What’s Jeff Brown’s Convergence Pitch About?

Jeff Brown, one of the most prolific investment analysts in the technology sector, recently released a presentation titled “Convergence.”

In the presentation, he talks about a massive stock event that is happening right now that we should capitalize on by making specific moves. He teases one such investment and it comes in the form of a small company that will do well in “the convergence.”

In this piece, we will be taking a closer look at what Jeff Brown was talking about to find out what he means by convergence. We will also look into the the tiny company he is teasing.

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What's Jeff Brown's Convergence Pitch About? 7

Jeff Brown’s Convergence Review

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Introduction to Jeff Brown’s Convergence

Jeff Brown’s “Convergence” presentation focuses on what Jeff Brown considers a massive event that’s happening in the world of technology and finance.

He believes that in this exclusive stock market event, there will be a small cap company that emerges to play a greater role thus making investors who go for it a lot of money.

Jeff Brown's Convergence

Jeff Brown tells us that when “convergence” has happened in the past — the few times it has in human history — it has been impactful.

What is “convergence”?

It is a term that Jeff Brown is using in his pitch to refer to when two industries come together, in this case when Artificial Intelligence (AI) disrupts the biotechnology industry.

When a “convergence” happens, it creates ripples across the stock market.

Jeff Brown has done backtests and his results prove this:

Jeff Brown's The Convergence Jeff Brown's The Convergence Jeff Brown's The Convergence

That is just a sample of the most exceptional companies that were affected by a convergence. Jeff even says that such gains rarely happen and they represent the best performers.

That being said, he still thinks that there is a great opportunity for investors who make the right investments.

Jeff says that as big of an impact as the “Convergence” makes 99% of the world is not aware that it is happening and a majority of investors are left out.

Therefore, in releasing this presentation, he wants to bridge the information gap and have more people taking advantage of the opportunity.

He says that all you need to have is your regular brokerage account and that you won’t even have to buy anything (this sounds a bit contradicting because he then recommends stocks).

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The Number One Convergence Stock

As the “convergence” happens, Jeff insists that investors should not focus on a major corporation, an MIT lab, or a military base.

Instead, they should consider a small-cap biotech company that is 1% the size of Johnson & Johnson.

According to him, this tiny company is set to disrupt the world of modern medicine as we know it because it has found a “new way” to discover drugs that uses Artificial Intelligence — hence the convergence of AI and biotechnology.

Jeff tells us that this new AI-enabled drug discovery process is more effective than traditional methods. It will achieve that because it will not just try to rectify limitations to the current processes.

In short, it is not going to fix the system by helping scientists or speeding them up, it will just replace them.

It will use artificial intelligence without human input to discover new drugs. Something similar is being pushed by ZebiAI Therapeutics, which has collaborated with Google.

Investors have already started to take notice and some significant ones have already started buying up huge stakes in this tiny biotech company.

For example, Bill Gates purchased over sixteen million shares, David E. Shaw – a billionaire – has bought over 9 million shares, and Ron Baron – another rich guy – owns this stock too.

Jeff claims that the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world have entered into agreements with this small-cap to use its technology for their drug discovery processes.

A new cancer drug?

Besides sharing its new AI-driven drug discovery process with big pharma, this company is using the AI itself to create a drug that may cure Pancreatic Cancer and eradicate it.

If this were to happen, Jeff believes that the profits on the table could be even greater especially if this company develops the cure.

Jeff wants you to buy stock of this small-cap stock on the ground floor before this news about its drug process and cancer drug breaks because it may initiate what he refers to as the “golden path of biotech.”

This “golden path,” is what happens when a biotech company takes a drug directly from the lab into the market where it works as intended. Usually, such companies grow exponentially.

Jeff Brown has a special report about this small-cap that is titled Convergence: The Small Cap Company Using AI To Discover Drugs.

Jeff Brown's The Convergence

If you want him to email it to you for free, you should sign up for his investment advisory service called Exponential Tech Investor.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an investment analyst who has more than two decades of experience in the tech industry. He is the founder and chief investment analyst of Brownstone Research. He writes a popular newsletter called The Bleeding Edge, where he shares his market insights and investment ideas.

We recently shared Jeff Brown’s predictions for 2022 which cover the likes of GTE and SCG.

Jeff has worked for renowned firms like Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks at the executive level.

In terms of his investment approach, he specializes in detecting small companies with immense potential early enough before they take off. Case in point, he has found one small-cap biotech company that can offer big gains in the future.

Jeff Brown uses his technology and investing experience to help everyday investors to early-stage companies on the verge of exponential growth. He has master’s degree in management from the London Business School.

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How Does Jeff Brown’s Exponential Tech Investor Work?

Jeff Brown’s Exponential Tech Investor is a tech-centric investment advisory service published by Brownstone Research. Jeff writes about the smallest, most explosive investment ideas in the world.

He writes about investments that are typically reserved for private angel investors like him. He targets the ones that are too small to share with the larger audience of his popular premium newsletter, The Near Future Report.

Jeff also makes it pretty clear that Exponential Tech Investor is not everybody’s cup of tea, by design. It is tailored to a specific kind of investor:

“This premium research service is reserved for a special type of person.

Someone who can afford to speculate. And someone willing to take a chance at the kind of explosive wealth small-cap investing can offer.”

In other words, it is meant for investors who are comfortable taking risks with unproven startups because there is a lot of risk involved.

Jeff says that he has assembled a team of hedge-fund quality analysts and staff who work tirelessly to find the biggest investment opportunities long before they go public.

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What is included in the Exponential Tech Investor?

When you sign up for Exponential Tech Investor, you receive:

  • Special access to Exponential Tech Investor’s Members-Only Website
  • Access to Every Back Issue of Exponential Tech Investor — And Every Past Special Report
  • Unrestricted Access to Exponential Tech Investor’s Model Portfolio
  • Customer Support From Florida-Based Team
  • A Welcome Video From Jeff Brown
  • The “Convergence” Watchlist – the name of companies that are on Jeff Brown’s checklist.

As I mentioned earlier, you get a free copy of the special report Convergence: The Small Cap Company Using AI To Discover Drugs covering all the details of Jeff’s small cap company.

The report has the stock’s name, more background information and details about the stock, and recommended buy-up-to-price.

There are other special reports that come as part of the package:

 The AI Accelerator: The Small Unknown Company Pushing AI to the “Edge”

Jeff Brown sees a big future for AI. He believes that it will have wider-ranging applications than it has now.

Jeff Brown's The ConvergenceBut for that AI revolution to happen, Jeff believes that it will hinge on one special device, no larger than the palm of your hand to change our world in a big way.

And here’s the kicker: there is only one independent producer of the device in the entire world. This producer already holds 55 patents and it is based in the United States. Jeff wants you to consider it for investment

The Million-Dollar Portfolio

This is a list of small-cap 5G investments. These are stocks likely to grow exponentially —as 5G finishes rolling out nationwide.

Jeff believes that with the companies found in The Million-Dollar Portfolio, you’ll be in a position to capitalize on this revolution in a way no one else in the world can.

Exponential Tech Investor Pricing

The Exponential Tech Investor goes for $4,000 per year if you join through the Brownstone Research website.

But if you subscribe to Exponential Tech Investor through the presentation, you will get it for $2,000 per year.


You can cancel your subscription within 90 days and they will allow you to divert that $2,000 to any other advisory service offered by Brownstone Research or its corporate affiliates in the Legacy Research Group.

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Is Jeff Brown’s Convergence Legit?

Yes, Jeff Brown’s Convergence is a legit presentation.

Jeff Brown is one of the most vocal investment gurus in matters biotech. He has been urging people to invest in biotech stocks for years now. He has also been recently telling people to invest in AI stocks.

So, whatever you make of him, there is a bit of credibility to his approach.

On top of that, he is not the only one talking about biotechnology and AI. Many analysts you’d consider reputable still think that there is an investment opportunity in biotech in spite of the recent market correction. They share his outlook and that goes to show that he is not making farfetched claims.

However, he and all those experts who agree with him could wind up being proven totally wrong so you should take everything with a grain of salt.

Jeff Brown’s Convergence Verdict

If you are looking for early stage companies with high profit potential, then Jeff Brown’s Convergence is worth analyzing. Although Jeff is selling a newsletter, he does raise a few points that you can go off and find other investment ideas.

Speaking of the small cap stock he recommends, since it uses advanced AI technology to discover life-saving drugs, it may have a bright future. Will it grow into a massive company that competes with Big pharma? It is hard to tell right now.

That being said, you should proceed with caution especially when investing in small companies because although the reward is high, the risk is massive too.

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What's Jeff Brown's Convergence Pitch About? 7

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