Top 5 Biggest Scams To Avoid In 2017

I’ve pretty much dedicated the last 7 years of my life to making money online. Ever since I left my full time employment in July 2010 I’ve been on a mission to find the best ways of making money and during that time I’ve come across numerous scams, many of which I’ve exposed on this blog.

Today I’m going to share the biggest scams to avoid in 2017.

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1 – Binary Options

I want to make something very clear here. Binary options are a scam and there is literally no way for you to make money with them. Anyone telling you otherwise is either misinformed or most likely they have something to gain from you such as making an affiliate commission for referring you to a binary options broker, or selling you some kind of signal service. All the binary options scams that I expose on a regular basis like Nuvo Finance and Lazy Trader are pure crap and the people behind these scams make money by referring you to binary brokers. They don’t actually make their money from trading like they claim.

2 – Forex Trading

It’s not as bad as binary options and there are some good guys in the forex industry but there are so many crooks out there too who just want to steal your money. Especially since the binary options industry is dying it seems that forex is making a comeback in 2017 so be extremely careful. The good thing about forex trading though is that the brokers are generally not out to scam you like the binary ones are, as long as you sign up with a good broker like FXCM. That being said for a newbie I still don’t recommend forex trading because you need a substantial amount of capital in the first place to actually start making any good money. The only time I could recommend forex trading is when you have a mentor to follow who can actually help you make money. As for softwares and signal systems avoid them as they are scams.

3 – Loopholes

You should always avoid any systems that promote the use of a loophole to make money. Often websites selling you some kind of system will talk about a loophole but why would you ever want to build an income on a loophole, what happens if that loophole is plugged, then what will you do? If there are any systems suggesting you can profit from loopholes you should avoid them. I’ve already exposed numerous systems like this in 2017 such as Copy My Websites.

4 – Revenue Shares

Many revenue share programs have launched in recent years like GetMyAds and The Advert Platform. These are known as revenue share businesses because they claim to share advertising revenue with you. Unfortunately these are just ponzi schemes but they are dressed up to look more legitimate. Don’t fall for them as ultimately you will only end up losing money sooner or later when the whole scam collapses.

5 – Hosting Scams

It seems that hosting scams are making a comeback in 2017 and you should be careful. A few years ago before binary options started to get big many of the scammers who operate in the binary options niche now used to operate hosting scams. They would create a website claiming to be giving away all their most profitable websites for free and all you had to do was sign up to the hosting provider they recommend. The problem was the hosting was ridiculously expensive and the “profitable websites” never existed. The scammers simply wanted to sign you up to overpriced hosting so they could earn juicy affiliate commissions. Unfortunately in 2017 this scam has already started to make a comeback and I’ve already exposed systems using this like 700 Profit Club.

So there you have it, my top 5 biggest scams to avoid in 2017!

So Mark, What do you recommend?

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