The Techie Mentor Review: Susan Mershon Legit?

Aspiring to launch a lucrative virtual assistant (VA) business but unsure where to start? Susan Mershon of The Techie Mentor promises to provide you a blueprint with her flagship VA Success System course.

This piece is an exhaustive review of the Techie Mentor and the VA Success System based on thoroughly analyzing Susan’s training. I offer insights into the quality of the course, topics covered, teaching methods, and whether the course truly prepares aspiring VAs for success.

As an experienced online business owner, I understand the intricacies of delivering professional virtual services, so my goal is to assess whether Susan’s training provides genuine value or mostly hype when it comes to competing in the virtual assistance space.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Techie Mentor, founded by Susan Mershon, is a platform comprising training programs to teach people how to start and run successful virtual assistant (VA) businesses.
  • Susan Mershon, with over 14 years of experience as a VA and educator, is a respected figure in the VA industry who offers valuable insights.
  • The current flagship program, the VA Success System, is being phased out in 2024.
  • Susan is transitioning to a new flagship course called TechieU, focusing on tech skills and digital marketing for VAs.
  • VERDICT: Overall, The Techie Mentor’s courses provide valuable insights for those pursuing a career as a virtual assistant. The courses are particularly suitable for aspiring VAs and they can benefit individuals from various backgrounds.

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What is The Techie Mentor?

The Techie Mentor is an education platform created by virtual assistant entrepreneur Susan Mershon that offers training programs to teach people how to start and run successful virtual assistant (VA) businesses.

The Techie Mentor Review

The flagship program called the VA Success System (which she is discontinuing) provides a step-by-step framework for launching a profitable VA practice even with no prior experience.

Some of the topics covered in the VA Success System course include:

  • The different types of VA services and niche specializations
  • Setting up legal, accounting, and other key business foundations
  • Finding ideal client matches
  • Crafting attractive VA service packages
  • Marketing a VA business effectively
  • Optimizing processes for efficiency
  • Pricing and billing for profitability
  • Delivering excellent remote/virtual client service

Students have access to live coaching calls, a private community forum, VA business templates and tools, and ongoing support from Susan.

The overarching goal of The Techie Mentor is to shortcut the learning curve for aspiring VAs by providing comprehensive training based on Susan’s years of experience running her own successful virtual assistant agency.

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Who is Susan Mershon?

Susan Mershon is a respected figure in the world of Virtual Assistants (VAs), with over 14 years of experience.

After establishing her agency, Clever Collaborations, she pivoted to teaching others how to set up their own VA businesses.

She was prepared for it because she had a teaching background; she taught software in the 90s when she taught DOS, Windows, Access, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, and even Lotus 123 to professionals.

That prepared her in two ways: First, she could take complex subjects and make them simple to understand; second, she is experienced in the tech side of things which is what she teaches VAs these days and is well known for.

Susan Mershon

She also decided to teach people how to set up the business side of virtual assistance because she felt that most courses at the time were not covering that. She wanted to show people how to build systems and processes that underlie a business.

She’s created the VA Freedom + Flexibility Framework, a system that equips VAs with the tech skills, valuable service offerings, and signature systems necessary for success.

As a VA Strategist, Susan excels at attracting, converting, and retaining dream clients in the VA industry.

She established The Techie Mentor in 2013, offering VAs comprehensive training and support.

Susan’s mission is clear: she’s dedicated to helping individual VAs build thriving businesses that provide freedom and enhance their quality of life.

Susan’s no-nonsense, results-focused approach has guided thousands of students toward success and the freedom to live life on their terms.

In addition to founding The Techie Mentor™, she is the host of the VA Tips, Tricks + Advice podcast, where she shares her wisdom.

Susan Mershon on LinkedIn

She is also huge on LinkedIn, where she has close to 30K followers looking up to her for her professional views.

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Courses Offered at The Techie Mentor

These are the courses offered by Susan Mershon at The Techie Mentor:

  • The VA Success System
  • TechieU
  • The Business Launch Blueprint (formerly The VA Action Plan)
  • Online Business Project Manager

There are also two one-on-one coaching programs on there too. They are meant to help you get more acclimatized to the business side of Virtual Assistance. They are:

  • 90 Minute Strategy Session
  • VA Biz Launch Intensive

Let’s take a quick look at what each of them looks like:

The VA Success System (being phased out)

The VA Success System helps you kickstart your freelance virtual assistant business.

IMPORTANT: As I write this, Susan has announced that she is going to retire the VA Success System. She says:

“I’m embarking on an exciting new chapter! After careful consideration, I have decided to retire this course and steer my business in a fresh direction. As technology continues to shape the Virtual Assistance landscape, I am shifting my focus toward empowering aspiring Techie VAs with cutting-edge skills and expertise.”

The VA Success System

Nevertheless, I am going to cover the course because it gives us a good understanding of the Techie Mentor approach having been her flagship course for many years. And, it is still available.

Susan says that The VA Success System is a unique and comprehensive training program to start and run your own VA practice.

The VA Success System

The course teaches you how to set up the systems to help you create a sustainable business that attracts clients and brings in the cash.

You can think of Susan’s training in the VA Success System as a comprehensive documentation of her journey to building a highly successful business.

When you purchase the course and you get access to the training, you’ll get a host of helpful resources, including checklists, transcripts, templates, and spreadsheets.

There’s an interesting twist with the course – it comes with seven additional bonuses, but they have a time limit.

These bonuses vanish if you don’t purchase the course within a day. It’s important to note that the countdown timer appears to be tied to cookies rather than your IP address, so switching browsers won’t reset it.

One neat feature is that all lessons come with audio versions.

Although Susan mentions downloadable options on the sales page, it can be a bit tricky to find the download links.

However, you can reach out to Susan, and she’ll send you a download package containing all the course materials. So, you won’t miss out on anything if you want the audio versions or downloadable content.

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Who is the ideal student of The VA Success System?

The VA Success System is marketed as a platform for virtual assistants from all backgrounds, whether they are just starting or have experience.

While there’s value for everyone, from our experience, this course is particularly geared towards beginners.

For instance, one of the course’s last modules focuses on launching a VA business, which is something experienced VAs likely have already done.

However, there’s an argument to be made that even established VAs could benefit from relaunching their business using Susan’s approach.

Susan mentions that the course covers everything you need to start, build, launch, and run a profitable VA business, and she even suggests it can be useful for any online business, not just VA work.

However, aspiring virtual assistants are the ones who will certainly benefit the most from this course.

What is Included in The Virtual Assistant Success System?

Once you log into the training, you’ll find approximately 140 lessons, all presented in video format.

It’s one of the more extensive virtual assistant courses available.

the techie mentor review course dashboard

Each lesson includes practical homework assignments, which are typically straightforward and won’t eat up too much of your time.

The training is quite thorough and covers a wide range of topics, including essential aspects like business types, taxes, and insurance needs – a feature not found in every VA course.

The training covers:

  • The essential foundations that every prosperous VA business needs to begin on the right foot.
  • How the VA industry works, online marketing, branding, and sales. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to not only establish your own business but also assist your clients effectively.
  • The systems and structures that will be your support pillars as you embark on your journey and continue to grow. It’s not just about getting started; it’s about building a sustainable business.
  • Insights on how to package, price, and present your services with confidence and clarity.

This comprehensive program provides you with a bunch of valuable resources to help you succeed. You’ll get self-paced video training, so you can learn at your own speed. There are also downloadable audio files if you prefer to listen on the go.

To keep you engaged and making progress, there’s action-oriented homework. You can access the training 24/7, which is super convenient for fitting it into your schedule.

You’ll be part of a private Facebook community where you can connect with others on the same journey. Plus, there are monthly coaching calls to get extra guidance.

The training doesn’t just teach theory; it includes real examples and mock projects, so you can see concepts in action. You can also join the Accountability Partner Program for added motivation.

For those who like visuals, there are workflows and diagrams.

And to make sure you’re on the right track, you’ll receive reviews, audits, and feedback.

To keep things organized and efficient, you’ll have access to checklists and templates. And if you ever need help, there’s ongoing email support.

It’s a comprehensive package to support your learning and growth.

As we mentioned before, there are bonuses included:

  1. VA Business Template Bundle: This bundle includes nine professional templates, such as a client agreement and business policies template. It’s a time-saver.
  2. Discovery Session System Training: Learn how to automate the process of interviewing prospects and successfully converting them into paying clients.
  3. A WordPress Website: You’ll receive a 1-Page WordPress Website to serve as the foundation for the sales funnel you’ll build together in the program. VA websites help with the marketing aspect.
  4. 1 Page WordPress Theme Template: A custom 1-page WordPress Divi Theme template is at your disposal.
  5. Lead Magnet Funnel with Templates: These done-for-you templates will assist you in creating a Lead Magnet that attracts your ideal clients and showcases your expertise.
  6. Sales + Welcome Email Sequences: Take advantage of these email templates, ready for use in creating your sales and welcome sequences as part of your Email Marketing system.
  7. Mini Tech Training on Must-Have Tools: The program includes hands-on training on essential tools like WordPress, Acuity, Invoice Ninja, Aweber, and more, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your business.
  8. 8 Additional Bonus Lessons: These bonus lessons cover a range of topics, from handling client relationships to pricing strategies and partnerships.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to over 100 templates, guides, and checklists that are essential for launching and growing your business.

According to Susan, some of them might even reveal needs you didn’t know you had.

These bonuses are designed to make your journey into the world of virtual assistance smoother and more efficient.

The cool thing about the VA Success System is that you get direct access to Susan herself. She offers Group Coaching Calls and Hot Seat Coaching.

The Group Coaching Calls are held every month, and they dive into specific modules or topics to help you get a better understanding of the training materials.

It’s like having a guided tour through the course.

The Hot Seat Coaching is even more personalized. It involves calls for up to 4 members who need help with a specific issue.

So, if you’re facing a particular challenge, this can be a great opportunity to get tailored assistance.

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The VA Success System Pricing 

The VA Success System Pricing 

Susan’s VA Success System training, which is on a limited-time retirement sale, has two payment options.

The first option is a one-time payment of $797, reduced from its previous price of $998.

The second option allows you to pay in six monthly installments of $145, down from 11 payments of $99, making the total price $870 instead of the previous $1089.

No matter which payment option you choose, you will receive lifetime access to the course and all future updates.

There will be additional expenses involved in setting up and running your VA business outside this fee.

For instance, you need your website, which means you’ll need to budget for domain and hosting costs.

The VA Success System Refund Policy

The VA Success System offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

The VA Success System Refund Policy

If you decide within that time frame that the program isn’t the right fit for you, you can reach out, and they’ll process your refund unless you’ve already watched 40% of the course.

This is a measure Susan has put in place so that you don’t just pay, take the course quickly, and ask for a refund.

It’s also worth noting that many of the course bonuses are only accessible after the initial 7-day refund period has passed. Therefore, if you cancel, you won’t get them.

Fortunately, there don’t seem to be any reports of difficulties in obtaining a refund for the VA Success System, so the guarantee is reliable.

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Susan is shifting her focus from the VA Success System course to a new flagship course called TechieU.

With the ever-evolving role of technology in the world of Virtual Assistance, TechieU will be all about equipping aspiring “Techie VAs” with tech skills and expertise.

But that’s not all. TechieU is transforming too.

It’s moving from being a membership program to becoming a hybrid course that blends digital marketing and tech mastery.

The TechieU Course

The course is structured into ten modules:

  • Module 1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals introduces you to the world of digital marketing and the vital role Techie VAs play in it.
  • Module 2: Building Your Online Presence guides you through the essentials of establishing a strong online presence, including website basics and optimization using WordPress.
  • Module 3: Lead Generation and Sales Funnel focuses on effective lead generation techniques and harnessing the power of email marketing with tools like ConvertKit and Canva.
  • Module 4: Email Marketing Mastery delves into the fundamentals of email marketing, including crafting impactful campaigns using ConvertKit.
  • Module 5: Content Marketing Essentials emphasizes the significance of content marketing, exploring its strategic implications and practical applications.
  • Module 6: Marketing Automation immerses you in the world of marketing automation, covering fundamental concepts and the latest tools and techniques.
  • Module 7: Advanced Analytics takes you deep into the realm of marketing analytics, diving into intricate data analysis.
  • Module 8: Tech Stack Implementation equips you to set up a robust and customized tech stack, preparing you to handle real-world challenges in digital marketing.
  • Module 9: Offering Your Services helps you leverage your skills to provide digital marketing and tech stack services strategically, positioning you as a valuable asset in the industry.
  • Module 10: Course Conclusion and Action Plan summarizes the course’s key takeaways, awards a completion certificate, and guides you in crafting a personalized action plan for applying your newly acquired skills to your career goals.

As part of this course, you also have access to a community of like-minded individuals.

It’s a place to collaborate, share ideas, and expand your professional network with people who share your passion for digital marketing and tech.

On top of that, there’s a course bonus called “Techie Biz in a Box.”

This bonus course covers the essential components of launching and managing a successful Techie Virtual Assistant business.

From building a strong brand and finding your ideal niche to honing client communication, pricing strategies, and ethical best practices, this bonus module equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive as a Techie VA entrepreneur.

The Business Launch Blueprint (formerly The VA Action Plan)

The Business Launch Blueprint, previously known as The VA Action Plan, is a mini-course designed to help you kickstart your Virtual Assistant business.

Its standout feature is a hands-on, step-by-step workbook that guides you through the process of launching your business.

The Business Launch Blueprint

This mini-course should typically take you about 30 days, making it a practical and time-efficient way to get your business off the ground.

It is not priced at the usual price of a full Techie Mentor course. You only pay $65.

The Business Launch Blueprint cost

When you pay for it, here’s what you get:

  1. DIY Workbook: This 32-page workbook is your guide for setting up your business. It offers step-by-step instructions to simplify the process, eliminating the guesswork.
  2. Rate Calculation Sheet: This custom spreadsheet helps you determine the right price for your services, ensuring you don’t undercharge.
  3. Skills Worksheet: This template assists you in identifying the services you can start offering immediately. It includes a skills assessment.
  4. Biz Plan Template: It helps you design a detailed plan to turn your vision into reality.
  5. Sample Startup Budget: This is a sample budget to gain a realistic understanding of common startup costs.
  6. Systems Infographics: This simple infographic outlines the four crucial business systems for success, which are detailed in the workbook.
  7. Sample Work Schedule: Managing your day and tasks while working a full-time job becomes more manageable with this sample work schedule.
  8. Marketing Checklist: Create a 90-day marketing plan effortlessly with this checklist, designed to attract your ideal clients on autopilot.
  9. Tools Guide: This reference guide simplifies your access to all the tools and resources mentioned throughout the DIY workbook.

You also get these bonuses:

  1. Asana, ClickUp + Teamwork Templates: These ready-made templates complement the DIY workbook by helping you to create a comprehensive online project plan.
  2. Ultimate Template Bundle: This bundle has everything you need to present your business professionally, including a proposal, contract, and more.
  3. Goal Setting Workbook: Use this workbook to define your goals and create a clear action plan, breaking them down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily tasks.
  4. Vision Board Bundle: It has the Vision Board Guidebook and Checklist to help you visualize your ideal business and lifestyle.

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Online Business Project Manager

Online Business Project Manager

The Online Business Project Manager course provides a guide to mastering online project management through these modules:

  • Module 1 introduces you to online project management, differentiating it from support or operations work, explaining PM roles, and discussing the importance of certifications and project management terms.
  • Module 2 delves into core Project Manager responsibilities, types of online projects, and project lifecycles, emphasizing project deliverables and tools.
  • Module 4 covers planning, scheduling, project agreements, and invoicing.
  • Module 5 focuses on the Project Kick-Off phase, its deliverables, and key discussion points.
  • Module 6 details day-to-day project management, including meetings, issue, and risk management, and handling scope creep.
  • Module 7 centers on testing project steps and creating testing plans.
  • Module 8 discusses project implementation and common pitfalls.
  • Module 9 outlines the steps for project closure and gathering client testimonials.
  • Module 10 wraps up the course with project management best practices and future considerations.

This course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed for success in online business project management, from the fundamentals to best practices.

Online Business Project Manager course pricing

The Online Business Project Manager course by Susan Mershon offers two pricing options.

You can either choose the Easy Payment Plan, which costs $97 per month for 9 months or opt for the One Time Investment of $697, allowing you to save $175 compared to the Easy Payment plan.

Strategy Session Ideas to Implementation (1 on 1 Coaching)

The 90-minute strategy sessions with Susan offer personalized support for your specific business needs.

These unstructured sessions focus on your goals and challenges, providing clarity and actionable strategies.

Strategy Session Ideas to Implementation

To make the most of the session, send your priorities at least 48 hours in advance.

You can also schedule a 10-minute call to help with structuring your time.

The session includes a 90-minute Zoom meeting, a recording, and a list of action items with deadlines for accountability.

There’s a follow-up email after one week, and you get seven days of email support.

The cost for this strategy session is $399.

VA Biz Launch Intensive

Susan Mershon’s VA Biz Launch Intensive is a 12-week coaching program designed to help you kick-start your journey as a successful Virtual Assistant (VA).

VA Biz Launch Intensive

The program is built on a proven business framework and offers comprehensive guidance and personalized coaching throughout the 12 weeks.

This intensive coaching includes weekly one-on-one calls to address specific topics and strategies, providing expert guidance, answering your questions, and helping you overcome challenges.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a range of resources tailored to your needs, such as templates, guides, and recommended tools, to maximize your progress and achieve your business goals during the coaching process.

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What Are People Saying About The Techie Mentor?

When it comes to The Techie Mentor and Susan’s courses, it’s not hard to find praise.

You’ll come across a fair share of accolades, especially on her official website.

You get the impression that Susan has built a solid reputation in the tech and virtual assistant world, and her products and courses have garnered recognition from many satisfied learners.

If you visit her website, you’ll likely encounter a stream of positive feedback from those who have benefited from her training.

The Benefits of The Techie Mentor


Susan’s courses are all video-based, which makes learning more accessible and engaging compared to text-heavy courses. But this is based on people’s preferences.

Focus on marketing

As we were analyzing this course, one standout feature we identified was her focus on digital marketing.

This is a valuable skill that some other courses might overlook.

Training in tech skills

The Techie Mentor also offers specialized tech training (TechieU course), allowing you to learn specific tech skills in-depth, catering to your needs and interests.

Material constantly updated

Susan keeps her training materials up to date, ensuring you stay in the loop with the latest developments in the tech world.

Susan is an experienced VA

Susan brings over a decade of experience as a highly qualified Virtual Assistant (VA) to the table, making her a trusted source for learning the ropes in the world of virtual assistance.

The Drawbacks of The Techie Mentor

Facebook group inactive

The Facebook group associated with the course is relatively quiet, with relatively few members, and it doesn’t appear to be very active.

However, the real value lies in the coaching calls, which provide direct interaction with Susan.

Course length may be too long for some people

Another potential downside is that some lessons can be quite lengthy.

While many are around 10 minutes long, there are a few that stretch to about an hour, which may not suit people who prefer shorter sprints.

Ineffective search function

To help you navigate the extensive course content, there’s a search function.

However, it may not always work perfectly and may not lead you directly to the specific lesson you’re looking for.

The Bonuses are locked in

The bonuses are only accessible after the refund period has passed, so you won’t get immediate access to them.

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The Techie Mentor Alternatives

There are other courses out there that teach you how to set up a virtual assistant business or practice. Here’s a selection of the best ones we’ve found:

Our Verdict of The Techie Mentor

Based on our findings, if you’re on the path to becoming a virtual assistant and you’ve found Susan Mershon’s free content (on LinkedIn, for example) to be in sync with your aspirations, then her VA Success System is a solid investment.

While it’s not flawless, the comprehensive nature of the course and its well-thought-out design make it a worthy choice.

Susan’s training serves as a valuable resource for those looking to kickstart or elevate their virtual assistant career.

She’s poured her expertise into this and you can tell that this is someone who knows what they are doing.

Now, every course has its quirks, but it’s the overall value and alignment with your goals that truly matter, and Susan’s program delivers on that front.

FAQs about The Techie Mentor and the VA Success System

What is The Techie Mentor?

The Techie Mentor is an education platform created by Susan Mershon to offer virtual assistant training programs to teach people how to start and run their own virtual assistant business.

Who is Susan Mershon?

Susan Mershon is a respected figure in the world of Virtual Assistants (VAs) with over 14 years of experience.

She has successfully run her own VA agency and now focuses on teaching others how to set up their own VA businesses.

Her teaching background and tech expertise have made her a leading figure in the VA industry.

What courses are offered at The Techie Mentor?

The Techie Mentor offers some of the best virtual assistant courses, including the VA Success System (which is being phased out), TechieU, The Business Launch Blueprint (formerly The VA Action Plan), Online Business Project Manager, and two one-on-one coaching programs:

the 90-Minute Strategy Session and VA Biz Launch Intensive.

What is TechieU and what does it offer?

TechieU is a new flagship course at The Techie Mentor, focusing on equipping aspiring “Techie VAs” with tech skills and expertise.

The course includes modules on digital marketing, online presence, lead generation, email marketing, and more.

It also offers a VA community and a bonus module called “Techie Biz in a Box.”

What coaching programs are available at The Techie Mentor?

The Techie Mentor offers two coaching programs:

the 90-Minute Strategy Session, which provides students further assistance and constructive feedback, and the VA Biz Launch Intensive, a 12-week coaching program for launching a successful VA business.

What are people saying about The Techie Mentor courses?

Reviews and testimonials for The Techie Mentor and Susan’s courses are generally positive, highlighting the value of the training and Susan’s expertise in the field of virtual assistance.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of The Techie Mentor courses?

The benefits include video-based learning, a focus on digital marketing, specialized tech training, up-to-date materials, and Susan’s extensive experience.

Drawbacks may include lengthy lessons, a relatively quiet Facebook group, and access to bonuses after the refund period.

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