Damon Fryer Net Worth Exposed? [DDE Net Worth 2023]

Interested to know what Damon Fryer Net Worth the man behind the YouTube DDE channel?

Daily Driven Exotics is an Entertainment Group that has been around since 2012 with headquarters on Vancouver Island.

DDE Net Worth for 2023 is estimated at between $5-$10 million USD.

DDE was started by Canadian entrepreneur, Damon Fryer.

Damon has earned good money based on his love of cars, which has allowed him to growing his social media audience because he develops content that many people love.

In this piece, we explore Damon’s journey and how he made his money.

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Damon Fryer Net Worth 2023

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What is Daily Driven Exotics?

Daily Driven Exotics (DDE) can be aptly described as an automotive Entertainment Group with a very popular YouTube channel. Damon Fryer started the company in 2012 and then later brought on his business partner, and co-host Dave Coulter, and based the headquarters in Western Canada.

Daily Driven Exotics YouTube

The Daily Driven Exotics own YouTube channel has more than 3,000,000 subscribers making it one of the world’s most popular automotive-based YouTube channels. Damon and Dave like driving and modifying cars.

Daily Driven Exotics has a partnership with August Motorcars, who have sold DDE the majority of their vehicles. In turn, August Motorcars have gotten a ton of exposure and grown as a brand.

When he started DDE, Fryer wanted to create an aspirational lifestyle brand and a united Supercar community that combined action sports, exotic automobiles, and popular culture. Damon has said on numerous occasions that he was inspired to start the channel by the late Ken Block. Besides their YouTube channel, DDE is on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

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Who is Damon Fryer?

Damon Fryer is a Canadian YouTuber with a large collection of supercars that he’s accumulated over the years. He flaunts his cars on his YouTube and Instagram profiles as part of the DDE brand.

Before Damon Fryer started pursuing his passion for cars, he made his money in email marketing doing affiliate sales. He learned the ins and outs of affiliate marketing over a period of several years and these skills allowed him to grow his business and brand. His massive mailing list helps him reach potential customers.

Over the years, Damon has done well to diversify his portfolio. He’s been expanding his business into different ventures as his audience continues to grow.

Damon Fryer’s Personal Life

Damon was born in Canada where he spent his early life. Damon Fryer married his wife Natasha many years ago and together, they have three daughters (that answers the questions of Damon Fryer gender and “is damon fryer gay?”).

Damon doesn’t hold back when it comes to spending on his family. The family house is quite luxurious and in one vlog episode, he revealed a $10,000 gym addition. During the pandemic, Fryer spent $1,200 on a Louis Vuitton face mask just to show how absurd it was. He doesn’t hold himself back from spending on designer clothes, the best schools for his children, and even bought his oldest daughter her own Porsche and Lamborghini Gallardo, although these were most likely cars bought for the business.

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Damon Fryer’s Net Worth

The Damon Fryer net worth comprises his expensive cars, his YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers and an Instagram account with over 1 million followers. His net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million.

Damon Fryer appears to be making $1.3 million per year or more (and spending a lot on his cars as you’d expect). Damon has also publicly stated numerous times that he is not “rich” in the traditional sense, and that the cars they have are business expenses and he leases them via August Motorcars so that he can make content.

How Damon Fryer Makes His Money

Damon Fryer’s net worth comes predominantly from his online endeavors. Damon Fryer’s annual income can be attributed to a couple of things:


Youtube is a profitable venture for many online influencers. We’ve seen the kind of money guys like KSIBlippi, and Graham Stephan earn and of course other automotive influencers like Shmee150.

Since DDE is a relatively large channel, you can imagine that the Ad revenue and sponsorships are in the millions of dollars per year.

Damon Fryer did not start his automotive career purely on YouTube. He had already cultivated an audience with his DailyDrivenExotics blog. Therefore, when he started his Youtube channel, it was a matter of converting those loyal followers into video views.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Damon got a YouTube play button before he’d even started posting videos on his channel. Having an audience bumped up his subscriber numbers so quickly.

Since he is a YouTube Partner, he earns money from the ads that play before his videos. Damon certainly gets a couple thousand views per day on all of his content, and that adds up to a lot of money per day. And if you extrapolate that, he gets a couple million views per month sometimes and that means that he makes a lot of money just from ad revenue.

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The Daily Driven Exotics Instagram account has 1 million followers on Instagram. If you add his personal account, he has more than 1.3 million followers between them.

And it makes sense because if, like Damon Fryer you are selling a lifestyle, social media is the perfect avenue for that. Damon Fryer’s combined number of subscribers and followers is massive and businesses like August Motorcars see that as a valuable base for marketing purposes.

daily driven exotics net worth

Instagram is a popular platform for sponsored content, and with Damon frequently getting thousands of likes per post, he is a good candidate for monetizing his account.

Instagram is also a great avenue for selling your products or services. Damon, therefore, benefits from having so many followers when he promotes his brand and pushes his latest ventures. He certainly knows what works on Instagram because he constantly posts photos of the exotic car “lifestyle” which is very marketable. It is no wonder that his frequent updates keep his fans coming back for more.

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DailyDrivenExotics media entertainment company

DailyDrivenExotics is Damon Fryer’s main business venture and he has a members-only website where his most loyal followers get a ton of benefits.

Damon started DailyDrivenExotics to get people to enjoy their exotic cars rather than just keeping them in storage, something that has resonated with many automotive enthusiasts. He lives up to these ideals when he brings his cars to shows in a wide variety of locations to share with his fans.

Damon’s website comprises merchandise and a number of things people who are not members do not have access to.

Although Damon makes money from his love of cars, he also spends a lot of money on them. They have to be repaired, maintained, insured, and stored and those costs can add up to a lot of money especially if you have as large a collection of exotic cars as he has. Case in point, when Damon bought a used Ferrari 488 GTB he had to spend $25,000 in repairs before even driving it.

Damon usually sells his cars sometimes, which earns him a profit when he no longer has a use for them.


Damon Fryer sells merchandise on the shopdde website.

He doesn’t sell anything fancy yet (as of writing this) because all there is now is a couple of t-shirts and general fan merchandise with the DDE logo on them.

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The Damon Fryer worth is derived from his Daily Driven Exotics business. He has amassed millions of subscribers and followers which has enabled him to acquire advertising and sponsorship deals that have increased his net worth.

Daily Driven Exotics main appeal is not just Damon’s collection of exotic cars but also his ability to keep his audience engaged and interested in his life. He has made it his mission to show people that they should enjoy their cars.

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