Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review]

Learn Plan Profit is a step-by-step course library created by Ricky Gutierrez to teach beginner traders how to day trade successfully. The course covers all the basic fundamentals of the stock market for beginners.

Stock traders need knowledge about the market to develop and implement a trading strategy that generates profit in the long term and Ricky Gutierrez intends to give them the knowledge they need to be more effective at it.

In this review we will take a closer look at Ricky’s trading strategies as illustrated in his learn plan profit course and whether it’s worth it.

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Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review] 22

Learn Plan Profit Review

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What is Learn Plan Profit

Learn Plan Profit is an online trading course created and hosted by Ricky Gutierrez. It starts with the basics of day trading and swing trading before expanding in a beginner-friendly manner that anyone can follow and understand.

Learn Plan Profit was first released in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular trading courses with over 3000 members. Ricky Gutierrez released an updated version of Learn Plan Profit called Learn Plan Profit 2.0 in November of 2021.

Learn plan Profit

The course has a one-time fee once you unlock the base package. This is a relief for many traders who have taken “investment courses” that end up being a long-winded pitch for other services.

The Learn Plan Profit course has generated over $1 million in revenue since its launch and has sold upwards of 3,000 copies (as previously showcased by Click Funnels). The Learn Plan Profit website mentions that the discord group has over 20,000 active members with $5 million in generated revenue. There’s no doubt that this is a popular course and trading group.

The course material includes topics such as:

  • How to succeed at day trading
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced trading principles
  • Technical analysis and risk management
  • Understanding technical indicators, such as support and resistance
  • Golden rules for maximizing profits
  • Many more trading concepts

Before we dive deeper into what this course entails, let’s take a look at the man behind it:

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Who is Ricky Gutierrez?

Ricky Gutierrez is a 27-year-old American stock trader and internet personality. He is a young self-made millionaires from Gilbert, Arizona. He reminds me of Luke Lango, another young investment guru who writes for InvestorPlace and has been behind newsletters like Innovation Investor.

Ricky Gutierez

Ricky is known for flaunting his fortunes on social media with pictures of high-end cars. He first gained popularity from his personal YouTube channel. Ricky rose to prominence in the trading community very early on with his Tech bud Solutions company having evolved into an online content powerhouse designed for young entrepreneurs like himself.

He dabbles on other business endeavors such as flipping real estates and cars, although the majority of Ricky’s content focuses on stock trading.

Ricky has a huge fanbase with his Facebook group boasting of more than 300,000 members, his YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers and over 94 million views, and his Instagram account with more than 211,000 followers.

Ricky Gutierrez YouTube

He also educates people about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and stock trading on his YouTube channel and Learn Plan Profit learning program.

The crypto web star is an alumnus of Arizona State University, where he studied entrepreneurship and technology management. Ricky resides in Gilbert, Arizona, the United States, where his business is also based.

According to Idol Celebs, Ricky’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between $1.5 million and $5.5 million.

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What is stock trading?

Stock trading means buying and selling shares in companies to try to make money on price changes. Day traders watch the short-term price changes of these stocks closely. They try to buy low and sell high. This short-term approach sets stock traders apart from traditional stock market investors, who are in it for the long haul.

Trading stocks can bring quick gains for those who time the market correctly. But it also carries the danger of big losses. A single company’s fortunes can rise more quickly than the market, but they can just as easily fall.

Types of stock trading

Active trading

This is when an investor who places 10 or more trades per month. They often use strategies that rely heavily on timing the market. They try to take advantage of short-term events (at the company or in the market) to turn a short-term profit.

Day trading

This refers to playing hot potato with stocks — buying and selling the same stock in a single trading day. Day traders care little about the inner workings of the businesses. They try to make a few bucks in the next few minutes, hours or days based on daily price swings.

Learn Plan Profit Course

The Learn Plan Profit course is designed to be a comprehensive trading course for beginner traders. The course features over 70 videos that total 7 hours of viewing time. The video formats switch between live-recorded videos of Ricky talking and screen recordings where Ricky discusses different trading strategies.

Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review] 23

When the course was first released, it followed a sequential flow that looked something like this:

  • Mastering the Market
  • The Mechanics of Trading
  • Indicators and Best Practices
  • Mindset for Success
  • Swing Trading

The course has since evolved, and Ricky Gutierrez reworked the course material into a new course called Learn Plan Profit 2.0.

Learn Plan Profit 2.0 is a much better organized version of the course that serves as both a curriculum and a resource. You can watch the course straight through to master the coursework, and you can also return to specific sections in the future as you want to refine specific trading skills.

Learn Plan Profit 2.0 features 12 main sections, each with short videos that don’t exceed 5 minutes. Here are the sections:

  • Welcome (Getting Started)
  • Brokerages
  • Basics of Trading
  • Indicators
  • Order Types
  • Swing Trading
  • Day Trading
  • Investing
  • Short Selling
  • ETFs
  • Trading Strategies
  • Risk Management

Let’s take a look at each of these sections to see what is covered.

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Welcome (Getting started)

Ricky gives you an introduction to the course explaining how to gain access to the private chat group and how to get the most out of it.


This section provides a basic introduction to stockbrokers and explains how traders can get set up with a Webull account which is Ricky’s broker of choice.

Basics of Trading

This chapter features 19 videos. It is designed as an introduction to the basics of trading. Ricky starts out by explaining what stocks are, how much money you should start with and what paper trading is.

Basics of Trading

Each video in this chapter is dedicated to one term like PDT or IPO which are terms you need to understand before you start investing real money into the stock market.

The videos are only a few minutes long making the videos perfect for beginners to quickly understand and learn all basic terms of trading.

Indicators plus Patterns

Ricky talks about patterns, indicators, and how to use them in this chapter. These indicators can be quite complex to understand at the beginning.

Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review] 24

He addresses his preferred technical metrics, which include the EMAs, RSI, MACD, and VWAP. The course does a decent job of explaining how to use them rather than merely demonstrating how these metrics function.

The module then moves on to lessons on setting up charts like breakouts and pullbacks.

The audience gains a clearer sense of what Ricky is looking for as he assumes a role in this segment. Ricky discusses a few chart setups by using the ThinkorSwim Platform.

Ricky is mostly a technical trader as he doesn’t wait for news to influence a stock before trading it. In that sense, he is a bit like InvestorPlace’s Louis Navellier, who’s often referred to as “The King of Quants.”

Ricky looks at indicators and bases his decisions on whether to buy or sell a stock on technical indicators

This is where the course truly begins to take shape. The videos continue to fill the “theory-practice” gap by demonstrating how prior lessons can be translated to real-world trades.

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Order Types

This section explains six popular stock market order types:

  • Market Orders
  • Limit Orders
  • Stop Loss Orders
  • Stop Limit Orders
  • Trailing Stop Orders
  • OCO Bracket Orders

Ricky explains how these order types work and when traders may use them. He also provides some tutorials for how traders can set up these orders in Webull.

Swing Trading

This section features 3 videos providing a basic introduction to swing trading. Swing trading is the process of buying and selling stocks over a few days, weeks, or months.

Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review] 25

He explains how he finds potential stocks to swing trade and determines whether to trade them or not.

Day Trading

This section provides a basic introduction to day trading. Day trading is the process of buying and selling stocks in the same day. In this section, Ricky explains what day trading is, how to identify potential day trading setups, and three examples of day trades.


This section provides a basic introduction to investing. Investing is the process of buying and selling stocks for the long term (multiple years). In this section, Ricky explains what investing is, how to identify potential investment opportunities, and three examples of investments.

Short Selling

This section provides a basic introduction to short selling. Short selling is the process of selling high and buying low the opposite of going “long” where you buy low and sell high. In this section, Ricky explains what short selling is, how to identify potential short setups, and three examples of short trades.

The past four sections follow the exact same format with each providing a very basic explanation of the trading style swing trading, day trading, investing, and short selling. These sections do a good job of helping newer traders understand some of the trading styles to use in the markets while being brief and straightforward.

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This section introduces ETF trading; that is exchange-traded funds. ETFs are generally used to trade ideas based on a theme instead of an individual stock.

For example, if you wanted to trade oil, you could trade an oil ETF instead of identifying a specific oil company. If you wanted to trade gold, you could trade a gold ETF instead of identifying a gold company you want to trade.

Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review] 26

In this section, Ricky explains what ETFs are, how they work, and how to find ETFs to trade. Importantly, he also covers some of the risks involved in ETF trading, which is important for newer traders. ETFs do not trade the same as stocks, so it is important that traders understand how ETFs work before trading them.

Trading Strategies

This section is where Ricky starts introducing some concepts and strategies that are unique to this course. The previous sections can be thought of as “Trading 101” where Ricky explains common concepts, terminology, and trading styles similar to content you would find on Investopedia or StockCharts.com

In the “Trading Strategies” section, Ricky starts explaining how you can put all of the previous lessons into action. He discusses the process of planning and managing a trade. Important lessons include:

  • How to choose position sizing
  • Managing risk/reward
  • Scaling in and out of trades
  • Profit Taking
  • Scaling your strategy

Since these lessons are not advanced, they are well-suited for beginner traders who need a good place to start.

Risk Management

The last section of the course is focused entirely on risk management. Risk is a major part of trading and successful traders are masters at mitigating risk. This section discusses concepts like:

  • Cutting losses
  • The risk of holding positions overnight
  • Dealing with emotions in trading
  • The heightened risk of penny stocks
  • The importance of discipline

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Who Is Learn Plan Profit Best For?

It’s the ideal path for new traders because it gives them the basics they need to understand to get started with trading.

Ricky describes the fundamental principles in a systematic manner that allows you to grasp the market way quicker.

To see if you like Ricky’s trading and teaching style, I recommend watching some of his free videos on YouTube and joining his Facebook group.

You might be overwhelmed at first because he speaks very quickly, but after you’ve been through the first videos and grasp what he’s talking about, it gets much easier.

If you’re an experienced trader, I wouldn’t recommend getting this course because the majority of the content covers pretty basic concepts – something you’re most likely familiar with already.

Learn Plan Profit Cost

The Learn Plan Profit trading course costs $299 to join, which can turn some investors away, but there is quite a lot of value packed in these trading courses to consider.

While Learn Plan Profit pricing may seem a lot of money, the one-time fee gives lifetime access to all the lessons the course offers as well as any updates.

Learn Plan Profit cost

Fortunately, there’s nothing in the course to try to upsell traders to other trading courses or other secret features. Buying Learn Plan Profit is a nice way of learning the mechanics of swing and day trading.

What’s Included in the Learn Plan Profit Course

Traders will discover that there’s quite a bit under the hood of the Learn Plan Profit course. Let’s take a look at everything included in the course fee

Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review] 27

This includes Course lesson library, Private group, Daily live trading, and the Weekly watchlist.

Private Group Chat

Enrolling in the trading course also gives traders access to Ricky’s private group chat room. In this chat space, subscribers can network with all the other traders who have joined the course. This is a great way for newcomers to familiarize themselves with trading concepts in a stress-free environment reinforced by community support.

The chat hosts thousands of quality traders during any given stock trading day. So, it’s a great place to absorb some knowledge, gain actionable insights, and develop trading strategies.

Ricky uses the chat to host a daily question and answer session where a trader can ask about all things swing trading and day trading.

There’s a video in the curriculum that explains how to access the private chat room.

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Daily Live Trading

Signing up for the course also grants users access to Ricky’s daily live trading stream. It’s here that a day trader can catch Ricky Gutierrez in action as he shares his screen with the private group. During the stream, he reveals his strategies as he trades.

Ricky explains investment opportunities that he is pursuing for the day, so you can see his thought process develop in real-time.

Many users appreciate the lengths that Ricky goes to communicate with students of the course, as it shows he is truly committed to playing an active role in their growth as traders.

This approach is very different from many other trading courses that only include learning models without any engagement from its instructor.

Weekly Watchlist

Ricky provides a weekly watchlist of stocks as well as actionable trading insights. This list of stocks can be a great starting point for beginner traders or a place for more experienced traders to put together a new trade strategy.

It’s also a great tool for an all-encompassing course that supports new traders as they advance to higher levels of competency.

Pros and Cons

It’s impressive that at $299, the day trading course is made available forever for anyone who signs up.

Learn Plan Profit Pros

  • The course offers good foundational material
  • Private chat and daily live streams
  • Weekly watchlists and well-recorded videos
  • Multiple topics from swing and day trading to ETFs
  • Explanations are simple and easy to follow
  • Ricky provides his setups for traders to use
  • Reasonable price point

Learn Plan Profit Cons

  • Expert traders may not find a ton of value
  • Ricky Gutierrez is still a relatively newer trader. At the age of 27, he is a newbie compared to others like Jeff Brown, Jim Rickards, and George Gilder who each have decades of experience (some even doing this professionally for longer than Ricky has been alive).

Is Learn Plan Profit Worth Buying?

The course itself is well organized and provides a nice combination of basic trading education and unique trading strategies which could potentially make a novice a profitable trader. In addition, the lessons are coherent and effective, particularly for new traders. But first, I recommend that you watch Ricky’s YouTube videos and become a member of his Facebook group. Only then can you properly gauge if Ricky’s teaching style appeals to you.

With that said you must keep two things in mind when taking any trading course; one education does not ensure success. Trading is tough, with a low success rate. A decent course can only help you become more experienced, allowing you to prevent unnecessary trading mistakes.

And two; each person learns in their own unique way. Did you ever get curious as to why the majority of trading services get mixed reviews? You see, trading is complex by nature, and learning is subjective for all. What appeals to one trader may not appeal to another. The same path will catapult one trader to glory while leaving another dissatisfied. This is the reason why I suggest beginning with free material to determine whether there is a strong educator/ student match.

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Learn Plan Profit: Is Ricky Gutierrez Legit? [Unbiased Review] 22

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