What Is Apple’s Secret Operation “Red Light” Pitch? [Keith Kohl]

Keith Kohl, one of the editors at Angel Publishing has been pushing a presentation about Apple’s Secret Operation Red Light.”

It is about this upgrade to the Apple Watch that he says could inadvertently create an investment opportunity more lucrative than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod combined.

In this review, I walk you through the presentation as we try to make a sense of what that means. Keep reading to learn more.

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What Is Apple's Secret Operation "Red Light" Pitch? [Keith Kohl] 7

Apple’s Red Light Pitch Review

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Introduction to Apple’s Red Light Pitch

Apple’s Secret Operation Red Light” is a presentation about what Keith Kohl refers to as a new dawn in technology that’s set to revolutionize an $8.4 trillion market.

It has to do with an Apple Watch upgrade that he says will create an investment opportunity more lucrative than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod COMBINED. I suppose that means that investing in this new opportunity will potentially earn you more returns than investors who benefited from the launches of those devices.

Apple's Red Light Pitch

This kind of rhetoric (teasing Apple suppliers or suppliers of big companies for that matter) is not unique to Keith Kohl here. We’ve seen it before in pitches like Ray Blanco’s “Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.” presentation, Jeff Brown’s “Elon Musk SAV Project [S.A.V.]“, and James Altucher’s “Jeff Bezos Big Bet Stock.”

The premise is that companies that supply the big boys always benefit and make their investors a lot of money.

In this case, Keith Kohl says that there is going to be an upgrade to the Apple Watch.

He says that a small company in this sector has the potential to offer up to 9,000% to investors.

This company is manufacturing a tiny chip that will make Apple’s “Red Light” operation a reality. He goes as far as saying that this could be one of the biggest investment opportunities of the decade as the company is already working on a revolutionary new piece of tech.

So, what does this have to do with Apple’s upgrade of its smartwatches?

According to Keith, the small company will supply Apple with a special new kind of chip technology to replace the green light on the back of the smartwatch with a red one so that Apple smartwatches will now have the capability to efficiently determine Glucose levels, Hydration levels, Oxygen levels, and much more too.

The green one only monitors heart rate.

He adds that the new chip technology has the potential to transform multiple industries through a broad range of applications, particularly in the health and wellness space. This innovative company behind this technology is poised to make 9,000% gains or even higher. 

You will know all the details about this new tech in a special report Keith wrote called Apple’s Operation ‘Red Light’: The Secret Chipmaker Poised to Dominate Health Care. 

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightThe special report covers the company behind Apple’s Operation “Red Light”. This report does a full rundown of the company’s management team and partnerships, as well as the other billion-dollar markets it’s looking to expand into.

You can get access to it only when you opt for the membership to a weekly trading advisory service, Topline Trader.

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Who Is Behind Apple’s Red Light Pitch?

Apple’s Red Light Pitch is designed by Keith Kohl, one of the editors at Angel Publishing. He runs two well-known investment newsletter services, namely Energy Investor and Technology and Opportunity.

He has more than 300,000 readers for whom he actively provides in-depth coverage in the hottest investment trends in the market. Keith Kohl considers himself “a true insider” in the technology and energy markets as well as the biotech industry.

Over the last few years, he has been writing about what he regards as the hottest stocks in the latest tech trends, including the EV revolution, the ongoing 5G roll-out, the newest players on the scene in robotics, automation, and anti-aging technology.

Keith Kohl’s network features hundreds of experts from whom he gets investment insights into the most profitable stocks in the healthcare and biotech sector.

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How Does Topline Trader Work?

Keith Kohl’s Topline Trader is an investment advisory service that is published by Angel Publishing.

The newsletter was previously overseen by Jason Stutman, who has since moved on and is no longer among the experts working for Angel Publishing.

So, what kind of research does the Topline Trader newsletter specialize in?

Keith Kohl writes about high-level, next-generation technology opportunities in areas like nanotechnology, robotics, biotechnology, and AI.

Keith Kohl works with a team of researchers to find revolutionary new technologies that are likely to change people’s lives. He then finds investment opportunities involving those technologies and he shares them with his subscribers.

The advisory service offers the following benefits…

  • Weekly Issues of Topline Trader: Keith publishes new and exciting research on next-generation tech companies that are making waves in various niches. Keith writes about one company in at least one of the weekly issues every month. He provides you with the name of the company, buy instructions, and other important details.
  • Regular Portfolio Updates: You receive regular updates from Keith breaking down what’s happening with each of the stocks. He shares with you his analysis of each recommendation.
  • Full Access to the Private Members-Only Website: When you join, you get a username and password to find each trade alert, weekly issue, portfolio update, and research report he sends out to readers
  • Access to VIP Member Services: The customer support service answers questions regarding your subscription. They provide 24-hour access by email or you can contact them by calling (877) 303-4529.

In addition to those benefits, as a subscriber to the advisory service, you also receive three bonus reports:

COVID Killer: Cashing in on the Tiny Company Behind ‘Alpha 2B

This report is about the biggest medical breakthrough Keith is monitoring. It has to do with a small company producing a nasal spray that can alleviate the COVID-19 viral load.

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightThe nasal spray is sold over the counter and its job is to minimize the symptoms. You only need to spray your nose daily for the symptoms to disappear.

Keith Kohl wants you to invest in the company that manufactures the spray because he sees its potential in the market.

The Biotech Investor’s Guide to FDA Fast Lanes

This report is about the FDA fast lane (a route to faster FDA approval). The FDA fast lane typically has unique requirements and benefits for drug developments, which provide powerful catalyst dates for investors.

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightIn this report, Keith Kohl explains in detail how these “fast lanes” work and how they can make you money. Keith notes that this is an important development because when a company announces that it has a new drug to be fast-tracked, it can send the company’s shares soaring even when the drug hasn’t officially been approved.

The Quantum Computer King: The #1 Stock to Buy for the Quantum Era

Keith writes about quantum computing and predicts an upcoming boom.

Apple's Secret Operation Red LightKohl wants you to pay attention to a relatively unknown company that has a robust library of quantum technology patents. He says that the company is not some far-off prospect hoping to hit it big.

The company has already started selling quantum technology and its stock still trades at just a fraction of a majority of the leading computing giants. For example, at the time of writing the report, the company was valued at less than 0.2% the market cap of Intel Corporation.

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Is Apple’s Red Light Pitch Legit?

Keith Kohl’s Apple’s Red Light Pitch is legit.

Mr. Kohl strikes me as a credible investment analyst who has been writing about niche investment opportunities for a long time. I can’t verify this but he claims to have made big predictions about the oil industry and that, in itself, is impressive.

He has also written extensively about the biotech industry and looks like the person you’d go to for contrarian ideas on how to approach the industry.

Therefore, when he writes about the Apple Watch undergoing a major healthcare-related update, you can take him seriously. Besides, he is not so wide off the mark because you can expect Apple smartwatches to be due an upgrade. 

That being said, his past experiences and successes are not a guarantee that he will be right about the market this time. He may be wrong in his assessment and all his recommendations may flop. Therefore, as you approach his work with an open mind, do it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Apple’s Red Light Pitch Verdict

Is following Keith Kohl’s advice about the biotech sector and Apple smartwatch upgrades a solid approach?

I think that is up for debate. 

When Mr. Kohl says that a new upgrade to the smartwatch is set to bring a complete revolution in this sector and also help you 90x your money, I don’t think you should rush to follow his advice and throw all caution to the wind. Him saying that is expected because he wants you to have a sense of urgency and follow his advice as fast as you can.

Why am I saying this? Investment gurus are great at marketing and they will say anything to inspire a positive reaction from you. I can bet that in a few weeks or months, he will have another “biggest opportunity in his career” that “you can’t afford to miss.” So, if you are willing to give his advice a try, rest easy and judge his advice on its merits.

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What Is Apple's Secret Operation "Red Light" Pitch? [Keith Kohl] 7

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