Whitney Tilson Prediction X & Warning For 2023 Legit?

Wondering what Whitney Tilson predictions for 2023 are?

Whitney Tilson is a former hedge fund manager who transitioned into newsletter publishing and we thought it would be interesting to try to predict what we can expect from him in 2023.

He has been in the publishing business for a while now and has made a name for himself as the guy who predicts where the next big trends are.

He also recommends investments that he thinks will do well particularly in the technology sector.

We shall revisit some of his previous predictions to extrapolate what he may be up to in the coming year.

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Whitney Tilson’s Predictions for 2023

In most cases, Whitney Tilson’s predictions seem to go against the grain and he often does not entertain a rigid view of how things should be when it comes to investing.

He certainly does not abide by what Wall Street analysts and mainstream financial anchors are telling people and often chooses to chart his path.

After examining his presentations going back two or three years you see a trend:

He positions himself as the guy who spots patterns that a majority of investors and career analysts are missing.

When he gets it right, his followers make money. Sometimes he doesn’t make the right call and they lose money. But this is not a dismissal of him because no investor is right 100% when timing the markets and he is no exception.

Whitney Tilson mainly focuses on new technological advancements and out of all the topics he has mentioned, he has written a great deal about self-driving electric vehicles.

In 2022, he appears to be looking into the Metaverse and genetic editing, which will be apparent as we look into his presentations.

He is also bullish on Cannabis stocks as was evident in an interview he did with Benzinga. An excerpt from the interview supports this assertion:

“’I just listed my number one stock pick for my newsletter business for this year…and it’s AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF –  basically the U.S. cannabis index,’ Tilson said.

He added that he remains bullish on the cannabis industry because “the sentiment is changing” along with cannabis legislation.

Tilson qualified the advance of legalization in states as irreversible. ‘Just look at the surveys of Americans who favor legalizing cannabis. It’s gone up dramatically, and politicians will follow the voters, eventually, for sure, and the regulators will follow the politicians, and the institutional investors will come along as well.’”

Therefore, he is hinting at recommending cannabis stocks.

These are just some examples of what he has been saying going into the new year.

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Who is Whitney Tilson?

Whitney Tilson is the founder and CEO of Empire Financial Research, a publishing company he began in 2019. He is the editor of the Empire Investment Report and Empire Stock Investor, the flagship newsletter.

Tilson graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in government after which he helped launch Teach for America. He worked for two years as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

In 1994, he earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, graduating in the top 5% of his class. He was named a Baker Scholar.

Tilson spent much of his childhood overseas because his parents were both former Peace Corps volunteers.

Before he launched Empire Financial Research, Whitney Tilson ran Kase Capital Management, a firm that managed three value-oriented hedge funds and two mutual funds. He had started the firm with $1 million and grew assets under management to more than $200 million.

Tilson recently wrote a book titled The Art of Playing Defense: How to Get Ahead by Not Falling Behind. He has also co-authored The Art of Value Investing: How the World’s Best Investors Beat the Market (2013) and More Mortgage Meltdown: 6 Ways to Profit in These Bad Times (2009).

He contributed to the book written by the Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger. The book goes by the title Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger (2005).

He has been a contributor to Forbes, the Financial Times, Kiplinger’s, the Motley Fool, and TheStreet.com.

Whitney Tilson has featured in two 60 Minutes segments. One was in December 2008 where he talked about the housing crisis and another was in March 2015 where the focus was Lumber Liquidators.

He has appeared many times as a commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business Network. He has also been profiled by the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

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What Past Whitney Tilson Predictions Tell Us About 2023

One way of predicting how Whitney Tilson may navigate the market in the coming year is to look into his past predictions.

Whitney Tilson has been pretty consistent in the past about how he sees the market and what kinds of investments he prioritizes.

Here is a recap of some of his past presentations that I hope will give us a clue as to how he will proceed in the new year:

TaaS (Transportation-as-a-Service)

When Whitney Tilson released his presentation about TaaS, it went viral. He even released a second version of it (Taas 2.0).

Transportation-as-a-Service Review (Whitney Tilson)He was saying that the Transportation-as-a-Service trend would create more millionaire investors over the next decade than anything else on the planet. He was also saying that it would put “an extra $5,600 back in your pocket each year – without you making a single investment.”

This investment opportunity concerns autonomous, electric vehicles, otherwise known as robotaxis.

He was saying that it would be a major development because it was a convergence of two new technologies that are being brought together to reshape the country; self-driving and electric vehicles.

Whitney was predicting that EVs would become more popular than their gas-powered alternatives and not just because of environmental concerns. He meant that the popularity of EVs would be driven by economics because EVs would soon become cheaper.

Couple that with the development of fully self-driving cars. A fully self-driving car does not require a driver at the wheel.

So, Whitney was saying that if we have fully self-driving cars that are autonomous, we may have robotaxis on the roads,

“Sooner than most people think, you’ll be able to hail an electric, self-driving vehicle via an app on your phone, just like you hail Lyft and Uber today.”

The idea has also been teased by Jeff Brown in his S.A.V. pitch.

He recommended a few “pick and shovel” companies that would develop the components needed by electric, autonomous cars.

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The Empire Cannabis Summit

At The Empire Cannabis Summit, Whitney Tilson and a few other analysts were talking about the cannabis industry.

They agreed that Cannabis has the potential to be the next big investment opportunity of the decade.

The 2021 Empire Cannabis SummitTwo years ago, Cannabis stocks were all people talked about as we saw in pitches like The Marijuana Millionaire Playbook and Michael Robinson’s $2.4 Billion Private Cannabis Deal.

But that excitement subsided as people started focusing on other trends like 5G, the blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

During the Empire Cannabis Summit, Tilson and the other analysts agreed that cannabis companies would soon be on the rise because they may gain access to the US financial system and markets.

Finance and mainstream acceptance in the financial system have been a big problem for those companies. Legalization at the state level has helped their cause somewhat.

Whitney and his colleagues recommended a couple of Marijuana stocks.

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Connexa Terra

Connexa Terra is a relatively new pitch by Whitney where he talks about the Metaverse.

According to him, the Metaverse will slash your medical bills, minimize your grocery spending, drop your transportation costs, lower your travel expenses, and even reduce what you pay for gas.

Connexa TerraHe says that big tech companies are already lining up to invest in the Metaverse in the hope of dominating it.

The frontrunner so far appears to be Facebook, which was renamed Meta Platforms Inc. to demonstrate a commitment to shifting focus from social media apps to the Metaverse virtual reality world.

The Metaverse has generated a lot of excitement as we’ve seen in presentations like Jeff Brown’s “MTA Technology” and Luke Lango’s “The Quickening”

Whitney recommends five companies in his presentation, the first one being Meta (FB), formerly Facebook. That one is pretty straightforward because of the company’s involvement in the trend.

The other four investments are lesser-known investments. One is in the music industry, another makes computer chips, a third one is in the gaming industry, and the final investment is not a stock, but a cryptocurrency.

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America’s Next Big Monopoly

America’s Next Big Monopoly is a presentation that focuses on gene-editing technology. He released this presentation to talk about his 2022 predictions. So, it is as good an indicator of where his focus is as anything he will write about.

He says that gene-editing technology will change the way we eat, dress, treat pain, paint our houses, and use computers.

He says that it will be used to manufacture products like tires, meats, medicinal marijuana, wood, leather, perfumes, plastic, cement, and even data storage devices.

According to Tilson, gene editing is a fledgling industry that may soon grow big. As it does, he expects two companies to dominate and, therefore, he thinks that investing in these companies may prove lucrative as the industry grows.

The first recommendation he makes is CRISPR Therapeutics.

It is a biotech company that develops ways to create custom therapies for individuals based on their genes.

He also recommends another company that uses yeast to create and test new therapies.

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What We Expect From Whitney Tilson in 2023

After going through what Whitney Tilson has been talking about in the past and what he has been writing as the new year begins, it looks like most of what he was talking about in 2022 will carry on to 2023, with a few adjustments.

For example, the Metaverse trend has caught people’s attention and many investment analysts predict a big future for it. He is just the latest investment analyst to tell people to take it seriously as well as recommend a few stocks to help with that.

Although Whitney Tilson has made some good calls in the past, it doesn’t guarantee his future success. Therefore, examine every recommendation objectively before you consider following his advice.

We expect a busy and eventful year in 2022 from Whitney Tilson and we will try our best to cover his predictions as he makes them.

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