to brands that align with your values and niche in the veterinary industry for sponsored posts or product reviews.

Attend events

Attend local animal-related events or conferences to network with other professionals in the industry and grow your audience.

By becoming a social media influencer, veterinarians can expand their reach, connect with other animal lovers, and generate extra cash through sponsorships and partnerships with brands.

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Offering Pet Grooming Or Massage Therapy Services

Another great side gig for veterinarians is offering pet grooming or massage therapy services. Many pet owners prefer a veterinarian to provide these services, as they trust your professional and compassionate approach to animal care.

Side Hustle For A Veterinarian: 21 Ideas For 2023 14

With some basic training in grooming and massage techniques, veterinarians can easily offer these services from the comfort of their own home or travel to clients’ homes.

By charging competitive rates and providing top-notch service, veterinarians can quickly acquire new customers and become well-known within their communities.

Starting A Pet Food Delivery Service

Starting a pet food delivery service is an excellent side gig option for veterinarians who are passionate about animals and want to earn extra income. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Determine your niche: Decide on the type of pet food you will offer, whether it’s organic, raw, or locally sourced.
  • Research local regulations: Make sure you have all the necessary licenses and permits to operate a food for pets delivery service in your area.
  • Choose reliable suppliers: Partner with reputable suppliers who can provide high-quality pet food at a reasonable price.
  • Set up an online store: Create an e-commerce website where customers can place orders and schedule deliveries.
  • Develop a delivery strategy: Decide on your delivery radius, pricing, and schedule. Consider offering subscription options for regular customers.
  • Market your business: Use social media and local advertising to promote your services to potential customers. Emphasize the benefits of premium-quality food delivered straight to their door.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Respond promptly to customer inquiries and ensure timely deliveries. Build relationships with your clients through personalized service and follow-up.

By starting a pet food delivery service, veterinarians can not only earn extra income but also provide a valuable service to their local community while pursuing their passion for animal care.

Start a podcast

With sponsorships, advertisements, and affiliate marketing, you may earn money while spreading your love of animals to the world.

Starting and expanding a podcast, like launching a blog or YouTube channel, takes time and is suitable for people seeking for a long-term side hustle or online company.

It might also be excellent if you’re nearing retirement and seeking for something to keep you active while also allowing you to earn some money when you retire.

Although starting a podcast may seem difficult, it’s really not that difficult. Simple audio editing software and a laptop with a built-in microphone are all you need. Even better, tell your clients about your podcast to start spreading the word.

Also, you will have an advantage over other podcasting pet owners who lack the same credentials since you are a licensed veterinarian.

Creating A Pet Photography Business

If you have a passion for photography and animals, starting a pet photography business can be an excellent side hustle for veterinarians to make more money. Here are some tips to get started with your photography side hustle:

  • Build your portfolio by taking photos of your own pets or offering free sessions to friends and family with pets.
  • Invest in quality equipment, such as a camera with a fast shutter speed and good lighting equipment.
  • Offer different packages, such as outdoor or indoor sessions, themed shoots or holiday specials.
  • Promote your services on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.
  • Consider partnering with local pet stores or veterinary offices to offer your services to their clients.
  • Attend pet events and shows to network and showcase your work.
  • Offer additional products such as prints, canvases, or photo albums to increase revenue.

With the growing number of pet owners willing to spend money on high-quality photographs of their furry friends, a pet photography business can be a lucrative side hustle for veterinarians looking to supplement their full-time job income.

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Selling Handmade Pet Products On Etsy

Selling handmade pet products on Etsy is a creative way for veterinarians to earn side income while expressing their love for animals. Here are a few ideas for handmade pet products that can be sold on Etsy:

  • Pet accessories like bandanas, collars, and leashes
  • Hand-knit or crocheted blankets and sweaters for pets
  • Personalized pet tags with the pet’s name and owner’s contact information
  • Homemade dog treats and catnip toys
  • Unique cat scratchers made from recycled materials and decorative pillows featuring animal prints or embroidered designs
  • Hand-painted portraits of pets or custom pet caricatures and stylish tote bags or backpacks designed specifically for carrying pet supplies

Selling handmade pet products on Etsy is an excellent way to tap into the growing market of online shoppers looking for unique and personalized items for their furry friends.

Running an Etsy shop is one of many side hustles available to veterinarians seeking extra income outside their full-time job in the veterinary industry.

With the potential to reach millions of people worldwide, vets can earn significant amounts of money by selling their handmade products on various platforms like Etsy.

By creating niche and high-quality handmade products, veterinarians can attract potential customers who share the same passion for animals, making sales via Etsy a win-win situation financially & creatively!

Offering Online Surveys Or Focus Groups For Pet Products

If you want to make some extra cash as a veterinarian, consider offering online surveys or focus groups for pet products. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Research companies that specialize in conducting market research for the pet industry, such as Pet Marketing Unleashed and Pawsible Marketing.
  • Sign up as a panelist on these websites to receive notifications about upcoming surveys or focus groups.
  • Participate in online surveys or virtual focus groups when invited, and provide valuable feedback on new pet products.
  • Get paid for your time and opinions, often in the form of gift cards or cash.

By offering your expertise as a veterinarian to help improve pet products, you can earn some extra cash while also contributing to the industry. Additionally, participating in these opportunities can give you insight into emerging trends and consumer preferences within the pet industry.

Pet Poison Helpline

You may take calls for the Poison Helpline if you’re searching for a side gig that directly benefits animals.

Side Hustle For A Veterinarian: 21 Ideas For 2023 15

As a vet, you are eligible for this part-time position in animal care since it is a service provided to pet owners who believe their animal has been poisoned. This work involves some training because you’ll need to be able to analyze a problem fast and provide suggestions on what to do next.

Nonetheless, it may be a highly satisfying way to help pet owners in their time of need. It is also a very vital position for animal welfare.


Breeding may be a profitable side job, but it will take a lot of time and money to get started. If breeding animals is something you’re interested in, you should learn on the procedure and the issues involved.

In addition to shelter and food for the animals, you’ll need to choose a suitable site for your breeding business. Also, you’ll need to discover trustworthy purchasers for your animals.


You may start an online store selling pet supplies if you’re looking for a more active side business. Anything from pet food and toys to clothing and accessories might fall under this category.

You must decide on a platform to create your own business before you can begin. Shopify is a prominent e-commerce platform. After building your store, you must add items and launch a marketing campaign.

There are numerous routes you may take, but starting a private label brand is a popular one. Finding a manufacturer to produce goods with your trademark is necessary for this. You don’t have to manage any of the production yourself if you want to create your own product line.

You might sell your goods on Amazon in addition to your own website. You may reach millions of prospective consumers by selling on Amazon, but it comes with costs that reduce your profit margin.

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The Importance Of A Side Hustle For Veterinarians

Veterinarians face challenges such as low starting salaries, high student loan debt, and unpredictable income, making a side hustle an essential way to supplement their earnings and attain financial stability.

Low Starting Salaries

Low starting salaries in the veterinary industry is a common challenge faced by newly minted veterinarians.

After spending years in veterinary school studying and training to become skilled professionals, many graduates find themselves facing entry-level positions that pay significantly less than comparable careers in other fields.

For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an entry-level veterinarian can expect to earn an average annual salary of around $60,000 to $70,000.

Apart from the obvious income disparity with other medical professions, young veterinarians must also handle large amounts of student loan debt collected throughout their study.

Their modest beginning incomes frequently make it difficult for them to maintain comfortable lifestyles while repaying loans and meeting living expenditures.

High Student Loan Debt

High student loan debt is a significant financial burden faced by many professionals in the veterinary field.

This often results from years of expensive education and training required to become a licensed veterinarian, which can take a toll on their finances even after they have started working full-time.

Mobile vaccine clinics or offering online consultation services is a common side hustle among veterinarians. This not only allows them to make more money but also to engage with other animals outside of their usual medical practice while remaining in familiar terrain.

Unpredictable Income

Vets started taking on side jobs as the effects of the COVID pandemic were felt and the employment landscape changed. Other people in other professions started a side hustle and vets were no exception. In early 2021, one in three Americans had a side hustle.

Unpredictable income is a common challenge faced by veterinarians, especially those with their own private practice or working in emergency care. The fluctuating number of patients and seasonal changes can make it difficult to maintain consistent earnings month-to-month, making budgeting and financial planning challenging.

To counteract this uncertainty and provide a more stable income stream, many veterinary professionals are exploring side hustles.

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Tips For Successfully Balancing A Side Hustle With Veterinary Work

To successfully balance a side hustle with veterinary work, it’s important to manage your time effectively, develop a business plan, prioritize self-care and professional development, and market your side hustle to attract new clients.

Time Management And Setting Realistic Goals

Balancing a side gig with a full-time job in veterinary medicine can be challenging, but with effective time management and achievable goals, it can be done. It’s essential to prioritize responsibilities and evaluate how much time each task requires.

Setting realistic goals is also vital in managing your time effectively. Identify what you want to achieve from your side hustles such as financial stability or pursuing a creative outlet.

Then establish specific goals that align with your financial targets while also accommodating your busy schedule as a veterinarian.

For example, setting an achievable goal like increasing monthly clients by 10% within six months can provide the motivation needed to keep moving forward.

Developing A Business Plan And Considering Legalities

It is essential for veterinarians to develop a clear business plan before starting their side hustle.

A good business plan will include the goals, target audience, marketing strategies, and financial projections for your side hustle.

Moreover, it’s important to consider legalities when starting a side hustle as there are various legal requirements that apply depending on the type of business. For instance, running a mobile vaccination service requires licensing from relevant authorities and compliance with veterinary regulations.

Pet grooming services may also require insurance coverage in case of accidents or injuries while handling animals.

Prioritizing Self-care And Professional Development

It’s essential for veterinarians to make self-care and professional development a priority, even while managing their side hustle.

Ensuring a healthy work-life balance can help prevent burnout and ensure long-term success in both their primary veterinary practice and side business.

Additionally, continuing education allows veterinarians to stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques necessary to provide excellent care for pets.

You can attend conferences or workshops, read relevant articles or books, or take online courses that will enhance your knowledge base, ultimately benefiting both your veterinary practice and any related side hustles you might have.

Marketing Your Side Hustle To Attract New Clients

Once you have identified your side hustle as a veterinarian, it’s time to market your services to attract potential clients.

Firstly, create professional-looking flyers or business cards that showcase your expertise in animal care and hand them out at local pet shops, dog parks and veterinary clinics.

Leverage social media by creating pages on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube where you can promote your services, provide tips for pet owners and draw traffic back to your website.

Additionally, consider offering discounts or promotions for first-time customers to incentivize people into trying out your services.

As a veterinarian with an Etsy shop selling handmade pet products, you might showcase some of these products across various platforms like Pinterest where many pet owners are searching for unique items for their beloved furry friends.


In conclusion, side hustles are a fantastic way for veterinarians to earn extra cash and pursue their passions.

With the high student loan debt and unpredictable income in the veterinary industry, it’s not uncommon for professionals to look for more lucrative opportunities.

From pet sitting services to vaccine clinics, there are countless options available that provide financial stability while also allowing you to work with furry friends you adore.

By considering various platforms such as Etsy shops, e-books or even YouTube channels, you can take ownership of your creative outlet and turn it into good money.

There are many side hustles you can try out as a veterinarian. A side gig should be fun and something that you enjoy if you are already working full-time as a vet or are in school because it will not aggravate your burnout and make you unhappy.

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Side Hustle For A Veterinarian: 21 Ideas For 2023 13

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