How Did Andrew Tate Get Famous?

Andrew Tate is one of the most well-known individuals of the last year. The former kickboxing world champion and self-proclaimed “top G” attained worldwide fame in 2022.

Tate first came to the limelight in 2016 when as one of the stars in season 17 of Big Brother, he called his housemates “snakes,” and adopted a no-nonsense attitude for the brief time he was there. That was before he left the show in controversial circumstances.

But he didn’t achieve notoriety until he launched a viral marketing campaign in 2022 and showing off his luxurious lifestyle on social media of him driving supercars and getting flown around in a private jet. So, how did he do it?

Let’s take a look at how Andrew Tate became “the most googled man in the world.”

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How Did Andrew Tate Get Famous? 7

How Andrew Tate Became Famous

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Andrew Tate’s Bio And Early Life

Emory Andrew Tate III (nick named “Cobra Tate”) is a four-time kickboxing world champion and popular British-American social media influencer.

Tate was born in Illinois in 1986 before moving to England with his mom and younger brother, Tristan Tate, when he was just 6 years old after his parents separated. He had already become a chess prodigy while living in the U.S. but was unable to carry on playing when his family moved to England. He decided to shift to kickboxing.

How did Andrew Tate Get Famous

Explaining his decision to switch his interest, he said, “England didn’t have a very big chess scene at the time, and I wasn’t able to find a coach. Instead, I started training as a professional kickboxer.”

While he wasn’t able to emulate his father, Emory Tate, to become a chess grandmaster, he focused on kickboxing and turned pro. In his mid-20s, he won his first Kickboxing World Championship (IKSA).

Over the next few years, he won more titles, retired, and then started his life as an influencer.

Personal life

Is Andrew Tate married and does he have kids?

Well, Tate says he wants to have many wives but he has never disclosed who he dates or whom his wives could be to the public.

He also says that he may have up to 10 children but wants to keep the public guessing to ensure that they lead private lives. He also claims that he wants to protect them from “feral psychopaths” who may target them.

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What Is Andrew Tate’s Net Worth?

Andrew Tate net worth is about $350 million but that figure is an estimate. He even once said that he is the world’s first trillionaire. However, that is not true because no one has that much money. On top of that, when asked to verify those claims by Forbes Magazine, he declined the invitation.

However, he is wealthy and it shows in his expensive lifestyle. He owns a $5.2 million dollar Bugatti Chiron, which is one of the most expensive cars in the world.

The problem with Tate is that there’s no actual way of knowing how much he is worth except by attaching values to the businesses he owns that he has publicly revealed and calculating the figures from there.

How did Andrew Tate Make Money

What we know is that he became a millionaire when the webcam studio business took off. He then diversified his portfolio to include online businesses like The Real World and The War Room, Romanian Casinos, and OnlyFans.

Andrew Tate claims that he makes over $10 million dollars per month through his various businesses.

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How Did Andrew Tate Become Famous?

If you ask Andrew Tate, he’ll tell you that his fame did not come by accident. He planned all of it. It all began when he became a kickboxer:


Andrew took up martial arts training in England when he was 15 and in 10 years, he had won his first Kickboxing championship title. Before that, he had emulated his father in becoming a chess prodigy. But when he couldn’t find a coach, he took up fighting because it was more accessible to him.

Andrew Tate always had enormous self-belief in his abilities claiming he is the best kickboxer to ever step onto the ring.

Make of that what you will but he was no slouch in the many years he fought professionally under the International Sport Kickboxing Association. He competed in 87 pro fights and retired with a 78-9 record. He won 23 of his fights by knockout.

Tate retired from kickboxing in his late 20s because he wanted to build a business empire. He was also concerned by the injuries he sustained to his eyes that had forced him to have surgeries. He decided that winning titles did not justify losing his eyesight.

After retiring, he started a successful webcam studio business that made him a millionaire. Then, he launched other profitable businesses that have allowed him to maintain an expensive lifestyle.

He moved into a $30 million house in Romania where he lives with his brother and cousin. Many people have been claiming that it is a warehouse that he turned into a lair.

Big Brother

Although kickboxing put his name in the limelight, the amount of attention he got fighting was not as much as he got countrywide when he featured in season 17 of Big Brother UK. He was one of the contestants but his stay was short-lived.

He was thrown out when producers of the show found out he was under police investigation for allegedly sexually harrassing former employees of his webcam business. The police never pressed charges and dropped the investigation.

Tate moved on and started an array of online businesses. None became as popular as Hustler’s University. 

Hustlers University

Hustler’s University, later to be known as “The Real World,” was an online education platform created by Andrew Tate where his followers would be taught what he considers Modern Wealth Creation Methods.

Andrew Tate Hustler's University

The courses he offered were in areas like Freelancing, Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing, Non-branded eCom, Day Trading, Swing Trading, Long Term Investing, Amazon Dropshipping, Amazon Arbitrage, March by Amazon (Print on Demand), NFTs, De-Fi, Options Plays, Business Management, Amazon FBA private label, Amazon KDP, Amazon Wholesale, and Branded eCom.

He ran the platform on Discord and hired tutors (referred to as professors) from amongst his friends, targeting the ones who had succeeded in establishing the kind of business they were coming to teach.

Many people thought that Hustler’s University (now The Real World) was and still is a pyramid scheme because Andrew told his followers to promote the course online to recruit other people.

He ran an affiliate program where every time a member brought a new member into the program, they would get a 50% commission. This was how Andrew Tate went viral on TikTok because he taught people to promote his course by reposting his old videos to bring in new members.

People created thousands of accounts on TikTok posting his new videos and his face was on people’s screens all the time. The same thing happened on YouTube where even when he was banned, he still remains relevant.

Andrew pushed back against claims that his course was a pyramid scheme arguing that he was using affiliate marketing just like any company does, including Amazon. He felt like he was unfairly targeted and his program was no different from any other affiliate marketing program.

Following his widespread ban from the big social media platforms, Andrew Tate decided to end the Hustler’s University affiliate program. Then he announced that he was launching a new program called “The Real World.”

The Real World would be the new educational platform that had no ties to “the Matrix.” Andrew has been going on about mainstream forces conspiring against him and his followers to make him compliant. That’s when he decided to adopt the Matrix analogy telling his followers that should they sign up for “The Real World,” he would liberate them.

Technically speaking, The Real World is an education platform where he teaches his student the various ways of making money online.

It is a rebranding of Hustler’s University because it also teaches “18 modern wealth creation methods” with the goal of helping you to make money online as quickly as possible.

Andrew Tate believes that the old ways of becoming rich are out of reach and if you want to to get wealthy in this century, you need to learn how to make money online.

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What Actually Made Andrew Tate Famous: Being Controversial

Pushing an online course hard and going viral cannot generate the kind of popularity that Tate has managed to achieve. Guys like Tai Lopez got their moment in the spotlight but never became “The Most Googled person” for their efforts.

What really fuels his popularity is the fact that he is a polarizing figure because the opinions that he shares online regarding modern masculinity and interactions between men and women get as loudly cheered as they are jeered.

There are three types of people who pay attention to him:

  • People who resonate with his message and persona and follow him in a cult-like way (mostly young men).
  • Those who hate his guts because they believe that he is a hateful misogynist and an existential threat to society. So they hate-click on stories about him or hate-watch his content because they feel so repulsed, they can’t wait to find out what’s the latest outrageous thing he has said to mock him.
  • Those who are just curious about him because they see him all over the news, social media, and other forums and would like to know why he is such a big deal. Many parents and teachers who learn about him fall into this category.

Andrew Tate never holds back when making controversial opinions on dating and relationships. He frequently talks about how men should interact with women and lands himself in trouble most of the time.

A lot of what he says gets taken out of context and some people believe that he is playing a character to get the most attention he can to sell his courses.

He’s done interviews on Piers Morgan’s show and on the Full Send podcast to explain his approach. He always defends himself by saying that he says things to be as deliberately controversial and “abrasive” as possible to get as much publicity as possible.

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Why Was Andrew Tate Banned?

Andrew Tate became one of the most talked about persons on the internet in 2022 but that didn’t stop him from getting banned from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram in August that year for violating community guidelines on hate speech on each platform.

Andrew pleaded innocence saying he did nothing wrong but those companies saw things differently. Tate was banned for his controversial views on women that some people equate to misogyny.

His critics pushed for him to be deplatformed claiming that he is a dangerous influence on society. TikTok cited its policy when banning him: “Misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok.”

Andrew did not see it that way. He believes he has a positive influence on young men because his rhetoric is meant to make them more confident. He says that young men who listen to him automatically become more driven and purposeful. Tate claimed that he has made many videos praising women.

Twitter is the only platform that has allowed him back since Elon Musk took over that company.

The other social media companies like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have kept him off their platforms and it doesn’t look like he will be allowed back any time soon.

That hasn’t stopped Andrew Tate from dominating those platforms because he taught other people to repost his viral videos on their own accounts.

That’s why you will still see a lot of his content on TikTok and YouTube.

Andrew Tate Arrested in Romania

In late December 2022, Andrew Tate along with his brother and two Romanian women were arrested by the Romanian authorities.

The Tate brothers and the two women were detained on suspicion of creating an organized crime group to recruit, house and exploit women by forcing them to create pornographic content meant to be seen on specialized websites. They are also being investigated for rape and human trafficking.

They may be detained for several months with the Romanian court claiming that they cannot be released because they may scuttle the investigations.

March 31st 2023 Update – On the 31st of March 2023 Andrew Tate and Tristan were released and are currently on house arrest in their Romanian mansion.

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How Did Andrew Tate Get Famous? 7

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