Is Jeff Brown Illumina Second Wave Legit? [Tech Melt Pitch]

Welcome to my review of Jeff Brown’s presentation that is titled “Tech Melt” or “The Second Wave” (depending on whether you watch the video or open the transcript).

Jeff recently sat with Chris Hurt to talk about market trends, a 5,900% biotech boom, and his number one stock pick to capitalize on it. He audaciously stated that tech stocks are about to experience the biggest shock since the 2000 DotCom bust.

I watched the presentation and decided to write this review to give you an overview of what they discussed. I also unveil the name and stock symbol of the number one stock Jeff was touting.

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Is Jeff Brown Illumina Second Wave Legit? [Tech Melt Pitch] 10

Jeff Brown’s Tech Melt Review

Introduction to “The Second Wave”

“The Second Wave” is a presentation by Jeff Brown (hosted by Chris Hurt) during which he pitches his tech investment advisory service, The Near Future Report.

Jeff Browns Tech Melt

Before we get into it, I should clarify that what Jeff meant by “Second Wave” has nothing to do with a spike in infections, rather it refers to a possible second market crash.

The conversation centers on biotech stocks with Jeff setting his sights on the one stock that he thinks could make for a good investment.

But before Jeff starts dropping hints regarding his number one stock, he fires a warning about getting carried away by the stock market rally that has been taking place. He mentions that although tech stocks have been driving the recovery, they are not all sound investments and we should not get too excited about them.

He goes on to say that some tech stocks are massively overvalued and that they may shed up to 92% of their value, which is reminiscent of the Dot Com bust at the turn of the millennium.

He suggests that investors should turn to biotech stocks because are “market resistant.” He argues that they are going to be shielded from a potential market crash because most of them are working on vaccines and therapies for the coronavirus.

He even says that smart money is betting on biotechnology and points out that people like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates have invested millions.

As the presentation goes on, Jeff shift focus onto genetic sequencing (genome sequencing).

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What is Genetic Sequencing?

Genetic sequencing (or DNA Sequencing) is the process of determining the order of nucleotides in a genome. This order usually determines an organism’s genetic composition.

The genome is a set of instructions that determine what an organism will look like and function. It is all of the genetic material that is passed on to the offspring.

DNA sequencing is important because it helps scientists study the genome. It is the first step in understanding how genetic material works and how it dictates body functions.

As he was describing his ideal pick, Jeff also mentions a private half-a-billion-dollar research facility he visited belonging to a company called Human Longevity.

So, what you’re looking at here is me standing outside 4570 Executive Drive, in San Diego, California.

That’s the location of the Human Longevity headquarters…

It develops gene sequencers — a device that sequences the genome. He stops short of recommending it because it is a private company.

On the applications of Genome sequencing, he says that it is being used to develop cures for various diseases and conditions:

And that’s why genetic sequencing is so important, Chris…

Because it’s a blueprint to your body.

Armed with this blueprint, scientists and doctors are now doing incredible things.

It’s being used to “hack” biology so we can avoid sickness…

And many diseases we once thought were incurable are now being effectively treated… and could be on the verge of being cured outright.

As an investment, he regards it a 5,900% technological boom that can be life changing if you find the right investment:

When the first genome was sequenced, it cost over $1 billion.

Now, some labs can sequence a genome for under $500!

That’s why more and more health insurance companies are mandating people get their genome sequenced.

In fact, back in 2018, only about 1 million Americans had their genome sequenced.

But that number’s expected to explode…

60 million are estimated for 2025.

That’s a 60-fold growth. Or 5,900%.

All that remains is finding the right company to invest in to make the most of this boom.

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Jeff Brown’s #1 biotech stock for the Tech Melt

He has identified one company that will lead the 5,900% biotech boom. He shares the following clues about it:

Well, my top biotech is playing a critical and major role in the research going on in Covid-19 right now.

It provides the testing equipment researchers need to evaluate their different potential treatments for the coronavirus. This equipment is used by over 10,000 research labs worldwide.

HOST 10,000 labs. That’s quite a bit…

JEFF Yeah, this isn’t your “usual” type of biotech company. It’s not developing a new therapy. But, rather, is the bedrock for all of biotech. Which makes it that much more potentially explosive.

In fact, the FDA recently issued them an Emergency Use Authorization… a kind of “fast track”…

Which means, this company will be the first… the absolute first to use genome sequencing to diagnose Covid-19…

That’s critical, Chris, especially with the Second Wave now upon us…

From those statements, you can tell that the pitch is a bit dated. Nevertheless, it helps us find out what genome sequencing company Jeff is referring to.

More from the teaser…

And this company has got a phenomenal business model. One of the best in the world. In fact, in the past, another tech company used it to grow their valuation from $500K to $57 billion…

This means that it grew its valuation 10,000X.

Now, obviously I’m not saying this company is going to go up 10,000X…

But they are in a unique position in terms of their testing capabilities. They’re in a sweet spot.

However, regardless of what happens with the coronavirus, they’re going to make a boatload of money. And here’s a chart to prove it…

Is Jeff Brown Illumina Second Wave Legit? [Tech Melt Pitch] 11

Jeff is implying that since it has been going up over the past years, it will keep going up.

As I mentioned earlier, because of the role they’re playing in helping solve Covid-19, this company was recently fast-tracked by the FDA… and given a rare “Emergency Use Authorization”…

In fact…

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA’s former Commissioner, just joined their Board of Directors!

But not only that…

My top biotech also has a brand-new model… a new sequencer… that just came out!

Jeff stresses the importance of developing the new genome sequencer by saying that it could cause a share price spike similar to the one Apple records when it releases a new iPhone.

And this should be a continuation of how the stock price has behaved in the past when it released a new product. For example, he shows how when it released its first genome analyzer in 2007, it’s price went up by 238%:

Illumina stock chart 2007

This trend continued because whenever it released a new model of its analyzer, its price went up.

A few high-profile names have invested in the company, as Jeff reveals in the presentation.

…Baillie Gifford… the famous tech hedge fund that bought Tesla before it shot up 30X… Owns 17 million shares…

It’s why Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, Vanguard…

They’ve all written monster checks to the company…

It’s also why Rockefeller’s venture capital arm was one of the first to fund the company.

Here is a summary of the company he is teasing:

  1. It manufactures testing equipment used for genome sequencing, which can also be used to evaluate potential therapies for COVID-19. Genome sequencing refers to the process of reading the order of DNA bases in a genome. Doctors use this information to identify cures for various ailments.
  2. It recently received FDA Emergency Use Authorization to fast track its development of genome sequencing kits that can diagnose COVID-19.
  3. Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner, joined the company’s board earlier this year. Craig Venter, a pioneer in genetic sequencing, also joined the company.
  4. It is about to release a new sequencer (testing equipment) to the market, which Jeff likens to Apple releasing a new iPhone.

Jeff shares all the details about the mysterious company, including its name and ticker symbol, in a report called The #1 Biotech Stock 0f 2020: Why the FDA Just Fast-Tracked the “King of Genetic Sequencing.”

The only way to get your hands on the report for free is by subscribing to his premium tech newsletter, The Near Future Report.

However, I took it upon myself to uncover the name of the company he teases in the presentation and found out that it is Illumina Inc. (ILMN).

Illumina Price Chart (taken on 26 May, 2021)

Illumina creates integrated systems that analyze genetic variation and biological function, which is just another way of describing genome sequencing.

It also matches the clues that Jeff dropped during the presentation; Dr. Scott Gottlieb joined its board in February 2020 and in June, it received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for its testing equipment.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is a tech investment guru with 25 years’ experience as a high technology executive, tech expert, angel investor, and investment analyst. He is the founder of Brownstone Research, which is affiliated with Bonner & Partners.

Jeff Brown

During his career, Jeff Brown has worked for companies that specialize in semiconductors, broadcasting and video technology, technology infrastructure, IT, and consumer electronics.

In addition to working for big companies like Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors, he has built early-stage startups, which gives him an edge as an angel investor because he knows the industry intimately and sees things before most other analysts.

In addition to The Near Future Report, he edits Early Stage Trader, Exponential Tech Investor, and a free newsletter called The Bleeding Edge.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering and a Master of Science in management.

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What you get when you join The Near Future Report

The Near Future Report is an investment advisory service that Mr. Brown edits and publishes at Brownstone Research.

The Near Future Report

On the official website of Brownstone Research, they describe it as follows:

The Near Future Report is an investment advisory focused on identifying the trends of today – those right around the corner on the point of mass adoption. Our large-capitalization growth stocks connect to revolutionary shifts in technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more… And they are reliable, “sleep well at night” picks that have the potential for double-digit returns.

With each monthly issue, you’ll see Jeff’s knack for identifying companies on the doorstep of enormous growth. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about the most innovative trends out there. He’ll also spotlight new technologies he’s tracking. And most importantly, he’ll give you easy-to-follow recommendations for generating solid profits from emerging trends.

Therefore, this advisory service is suited to investors who want to invest in established companies that are on the cusp of experiencing growth. The key requirement is that they be working on a product behind a technology shift.

In addition to the first report, if you sign up for the Near Future Report, you also receive the following reports from Jeff Brown for free:

  • Toxic Tech: 5 Tech “Darlings” to Dump Right Now
  • The New Economy: 5 Stocks That Will Soar in the “Post-COVID” World
  • The Top Biotech Buyout Candidate: The 2,200% Secret

You also receive monthly issues of the newsletter, weekly updates, access to the encrypted website, and customer support.

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Subscription Fee

The annual subscription fee for The Near Future Report is $49.

Refund Policy

The subscription comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that entitles you to a full refund in case you decide to cancel your subscription.

Jeff Browns Tech Melt


  • Jeff Brown lets you sign up to his newsletter at a discount.
  • The newsletter has a refund policy
  • Illumina is an established biotech company. It won’t be subject to wild stock price swings that are characteristic of smaller biotech companies.


  • Illumina is a relatively large biotech company. Therefore, it won’t be seeing large enough price fluctuations to give you the opportunity to earn a big return on your investment in a short period.

Is Jeff Brown’s Tech Melt Legit?

Jeff Brown’s Tech Melt is legit.

Jeff Brown is an experienced tech investment analyst with 25 years of experience either working as an executive for major tech firms or running and funding early-stage startups. Taking that into account, I think he is qualified to be giving his opinion about biotech investments.

Notwithstanding his experience, I think Jeff raises a valid point about the market recovery when he says that if it is not backed up by a strong economy it may crumble.

I am not in favor of focusing on one stock pick although Illumina appears to have a few things going for it. Only time will tell whether he was right about it.

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Jeff Brown’s Tech Melt Verdict

Jeff Brown’s Tech Melt features a rather dramatic prediction from Brown that some tech stocks are going to crash, losing up to 92% of their value and taking the market down with them – hence the “Second Wave” references.

To some extent, it makes sense that he is cautioning us against getting carried away by the recovery because it is a bit odd how the stock market has roared back to its pre-pandemic highs (even surpassing them as I write this on 24th August) while the economy has yet to pick itself back up, at least to its pre-lockdown state.

Some analysts agree with Jeff’s stance and believe that it may all come crumbling down because some stocks that are soaring are not backed up by solid fundamentals.

Therefore, Jeff’s solution is to invest in biotech stocks, which he considers “market resistant.” And at a time when biotech stocks are doing well, buoyed by renewed interest from both governments and investors, not to mention their starring role in developing coronavirus vaccines and treatments, his argument is also valid.

That being said, only time will tell whether his number one pick will do as well as he claims it will.

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Is Jeff Brown Illumina Second Wave Legit? [Tech Melt Pitch] 10

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