The Millionaire Shortcut Review: Legit Ebook?

With the current cost of living, everyone is looking for a way to earn more. Enter, The Millionaire Shortcut, an ebook that provides you a ‘shortut to success’

In this review, we will look at what the Millionaire Shortcut is all about and whether it offers a secret to success or if it just another bait and switch scam.

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The Millionaire Shortcut Review: Legit Ebook? 7

The Millionaire Shortcut Review

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What is The Millionaire Shortcut?

The Millionaire Shortcut is a 15 page book written by Jeff Lerner that is an apparent guide to having your own successful online business.

It begins with Jeff Lerner introducing himself and how he had a hard time trying to succeed at making money.

The Millionaire Shortcut ebookLener writes about how he found out about making money online, how he then found mentors to teach him how to create a successful online business, he walks you through the process of beginning an online business from scratch(with just your laptop or mobile phone) starting with zero experience or knowledge.

He goes over various methods of monetization, including advertising, eCommerce and dropshipping. Jeff basically writes about how to copy him as he copied other millionaires to become one.

The book then goes on to reveal its actual purpose; to introduce people to the Entre Institute.

This is the main program that actually teaches entrepreneurs how to grow an online business.

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Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner, the author to The Millionaire Shortcut is a successful digital marketer, entrepreneur, mentor, influencer and founder of The Entre Institute.

He is considered a success story and role model who is known for his problem-solving approach and has built multiple businesses that have well over eight figures of income.

Jeff Lerner used to work as a pianist in is early twenties and was often asked to perform for wealthy CEOs and company leaders.

He started his digital entrepreneurial career at age 23 and was at first all the businesses he tried were quite unsuccessful.

This includes a restaurant business that left him $500,000 in debt.

It took him a few years of trial and failure before he was finally able to achieve success online, making a six figure income from his businesses at the age of 29.

Jeff founded 2:20 Investment Group, LLC, a real-estate company that owns a number of properties in several states including Texas, Utah, Georgia and Ohio. He also founded companies such as WHAMmobile, a mobile marketing company and Xurli a digital agency & software company.

His success further inspired him to pioneer the Entre Institute in 2018 to provide guidance to entrepreneurs on how to expand their businesses in the digital world.

After over a decade of successful online businesses which apparently have a combined value of over $100 million, Lerner now concentrates on motivating and teaching entrepreneurs the secrets to success similar to what Andrew Tate has been doing with The Real World and Hustlers University.

Jeff is a husband, an active father of four and has appeared on the INC 5000 twice. Over 150,000 students are being taught entrepreneurial skills by him through ENTRE Institute.

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What does The Millionaire Shortcut entail?

This free ebook is a quick read that gives Jeff Lerner’s story of success and how to achieve the milestones that he has from scratch.

Unfortunately, other than giving a quick biography on Jeff Lerner, there is not much detail on how exactly to grow a successful online business. A lot of what Jeff discusses is more of an introduction to how his courses operate.

You’ll learn about his mindset, daily routine, and general perspective.

What the book does mention is that the secret is to copy millionaires then proceeds to introduce you to The Entre Institute; the program where Jeff actually gives training on entrepreneurship.

To get access to the ebook, you are required to give your name and email address after which you will receive a video sales letter that contains Lerner pitching the entre blueprint training bundle, which is just one of the courses of the Entre Institute.

What is The Entre Institute?

The Entre Institute is a training program that teaches how to earn money online from home and what to do to have a profitable online business.

The Entre InstituteThis program targets newbies and internet entrepreneurs and promises to provide guidance with the affiliate marketing business model.

The training program consists of various products that can be brought through a sales funnel. They include several training courses, both general and elite community access , coaching programs, and an affiliate program.

Some of the training courses and products offered include:

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In the Entre Blueprint training bundle, you are taught everything about affiliate marketing. It is basically the front end of the training program and is similar to other programs like Fullstaq Marketer.

This course will educate you on the type of mindset to have when starting a business. There are 6 lessons to be taught:

  • The 3 P’s of Excellence
  • The 3 Legs Of Successful Action
  • The 3 Phases of Legacy
  • How to build the ultimate Lifestyle Business
  • How To Build the ultimate Cash Flow Business
  • How To Build the ultimate Legacy Business

Furthermore you are taught about setting up your affiliate marketing business from start to finish. They explain how having an online business is much better than a physical business, and much more.

This course comes at a cost of $39.


Once you get access to the course, you get to have exclusive access to a Facebook community group known as the Entre Nation community.

In this facebook group, you will have the opportunity to chat with your fellow members and share and/ or ask some tips about the course and the business model.


Once you join the Entre Institute, you also get a chance to be part of an elite group of members that receive additional benefits.

Such benefits include training to create an elite-level business in this community and receiving exclusive access to a private video chat membership group.

Since this is an exclusive elite group, there’s an extra fee charged for joining it.

Though the price is not initially revealed, some of the elite members have disclosed that it costs $29 per month or $175 per year.

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Entre Digital is their online course that teaches even more regarding setting up your affiliate marketing business and is part of the Entre Institute program.

It is quite different from the Entre Blueprint, in that for this online training course, more advanced marketing knowledge compared to the one offered by the Entre Blueprint training is taught to you.

Put simply, while the Entre blueprint teaches you how to set up your online business, Entre Digital will teach you the entire marketing process and strategies on how to market your affiliate websites.

This even includes using a variety of paid ads to advertise your internet business and more.

The coaching here is done by a legit business advisor through live mentoring via a private training video. It is therefore higher quality content provided than the previous course, the Entre Blueprint.

In this way we can refer to this as the Entre Institute’s flagship product.

The price of this course is not initially disclosed unless you access it via their provided sales funnel.

However, this course is expected to be quite high since they’re charging it not only as their flagship product, but also a high-ticket item on their product list.


Entre coaching is a part of the Entre Institute that will give you the privilege of having a one on one coaching session with Jeff Lerner himself.

Once again, the fee charged is not initially revealed when you try to access this part of the program. Though it is expected to be quite costly as it involves private mentoring.

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This is the most expensive part of the Entre Institute program.

Being part of the Entre Inner Circle can easily cost you a costly $29,997 yearly. However what this course gives you is an annual mastermind and an even more advanced coaching program.

Therefore, this is usually intended for full-time entrepreneurs and business owners.

How to make money with The Entre Institute

Aside from being a training program, the Entre Institute also contains an affiliate program.

This means that you can earn money through this system by becoming an affiliate of the Entre Institute. The product that you’ll be promoting and selling is the program itself.

The network marketing section of this training has been said to be the highest paying affiliate program on the internet. This seems to be just part of their marketing strategy.

Furthermore, it is expected that most of the training that you’ll be receiving on this course is to be used for this specific affiliate program. This means that the knowledge learnt may not be as effective if you prefer a different niche such as the digital real estate business.

This means that what they teach you is only a worthwhile business model when applied to their affiliate program and this proves that the millionaire shortcut ebook is just a ruse to get people to join the affiliate program.

How much does The Millionaire Shortcut cost?

The Millionaire Shortcut ebook is free of charge and available to all.

However, you will be required to input your name and email address before accessing the book. This is just to use you as a target for their marketing strategies and emails.

You will actually receive a video sales letter shortly after acquiring the book that will pitch you the Entre Blueprint training course.

The costs come from joining the Entre Institute course that the book promotes. While the initial product on the sales funnel, Entre Blueprint, will only cost $39, you will eventually be offered all the other services provided which are basically a bunch of upsells to convince you to get the full Entre experience .

Overall, if you purchase all of the products ad upsells offered, then it might cost you a total of $30,000+. Not only is this just too expensive, but it’s not really worth it as all you will have gained will only be useful if you become part of the affiliate program.

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The Millionaire Shortcut Reviews

There are a number of mixed reviews on the millionaire shortcut as some people have found it helpful and are now affiliates of the Entre Institute while some are not amused by the bait and switch that Jeff lerner pulls with the book.

Here are some of the reviews:

I have been wanting to make extra money online, and I have been gathering as much information as I can. I checked out this book for tips on how to figure out what I would be able to sell online, and the best way to do that.

There is a lot of information included in this guide in regards to niche markets, how to decide what markets you should try to sell to depending on your interests, and effective ways to sell to those markets.

Everything that you need to know to get started is laid out simply and easily, and explained well enough for anyone to understand. It certainly put a lot of things into perspective for me, and I now feel like I am much more prepared to jump into this fast growing market.

-Owen Robinson

His Ebook was the same as his ad on youtube, vague, and misleading. This guy just wants as many people as he can get to pay 40 bucks, realize that it’s nothing and then move on with their life.

-Danny Mack

Is this real? Jeff Lerner “The Millionaire Shortcut Ebook” is pure trash….. and I’m not surprised. Do not waste your time or money.

-Mark Lasso

Honestly, this book reads like a fast-track MBA for online entrepreneurs. It covers everything you need to know about making money online. My only reservation would be that it could go into more depth but if you want a comprehensive checklist of all the things you need to have in place to be successful online then this is it.


Pros of The Millionaire shortcut

  • The ebook is free of charge
  • The author, digital entrepreneur Jeff Lerner has over decades of experience navigating online business ideas and is quite successful
  • The book is an easy read as it only has 15 pages.

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Cons of the Millionaire shortcut

  • The book has been given too much hype
  • The contents of the book are very vague with surface level knowledge in comparison to what you actually need to know about creating and managing an online business
  • The millionaire shortcut is actually meant to promote his actual training program, the Entre Institute
  • Obtaining the book gives them access to your email inbox which is a marketing strategy so that they can send you marketing and promotion emails. You can opt out though.
  • The program that the book leads you to, the Entre Institute, is basically just a training course for recruits who will join the affiliate program that comes with it.

Conclusion: Is The Millionaire Shortcut worth it?

Despite the author being a successful, well known digital entrepreneur, this 15 page book is basically meant to promote his actual training program, the Entre Institute.

Once you download the book and read it you are introduced to this training program and the various courses and services it entails, such as the Entre blueprint training bundle which is the front end of the business and costs $39.

The rest of the courses provided are upsells and you will end up paying more to access services such as the entre coaching and the entre inner circle.

The Entre Institute appears to have its own affiliate program which explains why the course is centered around the affiliate marketing business model.

The training basically teaches you how to be an Entre Institute recruit. Unfortunately, there is no retail product or service that the Entre Institute affiliate program sells; it only promotes the program itself.

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The Millionaire Shortcut Review: Legit Ebook? 7

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