Andrew Tate House: Romania Mansion Address & Location

Andrew Tate moved to Romania together with his brother, Tristan Tate, when he left the UK. They now live in an expensive house in Bucharest, Romania.

Andrew Tate’s house is lavish because it was custom renovated to include amenities like a massive swimming pool, a massive packing lot, and other additions.

Besides living in Romania, Andrew also spends a significant amount of time in Dubai and other locations around the world.

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Andrew Tate House 2023

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Where does Andrew Tate Live?

As of writing this, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate own a 2,000 square foot mansion in downtown Bucharest, Romania. It is the capital city of Romania, a relatively large country in Eastern Europe.

Bucharest has a total population of 1.8 million people, which makes it the sixth-largest city in the European Union population-wise, after London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris.

Andrew Tate House in Bucharest Romania

Andrew Tate has British and American citizenship because he was born in the United States where his father, Emory Tate, came from. However, he spent most of his childhood and young adult life in England having moved there with his British mother when she split up with his father.

Andrew Tate moved to Romania in his late twenties to live in an enormous house with many bedrooms and bathrooms, a cigar room, a sound studio where he records his “Emergency Meeting” podcast with his brother, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and an indoor gym.

Andrew Tate House (The Romanian Compound)

He calls his home “The Romanian Compound”

Andrew loves Romania and intended to live there for the rest of his life when he moved in.

However, that may have changed after he was arrested and detained along with his brother and two Romanian women by the Romanian police and charged with human trafficking, rape, and being part of an alleged crime group. The Romanian authorities raided his home and seized a couple of cars.

Tate and his associates were locked up for 24 hours before prosecutors requested 30 days to conduct the investigation. Tate lost an appeal at a Bucharest court to have that overturned. There have been seven additional house searches by the authorities while investigating him.

Andrew Tate spends significant amounts of time in Dubai and other locations all over the world, which is made possible by the fact that he owns a $20 million dollar private jet.

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Andrew Tate House Quick Facts

  • It is located In Bucharest, Romania
  • It has a custom Swimming Pool
  • It has a custom sound studio
  • It has a Bulletproof Glass, Exterior
  • It is worth $30 Million Dollars
  • It has an area of 2,000 Square Feet
  • It has a Custom Super Car Driveway to accommodate the Tate brothers’ cars.

Andrew Tate bought the home for about $7 million dollars and started renovating it and adding custom features. All said and done, the value of the house rose to over $30 million dollars.

Andrew Tate car collection

He spent a lot of money making his home perfect. In addition to purchasing his home, Andrew also bought his neighbors’ homes and land to enhance privacy. This is often a move made by ultra-wealthy people when they move into a neighborhood.

In Andrew Tate’s case, his justification for buying all those houses was that he had become world-famous and was, therefore, more concerned about his safety and privacy.

He said, “I don’t need random people coming up to me and introducing themselves all the time. In Romania I have guards surrounding my home, and I bought out all of my neighbors homes. I have a large, private area where I feel comfortable.”

Andrew Tate installed a custom driveway that would hold his and his brother’s 28 super cars. He also installed bulletproof glass for protection and a custom swimming pool.

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Why Andrew Tate Moved to Romania

So why does Andrew Tate live in Romania? When he decided to move to Romania, he was living in England.

Some people have speculated that Andrew Tate moved because he was under investigation after two women made sexual assault claims against him. However, British prosecutors did not officially charge him and dropped the case in 2019.

It was recently revealed that this may have been the reason why he was kicked out of Big Brother UK and not because a video was leaked of him beating up a woman with a belt as initially assumed.

Although some people have alleged that Tate’s move was to evade sexual harassment charges, he said that he had other motivations.

He said, “Romania as a whole has a very strong morality, because it’s a very religious country. Although the police are not as well funded, it’s actually very safe because people there have a different view of life. I had really good friends in Romania, I went to visit, and I ended up staying.”

He later clarified that it is a safe place to live, provided you do not make enemies with the local mafia.

He also said that he did not like the way Western countries operated and referred to them as the most corrupt, disgusting, and degraded society on Earth. He felt that there was nothing else they cared for besides money and corporate agendas.

When referring to life in the U.S., he said, “I think the West is on a serious economic and moral decline, and I would rather live in a society which I see is on the way up, instead of on the way down. I think America is getting more and more violent by the day, taxes are getting higher and higher…. You’re living in a society where you have to be scared of the police, scared of the criminals, scared of the tax man, scared of everything!”

He also said in a podcast that he chose Romania because he wanted to live in a country where “corruption is accessible for everybody” and police would not be as strict when investigating sexual assault allegations.

He saw Romania as a particularly religious place where people look up to a higher power beyond money and status. Tate claims Romania is a Christian countries with strong family and cultural values.

He has also said multiple times that he prefers living in non-Western countries because he considers them a failed society without strong values.

Another reason Andrew Tate moved to Romania is that it is perfect for driving super cars like his Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport thanks to its beautiful twisting roads in the mountains.

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What Is Andrew Tate’s Net Worth?

Andrew Tate net worth is estimated to be $350 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest social media influencers in the world.

Andrew attributes his wealth to the $30 million dollar house in Romania, online businesses, his supercar collection, private jet, casino businesses, and other assets.

Next, let’s address the question: where does Andrew Tate get all his money?

How Andrew Tate Makes His Money

Since he was born poor, how has Andrew Tate been making money until he was worth $350 million?

Although this is unverified, every month, he earns up to $10 million dollars from his businesses.

Andrew claims that his main businesses are ” The Real World “, “The War Room”, his web cam business (OnlyFans business), and his casinos.

He says the two companies that have made him the most money are his online businesses: The Real World and The War Room.

OnlyFans Business

His brother, Tristan Tate manages his OnlyFans business and generates up to $200,000 per month. The casinos in Romania allegedly earn him $1 million per month.

The War Room

He believes that his most important business is The War Room and not because of the income he earns from the subscription fee he charges but because the people in his network provide the connections that enable him to make more money.

It is his private network of high-profile entrepreneurs from all around the world.

The Real World

The Real World is an online membership platform that Andrew Tate launched in 2022 to replace Hustler’s University.

The Real World is an education website where he and his self-appointed coaches teach people how to make money online using various means such as affiliate marketing, investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, and dropshipping, among other wealth creation methods.

He claims that The Real World shows you the fastest and easiest way to start making money online thus “escaping the matrix.”

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Andrew Tate’s Lives a Lavish Lifestyle

As often seen on social media, the Tate brothers live a lavish lifestyle in Romania. They own a $30 million dollar mansion in Bucharest, Romania where they live together.

The Tate brothers fly all around the world in a private jet, regularly spend thousands of dollars on dinners and cigars, and own super cars, including a $5.2 million dollar Bugatti Chiron

Andrew Tate’s home has gained value since he bought it because he had no issue dropping a massive investment on it to finance renovations and add special features. When he bought it, it was worth $7 million but now it is worth $30 million.

The Tates like living in Romania because they believe that it is safe if you don’t cross paths with an organized crime group. They like living there because from their perspective, it is a Christian country with strong cultural and moral values unlike the Western society where there is moral degradation.

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