“Bauman Letter” – Is The Bauman Letter A Scam? [Reviews]

Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman

Looking forĀ The Bauman Letter reviews?

Or maybe you want to learn more about Endless Income by Ted Bauman ?

The Bauman Letter is a financial newsletter from Ted Bauman which I recently discovered from an email I received and it promotes the Endless Income book created by Ted Bauman to help you achieve financial prosperity.

Chances are you’re here because you too have received emails about the famous “Bauman Letter” so in todays article I’m going to share my honest review .

Keep reading below to get all the info on Ted Bauman, his “Bauman Letter” and his book Endless Income!

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"Bauman Letter" - Is The Bauman Letter A Scam? [Reviews] 4

The Bauman Letter Review

Here is what you’ll find inside this review of The Bauman Letter and Ted Bauman:

Once again welcome to my Bauman Letter review.

The Bauman Letter is a newsletter created to share various strategies on investing.

As the name suggests (The Bauman Letter) is created by Ted Bauman.

The “letter” aka newsletter contains strategies on how to achieve financial freedom and how to secure your wealth for the future.

the bauman letter website

The Bauman Letter sends out various actionable tips and tricks on investing and finance multiple times per month as well as other bonuses too for joining.

It’s a paid service though (a paid newsletter) which is why many people are wondering whether it’s really legit or another scam.

The Bauman Letter is certainly not the first of it’s kind, in fact I have reviewed numerous similar financial newsletters lately such as the 10 Minute Millionaire newsletter as well as Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence newsletter which seems to offer similar things to The Bauman Letter.

Who Is Behind The Bauman Letter?

There’s actually a number of different people involved with The Bauman Letter and not just Ted Bauman himself.

So obviously the main person (hence the name) is Ted Bauman.

However you will also find information inside from Chad Shoop, Michael Carr and Jocelynn Smith.

The Bauman Letter is actually published by Banyan Hill who are a publishing company owned by Agora Financial.

Banyan Hill actually run numerous paid investment newsletters, many of which I have already shared reviews of such as Freedom Checks.

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Who Is Ted Bauman?

Ted Bauman the main man behind The Bauman Letter is the son of Robert Bauman.

Ted is also the man behind the book Endless Income.

As quoted from his Wikipedia page,

Robert E. Bauman is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland’s 1st congressional district. Bauman was a prominent conservative advocate in the House, legal counsel for The Sovereign Society, and author of financial books

Looking at his father’s history it makes sense the path he has followed to get into finance and now be behind The Bauman Letter.

Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman creator of The Bauman Letter

Ted Bauman claims to have been to over 75 countries and witnessed many of these countries on an economic meltdown.

Inside The Bauman Letter he shares details on all of his experiences and how you can learn from them to avoid the costly mistakes that many people and countries make.

Ted Bauman now works for Banyan Hill who publish the newsletter and his goal is to help average Americans become more educated on finance, investor more wisely and avoid financial disasters as I mentioned like he has witnessed so many times across the globe.

There are numerous co-writers of The Bauman Letter who also share their knowledge who’s names I mentioned above. These people write for numerous Banyan Hill publications as well as the Sovereign Investor Daily too.

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How Does The Bauman Letter Newsletter Work?

As I shared above The Bauman Letter is a financial newsletter that will show you how to have a better life through financial freedom!

That doesn’t come overnight though, it happens by following proven investment strategies that have stood the test of time and worked for many years.

That is where Ted Bauman comes in, a man with years of experience who has visited 75+ countries. Ted Bauman also shares these strategies inside his Endless Income book.

One thing I have learnt about investing during my own time on this planet is that it pays to get good advice.

I’ve been fortunate enough to build up a nice nest egg from my online business that I am now investing wisely after following the advice of a few people.

That being said, whether you are just getting started or more experienced you need to learn real strategies that are tried, tested and proven and that is where Ted Bauman and his newsletter The Bauman Letter could potentially help you.

You can also get his book Endless Income which will dive into the same strategies for financial prosperity.

The Bauman Letter includes a number of strategies designed to prove that you don’t need to already be wealthy to prosper long term.

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The strategies are newbie friendly and are something that most people can do regardless of starting funds.

Obviously the more money you have to invest in the first place the larger gains you are likely to see as that is always the case in any form of investing.

Why Should You Trust Ted Bauman?

The Bauman Letter contains strategies that can now only grow your wealth but also protect it. The Endless Income book builds on these strategies and shares more information.

As well as these strategies for growing wealth there are also strategies for saving money on taxes, protecting privacy and having a better quality of life too!

Ted Bauman’s newsletter has over 50,000 active readers so clearly this is working for other people which is good.

You don’t obtain over 50,000 subscribers if the content you are producing is bad so this is clearly a credit to Ted.

When you sign up to The Bauman Letter you get immediate access to the material.

There are numerous reports that you can dive straight into.

You also get instant access to an archive of content which is from already published newsletters.

You can also get Ted Bauman’s book Endless Income which will help you further with money and investing.

Personally I think it’s great that you can access older newsletters too which can still be incredibly valuable.

Some of the older issues talk specifically about saving money on taxes, various tools you can use for protecting your money, how to get cheap or even free energy and how to retire in America.

There really is many different newsletters you will have access to from day 1 and of course you will get all the new publishings of The Bauman Letter.

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Is The Bauman Letter A Scam?

I do not believe that Ted Bauman, his newsletter or his Endless Income book is a scam.

Unfortunately many people will believe that The Bauman Letter is a scam.

After all any kind of financial newsletter always gets financial scrutiny and many people question whether or not a newsletter like this is a scam.

Some people simply don’t like paying for information that is being sold inside The Bauman Letter although I have a question to ask.

Would you pay for a college / university education?

If the answer is YES like most people, they why wouldn’t you pay for other knowledge?

Also your college education has no refund guarantee, but The Bauman Letter does!

I personally know which type of education I would prefer to trust and it is NOT the college one (speaking from experience).

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Bauman Letter Cons…

Despite my positive outlook on The Bauman Letter there are a few concerns / cons that I do have which I will mention now.

It is obviously a paid program which means that the creators of The Bauman Letter are selling you something.

It’s not the fact that they are selling it which is bad however they are running a business here, spending money on advertising and other costs and that means that they NEED to sell their program in order to get a return on investment.

With this in mind I have seen some tactics used by The Bauman Letter creators to sell their newsletters such as fake countdown timers (e.g false scarcity) and other tactics which could be deemed as unethical.

Since I have a marketing background I personally don’t see it as a problem, but I do understand that your average joe doesn’t realise this is just a marketing gimmick designed to get you to buy now and may actually believe that there are actually limited positions to buy, or there is a countdown timer when in fact you can join The Bauman Letter anytime you want.

Despite these small cons I do overall think it’s not a scam and is a worthy newsletter for learning investment strategies.

What About Ted’s Book Endless Income?

Endless Income builds on everything you learn in The Bauman Letter and I’ve received numerous emails lately promoting Ted’s Endless Income book.

Endless Income as the name suggests teaches you how to gain endless income through investment strategies that Ted has learned over the years.

I have no problems with Endless Income and there are numerous deals available where you can access the book.

You can also buy into the The Bauman Letter newsletter via various websites and gain access to Endless Income.

Personally I think it’s wise to get investment advice and all the information you can, and if Endless Income helps you live a better retirement where you don’t have to worry about money then by all means give it a shot as Ted has proven himself over many years.

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My Verdict For The Bauman Letter

I am happy to recommend The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman and his Endless Income book if you are looking for financial advice and investment strategies.

It’s clearly not a scam and you can get actionable and valuable information from Ted Bauman.

That being said you should be aware that it’s NOT a get rich quick scheme, so you do need to have realistic expectations about what you can achieve with it.

Alternatively if you’re interested in making money, rather than trying to invest what little money you have, you should take a look at my “no.1 recommendation” below which I rated no.1 for making money out of over 600 I have personally reviewed here on this blog.

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"Bauman Letter" - Is The Bauman Letter A Scam? [Reviews] 4


What Is The Bauman Letter?

The Bauman Letter is a finance newsletter from Ted Bauman. Ted sends out his recommendations to his list of subscribers teaching investing and income protection strategies.

What Is Endless Income?

Endless Income is a book created by Ted Bauman to help average American’s create retirement income and also protect their income.

What Is Ted Bauman’s Net Worth?

It is not public record what Ted Bauman’s net worth is however he is a well known investor with a proven track record of returns.

How Does The Bauman Letter Work?

The Bauman Letter is a financial newsletter. When you are subscribed to The Bauman Letter you will receive content via email on the topic of investing, stock market and income creation as well as income protection.

"Bauman Letter" - Is The Bauman Letter A Scam? [Reviews] 4