Andrew Tate University: Course, Professors, Campuses

Andrew Tate’s whole idea behind “The Matrix” is that the conventional education systems create employees who are dependent on “the powers that be” for survival with little more than their wages.

Therefore, the motivation behind an “Andrew Tate University” is to teach you how to break away from the Matrix and unshackling yourself from being an employee.

When he started his first education platform, Hustlers’ University, he said that he was providing courses to teach you how to build income streams that wouldn’t require traditional employment. This is the kind of message that had been the staple of entrepreneurs who were perpetuating the now infamous hustle culture.

Let’s take a look at what the “Andrew Tate University” looks like and teaches.

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Andrew Tate University: Course, Professors, Campuses 7

Andrew Tate University

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What is Andrew Tate’s University?

When Andrew Tate started Hustler’s University, he pledged that his education platform would turn you from an employee into an employer.

But besides teaching you how to make money, the platform promotes Tate as a successful former athlete who became a rich business owner that spends a lot of money (which he has an abundance of) on expensive super cars, mansions, and private jet.

Andrew Tate University

Andrew is the ideal, the one who has broken from the Matrix and sees the world for what it really is. He left the Matrix and joined “The Real World.”

It is that sentiment that inspired his new marketing campaign and the renaming of the platform (to The Real World) following the collapse of Hustler’s University.

In promotional videos of the newly-launched program, he adopted the persona of Morpheus from the Matrix movies as the person who will guide his students out of the Matrix. He casts himself as the wise guide that red-pills his followers to open their eyes to the ugly truth that underlies the systems they have relied on.

When Tate founded Hustlers University 2.0 in 2021, it was an online Discord network comprising “campuses” (to learn more about it, you can read my comprehensive Hustlers University Review here).

Andrew Tate talking about The Real World

Students would have access to the Discord network and video lessons that would teach them how to make money by investing in cryptocurrency, copywriting, how to set up your own e-commerce and Amazon stores, and other skills for $49 per month.

When he was de-platformed from nearly every major social media site, Tate could still influence his followers that were students on Hustlers University and he still made millions of dollars.

His students were typically young men, some as young as 13 years old, who would sign up and receive instructions from Andrew Tate’s University professors.

The goal was to become as successful and rich as Tate because he constantly reminded them how much money he had when he posted videos of him driving sports cars and flying in his private jet.

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How many students does Andrew Tate’s University have?

Tate’s University has thousands of subscribers from around the world. Although thousands of students left his program when the Hustlers University affiliate program was stopped, a large number retained their memberships and transitioned to the new university.

When Andrew went viral for getting de-platformed, it was a blessing in disguise. He made more money from the attention he got because more people signed up for his courses.

Before his cancellation, Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University 2.0 had 129,000 subscribers but after being banned from social media, that number had grown to over 220,000.

Andrew Tate on Hustler's University

As the news broke that he had been banned, he shut down his affiliate program. This program incentivized subscribers to promote the program to sign up more followers, so when it ended, students left the program by the thousands.

However, this mass exodus proved temporary because in a matter of weeks, there was an uptick in the number of followers.

Then Andrew announced that he was launching “The Real World.”

It was a rebranding of Hustler’s University. Since it launched, it has thousands of members and they all pay the $49.99-a-month fee. The program makes millions for Tate and his associates and contributes to his enormous net worth.

How does The Real World work?

In early October 2022, after Tate had been banned from Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and Facebook, Tate announced that Hustlers University 2.0 would relaunch as The Real World (now, every link or page posted promoting Hustler’s University redirects you to TRW).

He said that the new program would be “the portal to escape the matrix.” The new platform would cost $149 a month for new members but students of Hustlers’ University would continue to pay $49.99. Now everyone pays $49.99.

Andrew Tate's The Real World

Rather than operate on Discord servers, the platform of choice would be Telegram, an encrypted messaging service.

In the video that announced the changes, there was a statement saying, “Hustlers University was Step 1 of our 3-Step Plan.‍ The Real World is Step 2.”

It would be free from the companies that had cancelled Tate.

For example, they would no longer use Stripe, the payment provider that had pulled out of processing digital payments for Hustler’s University.

Tate would now use “self-reliant infrastructure” to run it. There would be no payment processors or “matrix controlled servers,” only alternative banking systems. The tech platforms would no longer have the power to boot him off.

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How is The Real World structured?

The Real World is an education platform with an assortment of online courses that exists solely online.

It still uses the same model that was used by Hustler’s University of dividing the program into “campuses” where each campus is taught by an instructor focusing on one of the 19 modern methods of making money online.

On the sales page, it reads, “We call our instructors ‘Professors’, but their teachings come from experience, not theory. All of our professors made over $1,000,000+ using the methods they will teach you. And their mission is to guide, teach and mentor you throughout your business journey every single day.”

Here are the “professors” as I write this:

The Real World Professors

Hustlers University had Discord subchannels but TRW has it’s own self reliant platform.

Tate’s University, aka TRW is divided into levels:

Choose a skill

The first step is to choose a skill or online business programs that you can learn from one of the mentors. The skills they teach you are copywriting, freelancing, Ecommerce, Amazon FBA, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Real World Choose A Skill

Multiply your income

The next step once your income reaches the 6-figure threshold, is to teach you how to invest your money to multiply your profits.

The Real World Multiply your income

Scale your business

This is the final step and it involves mentoring you to leverage your income and accelerate your business growth.

The Real World Scale your business

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Copywriting Campus

The copywriting course is the most popular program because students don’t need money to start implementing what they learn to earn money online. It is not like launching an e-commerce site or buying crypto that requires a huge upfront capital investment.

Copywriting campus: The Best Online Business Course?

The copywriting course has 14 classes that are taught using videos featuring an instructor and followed by a quiz.

You can only move to the next lesson when you get all the questions correct in your current one. You learn how to write copy that sells your product, how to mass email, and how to write an email.

Students also learn the core values of having a “Top G” mentality. There is an emphasis on work ethic.

Affiliate Program

There is a course on affiliate marketing and although part of it comprises basic affiliate marketing training and lessons on how to start an affiliate marketing business, it is also a vehicle that Tate has used effectively to promote the subscription.

Andrew Tate is media savvy and he knows that the best way to grab people’s attention is through social media.

To promote Tate’s university, students are encouraged to share their success stories online. You’ll find testimonial videos of people claiming they’ve made a lot of money from the lessons learnt in the platform.

Although Tate has been banned from social media, a lot of his content still goes viral across platforms and all that has been created as free advertising by students.

Andrew Tate University Affiliate Campus

At the peak of Hustler’s University’s influence, students would promote the school and they’d get a 50% cut of the first month of subscription fees for every new member they recruited would join Hustlers University using their affiliate link.

It was an effective campaign because the Hustlers University 2.0 hashtag had a billion hits on TikTok. The Andrew Tate hashtag had over 10 billion views, this is one of the ways Tate was able to get so famous.

People went overboard with the most inflammatory videos of Tate to get more subscribers but it was that problematic rhetoric that got Tate kicked off platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

The affiliate commission dropped to 10%, and the program was later scrapped after Tate was banned on Facebook and Instagram.

The affiliate program is back now his University has re-launched as TRW.

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Who is Andrew Tate University For?

Just like there was no minimum age requirement to join Hustler’s University 2.0, there isn’t one to join The Real World.

Anyone who has access to a bank card with money to spare can sign up for the program.

There was concern that a large number of users on the server were under the age of 18 and would, therefore, not be legally allowed to trade crypto or stocks.

Generally, the people who subscribe to Andrew Tate’s University are those who agree with what he espouses.

A majority of people who sign up are also people who are unemployed and disenfranchised and feel like they should find alternative ways to make money. They turn to Tate’s program.

Are Andrew Tate’s students getting results?

When Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University was still around, members posted on social media how the program had changed their lives. There was no way to prove that those frequent student success stories were genuine but there was a lot of content posted by people claiming to have changed their lives with the course.

Some people claimed that they emailed Tate feeling depressed and he responded in person, thus changing their perspectives and turning their lives around.

Many young men resonated with Andrew’s message and felt that he provided them with male guidance that they desperately needed.

The university’s Discord channels also doubled up as a social media community where members talked about the impact Tate had on their lives. They also shared updates about their progress and photos of how much money they were making.

The university had dedicated channels for users to share their financial gains, or “wins.”

People would share screenshots of bank deposits, claiming to have earned thousands of dollars with the skills they had learned on the platform. Others shared photos of wands of cash, flashy cars, and photos of trips they went on due to the gains they had made from Hustlers University 2.0.

People were also encouraged to do push-ups. There was a belief that those who did the most push-ups per day are the ones who learned the fastest and who made the most money.

Although most of the content was based on winning, members also shared personal stories of their grief, insecurities, and feeling unaccomplished. People also came in asking for advice.

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How much does Tate’s University cost?

The Real World is a monthly subscription that costs $49.99 just like HU did.

The Real World subscription cost

What is The War Room?

Tate also has another program called The War Room, a group chat on Telegram app that costs $4,497 to join.

He describes it as “a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free the modern man from socially induced incarceration.”

The main selling point is that The War Room gives you direct, personal access to Tate, which Andrew Tate’s University does not offer beyond the occasional updates from the man himself.

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Andrew Tate University: Course, Professors, Campuses 7

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