Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit?

In today’s digital age, countless entrepreneurs seek their fortune in the ever-expanding world of online business.

One such entrepreneur is the enigmatic Tan Choudhury – this self-made 7-figure Shopify entrepreneur has taken the e-commerce world by storm.

At just 23 years old, he has helped 10 other brands take their revenue to another level. Tan Choudhury is the founder of Konvertify, which he put in place to help increase conversions on other Shopify stores.

Despite facing criticisms, Choudhury remains a versatile figure whose skills and achievements have sparked curiosity among aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

In this Tan Choudhury Review, we dive into the fascinating journey of Tan Choudhury – his background, course offerings, impact on the dropshipping industry, and more – offering valuable insights for anyone looking to achieve financial freedom through an online business.

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Who Is Tan Choudhury?

Tan Choudhury is an American online entrepreneur and Shopify dropshipping guru who has gained popularity on YouTube for his unique voice and achievements in the e-commerce industry.

Early Life and Education

Tan Choudhury is a successful entrepreneur who has made serious money through various business models.

Tan Choudhury

He grew up in a family that struggled financially, and his parents divorced when he was young. Despite these challenges, he was always interested in making money and finding financial freedom.

After dropping out of high school, he started working as a local business owner, but he quickly realized that it wasn’t the path to financial success. He then turned to the internet to find ways to make money online.


Tan Choudhury’s journey to becoming a successful drop shipper is quite remarkable. Despite being a high school dropout, he managed to carve out his own niche in the e-commerce world and become an expert within a short span of time.

He started his online business journey by taking various e-commerce courses and learning about different business models. He tried his hand at local lead generation, Facebook ads, and influencer marketing, but he found his success in Shopify dropshipping.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 28

He started his first online store in 2017 and quickly learned how to generate free traffic to his sales page. He also implemented dropshipping automation and split testing to increase conversions and profit margins.

Ever since then, he has continued to scale up his online business empire by exploring various business models and strategies designed specifically for success in e-commerce.

Among Tan’s notable achievements is appearing on live episodes of “Learn with Shopify,” where he shares valuable insights about the dropshipping landscape gathered along the way.

Tan Choudhury’s success in the e-commerce world led him to create his own comprehensive training program, Ecom Mastery Program, where he teaches others how to start and grow their own online businesses. The course’s quality is verified by student success stories and his own personal experience.

YouTube Channel

He also has a YouTube channel with over 250k subscribers, where he uploads videos on dropshipping, e-commerce, and other ways to make money online.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 29

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey so far, Tan has not only built a significant following on platforms like YouTube but also earned credibility due to his extensive practical knowledge about running profitable dropshipping businesses.

Tan Choudhury Net Worth

Tan Choudhury’s net worth has never been reported publicly, therefore I’ll estimate his earnings from his Shopify businesses, dropshipping course, and YouTube channel.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 30

His channel has 9 million views, which equates to $270,000 in ad revenue earnings (assuming a CPM of $30 within the dropshipping niche).

He also claims to make a lot of money via eCommerce, notably dropshipping, and claims to have generated over $6 million in income.

Tan Choudhury’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million after totaling everything up and correcting for taxes.

Tan Choudhury’s Course

If you’re interested in starting a dropshipping business, you may have come across Tan Choudhury’s course. In this section, we’ll give you an overview of the course, its content, and reviews.


Tan Choudhury’s course is called Ecom Mastery Program. It’s designed to help you create your own online store, find winning products to sell, and attract visitors by running paid ads online. The course is aimed at beginners who are looking to start a dropshipping business.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 31

The course is available for purchase on Tan Choudhury’s website. The course is priced at $997, but there are often discounts available. The course comes with a 30-day refund policy.

Tan shares his personal experience of transforming from a high school dropout to an e-commerce expert within months using specific strategies that have been tried and tested successfully over time.


The course is divided into 4 modules:

  1. Viral Product Research Mastery- The first part of the course is to locate profitable items to market. Tan Choudhury offers three tactics for spotting 7-figure products, as well as advice on judging if a product will sell and finding things that will sell for years.
  2. Building Your 7-Figure Store- The second stage focuses on building a successful store. Here, you’ll discover the components needed to create a 7-figure business, the applications that can boost conversions, and how to optimize for the highest possible conversion rates. Tan Choudhury also discusses the best techniques for making sure your website loads as rapidly as possible.
  3. Paid Ads- Paid advertising is the main topic of the third module, with a special emphasis on Facebook advertisements (FB ads). Additionally, Tan Choudhury discusses influencer marketing techniques as well as ways to scale campaigns, eliminate losers, and use influencers to create income.
  4. Automating Your Dropshipping Store- The relevance of automation and outsourcing in expanding a successful e-commerce firm is covered by Tan Choudhury in the last lesson. He offers advice on how to develop a team and hire workers for as little as $2 per hour in order to grow your business.

Each module consists of several video lessons. The course also includes templates and worksheets to help you apply what you’ve learned.


There are mixed reviews about Tan Choudhury’s course. Some people have had success with the course and have been able to make a full-time income from their dropshipping business. Others have found the course to be lacking in quality and not worth the money.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 32

If you’re considering purchasing the course, it’s important to do your research and read reviews from people who have taken the course.

You may also want to consider reaching out to Tan Choudhury to ask any questions you have before making a purchase.

Overall, Tan Choudhury’s course may be a good option for beginners who are looking to start a dropshipping business.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that success with dropshipping requires hard work and dedication, and there are no guarantees of success.

Tan Choudhury Review

Tan Choudhury’s reputation as a dropshipping guru has been questioned, but his contributions to the industry cannot be denied.

Legitimacy And Credibility As A Dropshipping Guru

As an online entrepreneur and dropshipping guru, Tan Choudhury has faced questions regarding his legitimacy and credibility.

It all began in 2017 when he experienced impressive results with dropshipping within the first month itself.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 33

However, Tan Choudhury’s course content has received criticism for not providing significant value or adequate training materials. This raises concerns about the effectiveness of his coaching methods for students who are eager to make serious money through e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, there are verified student success stories present on his website that demonstrate positive results achieved by individuals who underwent his E-Com Mastery program under Tan Choudhury’s guidance.

By analyzing both sides of this debate around credibility – critics’ skepticism against supporters’ testimonies – one can infer that while some people may find genuine benefits from learning under him; others may view them as hyped-up promises built over thin air.

Tan Choudhury’s Contributions

Tan Choudhury has made significant contributions to the dropshipping industry through his innovative strategies and advancements in automation, as well as his impact on the online business world.

Innovations And Advancements

Tan Choudhury has made several innovations and advancements in the dropshipping industry. One of his major contributions is teaching the process of local lead generation, which involves setting up a website, driving organic traffic to it through search engine optimization (SEO), and then using call-tracking software to generate leads for local businesses.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 34

Another innovation Tan Choudhury has brought to the table is his emphasis on split testing. He encourages entrepreneurs to test different ad copy, images, and targeting strategies to find the highest-performing combination for maximum conversions and profit margins.

Through his course content and live episodes of Learn with Shopify, Tan Choudhury provides comprehensive training on these specific strategies as well as other business models such as ecommerce courses and affiliate marketing.

Impact On The Industry

Tan Choudhury’s contributions to the dropshipping industry have been significant, with his innovations and advancements in the field making a notable impact.

His teachings on dropshipping automation, split testing, and influencer marketing have allowed many entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom through their online businesses.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 35

Despite criticisms of his course content lacking valuable training materials, Tan Choudhury’s comprehensive training has made it easier for small businesses to enter the world of e-commerce.

Moreover, Tan Choudhury’s influence has extended beyond just teaching people how to make money online.

He promotes the ethical use of call-tracking software for local lead generation programs while maintaining high-profit margins from selling products within various niches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative side hustles?

If you’re looking for side hustles beyond drop shipping, there are plenty of options. Some popular alternatives include freelance writing, graphic design, virtual assisting, tutoring, or even pet-sitting.

These side hustles can be done from the comfort of your own home and can provide a steady stream of income.

How do I start dropshipping with no money?

Starting dropshipping with no money can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. One way to start is by finding a dropshipping supplier who doesn’t require upfront payments or minimum orders.

Tan Choudhury: Ecom Mastery Program Legit? 36

You can also start with a small budget and gradually reinvest your profits into your business. Another option is to start with a print-on-demand model, which allows you to sell products without holding inventory.

Is dropshipping still a viable business model?

Yes, dropshipping is still a viable business model. While it has become more competitive in recent years, there are still plenty of opportunities to succeed in the industry.

The key is to find a profitable niche, build a strong brand, and provide excellent customer service.

What are the best platforms for dropshipping?

There are several platforms you can use for dropshipping, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

Each platform has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.


In conclusion, Tan Choudhury has made significant contributions to the dropshipping industry with his innovative strategies and coaching program.

Through his course, Ecom Mastery, he has helped thousands of people create their own online stores, find winning products to sell, and attract visitors by running paid ads online.

While there are some skeptics who question whether he is a legitimate guru or a scammer, the results speak for themselves. Tan has made millions of dollars through his e-commerce businesses and has helped others do the same.

However, it’s important to remember that success in dropshipping, as with any business, requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn and adapt. While Tan’s course can provide guidance into drop shipping, it’s up to you to put in the effort and make it work for your unique business.

Overall, Tan Choudhury is legit though he may not be an expert in drop shipping, he definitely has something to offer to beginners.

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