Freedom Ticket: Legit Amazon Course? [2023 Review]

Cracking the code of Amazon FBA selling can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just starting out.

Enter Freedom Ticket — an online course designed by successful seller Kevin King and Helium 10 to guide hopeful entrepreneurs through the ins and outs of running an Amazon business.

In this Freedom Ticket review, we will be detailing what Freedom Ticket brings to the table; from product research to listing optimization to help you decide whether it is worth trying out.

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Key Takeaways

  • Freedom Ticket is an online course for those looking at starting or growing an Amazon FBA business. The focus is on private label business with comprehensive training on various aspects of Amazon selling.
  • Freedom Ticket is better suited for beginners as it provides step-by-step strategies for efficient business operations on Amazon.
  • The course covers Amazon’s selling processes, product selection, branding, supplier management, and advertising strategies. There is a special focus on branding, money management, efficient shipping, and marketing tactics.
  • Freedom Ticket is available for a one-time fee of $997 with lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also get it for free with a Helium 10 subscription (Starter, Platinum, Diamond, or Elite plans).
  • VERDICT: Freedom Ticket is legitimate and credible, with positive reviews and a successful track record. It is suitable for beginners, offering practical guidance on Amazon FBA basics.

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What is The Freedom Ticket Course By Helium 10 [Kevin King]

Freedom Ticket is an online course designed to help you start or grow your successful Amazon FBA business. To be precise, it teaches you how to start a private label business.

It is meant to provide comprehensive training on various aspects of Amazon selling, including product selection, branding, supplier management, and advertising strategies, among other things.

Freedom Ticket review

From our analysis, the course is better suited to beginners because it provides step-by-step strategies for operating a business efficiently and executing selling processes on Amazon effectively.

For example, a special focus is given to branding, money management, efficient shipping of products to FBA warehouses, and marketing tactics for creating successful listings; all crucial elements in building a thriving Amazon FBA business that someone with a bit of experience should have a handle on.

Since the course provides step-by-step instructions on Amazon’s selling processes, you can gain practical experience while learning with Kevin King’s proven methods.

What is a private label Amazon Business?

A private label Amazon business is one where you sell products on Amazon under your brand name or label.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Product Selection and Sourcing: You choose a product that you want to sell. This could be an existing product with potential for improvement or a completely new product. You then source this product from a manufacturer, often overseas.
  2. Branding and Packaging: You create your brand name, design a logo, and develop the packaging for the product. This is a crucial step as it differentiates your product from others in the market.
  3. Private Labeling: The manufacturer produces the product according to your specifications and applies your branding to the product and its packaging.
  4. Selling on Amazon: You create a product listing on Amazon under your brand. You handle the pricing, marketing, and customer service. Amazon takes care of the storage and shipping through their fulfillment centers if you use their FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service.
  5. Marketing and Sales: You employ various marketing strategies to drive traffic to your product listing on Amazon. This can include Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) ads, influencer marketing, social media advertising, and optimizing your product listing for search engine visibility within Amazon.
  6. Customer Service and Reviews: You provide customer service to maintain a good reputation and encourage positive reviews. Positive reviews are essential for gaining trust and driving more sales.

The goal is to build a brand and a product line that resonates with customers, generates good sales, and eventually expands into more products and potentially into other sales channels.

Private labeling has become popular because it allows individuals or small businesses to enter the e-commerce market with their own unique brand without the need to manufacture products themselves.

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What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a suite of tools used by Amazon sellers. These tools are meant to aid in sales growth through optimization and automation.

What is Helium 10?

It includes tools for market tracking, keyword research, and competitor analysis. These tools are meant to enhance product visibility and search engine rankings on Amazon.

The Freedom Ticket course guides Amazon FBA sellers in utilizing Helium 10 tools for successful campaigns, product ranking, traffic generation, and Amazon promotion optimization.

It emphasizes tracking campaigns and analyzing data to optimize strategies and accelerate sales growth on Amazon efficiently.

Who is Kevin King?

Kevin King is a seasoned e-commerce seller with over 23 years of experience on eBay and Amazon. He has a deep understanding of the platforms’ changes over the years and has maintained profitability during that time.

In 2015, he managed five FBA brands that generated over $1,800,000 in gross revenue in 2016, showcasing his success.

Many consider him an expert in Amazon and marketing, labeling him a “walking encyclopedia” based on his extensive knowledge and experience.

Overall, Kevin King is highly experienced and has proven reliable in providing accurate information related to e-commerce and Amazon.

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What is included in The Freedom Ticket Course?

Freedom Ticket was initially an eight-week course whereby you’d get access to one week’s module at a time.

But with the latest update (Version 3.0), it is now a 10-week program with over 150 modules available all at once (kind of how Netflix releases its TV shows 😎).

The change was a welcome one because it allowed for faster progression for students who’d rather not wait for the weekly updates.

Now, rather than having to wait for new content to drop every week, you can go through the entire course in a week or two if you like.

The course has become more comprehensive too, with new course additions teaching you how to start a private-label Amazon business.

With the latest update, each lesson now comes with a PDF summary, and some have additional documentation.

The main issue we have with it is that finding specific information can be challenging due to the absence of a search function.

Other than that, Version 3.0 also offers updated material and has subtitles in English, Spanish, and German for all video lessons.

While the training mentions a Facebook group, it’s associated with Helium 10 rather than Freedom Ticket, requiring subscription details for access. This locks you out if you bought the course instead of subscribing to a service.

With that out of the way, here’s what’s included in Freedom Ticket:

WEEK 1: Intro to Selling on Amazon

The Freedom Ticket Training by Helium 10 begins with an introduction.

This module discusses opportunities for entrepreneurs on Amazon, particularly emphasizing making money even without a massive capital outlay to begin with.

Kevin covers Amazon terms, and start-up funds, and provides actionable success principles for sellers. Week one’s lessons offer a valuable overview of the Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 for newcomers. The first module is accessible for free.

WEEK 2: Basics of Amazon Selling

In week two, you’ll cover fundamental business concepts such as business formation, insurance, and trademarks.

The focus shifts to utilizing Amazon Seller Central and applying for the Amazon brand registry. The course delves into branding strategies on Amazon, enhancing customer loyalty for long-term sales, and provides insights into what to anticipate when you start selling on Amazon.

The section concludes with a complimentary lesson from Freedom Ticket Xtra, an advanced weekly group coaching featuring Kevin and other Helium 10 experts.

WEEK 3: All About Money

Kevin covers the essential financial aspects you should be aware of before starting an Amazon business. He provides insights into expected returns with a $ 5,000 investment and offers real calculations and figures.

He also discusses important topics like cash flow, bookkeeping, business valuation, and strategies for exiting the business for profit.

The module concludes with King showcasing his own products.

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WEEK 4: Finding a Product to Sell

In the fourth week of the course, you’ll focus on selecting a successful product to sell. The emphasis is on using Helium 10 product research tools, particularly the Black Box tool, to help with the product research.

This involves finding great products and distinguishing yourself from competitors. For that, you have to analyze your competition and find out what customers want by reading reviews.

Besides being introduced to new tools, you’ll learn techniques for product research, choosing the right products, and strategies to stand out.

You learn how to evaluate products using a spreadsheet application too.

Additionally, Kevin reveals more information about his products towards the end of the module.

WEEK 5: Getting Your Product Made

This module focuses on product sourcing, emphasizing finding profitable Chinese suppliers, though sourcing from other countries is also discussed.

The module covers negotiation skills and pricing strategies.

It also highlights 12 common mistakes new sellers should avoid and provides insights on creating differentiated products.

WEEK 6: Freight & Logistics

This module covers the logistics of shipping products with Amazon.

It includes lessons about shipping methods, potential issues that may arise, and their solutions. There’s a step-by-step video guide for creating a shipment in Seller Central to demonstrate how it’s done.

It also details how to use prep centers and third-party logistic warehouses, which might be necessary in 2023 due to Amazon’s requirements.

WEEK 7: How to Make Sales on Amazon

In this module, you’ll learn to effectively sell on Amazon in order to establish a well-structured business.

The focus is on understanding the A9 search algorithm to optimize product listings for increased visibility on Amazon.

You also learn about the key factors influencing product ranking, such as impressions, conversion rate, and clickthrough rate.

The module then covers keyword optimization using Helium 10 Cerebro.

WEEK 8: How to Create Your Sales Page

This module teaches you how to create effective product listings for higher conversion rates. It covers elements like title optimization, writing great product descriptions, mentioning back-end keywords, and optimizing content, images, and videos.

The part that stood out for me was how Kevin delves into keyword optimization using Helium 10 Frankenstein and demonstrates using the Listing Builder tool the process of streamlining listing creation.

WEEK 9: Launching Your Product

This module covers strategies to successfully launch your product and reach page 1 in search results on Amazon.

To achieve that, you learn tactics like using discounts and coupons to entice customers, crafting effective press releases and Amazon posts, how to use Amazon live and secret URLs, and how you can utilize influencers, chatbots, and more to promote your products.

The module goes deep into each tactic, allowing you to select the most suitable ones for your product launch.

WEEK 10: Using Amazon Advertising

This module tackles Pay Per Click (PPC) Amazon ads, explaining the process where ads are displayed based on keywords, and advertisers pay for each click.

It emphasizes the importance of understanding this method well to manage costs effectively. The module teaches you how to target various keywords with your listings without breaking the bank on PPC ads.

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Freedom Ticket Pricing

The Freedom Ticket FBA course is available for a one-time fee of $997, which gives you lifetime access and a 30-day full money-back guarantee.

Freedom Ticket Pricing

Alternatively, it can be obtained for free with a Helium 10 subscription starting with Helium 10 Starter ($39/Month), Helium 10 Platinum ($99/Month), Helium 10 Diamond ($199/Month), and Helium 10 Elite ($399/Month) plans.

The course is a valuable investment for those seriously interested in launching their Amazon business, and the option to get it for free with a Helium 10 subscription is a cost-saving opportunity worth considering because you get all the tools that Helium 10 has to offer (depending on your subscription package) along with it.

Freedom Ticket Discount?

You may find a promotion for 20% off the Freedom Ticket cost for the first six months of the subscription depending on what’s available when you want to sign up.

Who should buy Freedom Ticket?

From our analysis, we believe that “Freedom Ticket” is a course best suited for individuals looking to venture into Amazon selling, particularly those new to the field.

However, I think it still holds value for experienced Amazon sellers as it provides Amazon FBA training that can enhance and level up their businesses. If you’re already using Helium 10, incorporating this course is going to be worth it because it is basically a manual.

Based on what people have been saying online, some students have found the course to be somewhat broad, and lacking in depth. Nevertheless, it serves as a strong foundational training with comprehensive insights for beginners who want to start a successful business.

The content covers essential aspects such as how to initiate your Amazon FBA business, conduct research, approach product selection, and navigate the selling process.

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What We Liked About Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket offers a range of useful features and benefits designed to enhance your knowledge and skills as an Amazon FBA seller:

  • Comprehensive Course Content: The Freedom Ticket course covers almost all aspects of running an Amazon FBA business. It provides detailed information on product research, sourcing, listing optimization, and effective shipping methods.
  • Branding. You learn not only how to identify products that will sell well, but also how to create a strong brand image.
  • Step-by-step Guidance: The course provides clear instructions on Amazon’s selling processes emphasizing practical experience while learning with Kevin King’s proven methods.
  • Updated Content: With Freedom Ticket 3.0 being the latest version, the course stays relevant by continuously updating its content according to changes in the marketplace.
  • Expert Instruction: Kevin King shares his valuable insights throughout the course. His extensive experience as a successful Amazon FBA seller means that you’re learning from one of the best in the field.
  • Discounted Access: You can gain access to the course at a reduced cost through available discounts.
  • Freedom Ticket gives you access to the Helium 10 software, a powerful suite of tools for growing an Amazon FBA business. Considering the wealth of resources and tools provided, Freedom Ticket offers significant value despite its higher initial cost compared to other courses.

The downsides of Freedom Ticket

  • You need to have an additional $5,000 to start an Amazon business besides the fee you pay to join Helium 10.
  • The absence of a dedicated community for Freedom Ticket students (although there’s a larger Helium 10 community)
  • There is an upsell called Freedom Ticket Xtra costing $77/month
  • Some people find the course’s pacing slow (how Kevin King talks) which can affect engagement (although video speed options mitigate this)
  • You need to dedicate substantial time and effort yet success is not guaranteed as results vary due to different circumstances and strategies.

Freedom Ticket Course Reviews

The Freedom Ticket course has garnered positive reviews and established a strong reputation in the Amazon FBA community.

Voted as the best Software Company by Seller Poll, Helium 10 has helped over 2,200 students achieve their goals.

The course is considered a legitimate and valuable resource for anyone looking to start or improve their Amazon FBA business.

Continuous updates ensure that the content is up-to-date and relevant to industry shifts.

With its comprehensive coverage of various aspects of building an Amazon FBA business, along with access to helpful resources and case studies, students can trust Freedom Ticket for effective guidance and learning.

Student results and success stories

Thousands of students have found success through the Freedom Ticket course.

Many participants have gone on to build thriving businesses, selling products and generating profits on the Amazon platform.

Kevin King himself has sold millions of dollars on Amazon.

Participants of the Freedom Ticket course have praised it for its comprehensive and valuable content.

They appreciate the step-by-step approach and find the resources, templates, and case studies provided to be extremely helpful in their learning process.

Negative reviews

Some individuals have expressed concerns about the level of experience required to fully benefit from Freedom Ticket. While the course offers valuable information for beginners, it may be more challenging for those without any prior knowledge or understanding of Amazon FBA.

This means that you should, at least, assess your familiarity with the platform and evaluate if you possess the necessary foundational knowledge before enrolling in this course.

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Freedom Ticket Alternatives

Freedom Ticket is not the only Amazon FBA course available online.

There are other Amazon FBA courses available for those interested in building a successful online business.

Here are a few examples:

The FBA Masterclass

The FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang, a 7-figure Amazon earner, is a premium course priced just under $7K.

The FBA Masterclass

Tom’s strategy is exemplified by a “rank and bank” system, Amazon Gold Miner Software training, and a focus on selling one product at a time.

It comes with 300 up-to-date video lessons, done-for-you templates, and systems as bonuses. If you can afford the course on top of the startup expenses for an Amazon private label business, it’s a worthwhile investment.

The course has a private Facebook community.

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The Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is an extensive training program developed by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark since its launch in 2012. It’s designed to guide individuals in building a successful Amazon business, covering everything from product selection to marketing and online selling strategies.

The Amazing Selling Machine

This program consists of five components:

  • A 9-week online web class featuring over 100 videos, offering insider tips for aspiring Amazon sellers.
  • A Private Resource Vault containing a valuable collection of resources and tools that the creators of ASM used to establish their Amazon FBA businesses.
  • A Software Tool Suite: It is a set of tools designed to assist in building a prosperous online business, establishing a brand, and creating private label products.
  • The ASM Mentor Program provides guidance from accomplished Amazon sellers who walk you through the process of setting up your store. They also answer your questions concerning selling on Amazon.
  • A Private ASM Community: It is an active Facebook group where students can interact and learn from each other.

“Passion Product Formula 3.0”

“Passion Product Formula 3.0” is a course by Travis Marziani, a successful entrepreneur with a seven-figure sales record on both Amazon and Shopify.

Marziani’s Passion Product strategy focuses on building a pre-launch following for a product on social media.

"Passion Product Formula 3.0"

What sets this approach apart is using a Kickstarter campaign to finance inventory purchases and collaborating with manufacturers to tailor the product to your brand.

Marziani also explains how he created and built up Performance Nut Butter, a successful ecommerce undertaking he developed and ultimately sold in 2020.

In summary, the course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to implementing his strategy, complemented by weekly live Q&A sessions, a dedicated Facebook group, and supplementary bonus courses.

Blue Sky Amazon Course

The Blue Sky Amazon Course, designed by successful Amazon seller Sophie Howard, offers a comprehensive guide to successful selling on Amazon.

Blue Sky Amazon Course

With years of experience and hundreds of products sold, Sophie Howard shares her expertise to help her students grasp essential aspects of Amazon selling, from product selection to effective listing and shipping strategies.

The course comprises 14 modules, covering the entire Amazon FBA business model, and is structured into two distinct courses.

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FBA Winners

“FBA Winners” is an educational course by Tamara Tee offering insights into the process of selling on Amazon.

The course is priced at $1,997

Private Label Masters

Private Label Masters is highly regarded as a top-rated course, spearheaded by Tim Sanders, an 8-figure Amazon business owner running a profitable Amazon FBA business.

Tim operates his business and sells 120+ products, achieving an impressive $20 million in sales in 2021. The course offers live weekly coaching sessions, providing a valuable opportunity to engage with Tim and seek advice.

Private Label Masters

The video training is great for individuals of all experience levels, offering insights into advanced listing optimization strategies alongside fundamental guidance, making it valuable for both beginners and seasoned Amazon sellers.

It is a bit expensive as you have to pay $5,000.

How to choose an Amazon FBA course

There are many courses online, which means finding the best one is challenging.

As you look for a course to try out, you should target the courses that aim to provide training and guidance on various aspects of the Amazon FBA business, such as product research, sourcing, listing optimization, and marketing strategies.

It is important to note that not all courses are created equal and while some may offer valuable insights and resources, others may fall short in delivering actionable content.

Before investing in any course, you should thoroughly research and read reviews from previous students to ensure you choose a reputable and effective program that aligns with your goals.

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Is Freedom Ticket Legit?

Freedom Ticket is a legitimate and credible course designed to help you achieve your Amazon FBA goals.

Kevin King is an experienced seller with a successful track record on Amazon. Since he shares his proven strategies, it is not surprising that most students get results from following him.

On top of that, the course has received positive reviews from participants who have found success in their Amazon businesses after completing the training.

The course offers money-back guarantees, making it a worthwhile choice for anyone serious about launching their Amazon business.


From my analysis, the Freedom Ticket course is great for beginners because it places a strong emphasis on breaking down Amazon FBA business basics.

Kevin covers essential topics like product research, sourcing, and listing optimization to help you build a successful Amazon business from the ground up.

As a beginner, you’ll appreciate the step-by-step instructions provided by Kevin King, who shares practical insights on running a successful Amazon FBA business.

The course breaks down key processes in Amazon selling such as shipping products to FBA warehouses effectively. It also offers valuable insights into branding and money management for long-term success.

Even if you are not a beginner and have some experience in the field, this course provides practical guidance to help you thrive as an Amazon seller.

While the course offers valuable information for beginners, it may be more challenging for those without any prior knowledge or understanding of Amazon FBA.

Although this sounds like a contradiction, it makes sense because you will have an easier time understanding the concepts being taught if you know one or two things about Amazon FBA than if you know nothing about it.

Overall, course participants have praised Freedom Ticket for its valuable and comprehensive content.

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